1. Been on Accutane for nearly 5 months now for mild/persistent acne. (60mg a day / 3 tablets) I'm hoping by the time I reach my 6-7 month things start to improve. If nothing improves then I'm lost. 

  2. A little boy asked if I had chicken pox today...


  3. Did you ever find out about subcision in UK.I had subcision done by Dr Chu at Hammersmith Hospital,London.I was discharged for not attending some of my appointments (discharged if you cancel two appointments).

  4. There are a lot of males on this site asking about ED issues pertaining to accutane. However I haven't seen much talk about females and libido/wetness. I have had severe changes in those areas and I was only on it for about a month, before I stopped cold turkey.. after some very scary side effects. Perhaps stopping so quickly effected how my body handled it... do you have any input on this? I am doing my best to repair my body and would love to know someone who go through this as well. 

    Thank you!

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  7. Does this regimen work well with comedonal acne?

  8. Well I stopped using Retin a last month..things were going fine until my cheeks, t-zone, and chin started going crazy..I'm trying to let my skin breath and not depend on products anymore. Ive been washing my forehead and nose and moisturizing. But I don't wash my chin of cheeks because they're so broken out..trying to dry it out using witch hazel and calamine lotion. Hopefully something will start working soon

  9. I attached a picture. I used some at home wax strips to wax the fine blonde hairs in between my eyebrows and my upper lip. I am on accutane and didn't know that you aren't supposed to wax while on it. I am wondering if I should keep the areas constantly moist with aquaphor/vaseline of if i should let them dry up? It wasn't hot wax just strips, so I believe that the top layer of skin has been peeled off. I am so worried that it is going to scar and I don't know what to do. The areas are bright and extremely red and sensitive. How long until the redness goes away and how long with this take to heal? I am so worried it is going to scar. The areas above my lip are starting to scab and become dry/tight, but not between my eyebrows. Can someone please help with any options or what I can do? Please help with any advice.


  10. Hi Lioness,

    I'm a 46 year old who has been taking 10-20mg of Accutane weekly for 6 years now.  I have no side effects except when I up my dosage during times of stress (I'll take it 3 days in a row and have drier hair and skin.)  I would be a scarred mess by now from cysts if I did not use this medication.  I plan on using it until menopause or after if I need it.  I would only advocate this long term usage post-ALL pregnancies.  I'm assuming you are done with that chapter as well?  The blood work is annoying to get a new Rx, but so worth it not to have scars, painful cysts, and embarrassing pimples in our 40s and 50s.  Feel free to write if you have questions.  There aren't very many of us on this regimen it seems. 

  11. I have white bumps on my shoulders and back and my nose and chin. It effects my confidence a lot. I'm not sure if it's scars or sebaceous hyperplasia? I have really oily skin and suffered from cystic acne in the past on my back shoulders face and nose. 

    1. Curt


      If anyone has the same please post

  12. So...never mind. I won't be taking isotretinoin anymore. There were too many problems going on and my dermatologist wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing and yesterday was my 7th day to be able to get isotretinoin before I had to restart the process to get it over again. Also my insurance was a little skeptical to pay for the isotretinoin because i haven't tried any topical products, but my dermatologist was the one that told me I should skip all of that and go right to the last resort (isotretinoin). So now I'm going to be trying the acne.org regimen and I'm really excited. I should be getting my order sometimes next week since I just purchased it yesterday (Friday)!!!!!!

  13. Did you ever solve the ongoing problem you had with folliculitis?

  14. Back on the paleo diet after a two-year grad school-induced hiatus. It's only been about two months and the improvements are huge! 

  15. Hello Beautiful People, Pleasecheck out my review using ACNE.ORG regimen on my Youtube channel. Please Subscribe and like the video. Thanks in advance. 

  16. hi mate!

  17. wow im back and i still have some acne but not as badly as before, mainly just      really stubborn pimples. i have decided to try the acne. org regiment and i will be visiting an esthetician once per month for chemical peels/ scar treatments. Its been 17 years since my first break out and have been on this depressing train ever since.  

  18. Hi there,

    Did you ever end up getting to the bottom of your folliculitis? I think I have a very similar problem to you...

  19. putmeoutofmymiserynow


    1. putmeoutofmymiserynow


      Anyone from this forum can add me if they want
      I want friends with acne
      Acne suffers have to stick together

  20. where did you go?

  21. Hi, I'm wondering where you did the TCA cross treatment? I have done subcision twice, and still have boxcar scars. subcision only rises them, but the wall is still clear. Thanks in advance!

  22. Day 42.
    My breakout right now is pretty ugly...I have a huge zit right in the middle of my forehead so it looks like I'm growing a horn! I had a few cysts as well...I am hoping this is the dreaded initial breakout because anything worse than this would make me super sad to go out! My lips are definitely drier...I use Aquaphor or Vaseline every 2 minutes so it isn't THAT bad... but I definitely wont be wearing lipstick for a long time. 

    I know my derm said she wanted to up me to 60 mgs last time I visited, so I think Monday I'll she will have me go up from 30 mgs to 60 mgs....Looking forward to a bigger dosage so I can get over the breakouts soon.
    I also think I'm developing some sort of skin rash or psoriasis or eczema! There are like little dry patches along the underside of my arms....I will have to check with my doc about that as well...sometimes they flare up and are quite itchy and very very uncomfortable. I've been using cortisone cream to help soothe and It's worked wonders.

  23. Hi There,

    Im currently trying to fix my methylation issues. Would you be able to tell me what supplements you are using for that, 

    Thank you,


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    2. Khrisny


      Thanks MD, do you mind me asking on how many mg of folic acid you are on, how often do you take it, and what do you notice has improved?

      Im currently not using anything and some days not to well. 

    3. MonsterDiesel


      I stay close to the rda so 400 mcg per day.  I've noticed improved mental clarity, some cognitive functions are also better.  It sounds strange, but im understanding things better if that makes any sense.  All the effects are mild but noticeable.  Im using folic acid since methylfolate doesnt work for me.  Im on the fence about folinic acid.

      Do you mind if I ask how old you are and how long ago you took tane?

    4. MonsterDiesel


      I forgot to mention, folic acid warmed up my hands.  I suffer from cold hands and feet.  My body in general feels cold and chilled.  Even when I lived in a warm climate.  Now that im in a cold climate, in suffering.  But this is definitely helping.