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    Week 2 had some ups and downs for me. At the beginning of the week I was breaking out bad, I don't know if it had to do with the medications or some other factor but it was not pretty and then for some reason in the middle of the week I started to see some improvements in my skin, the texture was a lot better, not as bumpy, a huge decrease in the numbers of pimples. I still had a bunch under the surface (clogged pores=whiteheads) but things were looking better. My mother (who wouldn't say it if she didn't mean it) even told me my skin was looking better. 

    I didn’t want to get ahead of myself because this could very well be the calm before the storm and then yesterday (one day before two full weeks) I started to break out a little bit more, it wasn’t horrible but my clogged pores are starting to come the surface in the form of little whiteheads, they as so hard not to touch but at least they aren’t cystic. As of right now, I have 3 active whiteheads (one is huge) some scarring and still lots of under the surface stuff which is going to have to come out eventually (yikes!).

    My skin has not dried out one bit which is great but the Cetaphil is very heavy so that is probably why (and I use a very generous amount)

    Lastly, I have started using face mask every few days to help unclog some of my pores. I love face masks, I have several variations, I would recommend adding that to your skincare routine.

    It’s been a long week but clear skin is worth it. Please comment if you have any questions or want to share your experience with Epiduo! I would love to hear I am not alone in this fight J

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    I had my honey.
    Loooooove my honey.
    I want to marry a New Zealand bee keeper. SERIOUSLY.

    Morning supplements:
    0.50mL vitamin D, 1 ashwagandha, 1 tulsi holy basil, 1 COQ10, 1 glutathione, 1 magnesium, 1 calcium, 1 liver kidney, 2 spiru blue, 1 krill oil.
    I will post my ish later.

    I'm so excited when I get home today!!! I have to build my clothes rack (arrived today) but hopefully it's sturdy enough. I will be re organizing my room and my dresser. I went on a SHOPPING spree and I've got the credit card bills to prove :P

    I will take photos. I will post myfitnesspal screen shots tonight.

    Last night I put a honey mask on with colloidal silver (no probiotic) and I left it on for a few hours. I wiped it off with straight apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball. And then put argan oil/tamanu oil on my face.

    It's already July. It's crazyness.

    If movie theaters weren't so dirty and uncomfortable I would be looking forward to "Purge Election Year" DUDE I LOVE THE CONCEPT OF THOSE MOVIES!! But alas, I will have to wait to stream it at the house on the big screen.

    Have a great day everyone. xxoxoxoxo

    P.S: What the fuck right? I was spotting yesterday, and didn't think anything of it (so I didn't take my royal jelly/evening primrose oil supplement). Now today I'm not bleeding heavily but I am bleeding. It would be awesome if my hormones were regulated again from the Evening Primrose oil supplement which starting tonight I will be taking one every night for 2 weeks. I started my period last month on the 7th night and took the supplement for 2 weeks. For the past few months my periods were about 5-6 weeks apart. Now it's looking more like 3-4 weeks apart. Which would be awesome! No wonder I have been eating like a cow recently. Women need a bunch of calories so our insides feel like we could carry a child. When I wasn't eating nearly enough calories (only meats/vegetables, my shit was all out of whack).

    My fish monger has not been open for the past week, they are only open Friday-Sunday so I've got to go tonight and get a few pounds of Salmon portioned out so I can freeze them.

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    Ello ello :)

    I began writing a blog about my accutane experience on here a couple of years ago, but I stopped writing after the second week :/ Which I now regret, as I am starting on course number 2, and would have really loved to have a reference longer than 2 weeks to look back on!

    I stopped taking accuatane the first time round after 4 months, and I guess it was too soon. I had cleared up so incredibly well and all my scars had even faded and I felt incredible. Then a few months ago I began breaking out again- across my forehead this time, not a place I ever had breakouts before, and now it is sort of everywhere. Even though it's not anywhere close to as awful as the acne I had a couple of years ago, it's uncontrollable enough that I definitely think I have to go through the treatment again. So, today I took the first dosage- a low one, just 30mg. The acne I have this time is just small pimples, but a lot of them. I'm still not sure enough about acne terminology to call them anything other than pimples, but some of them are largish.

