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  1. AnnaWPT added a post in a topic I Need Help With This One...   

    LOL, dunno, I never think about it. It's gross, but I do it unfortunately It's kinda like people who chew their nails or cuticles, or if you bite a piece of dry skin off your lip I guess.
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  2. AnnaWPT added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    I Need Help With This One...
    Hi everyone. This is a first post like this of any kind for me... I am 35 years old and have been a skin picker ever since my early 20ies. I am not a face picker, but I do have a very bumpy skin with tiny acnelike bumps that bug me, which I would love to pick but usually don't because I am afraid people will see the scabs and scars. I am one of those pickers that picks in places that are easily accessible and hidden with clothing - I always pick my back, shoulders and chest raw, as well as scratching my scalp to get every piece of skin off my head. Thing is I am also an eater of my scabs and skin. The more I pick, the more scabs form, and the more scabs I pick and the more of them I eat. I am usually picking when I am bored and not doing much of anything, like watching TV, or on the other hand if I am stressed out about something. Lots of times I don't even realize I am doing it at all until I notice the blood underneath my nails. Or I will take off my t-shirt and I will have splotches and stains of blood on the back of the shirt that weren't there before

    I am absolutely desperate to stop this viscous cycle somehow. I have had some of my scabs get infected in the past and am now left with lovely red and brown scars all over my back, shoulders and chest. I would love to go for dermabrasion of my back especially to help minimize the scarring, but I think I cannot because I have way too many open sores from my scratching at this time.

    Is there anyone out there going through the same thing - especially the part where you want (or feel the need) to eat your own scabs. Anyone with some words of wisdom or help for my situation?

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  3. AnnaWPT added a post in a topic Body washing in the shower   

    I've actually been using Head and Shoulders Classic Clean on the area where my breakouts usually are - back, shoulders, and chest. Just so you are aware - it can initially make your skin pink when you start using it. I found that it helped my body acne tremendously. I usually lather it on, leave it on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse off. For the rest of my body I have been using Jason Tea Tree Oil body wash.
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  4. AnnaWPT added a post in a topic Red Eyes and Forehead week 2?   

    I had something similar happen two days ago, but I am pretty sure it's because I decided to try a different moisturizer on my face three nights ago. Went back to my Cetaphil moisturizer and those bumps/marks disappeared as fast as they had appeared the night before. Is your Nivea moisturizer new for you?

    Also, I have had this happen if I overdid it on the BP - caused a little too much irritation. The skin around the eyes is super sensitive and thin. I gave my face a break for one night from BP - basically using my regimen minus the BP step, and it helped a ton. The red marks were pretty much improved by morning.

    Hope that helps!
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