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  1. wicky added a post in a topic White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!   

    perioral dermatitis people
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  2. wicky added a post in a topic Extracting Keratin Plugs/Hardened Sebum   

    just goes to show what works for some doesnt work for others because jojoba oil make my skin ten times worse
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  3. wicky added a post in a topic Red Spots On Face - Need A Diagnosis   

    You need laser resurfacing before that scars...fast
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  4. wicky added a post in a topic The seborrheic dermatitis thread   

    clonidine is now being prescribed for rosacea. I should know, Ive been on it for 5 yrs. 2 pills 2x a day and it helps but if you dont take every 8-12 hours you will get rebound flushing. I should also say it does nothing for seb derm
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  5. wicky added a post in a topic What Kind Of Acne Is This   

    its either hormonal or its perioral dermatitis.  Try changing your toothpaste to something without SLS and see if that responds..
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  6. wicky added a post in a topic Extracting Keratin Plugs/Hardened Sebum   

    nope still battling and its 6 years now
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  7. wicky added a post in a topic Help My Flat Red Purple Pimple   

    ice ice ice
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  8. wicky added a post in a topic Had Treatment For Sebaceous Hyperplasia, What Just Came Out Of My Pore?   

    Wow how is it now? Did it heal?
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  9. wicky added a post in a topic Facial Burning And Grimey Skin   

    i just looked up the msm cream you mentioned and it doesnt say it can be applied to the face so Im surprised you did so.  What exactly did it help with? Redness from rosacea/ acne pimples or did it dry things up?  Did it prevent new spots from forming?
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  10. wicky added a post in a topic Free From A 38 Year Long Nightmare Of Skin Problems Yay! And Here Is How I Did It.   

    Is this it?  http://www.amazon.com/Ultrasonic-Therapy-Beauty-Machine-Lightening/dp/B00HAE1LO8  or I also found this one:
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  11. wicky added a post in a topic Kicking Off New Regimen For Some Type Of Perioral Dermatitis   

    can you express anything from the whiteheads you get in your chin?  I feel exactly like you do.  I don't know what is going on in my chin area and have tried countless things that have all failed.  dietary changes, topicals, supplements, drs, naturopaths and so many other things I can't even remember anymore.  I don't know what I have so its hard to treat when your just not sure what it is.  My chin area gets tiny whiteheads that are only visible when I flex my chin and then you can see tons of them.  They are practically sticking out of my pore, just begging to be expressed.  They have a deep core to them and some have a plug in them.  Others look like its pus and its sitting right at the surface but when you try to get it out it doesn't come out.  My chin is constantly a mess and only a course of antibiotics have calmed it down.  Im going to check out the curad gel that was recommended
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  12. wicky added a post in a topic How to treat Steroid Induced Rosacea?   

    you really need to wean from steroid cream slowly or mix Protopic with the small amount of steroid so it cuts it by half.  Protopic is the consistency of vasaline and is very pore clogging so be careful where to apply.  I have seborrheic derm on the sides of my face and it took weeks to go away using the protopic but it worked. I also mixed it with an anti fungal lotion which helped.  
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  13. wicky added a post in a topic The seborrheic dermatitis thread   

    ZNP bar is way to harsh. Dermadoctor's Born to be mild is a bit better but I'm having lucking with a colloidal silver bar called Heritage that has coconut oil and olive and its not as drying as the other two. I wish I could try tanning but I"m allergic to the sun

    ive done the diet thing for 3 yrs and no improvement. Yes immune system has a lot to do with it and I guess my is suppressed and although I follow a no processed food diet with no sugar and dairy it probably helps a little but its not the cure all. I take oregano oil, nystatin anti fungal pills, probiotics and it still didnt solve my issues so dont bank on it entirely.
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  14. wicky added a post in a topic Acne Prone Skin/sebum Deficient In Linoleic Acid, Possible Topical Solution   

    vista, when you say topical linoleic acid what exactly are you referring to? breaking open CLA capsules or applying an oil high in linoleic acid like grapeseed or hemp oil? My chin gets hard solified whiteheads trapped in the crease and under my lips. Its dry and flakey all the time but these whiteheads are so deep, not the pus kind but look like it. They literally have to be dug out and I wondering why its not better since Ive dealt with my thyroid problems. I really thought that since I was now permanently on thyroid meds (had my thyroid removed in december due to cancer) this would somehow alter the sebum composition of my skin. I just cant seem to stop the keratinization of all this plugs.
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  15. wicky added a post in a topic The seborrheic dermatitis thread   

    coconut oil for hair is helpful as well. I could give a shit really about my hair, its my face that I cant get under control. ACV was way too harsh for me, even diluted. I need something to stop the waxy hard plugs from forming. Right now Im taking Oregano Oil twice a day and Nystatin but its only a few days and nothing yet. I wish there was a gentle toner or cleanser that was able to break thru all the dead skin once and for all.
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