    I cleared up the scarring last time super fast, I was amazed how quickly it faded. If anyone is interested, I used a few different things, the routines of which I don't recall precisely, but I think I just switched between a few things depending on what it felt like my skin needed on that day. But my big miracle workers were:
    NeoStrata Lotion Plus 15% AHA (incredible stuff, but has become slowly less effective over the last 2 years) 
    Lemon juice - my skin doesn't seem to be very sensitive and can take this quite well, without much burning 
    Vitamin C serum - just livens up and brings the life back in to my skin

    So. We'll see how it goes this time round :) 

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    I started this regimen 4 days ago and since then I have kept a quite detailed diary. I will write here the first 4 days and then start posting every day or every other day, based on the changes I will be observing.
    First things first, my skin is a combination of oily skin on my T-zone and normal (neither oily, nor dry) skin on my cheeks. My most prone to breakouts areas are my cheeks and once in a blue moon, my jawline or around my eyebrows.
    At the moment I'm taking 30 mg of zinc, vitamin D3 1000 IU, 200 mg of magnesium and one teaspoon of bee pollen daily. I have been taking these vitamins (except for the bee pollen which I recently included in my routine) for aa few weeks and they didn't make a noticeable difference. I plan on upping the doze of vitamin D3 to 5000 IU/ day but I am looking for a blend that doesn't contain magnesium stearate.
    I also drink peppermint tea 3 times per day (I will soon reduce my intake to 2 times per day) to control my hormones. I have heard that spearmint might be more efficient in this matter but in my country, English is not used as a first language and our words do not differentiate between peppermint and spearmint.
    I stopped using cleanser, toner (DIY fermented rice water with a little bit of apple cider vinegar), aloe vera gel, moisturizer, sunscreen (however I'm not going out much because next week I'm having exams. stress and fear and PMS . AMAZING), makeup, spot treatments, clay masks and acne treatments (isotrexin and skinoren)

    • 28th of June:
    I started my day by only washing my face with some lukewarm water and patted it dry with a clean tissue paper. Usually, my skin is rather oily in the morning so this time I kind of....vigorously tried to wash away the oil from my skin....Currently, I have a few big burns on both of my cheeks because I have used a harsh acne treatment on my sensitive skin right after a clay mask.....and then I applied a spot treatment with bee pollen, propolis tincture and honey and even though it stung like hell for a few hours, I ignored the symptoms and woke up to raw, inflamed patches (from my ear to my jawline). I know, stupid. I am applying a cream called Avene Cicalfate. I have a few whiteheads on my cheeks, some bigger than others, small red bumps almost all over my face, and hyperpigmentation from previous pimples.
    • 29th of June: IMPROVEMENT
    My skin is very oily. The burns are healing because I am applying the cream from Avene twice per day. They have already formed scabs, thing that usually happens after 4 days. The biggest whitehead on my right cheek is shrinking and it already formed a scab. It soooo hard not to pick at it......The red bumps on my forehead have reduced in number and I have a new small blind pimple at the corner of my mouth. It hurts everytime I try to speak.....
    • 30th of June: still on the extremely oily skin train wooo....
    The red bumps on my forehead disappeared completely. The blind pimple near my mouth is shrinking and it does not hurt as much as before. In my case, blind pimples used to hurt for 2-3 days and then linger on my skin for up to a week and a half. The small whiteheads and red bumps near my burns disappeared as well and were replaced with 3 small whiteheads. Also, my burns healed, leaving behind only some discolored patches. I have one big whitehead on my right cheek and it's so hard not to pop it...but however, by the end of the day, I blotted my skin with a tissue paper and it kind of....popped itself i guess...(without blood and much pus)
    Another pimple on my right cheek that was a big, red pimple in the first day, shrank and became a whitehead. So basically, everything comes to the surface right now.
    • 1st of July: My skin is still very oily and a little bit itchy but I'm seeing small improvements everyday.
    My skin tone is evening out, even on the patches from my burns.
    The small whiteheads on my left cheek are still there, no difference. The blind pimple near my mouth shrank visibly.  The whitehead that I popped yesterday by accident became a whitehead again (at least it's coming to the surface) alone, without other 3 pimples following him, like it used to happen. My skin looks definitely better.
    I have one new blind pimple on my cheek, near my nose. It is rather big, but it does not hurt. I can already see a small whitehead forming underneath.
  3. So on to week 5. Things are really starting to move pretty quickly. So I started taking 60 mg/day this week rather than 40 mg/day like I did in month 1. Let me just say that I did have a couple of headaches at the beginning of the week. I think my body is getting used to the increased dosage. Apart from the headaches there have not been any new side effects. I noticed a little bit of peeling in my lips. I use chapstick every couple of hours and that keeps it under control for now. Face is dry but not to the point where I constantly have to moisturize. I moisturize in the morning and before going to bed and that's about it. I did not have any breakouts from increasing the dosage this week but my dermatologist did warn me that they would come so probably next week or so. Most of the blackheads on my nose have rubbed off and my nose is feeling very smooth. The texture of my skin is very different. It's smooth and soft, especially the areas that have no acne. So I'll be back next week to update week 6. I'll leave some pictures of my skin during week 5. 




