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  1. Perioral Dermatitis? Rosacea? Allergy? (Pic)

    Never an official diagnosis. After 4 rounds of chin peels (salicylic acid 20%) - 3 of which involved extractions - I am still working to stabilize things. I do think the peels helped, though I had an "ugly" period about 1.5 weeks after each peel. I continue to have these tiny bumps that come up and form whiteheads, then I extract them, they go away for a bit, and they seem to come back. I'm able to pull "plugs" out of some of them instead of popping. After my final peel (at least for a while), I restarted Retin-A 0.025% 2 weeks later. I've been using it nearly every night for the past month, as I used to. Any moisturizer breaks me out, so none of that. Retin-A seems to bring the pimples/bumps to the surface faster, but whereas I used to not even get pimples/bumps more than once or twice a month, they keep forming on a weekly basis now. I can't pinpoint triggers. I'm using Oracea, which is a godsend for inflammation. I'm still on Yaz and Spironolactone 100 mg, plus I added zinc gluconate 25 mg on 2/13, then increased it to 50 mg on 2/28. I feel like it helps with the inflammation and redness as well, though the whiteheads and random bumps continue. I do wonder if I'm sensitive to cinnamon flavoring, as I chew a lot (I mean a lot) of cinnamon gum, or if my detergent is breaking me out from where my pillowcases hit my face, or if I have a sensitivity to gluten/dairy/peanut butter, etc. But I seriously can't figure it out, nor am I willing to do any elimination diets. I'll probably start Tazorac 0.05% again soon since the weather is changing. I don't want to end up with horrendous breakouts like last spring/summer when the season changed and I wasn't using a retinoid more than twice per week. Weather is always a trigger for me. It can't decide whether it wants to be winter or spring yet, so I'm frustrated by that. I am either peeling or sweating. Dry or oily. Make up your mind! Haha. Again, I'm still doing way better than I was. I need to remember that. Tiny bumps and pinkness are nothing in comparison to cysts. I just have BDD. It will never be good enough for me.
  2. This was my fourth salicylic acid peel on my chin, performed by a trusted medical esthetician. Problem. The skin frosted on the sides of the chin, and it peeled off in sheets by the end of the third day post-peel. I'm left with a normal color (white) in the center of my chin, plus bright red blotchy new skin (huge patches) on both sides. I'm used to getting post-peel breakouts, and that's happening. Small whiteheads and larger pimples being brought up to the surface. What concerns me the most, though, is the giant areas of hyperpigmentation. Is there any way to fade this faster? I'll use sunscreen, won't use Retin-A for 2 weeks post-peel, will stay out of the sun, etc. But should I be doing anything else for the redness? The skin isn't raw. It's just red and blotchy, a marked difference from the surrounding skin. Peeling is 100% done, just to clarify. Help!
  3. Perioral Dermatitis? Rosacea? Allergy? (Pic)

    I'm trying to trust the derm... Another peel coming up this week, and I'm getting extractions this time. My skin looked okay for a few days before the peeling started post-peel last time, then the peeling dredged up tons of zits and colorless bumps. They're going nowhere and continue multiplying. Now I need those extracted, plus another peel to help them heal and dredge up more closed comedones, I guess. It's all so confusing! Is there an end to this, or am I just making it worse? Thanks for checking in! I still think the colorless bumps are either a sweat allergy or a fungal infection, though I don't know how to gauge or fix either!
  4. Perioral Dermatitis? Rosacea? Allergy? (Pic)

    Thanks so much for sharing! I am 90% a hermit right now because I can't bear the way I look / can't go out in public without feeling horrible. Alternating Retin-A and Finacea every other night, but I've already had to take one night off due to irritation. I'll have to do the same tomorrow night. Too much raw, red skin. Finacea is on tonight, and even though I'm not supposed to anymore, I'm spot treating a few bumps with Elidel. I have several new ones, despite not wearing makeup for the past week now. It's sickening.
  5. Perioral Dermatitis? Rosacea? Allergy? (Pic)

