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  1. Hello all, 

    I'm still on 35mg and I am on month 2. Just today some of the acne from previous breakouts have vanished, but newer and equally-as-painful pimples have erupted in more spots around my chin. What surprises me even more is that the time in between was so short. In other words, after waiting a week for my last breakout to recover I got hit with another set of whiteheads and one cyst looking one that I can see 2 whiteheads coming from. Yep, it's gross and it sucks to look at. It sucks just when I think my acne is about to get better... a breakout occurs. To be honest I kind of expected it after I fell asleep without washing my face the night prior to the flare. 

    Despite my regretful mistake of not cleaning my face one night, here is my current gentle skin-care routine while on Absorica:
    - Shower with warm/hot water twice per day (Use Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser once every other day with warm water)
    - I apply Vanicream Moisturizer about 2-3 times a day depending on the dryness
    Burt's Bees for my lips (It's been working great! But I know there are also many other options for lips.)
    Waxelene or Jergens Ultra Healing moisturizer on my arms in the morning & night (both work great) - also I've noticed that it's very, very important to keep moisturizing your arms, hands, and any other unexpected dry-skin body parts because rashes and other dry-skin related conditions can occur (knowledge from my experience on the drug).
    - I do not shave my face with a razor. I use a buzzer to trim my beard and mustache so that I do not irritate my skin. Remember for sensitive skin: irritation=acne.


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    Hi guys! 
    I am on week 2 of accutane and it is incredible how fast my skin has cleared up, I only have a couple spots on my cheeks! My redness on my face has calmed down :) and the only side effects I am experiencing are dry lips and face. I have been using EOS lip chap & coconut oil/vaseline to help with the dryness and they work really well, I strongly recommend them!

    I am feeling more confident and happy with my accutane journey.

    Thanks for reading my blog!
    I will post next week. 

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    Hi, recently the pass 6 -7 months I have been struggling with moderate to serve acne and some days are better then others. But no day is perfect. Before these 7 months I would get maybe one or two pimples a week and they were easy to deal with and NEVER once did they ever scare. Now I find every pimple I get scares for a week at the shortest and some have been here for months although have slightly faded are still there and red.
    Acne has ruined my social life, I can't remember the last time I went out at night on the weekends. I'm no longer close with all my friends because I shut them out on weekends as well as in school I try to talk the least amount of people I can. And Thoose I do talk to I try not to look up so they see my acne. Many people tell me "it's not that bad" and " it could be much worse" but it is affecting me greatly and I am starting to give up.  I am starting accutane in about 2 weeks. Although all the bad things that can happen and evrything, I've never been more excited to start a medication. I just don't get how it got this bad and I can't wait for it to be over. I'm thinking accutane will be successful for me because my acne comes and goes and is much worse at times but I can only hope. Wish me luck. 

  2. So I wasn't going to post until Friday but I just wanna get some stuff out there.

    This week my self esteem has been at an all time low. I haven't gone to class or seen friends because of my skin. I am giving myself a week off to let the antibiotic work and hopefully next week will be better. It has to be.

    My skin is okay. My scab has almost healed completely and my marks are fading. I have a HUGE pink spot on my cheek from a previous large nodule that is healing I think. I also got a tiny little blackhead/whitehead thing and had to get that out so my skin is red from that too. Ugh. More marks. FML.

    I picked at my skin unfortunately but didn't do too much damage. Mainly peeled some stuff around the cyst mark. It's bright pink but completely flat now. I have a band aid with neosporin on it until I go get my photofacial tomorrow.

    So far, I have only had one little anixiety attack today. Sounds bad but it's actually good for me, lol.

    BACTRIM: It IS working. I have stopped getting acne on my forehead and the only pimple I got before Bactrim set in was one that was already there and just had to be extracted. It seems to be keeping inflammation down too. SO basically I haven't gotten any new pimples since the 3rd day of the antibiotic. I also take benedryl sometimes to keep redness and swelling down.

