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  1. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    OK so the hen do spots are nearly gone so yay!! Also I thought I would update you in general with some photos. Breakfast today: That's proper (tesco value) porridge oats with dessicated coconut, vegan yogurt, pecans, almond flakes topped with strawberry and banana... yum! My back is clearing still: But honestly it is looking much better. I have freckles too which makes 2d photos a challenge. I have zero cystic acne on my back though which is a huge relief. None of the few little pimples on my back that you can see hurt me and that is such a relief. Acne HURTS Also I lost another half a kilo! So now it's 2.5kg Bring on summer!!
  2. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    Yep I'm paying for the hen do weekend of eating processed, carbs, alcohol and chocolate foods. My cheeky spot has a temple friend but I'm back on the wagon with poached eggs and veggis for breakfast That was tastey!! (V proud of my first attempt at traditional poaching) I am hopeful that I'll be back on track with my skin soon now that I have seen how well low and no added sugar eating can work.
  3. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    Went on a hen do this weekend. Involved alcohol, chocolate etc. Today I had a spot start to emerge on my cheek and my skin is a bit oilier. Definately motivating me to carry on with quitting sugar. It's a bit of a naughty one isn't it!
  4. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    My BMI is now in the healthy weight range so that's nice My weight loss has plateaued now which is fine. My weight is healthy and losing weight was never the goal behind quitting sugar. My skin isn't perfect but it's looking fab and healthy. My back is clearer today and my skin has a glowy look to it. One neck spot but it's dying. Today's meals: Breakfast: banana and pecans Mid morning: decaff coffee Lunch: steamed mixed vegetables (courgette, leek, broccoli, carrot, parsnip) and hoummous with avocado and 1 clementine End of work: clementine Arriving at home: half a cheese sandwich on seeded loaf, apple Dinner: cream of chicken soup, tomato, 2 slices of seeded loaf Snack: 1 raw carrot and herbal tea I'm noticing a few people have colds around me and so far I seem to not be catching them... I hope my immune system has improved. Oh I should meantion I also take a daily suppliment (have done for a while) of vitamin D in fish oil. I've been taking this for months now so although I know it's good for me, it hasn't cleared my skin alone. You know what's nice? Being able to run my hands across my skin and not feel pain. Amazing I wish the same for all of you x x x
  5. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

  6. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    I'm going to have to have something sugary at a friends hen do this Friday (chose the menu before I changed my diet). I'm actually nervous :S Yesterday's food: Porridge with dessicated coconut, oatmilk, vegan yogurt, pecans, flaked almonds and fresh ginger and mint tea. Apple 2 clementines Brei Salmon sashimi, stir friend broccoli and squid, california roll (ate out... may have some sneaky sugar but I tried my best with my choices) Apple and elderflower tea Lamb shank, carrots, parsnips, sweet potato, onions Lots of hot water This week I will have to be super careful with my food choices because I know what's coming on Friday. *sigh*
  7. Not much improvement Cutting out sugar is working well for me. Here is a link to my way of doing it x x
  8. Sugar Free Diary

    Heya. I'm doing the same thing. How is this going? I'm 1 month in and it's working for me!!! I'm close to being clear
  9. Block feature

    Thank you for sharing and you checking. It's also worth passing on to them that I can't see that feature at all. I assume that it's because I am on my phone so currently it seems that the feature would be totally unavailable (and invisible) to phone users at this point even if it was working. (Unless it is being tested as a feature and the programming team have given moderators access to features that haven't been released yet?). Anyway thanks again
  10. Acne trauma

    I think the mistake that I made before was to simply "reduce" sugar. For me that wasn't enough apparently. I have cut it out pretty much completely and this includes all added sugars as well (you'd be surprised how many foods have added sugar and how much). So it's more than just reducing how often I have cake or chocolate. My diet is pretty much 3/4 veg (including some starchy veg) and 1/4 protein (with healthy fats and calcium rich foods squeezed in). I allow myself 2 pieces of whole fruit (never juice or smoothie) per day. That's what it took for me to get this clear. It's hard but every time I think about having something with sugar I look at y skin and I know it's not worth ruining my skin. I think the science on the subject is at best patchy and under researched and at worse diliberately neglected. The sugar lobby are pretty powerful.
  11. Block feature

    thanks x thats true but on most sites you get a block option so you can keep yourself relatively safe from abuse. It seems like a simple and sensible idea that is effective on most social online platforms.
  12. Acne trauma

