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  1. Please write support@acne.org and they will take good care of you.
  2. I agree with CP. Let's pin the fewest topics possible. Having too many pinned topics at the top is distracting. I like keeping the boards as clean as possible.
  3. FAQ and big post seems to be broken

    Thanks you guys. I'll have my guys look into this.
  4. Hey you guys. So you're saying you want to be able to block people from PMing you and also from seeing their content? Just wanted to clarify that this is the 2 things you're recommending. Question: - Wouldn't that end up making threads show up as swiss cheese for you? Would you still be able to follow along with holes in threads like that? If we did this, I suppose I could set it up for you so it would still be visible that they posted something but it would just have no content and would say "blocked" or something. Let me know your thoughts.
  5. Shipping prices

    Sometimes the prices are wacky like that. We list prices from least to most expensive, and we get them directly from the carriers. We don't set those prices ourselves. For whatever reason, sometimes faster methods are cheaper than slower methods. Sorry for the confusion. Everything is showing up correctly for you though. I will put this on my list of things to look more deeply into moving forward and see if I can figure out a way of making this less confusing.
  6. Hi Fila__, Thanks for bringing this up. We don't currently discount custom kits so that's the confusion here. However, you make a good point. We should discount custom kits. I'll work with my guys to implement a similar discount on custom kits that we give for regular kits.
  7. Delivery Time.

    Products take as long as it states when you are ordering. There are different methods you can choose for delivery and depending on the method it will take a different amount of time. I hear you with the holiday though. I ordered some stuff online too and I hate waiting that extra day!
  8. Error

    Hi Mamaafrica, Try ordering in "incognito" or "private" mode and see if that works. Sometimes there's a problem with the browser. If that doesn't work, let us know for sure. A screen shot of what you're seeing along with the device and browser you are using would be helpful.
  9. Help me answer this question, please!

    So embarrassing you guys. Our label manufacturer misprinted the word "Moizturizer" on the 3.4 ounce bottles. We noted it and have them rerunning labels for the next fill. However, I would strongly caution against purchasing products anywhere other than acne.org. They could be counterfeit.
  10. Why does my order not go through?

    Hi Allie, Normally that error is returned when your internet connection is very slow. Please try again. If you still receive the same error, contact customer service at support@acne.org and let them know the device and browser you are using and they'll help you out.
  11. Hey guys. Thanks for pointing this out. It looks like we have been able to recover the rest of the posts so things should be complete now. If you find anything else, definitely let us know. We should never have holes in the forum.
  12. Arrival of product in mail

    On rare occasions this happens with packages. We pack things well but once they're out for delivery we of course have no control over how they are handled. You're in contact with the right people. Support will help you out. They get back to everyone within 24 hours.
  13. Unable to order

    This is odd. We have not been getting this complaint from other people. That makes me think perhaps it is something on your end? You can try using incognito mode (private window) to order. If that doesn't work let us know here what error you get. Also, I just checked Facebook and there are no questions that have not been responded to. We respond to every question we get there. That is also odd.