    Goals: Tomorrow I'm getting a photofacial and that always helps a lot for me. I then want to stop caring about my skin and just focus on my exam Friday and then seeing my boyfriend all weekend. Luckily I have no active pimples and I need to focus on the good, not the bad. I just feel like the second my skin gets better it flares up again. UGHHHHHHHH. I have to say, my skin does look WAY better than it did Sunday. Yes I have marks, but IPL treatments should bring those down considerably tomorrow. I will update a few hours after my facial to let you guys know how it went!

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    Got another post to put. I had a big zit that forcefully popped accidentally leaving pretty big scaring and redness. Also, if you see some accompanying redness that is painful. Went to the dermatologist and he did some swabs he said it's possible it could be a bacterial infection but nonetheless I am so ashamed to go out looking like this. Any thoughts? I keep getting redness that is painful that is sometimes around the nose or comes to head.


  4. I don't know about Accutane making you depressed...for me it's ACNE that makes you depressed! 
    All day my chin has felt sore and bruised like I had been punched in the face but with no mirrors around to speak of (generally a good thing) and deliberately trying not to touch my face it wasn't until I got home that I realised why.
    Not only have I got multiple cysts appearing on my face a group have joined together , I have one HUGE cystic lump starting around a cm underneath my lip and around 4cm in circumference making my jawline swell on the right side of my face. Not only do I feel like the Elephant man but it hurts so much and I am dreading when it does in fact come to a head as to how much pus is going to come out of it and when (I work with the public). 
    Sorry to be so negative (and gross if your reading this while eating :/ ) but a bad day...
    On the other side of things i still have slightly dry lips and my hands are certainly more dry than normal but on the whole no side effects that are too terrible to deal with.

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    Day 161.

    No active acne.

    An old cyst mark has faded about 40% over the past week. The change is quite noticable. Skin flaking a lot on my chin.

    Small eczema patches on wrists.

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    Hey. i assume that if you're reading this, we're on the same boat: suffering from acne, trying to clear our skin, disappointed by the lack of results that other acne products have promised us, etc. ive been there, and in fact im still there. Who am i? Im one of the many 15 year old boys who suffer from mild acne. Like most of us acne sufferers, there was a time, long long ago, when i was preadolescent, smooth skinned, and acne free. That was around sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Ninth grade came along, and things started changing. that once-in-a-few-months pimple was becoming a once-a week one, and to make things worse i developed a cystic pimple on my nose, which gave me insecurities to no end. around that time i started seriously looking into sorts of acne solutions. over the course of that year I tried using things like ice, honey, any DIY mask on pinterest, to actual acne products from brands Neutrogina, Clearasil, etc.
    Speed up to tenth grade, the present, and i am at my worst acne-wise. Whiteheads were becoming a common phenomena on my face, and for the first time not only on my T-zone area, where i am accustomed to (combination skin). In addition, even after the pimples where gone, i was left with small red spots to remind me of their predecessors (hyperpigmentation). This was when i decided that things had to change. Nothing was working, and things where only getting worse as time went by. After countless searches on the web, i came across's products. after looking into this website, and people's reviews, i decided to purchase the regimen. In this blog i will describe the effects that these products have on my skin, and hopefully this can help you on your journey to clear(er) skin.

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    Woke up feeling terrible about myself this morning. So terrible that I didn't even bother to cleanse my face because why bother? Nothing I do seems to work. I don't think I can look at a mirror today. I don't want to sound over dramatic but it's how I genuinely feel. I don't want to say that I've lost all hope but I've been having a very negative mindset lately. Thought I'd post here to make myself feel better but it's not working. 

    When will this end? Hasn't it been long enough? Why me? These are the questions that I know all of us are thinking. 