    Thank you. I am thrilled but super emotional lol
  13. Block feature

    Hi there, I've been on here for a few years and generally found this to be a supportive and lovely place. I have been away for a while and returned and I've noticed that the tone here seems more hostile than before (not just ... I guess the whole Internet is more hostile now). I would really appreciate a block button that allows me to block an individual as this seems the simplest way to avoid the stress involved with dealing with people who bring irrelevant and needless judgement/hostility into forums. Block features do make a huge positive difference to many sites like this. Many thanks
  14. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    DannyTsunami don't tell people what to eat. Im here to talk about acne. Good luck with your sugar quit attempt but don't post to me again. Note: the poster was telling me not to eat meat and to become vegetarian for ethical reasons.... This is not what my log is for.
  15. I am posting this here because I have noticed some interesting emotional reactions recently. I have had acne since I was a young teen so that's about 20 years (32 now). I've tried BP, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, azelaic acid as well as a bunch of dietary stuff and more oddball treatments like using head and shoulders to wash my body etc. Either the treatments didn't work, I couldn't tolerate the side effects or the treatments eventually stopped working. I kept waiting for the acne to go away in my 20's, when I hit 30 and still had acne I just started to accept that I had acne for life and resigned myself to it. (Face, jawline, neck, chest, entire back and top of arms ). Recently I read a book all about sugar and I decided to give up sugar to reduce my visceral fat for my overall health. A few weeks in and my skin improved. A month in and I am almost clear... I am sort of in shock to be honest. It's so liberating to not have to apply burning treatments etc twice a day I keep crying, I can't believe my relationship ship with acne... my war with my skin is finally over. I tried to hard to be "OK" with my acne and there were times when I managed to feel alright and focus on other things but I guess I kind of feel ashamed that I never truly made peace with it. I feel guilty for feeling so relieved.. that there are so many people still suffering and I don't see why I deserve for it to be over any more than anyone else does. I feel like I am weak/shallow because of how much this means to me. I don't know, it's hard to admit all these negative emotions surrounding something so good... I know it sounds ungrateful :(. I realise that there is so much psychological trauma that must go with being covered in acne for decades... its probably going to take a while for me to process it. (and to accept that it won't come back.. I'm so worried that it will). Thanks for listening x x x
  16. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    That little jawline spot is already dying away, my skin is healing my spots before they get a chance to get going. It was a month yesterday that this all started. I'll be honest I had a little cry today. I can't believe my war with my skin might finally be over. It's amazing to feel like I can touch my face without fear of pain or consequences! I'm so glad I'm managing to stick to this x x
  17. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    I had a cheaty day last night (first one I've had in a month) - girls night... all I had was 2 glasses of prosecco which is surprisingly low in sugar and some white bread and lindy McCartney nibbles like sausage rolls and some other thing I couldn't identify that was nice. I was also pressured into having a cocktail but I only had few sips to be polite. My taste buds have changed now so it was really really sweet to me. Today I started off with good intentions but I accidently ate something with dextrose (paté) along with olive bread so I may pay for this later. Still today's food has been largely good. Breakfast: 1/4 cup steamed potatoes, egg, bacon, mushrooms and tomato. Cup of tea. Lunch with someone: Salad leaves, carrot, avocado, peppers, feta, with olive bread and paté Snack: decaff flat white and chamomile tea, banana Dinner: Cold steamed courgettes, carrots, green beans and parsnips with 1/4 cup of leftover potato. Hummus and brei. On a positive note I gave away all my foods containing added sugars today so they aren't in the house any more. I have a little spot forming on my jawline which may be payback for last night or it could just be life... skin still looking generally fab though. I'll keep on keeping on can't wait till my back looks like my face.
  18. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    breakfast : banana, yogurt (no added sugar at all), pecans and almond flakes Midmorning: decaff coffee white Lunch: roasted and/or steamed veg with either tinned fish, hoummous or egg and half an avocado and clementines Afternoon: tomato and mozzarella Dinner: Roasted and/or steamed veg with either steamed fish, hoummous, egg or cooked meat. Snack: apple and decaff coffee I do also have things like bolognase ocasionally but all made up fresh. Very little pasta and a huge veggy side.
  19. I gave up sugar and my skin is clearing up!!

