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  1. will205 added a post in a topic I feel worthless and disgusting, anyone else?   

    Try not to look at people's faces so closely. Just speak and act normally, if you don't people will sense you have a problem.

    If you are small in stature and have been getting short comments for most of your life go here for some support:

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  2. will205 added a post in a topic Celebrities With ACNE breakouts   

    Tom Cruise has had perfect skin ever since he was a child. I noticed he had 1 small pimple on his chin in Risky Business but i doubt he has any scars of any sort.

    I think you're mistaking the lighting of the outdoors and then thinking people have scarring.

    You go watch a movie like Braveheart where everyone is dirty and outside with little makeup. Any imperfection is like magnified 10X. When i was 18 i got a hand mirror and viewed what i looked like out side on a cloudy day. I was horrified. I swore i would never do it again.
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  3. will205 added a post in a topic Celebrities With ACNE breakouts   

    I heard Mel Gibson say in an interview that he walked into an audition with a friend for Mad Max. He was not even going to audition for a role. They saw his face and asked him to audition. Then he was offered the lead role. It sounds simple doesn't it.

    No not really. He was a product from NIDA the famous Sydney acting school that produced Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush, Naomi Watts, David Wenham and Judy Davis. He had done a few films before Mad Max which made him a known actor. In one of his films called Tim he has active acne on the sides of his chin. He has moderate to deep scarring on his neck where it meets his face and one deep large crater on the side of his chin. It's easy analyzing a person's face on the big screen isn't it.
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  4. will205 added a post in a topic Celebrities With ACNE breakouts   

    His scars are noticable because of his skin tone. He probably shaves high on his face irritating the area daily.

    I saw him in that latest movie Mystic River and you can't hardly see his scarring. It all has to do with lighting.
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  5. will205 added a post in a topic "The Love" Thread   

    It doesn't matter. If you are Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist or Hindu, it's still good to believe in something. I don't go to church every Sunday but i still believe in God and a higher power. I try and go around doing christian deeds when i can, like paying for old women on the buses who have forgotten their money.
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  6. will205 added a post in a topic The Singer Seal's Scar   

    He's got the money to do something about it but he probably doesn't care.
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  7. will205 added a post in a topic The Singer Seal's Scar   

    He is English.
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  8. will205 added a post in a topic Shea Butter   

    Dr Pickart is on holidays in Europe until mid September so skinbio isn't taking any emails.
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  9. will205 added a post in a topic Weird scars   

    I have many. When i was in grade 7 i fell off my bike going around a corner. I scraped my face and body so bad that i had to spend 2 nights in hospital. I got scars, mostly body ones but what the heck i was a young kid. 2nd time i was in grade 9. I was cheating in this school run with some other boys. A teacher was about to catch us so 8 boys at once tried to go down a narrow cement staircase. what happened was i tumbled down the stairs and bigger boys were stepping and landing on my face. It was actually funny at the time because 3 boys fell down with me and got hurt even worse. After 5 minutes the adrenaline and excitment wore off and then came the stinging sensation. My face was pretty badly scraped and i had to stay at school the whole day like this.

    I still have these scars. They will never go but they don't bother me. They are narrow and long, mostly high up on my cheek bones some of the lower ones i cannot say whether acne caused these. However these pale in comparison to the self-induced scars i have now which have never healed.
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  10. will205 added a post in a topic A good vitamin C tablet   

    I did searches on Vitamin C vs Ester C. Out of the countless studies it was concluded that both do the same job. So no real difference. I had the chance today to buy all sorts of vitamin C but i decided in the end just to go cheap. I got 500mg abscorbic acid tablets, no bioflav, or time release. Came in a big jar 350 tablets at .04c a tablet. I will take 1 in the morn and one at night. I also take MSM powder which contains 300mg vitamin C per dosage.
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  11. will205 added a post in a topic A good vitamin C tablet   

    This link about pre procedure supplements, that originally came from solomio and Maya follows it to, says to use time release and not to use bioflavenoids. This stuff is so confusing. I think 2000mg is too much for the body. I will probably take 1000mg and buy the regular ascorbic acid without the bio stuff. I'm not sure if any of the health food stores will sell the time release stuff but i will have a look.

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  12. will205 added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    A good vitamin C tablet
    Anybody know what constitutes a good or bad vitamin C tablet.

    Just by looking in the supermarket today. Ascorbic acid is pure vitamin C right so the more the better. Some brands say 1000mg on the front but you look on the back and you get only 500mg of ascorbic acid as well as bioflavanoids and other stuff. Some brands say 500mg and actually do have the corresponding ascorbic acid amount. Some less like 250mg.

    Also what's the difference between Esther C and normal vitamin C.

    Anybody know this stuff or are you just buying anything that you see.
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  13. will205 added a post in a topic DON'T SCARS FADE OVER TIME ANYWAY?   

    Yes they can improve. Collagen remodelling takes 10 years. Once you reach a certain age though the collagen will get thinner. However our faces are not just made up of collagen. Faces can fill out over time due to a lot of factors so really losing collagen doesn't mean your scars will become more evident. In some people yes in others no. Men age better than women to so try not to stress about getting older.
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  14. will205 added a post in a topic Subcision 3 mths on   

    Melbourne has smoothbeam. Brisbane has N-Lite. Will only be a matter of months before Sydney gets both, but i don't market or sell the lasers so maybe my prediction could be inaccurate.
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  15. will205 added a post in a topic Subcision 3 mths on   

    That's fantastic. They don't like to go beyond the 50% prediction at Walter's clinic so you exceeded that. Congrats, i will send you a pm.
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