  6. HI, its been a while!

    So im 4 months gone, my doctor was going to stop me after another 2 weeks but as i had 2 biggish red spots on fod and cheeks i have anotehr month instead. Which i was surprisingly happy about?
    He said i'd taken to the drug well! I hardly have an symptons and i forget im on it! The dry lips and nose are my only issue. My skin less oily so when cold makeup can go patchy. I just use heavy moisturizer.
    1 tip would be use heavy cream like cetaphil on your face day and night/ as needed. But not around eye area as i have some milia (white dots) from heavy product around eyes, use eye cream its self!
    So my skin cleared up within a month tbh. But its next to flawless. My pores have shrunk  so much on my cheeks/nose. and i have 3 massive deep blackheads that wouldnt budge for months and months and accutane has brought them out! YES! i have still got the odd bumpy spot but i belive this is the accutane still working and pushing out all the minging spots out my face! 
    I am so scared to stop taking accutane incase i go back to having a fod full of acne. My forehead has never been this clear its amazing i can look in the mirror and take pictures without worrying about a dodgy light shining on my fod highlighting my spots!
    Products i swear by:

    Elemis collagen cleansing balm morning and night and removes heaviest makeup
    Cetaphil moisturizer
    elizbeth arden 8 hour cream for lips and insid eof nose! 

    I still wore heavy makeup on accutane and drank like a tank even though youre not supposed to drink alcohol. OOPS. alll blood tests where fine. I am definitely the luckier of the few. But again, ill post more and any questions ask i want to help you through it. But do it. Best thing and at theend of the day it's not going to make your acne worse

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    So it's my first week on Yasmin and I'm not really bumped about it. Of course it will take longer to see improvements, but for now I wake up with a new pimple everyday. Also I feel extremely nauseous in the morning and very hungry. I'll have a picture insert of my right cheek, this was the only side of my face that was completely clear. So I keep taking pictures of my right cheek so I can see the progress the best, since I've got always pimples on the rest of my face. So the right cheek is specifically causing by Yasmin. 
    I don't know if I should mention this, but since I live in the Netherlands we don't get the REAL yasmin prescribed. It's a cheaper version, but with the same main ingredient; ethinyl estradiol drospirenone. I really doubt about this pill because the price difference is huge, let me clarify that the ''fake'' one is 12 euros for 3 months while the real Yasmin is 60 euros for 3 months. This is why I decided yesterday to buy the real Yasmin and hopefully it will come soon so I can use the real one instead. 


  7. Here I am at 4 months and a week into my Accutane journey.

    Have to be honest, it has been a lot of up's and down's. Sometimes my face is really starting to look good but then the next day, I'll have a hard, under the skin bump rear its ugly head & old cysts that just wont seem to vanish.

    I should mention that I have been on 60mg for my entire course, I weigh 135+/-. The entire course I have managed to not get that dry. My lips are horribly dry but not really my face. I do moisturize my face constantly though and I think living in the Carolinas does help (with the extra humidity and moisture in the air).

    My derm said she will keep me on for a full 6 months which makes me feel good. But still, I am not where I had hoped to be at this point. (I hoped to be completely clear). I have no choice but to stay positive and keep hoping that complete clarity is just around the corner.

    fingers crossed!!

  8. been breaking out a lot recently due to stress and pollution. hopefully these tweaks will help me clear up faster

    adding tyrosinase inhibitor to speed up the lightening process of my acne marks and also ramping up my benzoyl peroxide dosage.  apparently you have to use a lot for it to work. i've only been using a pea sized amount all over my face and while it helps keep the majority of my pimples back, i'm not 100% clear yet so hopefully this will work

  9. I have bought the kit (the wash, peroxide, and moisturizer kit) about a month ago and I started off using it with all three but when I got it my acne was not bad just the scars were, and then a blemish here and there. I started to stop using the peroxide and moisturizer because my skin didn't need it anymore and I just washed my face two-three times every day. Well lately (for the past week) its been getting super dry from using their face wash and that alone. Sometimes before bed I use ambi scar treatment cream, but if I put nothing else on after it started to peel. This has never happened to me before and ita just starting. Is it possible that my skin is changing its reaction to the wash? Anyone have the same problems?

