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  1. Perioral Dermatitis? Rosacea? Allergy? (Pic)

    I never got a diagnosis. Things cleared up for about a month, and now I'm back to having worse skin than ever. The season change prevented me from using Tazorac every night, and heavy moisturizers broke me out more. Now I have more clogged pores and zits on my chin than ever. It's worse than it was when it all started in May. It's so depressing. My derm has recommended a light peel. My chin is where most of the issues are. Tons of clogged pores that make their way up to the surface and form large red pimples that seriously do not go away. They don't go away. Still on Spiro 100 mg, Yaz, and Minocycline 150 mg. I am now using Elidel again after weaning off of it in the summer. I can't go without it because my skin is always raw and irritated now. I'm also using Retin-A 0.025% every other night instead of Tazorac. Nothing is getting better. Only getting worse. I'm at a loss. Updated picture from tonight.
  2. Recurring Cyst - Help!

    I am SO tired of this! I have gotten a cyst below my mouth / on my chin injected 5-6 times this summer. Yes, I've lost count. Within the past 2 weeks, I've had it injected on 2 separate occasions. Every time, it subsides a little - or it even looks like it's fully gone after a little while - and then it comes right back. I've partially extracted it once before, but there's apparently a deep infection. My derm has been unwilling to extract it since my skin is ridiculously fragile and sensitive, but I wonder if she will finally do it this time. I have to wait another week to see her, which means I'll be a hermit until then, and at some point, I'll probably take matters into my own hands and make a giant mess when I fail to extract the core. I've been on Minocycline 200 mg and Tazorac 0.05% every night for over 2 months, and before that, I was using Retin-A 0.025% every night and Minocycline 150 mg since mid-May. I upped my Spironolactone to 75 mg in mid-May as well, but this cyst won't go away! I've tried using Avar-E (sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 2%) on the spot, and I have to use Biafine over my Tazorac some nights to quell insane dryness, but things seem to just get worse and worse in this area. When I go out, I have to cover it with makeup even when it's not bulbous because of the insane red marks/scarring, and I know that doesn't help, but if I don't use powder on it, there's a target on my face. Who am I kidding? There's a target even when I have put powder on it, but I leave home without something covering it! I wonder if the makeup continues to irritate it. I've used Everyday Minerals or ages with no problems, and I never wear full makeup, just spot coverage. I'm just going to stay inside until next Wednesday when I see the derm... So sad. Please help!