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  1. I was stupid after doing a microneedling

    Really? you dont think so? I was thinking that as well. Doesn't seem like it could be possible. I go see my dermatologist tomorrow and let her know what i did :(. I definitly will NOT be doing that again though.
  2. I was stupid after doing a microneedling

    anyone? :(
  3. Hey guys, So a few weeks ago, I started using self tanning products for the first time. The first choice was the neutrogena build a tan i picked up at Walmart. I put it on at night, The next morning, i wake up to an absolutely deep beautiful glow. Ill admit it was a little orangery, but it really worked well for me. I was getting so many compliments from people. as someone who suffers from confidence issues, this was really exciting for me. Anyway, after several weeks of using the product, i noticed, it started to slowly stop working for me. I have no clue as to why. I have tried many things, including exfoliated, but now, the product just gives me a really patchy bad look. Any ideas as to why that might be? Any clue how to fix it? I wish i had a picture of how I looked on it while it worked. It bums me out. But I have a picture of how bad it looks now. I look like i have a skin disease :-/. I do have a few theories um. -When I first stared using it, i think my skin was a little more dry? I heard it absorbs more color when dry? But it didn't look patchy at all. Any maybe my face become very moisturized and became saturated so no more of the product could absorb? -The product maybe expired? I haven't been able to test this theory out as they have been out of this product at Walmart Any help would mean a lot to me guys :(.
  4. Hey guys, I did something incredibly stupid recently. I am beating myself up pretty bad from it. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had a microneedling session. It was on a friday. And for some reason, i have no clue what posessed me to do this, I went to the tanning bed that sunday. Any I feel like since I did that, it created massive scarring for me. Scars that were not there before. I asked several people about this, and they all said they have not noticed it being any different. So I dont know if im just being paranoid or not. DO you guys know if thats possible? for scarring to get way worse if you go to a tanning bed after getting a microneedling session done? Again, I know it was such a stupid thing for me to do :(. Ill post the best before and after pictures i can. Also, if its not possible to create more scars, what damage could I have caused from doing that. The only thing I read online that may have been possible is hypopigmentation as a result.this is before before After After Any useful responses will be very appreciated guys. I see my dermatologist back in a few weeks. Ill proably mention my stupidity to her, but i am pretty scared. So what do you guys think? I have no clue if i being paranoid. But I honestly feel like they got 10x worse. ugh.