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  1. Finding a doctor who does traditional CO2 laser

    You were disappointed with traditional? How come? Iv heard good things about traditional mostly, although they have a higher chance of side effects. I just really want to do one big laser resurfacing instead of multiple fractinal. Since I am not going to be able to keep getting time off work.
  2. Finding a doctor who does traditional CO2 laser

    Oh thank you for the info! I am going to talk to him about that then. I really want to go hard core. I have a high pain tolerance. he seemed like an understanding guy. So hoping he will work with me here. If though Id MUCH prefer the traditional laser, i think its going to be hard to find a doctor who wil do it. But i have to start somewhere!
  3. Finding a doctor who does traditional CO2 laser

    That makes sense. I actually kinda figured that. They get more money from me coming back. But I did tell the doctor, i needed to do this now due to me being in between jobs and dont know when i will get more time off. And I have tried EVERYTHING for my scars. Subsicion and lasers seem to be only effect thing for my skin :-/. My appt for the " fractional " laser is next thursday. Wonder if I should call him and ask him if theres any possibilty we can do tradtional instead.
  4. How come it's SOOO difficult to find a doctor who performs the traditional CO2 ablative laser? I have looked across my state and cant find any doctors who do the traditional, not fractional laser. I really have been wanting to try it, despite its risk. Anyone know of a way of finding a dr who will do the traditional laser? Or does anyone know a doctor in the state of Florida who performs it? Any help is deeply appreciated