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    This week is the third week, and I actually am seeing some improvement in my skin. The places that don't usually breakout (for me its my forehead) has gotten really clear. My left and right cheek is still breakout, but not as much. On Tuesday I picked on two pimples, but now they are almost healed, only that they left dark spots. Pretty much the healing process of a popped pimple is rather fast compared to what I had to go through. I am still flaking, but it is lessening also. This week should be the start of the week where my acne should be flaring up the most because of my menstrual cycle, but I am hoping that it is not too bad like usual since I am seeing some improvements. The only annoying thing so far is that I have to put on sunscreen everyday and it is sometimes inconvenient because I have to go to school, and so I have to excuse myself like 15 min before lunch starts to put on sunscreen, and I end up looking very pale afterwards and my my skin looked for flaky. My new sunscreen does burn my skin a little (just very little) when I first put it on in the morning, but then at the afternoon it doesn't burn.

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    So...this isn't going to be the peppiest entry in the world due to my discouragement at the moment. I know I'm not even close to the 3 month marker yet, but I guess I foolishly hoped that I would be pretty far along three weeks in, far enough along to be comfortable looking at my face in the mirror in full light again. No dice. I know my skin is improving, but I can't seem to help feeling horribly disfigured, ugly, unwanted, etc. because I'm not yet where I want to be. Ughhhh.

    The good:

    • I seem to have been able to resolve the problem with skin peeling by applying petroleum jelly (Equate brand) on my face at night after adapalene and moisturizer. My skin now feels soft and smooth, and I'm no longer experiencing stinging when I apply moisturizer. However, I'm concerned the jelly may be causing additional problems with acne. I guess I'll have to keep researching this one.
    • I've noticed I'm having MUCH less of a problem with excessive oil on my face during the day. Prior to starting treatment, my face required at least one all-over blotting at work by 1-2 PM. My skin always felt greasy, and I was SO self-conscious about the shine factor. Now, the only part of my face that really needs blotting at all is my nose, and even then I would probably look passable even if I didn't blot all day. It's so crazy to be at home at 7, 8 at night with my makeup still on after a long day at work feeling like a normal human being and not the Prince William Sound after an encounter with the Exxon Valdez.
    • No facial discoloration at all that can be attributed to treatment. No bright red skin, purple blotches, or any other unpleasantness in that department.
    • I do have to admit that I'm not experiencing any cystic acne or large, swollen pimples on my lower face.

    The bad
    • Although I'm not getting any huge pimples on my lower face thus far, I have had a few on my forehead. Right now, I have a few big ones healing on the left + in the middle of my forehead (I stupidly messed with them and made them worse, which is 100% my fault), and I'm hoping the breakouts don't get worse.
    • My face is starting to itch again, mainly on my forehead. This worries me immensely, since itching has been the precursor to breakouts in the past. I'm hoping this is just some ongoing irritation from the adapalene and not an indication that I'm about to look like a leper.
    • I'm SO goddamn upset about the persistence of the tiny white bump variety (the kind you can't really see until you stretch the skin) of acne around my mouth. To me, my chin is the most disgusting part of my face, so the ongoing problems are super devastating. It actually seems like the bumps have gotten worse in the past few days, and I'm praying this is just attributable to the hormonal wackiness associated with the start of a fresh birth control pack .
    • Still seeing some hyperpigmentation from previous breakouts that I'd like to see improve. This is something that will take some time, of course...but I'm impatient.