    Saw the derm today. (Side note... She said that Clotrimazole makes people's skin look better because it's moisturizing and soothing, not because they necessarily have a yeast infection on their faces. In fact, very few people do have an actual yeast infection. Just FYI to all who have experienced improvement with Lotrimin or another antifungal cream. So much for that.) She fussed at me for not following her instructions earlier this month, but I told her I couldn't shake things up so much right before Christmas. I've determined that I'm allergic to nearly everything, including Everyday Minerals makeup (which I only spot cover with anyway). I also sweat profusely 90% of every day, whether or not it's hot inside or outside. After wearing makeup to multiple holiday events, I've ended up with rashy, zitty grossness in areas where I usually don't have a problem... And, naturally, in the areas where I've had an ongoing problem since May. Because the esthetician in her office is on vacation, the derm refused to extract a whitehead that I had extracted last night, but which refilled. I talked her into at least injecting it with Kenalog 2.5. She didn't want to mess with anything else and just told me to follow her instructions from a few weeks ago: 1) Stop Minocycline 150 mg and Elidel. 2) Stay on Yaz, Spiro 100 mg, and Retin-A 0.025% as often as my skin can tolerate it. Add Vanicream Lite Lotion to buffer the Retin-A. 3) Start Oracea (Doxy 40 mg every day) and Finacea 15% foam on the nights I don't use Retin-A. She wanted me to use the Finacea in the morning, but I sweat so much when I'm awake that it seems like it would ruin my skin and create irritation. 4) Start Robinul 1 mg to deal with sweating. On the fence about this. I hate adding more pills, but it may help. I also have been told that my "sweat bumps" are actually very mild sebaceous hyperplasia. They come and go. Sucks. Because I'm desperate for an answer, I intend to at least follow steps 1, 2, and 3. I may need Elidel to quell some sweat bumps every now and then... Just because I'm not sure if the other stuff will work on those. And I'm terrified because I'm adding another topical (initial breakout potential), I'm cutting a strong antibiotic dose to a low antimicrobial dose of another drug entirely, and I'm adding a moisturizer (allergic to most moisturizers I've tried in the past). I've scheduled another light salicylic acid peel for next week to speed up the purge. May need extractions then, too. Hoping to only need the peel on my chin, but I may need it in other areas (forehead, especially) if things don't improve between now and next Wednesday. Anyone out there who can offer some hope? Tips? Prayers? This could go really well, or it could go really badly. Just to add... I will not be wearing any makeup because all it does is clog me more and spread the rash/zits. This means I will go grocery shopping and do nothing else. My life sucks.
  6. Perioral Dermatitis? Rosacea? Allergy? (Pic)

    I don't know if anyone still follows this, but things are seriously worse than ever. Extractions and injections don't get rid of the bumps. They keep coming back in the same places, and then they spread. They never fully go away, even if they diminish temporarily. I've tried using Clotrimazole instead of Retin-A or Elidel on my chin for the past week, and it's quelled the rashy areas temporarily, but I've ended up with spreading of the rash and even a couple of painful cysts in return. The hard keratin/sebum plugs can sometimes be pulled out with tweezers, and then other times, they get stuck and result in cysts. I'm at the end of my rope. I see the dermatologist in two days, but I feel so sick about everything. Minocycline doesn't do anything anymore. Spironolactone doesn't prevent anything. Yaz isn't working. Retinoids are too drying. Elidel makes me too greasy. I had to wear makeup for the holidays, so the rash spread. The bumps are worse. My life sucks. What do I tell the derm? I saw her at the beginning of the month. She told me to stop Minocycline and start Oracea, stop Elidel entirely, and use Retin-A at night and Finacea during the day. I'm terrified to shake things up that much. The antibiotic to antimicrobial shift (from Mino 150 to Doxy 40) will be too drastic, and I'll end up with an even bigger issue all over my face. The Finacea may cause too much irritation and make the rash worse. What do I do? Opt for a laser treatment? Blue light therapy? Help. Please.