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An Extra Hole

Posted by AutreMonde, 04 July 2011 · 361 views

So I recently got my nose pierced.
It makes it difficult to do my routine sometimes, but I think I've got the hang of it.
I have to use this spray about 3 times a day (though I haven't really made it priority lately. shame on me) it's called H2Ocean and it's a starile saline spray packed with enzymes and stuff. I spray it on my nose and I...


Posted by AutreMonde, 04 July 2011 · 291 views

Watch my Success Story!

"These pictures don't look too severe in the video, mostly because I avoided the camera. Would you want something so inflammed and unsightly staining someone elses...


Posted by AutreMonde, 19 May 2011 · 432 views

The reason I started this blog was because I was struggling with moderate-severe acne that wouldn't cease...
I've only posted 3 entries and I'm completely clear.

Isn't that fantastic? Isn't it unreal?

I'm not used to feeling my face and it being smooth, no flinching or wincing.
I'm not used to not having to wear...

Acne.Org Treatment Review

Posted by AutreMonde, 24 April 2011 · 763 views

Last week, I recieved the 16 oz. BP Treatment that Dan Kern developed.

I only bought this step simply because I can buy his other two steps (cleanser and moisturizer) in a much cheaper setting (I.E. Walmart, FTW). I had been using Proactiv's Treatment (Step 3) because I was using up what ever I had left of this system after canceling Proactiv.


A Journey Through Topicals

Posted by AutreMonde, 17 April 2011 · 576 views

I promised in my previous entry that I would post my trials and tribulations in trying to heal my moderate acne.
Keep in mind, I've been suffering since 2006 and I can't remember half of the things I've tried or the order I tried them in. Back then, I was also inconsistent and willing to try anything. So this is in no particular chronilogical...

Acne VULGAR-is

Posted by AutreMonde, 07 April 2011 · 663 views

I'm a 17 year old female teen who has suffered from moderate acne vulgaris (common acne with a very appropriate name) since my 6th grade of middle school.
Allow me to introduce you to my skin:

I live in the desert, so its 118 in the summer and often humid.. This means pore-clogging sweat and a lot of it, but I stay away from the sun and...

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