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  1. INTRAcel for acne

    I believe that Intracel is suppose to combat active acne, as well as scars. The lady who did mine said it does and I have also read that it improves acne. I can't really speak for myself because I don't know how long it takes to help clear spots. I had my third and final treatment last week (pretty painful - but nothing compared to the pain of looking in the mirror and seeing red inflamed spots!) and there are still a few spots on my face. However, whilst I really do not want to tempt fate, my skin is looking fairly good right now. Just earlier this evening my friend even said "Your skin looks amazing" and then about 10 minutes later said again "Honestly your skin looks so good and glowing, what have you done?", which is always nice to hear! Recently, I have also been applying a baking soda/water paste mask to my skin, washing off and then applying a ACV/turmeric mask - a tip I read about on this forum. I will be back for updates over the next few months, as if it helps me, I'm desperate to let other sufferers know - or if it doesn't, maybe save some people some £££ - although, everybody's skin is different. Good luck and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about this treatment, would love to help as many people as I can.
  2. INTRAcel for acne

    Thank you! I have experienced quite clear skin since I last posted, which has been amazing - however, after washing my face tonight, I noticed that I am beginning to breakout all over. Not too sure if this is a side effect from the INTRAcel (although, that was weeks ago now) or my diet/stress. I have cut way down on dairy and am instead having almond milk in my cereal and my lattes. My anxiety has been through the roof lately so that could be the culprit. I've also been poorly and have been on antibiotics for the last week, which could also be contributing to my current breakout. I will be back with another update soon! My third (and final) treatment is later on this month FYI.
  3. INTRAcel for acne

    Hello all, I have suffered with acne for years and years and to cut a long story short I have tried (what feels like) everything. Some have worked, some haven't - but nothing has worked for longer than a year in my own personal experience. As for what type of acne I suffer from, it really varies. Some days it's very very mild, some days it's moderate and sometimes I go weeks with quite horrible acne (numerous cysts around my face). I am almost positive that my acne is hormonal, and yes, I am on the bc pill (Dianette), however, this has not provided a great amount of relief, but I am far too scared to stop it as I've read the countless horror stories. At 28 years old, I really felt desperate to finally find a way to put an end to this. It causes depression for me and bothers me 24/7. I decided to go for it and proceed with this apparent "revolutionary" INTRAcel treatment. I have searched the web high and low for reviews, etc, but having found much material. If anybody on here has an INTRAcel experience to share I would appreciate it. If not, I want to share my story with all of you - if it works, I would LOVE to be able to put others in the same direction to help them out and if it doesn't work, I would like to possibly save you £1500 (what 3 sessions of INTRAcel is costing! Told you I was desperate!). So far, I have had two sessions. I had my first session about 6 weeks ago and my second session one day ago. THE FIRST SESSION: I was fairly apprehensive about this treatment and wasn't sure what to expect, especially regarding the aftermath ('purging' terrifies me as it is never a bearable time to plan a breakout, let's face it). I was not scared of the pain, which wasn't that bad at all, at least on my first session. I was expecting to be very red afterwards for a day or two, before becoming wonderfully dry and flakey - as I was warned. As soon as I left the clinic, I wasn't too red - I was slightly pink in areas, but nothing overly alarming. It seemed to go down pretty quickly too, however, I did experience a tight feeling throughout the skin on my face and indeed, because rather dry and flakey, which I hate. This however, lasted only really for a few days, a week at the most and I don't think anybody particularly noticed it, it was more something that I could feel. A few weeks after my first session, I broke out pretty badly - as soon as the first breakout would go away (and by go away, I mean become somewhat in-active but yet stay there all red and bumpy, still). This went on for weeks and it was really getting me down. I'm not sure if this was the INTRAcel, or my hormones, or my stress (I am a highly stressed person), the fact that I had recently started using various new beauty products, or because I was drinking a lot of dairy. I eventually cut down my daily dairy intake and stopped using some of the beauty products and my skin seemed to get better (however, it's only been about a week, so I can't say too much). I have to say, I definitely was not expecting much change early on, as I am aware it's a fairly long process to apparently see the benefits. THE SECOND SESSION: So, I had my second INTRAcel treatment yesterday (two out of the three I have booked) and I have to say, it was quite a lot more painful this time around. The lady who performs the treatment did worn me that this time she would be more 'aggressive' in the treatment, especially on my cheeks, which is where I suffer the most from acne/scarring/redness. Boy, was she not lying! It HURT - not totally unbearable, but definite pain. I couldn't wait for it to be over. I was more red/pink in areas this time too - but that has significantly decreased in a day. My skin still feels very 'rough' and quite sore to touch. I saw a few friends today and they assured me that they couldn't tell (they're quite an honest bunch, too, fyi), but it definitely does not my like my normal skin and isn't totally comfortable yet. I almost have this sheeny shiny look too - not necessarily oily, just, a bit raw? I will keep this updated but if anybody has any specific questions for me please feel free to ask - I'm more than happy to provide as much info on this treatment as I can.