    Briefly, I also want to discuss the treatment as it's functioning on my back. I've only recently started using the adapalene to address the acne in that region since I wasn't specifically instructed to do so by my dermatologist, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. Right now, I'm really breaking out - three major inflamed spots and tons and tons of clogged pores. I don't like it, but at least I can conceal the madness with my clothing. I'm going to keep to a modified version of my facial regimen on my back (adapalene + clindamycin lotion without any additional moisturizer) and see how things go.
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    Hello all, 
    I'm a 15 year old boy and I am about to start accutane and i wanted to document my progress, I'd love if you guys comment back to me about your stories of acne and maybe going on Accutane. I went to the doctor yesterday after having been on Solodyn for 14 weeks sadly it hadn't cleared my acne, i was still getting large areas of red angry bumps. I actually started to feel good about my skin and that it was clearing up but after a week of seemingly no new zits it started up with the breakouts again. I try not to let it show that my acne really really bothers me but it always feels like everyones looking at me and judging me, like i'm some two headed character from american horror story.  Finally im going on accutane, i just have to wait to get my tests back. I'm a little nervous tho after reading all the side affects but i'm most scared of it not working. If this won't clear my acne what will?! And how long is it gonna take? I wish there was a magical fix, an overnight acne pill that would give me clear skin. With accutane im not sure how long it's gonna take for me to clear up and I really am tired of waiting. On solodyn i was so hopeful but everyday i would wake up and be scared to face the mirror. On week 10 of solodyn my acne EXPLODED. It was the worst i'd ever had it. I couldnt even look at myself in the mirror and i hated the stupid pity party i threw myself. Will my acne explode again on accutane? Will accutane work? How long will it take? Please comment back and share your stories.
    Thank you if you stuck around to read this far (sorry it was long) H.F

  12. i recently stopped taking the Yasmin. It had never made an effect on my skin and was causing too many issues. I stress too much about possible side effects and I never wanted to take it in the first place
    I havent had any new spots in a week, and overall the past two werks ive actually been seeing a decrease in red inflamed pimples (still blackheads and zits under the surface that you cant really see) after increasing my dose to 100mg however Im now experiencing side effects that got so bad I went to the ER bc i felt terrible. Everything came back normal thankfully but i was left still confused. Well I had low phosphates from peeing it out bc of the spiro.
    im getting:
    1. Chest pains bad
    2. Difficulty breathing
    3. Anxiety/depression
    4. Nausea/dizziness

    the chest pains are what are most concerning. Should I stop the medicine? I dont know what to do. And i just got off birth control so who know how my skin will be in the next few weeks

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    So after years of trying everything with mixed results, I'm finally starting Accutane. I am a registered nurse so I'm trying to go about this scientifically :) I had mild-moderate acne in high school that I got under control with a course of minocycline and topical Benza-Clin gel. While I was in college I was able to get off the benza-clin and had good control of my acne by using the 3-step acne line from Clinique. Then around my  25th birthday my acne came back with a vengeance, it was worse than when I was in high school. My skin has always been very oily and prone to hyper pigmentation also. I finally went back to the dermatologist and used Acanya (a benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin combo) and Atralin (topical isotretinoin) for a year that improved my acne some but not much. Then I went to a new dermatologist who had me take Doxycycline for 6 weeks and I used Aczone (dapsone gel) twice a day and Atralin once a day for 16 weeks. I had zero results, in fact my acne got worse. Here's a photo when I was near the end of that treatment. image.thumb.jpeg.6a126217472bc407efb3bf9

    When I asked my derm if I could try accutane she suggested that I add some supplements to my diet and I also switched to a mixture of Cetaphil and CeraVe products (also recommended by my derm). So here's my current regimen:
    Cetaphil face wash
    Tea tree oil toner from The Body Shop
    Cetaphil oil control moisturizer in the AM
    CeraVe PM moisturizer at night
    Omega 3, 6 & 9 1gram of each daily
    Vitamin E: 400/day
    Vitamin D-3: 1000/day
    Vitamin C: 500/day 
    Niacinimide: 500/day
    Biotin: 10/day

    I think once I start getting dry I may need to switch my toner to something more moisturizing and hopefully I won't need the oil control moisturizer anymore either. I've got the CeraVe AM moisturizer in mind for when that happens :)

    I started on "Amnesteem" 60mg/day a week ago and so far I noticed my lips getting dry on day 3 and my nose and eyes started getting really dry on day 5. At the end of week 1 I'm also noticing my face starting to dry a little but not bad. Here's my starting labs:
    Liver enzymes:
    AST 16
    ALT 21
    triglycerides 77
    LDL 84
    HDL 54
    total cholesterol 153

    And finally Day 1 photos:
    thanks in advance for the love and support! It helps a ton to know I'm not alone in this. 

