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Board Rules

* Moderators will give one warning for these offenses, if it continues beyond that it will result in a ban from the website.

If you find a post that violates any of the above rules, please click the "report" button and notify a moderator. Moderators cannot be everywhere and do not see every post, so utilizing the report button can assist us in keeping the forums a nice place to visit. Thank you for your help.

Members who fail to follow the board rules will receive appropriate warnings and possible suspensions. If you persist in breaking forum rules, you may be banned permanently from this website. Warnings: * Depending on severity of the case and at the moderator's discretion.

Note: If another account is created after being banned, that account will also be banned. Members who regularly cause trouble in particular forums, such as the Lounge, may be denied access to those forums before reaching an 80% warning level.

These are merely guidelines and the administration/moderator team reserves the right to take whatever action is felt appropriate based on individual circumstances up to and including immediate suspension.

While this board encourages members to share their feelings and frustrations in dealing with acne, it isn't a substitute for professional guidance. If a member seems to be threatening to harm him or herself, the moderating team will close the thread and ask the member to turn to resources better equipped to help them. People who repeatedly create threads about harming themselves may face suspension in order to encourage them to seek assistance in a more appropriate place.

Acne.org expects all members to be guided by common sense, professionalism, cooperation, and respect for others when posting on the forums. We realize that not everybody will like or agree with all of our rules. Still, if you would like to be a part of the community, please do your best to post accordingly and be a cooperative contributing member to this online forum.