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  1. Frankie Bond added a post in a topic Meanest thing that someone has said about your acne   

    damn I have various
    "dude what do you have on your face"
    "wtf is that"
    "that sh*t looks nasty"
    I was in the middle of some class
    a group of 4 people this girl liked me and this guy got jealous over it he suddenly told me in front of the whole group
    Dude whats do you have on your fave wtf is that I know he did it to get me upsat. He made a strange look on his face.
    It really hurted me emotionally every one tried to keep quiet.
    I got really mad at the guy because he kept going. I beat him to the floor got a chair and starting swinging the chair at him. I than left the room.
    the teacher or non of the students reported on what had happend.
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