  13. Hey everyone! Basically this post is just going to be an introduction on me and my acne.

    I am a teenager and have had acne for 2 years now. It's gotten consistently worse since it started as just a few pimples here and there. Now my forehead is covered in acne and hyper-pigmentation. My forehead is my main problem area but I will occasionally get acne on other areas of my face. Very rarely do I get acne on my jaw/bottom of my cheeks though. 

    I went to the dermatologist for the first time less than a week ago and got my prescription. She gave me Tretinoin cream to apply at night and Clindamycin gel to apply in the morning, as well as oral antibiotics to take twice a day which I haven't gotten from the pharmacy yet (but I'll inform you once I get them).

    My skin is pretty sensitive and dries out easily so I will start by applying the medication every other day and either increase or decrease how frequently I apply it.

    I wear makeup every day just to hide my acne, and my goal is to have my skin clear enough that I feel confident enough without it. Along with that, I want to be able to go swimming at the beach/pool without being self conscious of my skin while trying to keep my waterproof concealer on my acne. Acne really does suck (as I'm sure everyone reading this knows).

    Anyways, hopefully my future experiences with these medications will help someone else know if they are going to work for them or not. I'll try to document as much as I can.

    Thanks for reading! :) 


  14. My acne has spread so quickly and once again, it is evolving.  I currently have three cystic bumps that are hard as marbles and red.  Add to that a dozen inflamed zits and you have one unhappy chick.  The cystic acne is not new to me but the sheer number and placement is.  I just can't figure out whats happening with my face......i just can't.  It's like i can't win.  In nine days i will officially be in my fifth month.....

  15. Pictures for the full month are coming soon it's just I have so much to do and uploading and editing each photo is time consuming .. 

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    I have 4 ziana topical gel tubed 60 g, never opened never used for sell. One gel is roughly $200, depending on insurance. My daughter is pregnant so won't be needing it so we are selling one gel for $20 or all four for $75. 


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    SO This is the fourth week into the process... As like my other posts I will break down this blog. 


    DRY LIPS AND FACE. I recently picked up this cerave moisturizing lotion and its like white goo. It works wonders. It works even better than than the medical moisturizer the derm prescribed. VERY DRY EYES RECENTLY. I've been noticing my eyes are extremely dry and they would water if I didn't put at least two drops of eye drops in each eye. In the hallway I would walk and it would look like I was crying but the eye drops have fixed that well. No more nosebleeds and also just getting off my period so that caused a few breakouts. ALSO I worked out with my mom yesterday and right when I got home I felt this pain in my hips and that's never happened before and especially when we just run on the treadmill. I'm assuming that its related to the medicine but it was not a good feeling. 

    HOW MY SKIN IS LOOKING: A LOT of blackheads have fallen out but there are still a lot left on my nose but few on my chin and in between my eyebrows. Like i said I'm just getting off my period so I've had a few breakouts but nothing crazy. My skin looks decent. Like I said before my blackheads are definitely purging and becoming less and less. As for the zits, I have a little amount. I was just on my period so that causes breakouts for me. Other than that I've had a few complements that my acne cleared up and they asked me what I did. 

    HOW I FEEL: I don't have any mood swings or unusual thoughts so that's good. 



    Gia ((((((:


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    i haven't had a single pimple since the beginning of this month. my hyperpigmentation is basically gone now. i haven't been posting as frequently, because acne is such a far thought from my mind that i don't really have a reason to go on this site. :)
    i really recommend washing your face with raw honey. i think it has helped fade my hyperpigmentation significantly and nips any pimples that want to form in the bud. plus, it makes your skin so soft and moisturized.