    Honey is still a high sugar product even if it is a natural one. Remember table sugar is still a natural product. Honey is over 80% pure sugar so I would leave it alone. Fruit is interesting. It is definately an important part of a healthy diet but it does contain a lot of sugar. The thing is whole pieces of fresh fruit has enough fibre to a low this natural sugar to be released slowly. Fruit juice has taken the fibre away (even smoothies take away your bodies fibre breakdown process making it easily to consume way too much at once and also releasing those sugars too quickly). So I avoid them Whole pieces of fruit are fine but they should still be limited. That's why I have a maximum of 3 pieces of whole fruit per day (with the aim to eat 2 per day really). Fun fact: A glass of apple juice can have up to 10 cubes of sugar in it.
  20. I've had acne since my teens. I waited in hope for it to clear up in my 20's then when I hit my 30's but it stayed. I had some sucess with Finacea (azelaic acid), it cleared my skin quite well for a while but eventually my skin seemed to get used to it. I carried on using it because my acne was better when I used it but I still had a general covering of spots from my face down my chest, tops of my arms and down my whole back. So recently I decided to cut out sugar. I had decided this because I had read a few of the books about sugar consumption and I was learning what it was doing to my/our insides (fatty liver disease anyone? ) and I decided that I wanted none of that thank you. So I decided to do it properly. My rules: 1) No added sugar That means no sucrose, dextrose, glucose, maltodextrose, any syrups, concentrated fruit extracts etc). No fizzy drinks, cakes, cookies, chocolate etc 2) All low sugar foods (except whole fresh fruits) So no fruit juice, no dried fruit, no maple syrup or honey etc 3) Maximum 3 pieces of fruit per day 4) Reduce high carb foods I do not eliminate carbs (we need carbs), I eat sweet potato, squash, parsnips and sweetcorn instead of higher carb foods like pasta, rice etc most of the time 5) Avoid processed food as much as possible No sweeteners, MSG, preservatives, chemical enhancers etc 6) Meal proportions 3/4 meal = veg (with at least one starchy veg like parsnip or squash) 1/4 protein Ensure 2 portions of calcium containing foods are squeezed into here somewhere. Honestly guys I needed to come back here after a few years away to tell you that so far it is working!!! My skin has not been this clear for years. I am one month in and my face, neck, chest and tops of my arms are p retty much clear. My back is slower to follow but it's clearer than it has been in years and it's smoother than ever. My whole "acnezone" area is smoother. Also I am nowhere near as oily as I used to be either. I'm talking hair as well as skin. I'll post some pics below x x Oh and I've also lost 2kg in a month so there is that too I don't have an up to date "before" shot because I don't focus on my acne as much any more (was just forcing myself to accept the I had it and the sugar thing was not an acne clearing attempt so I'm sorry that I don't have an up to date comparison. You can check out my gallery to see what my skin looked like in 2007, that would be a really bad day now since I am 32 but the coverage is the about same... face, chest, back, neck, jawline.... ugh neck and jawline.... ). This pic is me with no cover up last night edit: to be clear I have not used azelaic acid or any acne treatment medication for over a month either. And I had not been using it that much due to irritation for a while before this anyway.
  21. Aloe Vera Gel And Tea Tree Oil Log

    Just to come back to this. It definately made my skin feel healthier but all in all it did not clear my skin. I gave up all added sugar and high sugar products recently and that is actually clearing my skin. X x