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    Week 1:
    I started to notice around the 3rd day of this regimen that the Tretinoin has been causing me to peel all over my face (especially the more oily parts). I was not concerned with this as it was normal, I just applied a lot of moisturizer, I have been using Cerave and Vanicream and of course with SPF. The Bactrim seemed to have not hit me yet until towards the middle of the week (5th day of usage) where I experienced nausea, dizziness and lack of appetite. I have noted that a lot of comedones formed on my forehead even more now and a couple of small pimples near my eyebrows that I never had before, which I conclude is due to the start of the purge (does the purge start that early?) My dad said my acne was getting better, but I feel like he was trying to be nice. Anyways, so far so good, I'm just very aggravated with the comedones, it's giving me this uneven complexion which makes me very self-conscious. Had to slather some makeup on the morning before class. 

    If anyone has questions or would to like to offer useful input, please do so! I'm interested :)
  4. I am a 34 yr old female who has experienced acne, mostly cystic, since my late teens.  I have been on and off birth control and antibiotics and tried just about every topical RX treatment there is.  I don't tolerate birth control well, as it makes me so nauseated and emotional and gives me terrible migraines. In the past two years my acne has been less treatable, and I have felt more concerned about the time I have spent on antibiotics.  Although my acne is considered mild to most people, I feel that I should not have any.  My derm suggested trying Accutane, with the hopes that after 6 months I will no longer need to rely on antibiotics.  
    In preparation I began upping my water consumption a month before beginning, as well as starting a daily fish oil and vit E supplement. I ordered the face wash, moisturizer, jojoba oil, and purchased an aquaphor lip balm for my purse and just about every room in the house so it would always be handy.

    I am on day 10.  I have to say I read SO MANY blogs about others' experiences with the medicine prior to starting my own journey, and what I learned most is that it is different for everyone.  What seemed to be the most common side effect was chapped lips.  I have already experienced that! They are not painful, but I do need to apply aquaphor just about every hour if not more. I am anticipating they will continue to get more dry.  My scalp is so dry, and a few days it was itchy, red,  and painful. On those days I put the jojoba oil on it before bed and washed in the morning with head & shoulders and used conditioner on my scalp which is usually a no no.  It helped! My ears and ear lobes specifically are so dry and no matter what I do they continue to peel all day. I just keep them covered by wearing my hair down and load them up with aquaphor. 
    I had some pretty bad lower back pain on and off, nothing I couldn't handle though because it comes and goes. I am drinking approx 80 oz of water a day if not more. I was worried about keeping up with the water before starting, however it does not feel like such a challenge now that I am doing it. 
    My skin is definetly more sensitive to the heat.  It is late June so avoiding it is not easy.  Even layered with sunscreen, it feels like the sun is just burning me.  I have not yet actually got a sunburn, but it really feels like I am burning so I keep reapplying sunscreen and try to limit my time in the heat, it just is unbearable at times. I have a trip to the gulf coming up in a few weeks and this worries me a little. I like to enjoy the beach with my family. 
    As far as my acne goes, I did get several cystic pimples since starting the accutane.  One came to a head and lasted a few days.  Others remained under the surface but were painful.  Some turned red, some did not.  I am not sure if this is from the accutane or if this is because I stopped taking my minocycline which always prevented the cystic acne in the past.  My face feels hot at times. Like that rush of warmth you may get if you are mad or embarrassed, except so far no redness in my skin when I feel it, and its is only on my face.  

    I won't be writing everyday, because I think obsessing over every little change or feeling can be harmful more than helpful (mentally).  Hopefully my blog will help someone!  I was encouraged by reading many.  I have never written a blog before but am happy to do it fo rthis topic as it is a big decision to take something that is so uncertain as far as side effects and changes to your body  Good luck to anyone else joining me on this crazy journey! 
  5. So it has been ONE YEAR since I started using Differin PM/BP in the AM...
    To cut a long story short I think it's amazing still. 
    I have had ZERO papules, whiteheads, big massive cysts since October 2015. NONE AT ALL.
    98% of the time I have crystal clear skin but every now and then I get a group of clogged pores on my cheeks or chin but to most people there invisible.
    In fact to mark my Differin anniversary my skin has been SO KIND to me and given me about 10 clogged pores on my chin hahaha!
    Attached a photo of me took today without make up (the mascara is semi permanent and brows are Wunderbrow [amazing btw] to mark how far I have come.
    Basically my only problems now is dry skin and the comedone flare ups, I try to stay positive and remember that for the past 10 years I would have killed for skin like this, even if it's not perfect.


  6. So just completed my second week on 60mg..

    Early on in the week skin was breaking out again all over... within days this cleared up (apart from a few spots on forehead) and my skin touch wood, is looking pretty okay! The best it has looked since March. Lots of scars and red marks being left behind but I am sure they will fade. Am hoping this week marked the end of my IB! Cheeks and chin are 90% clear - just the forehead ones won't budge. But I am very happy so far with the progress made on 60mg :)

    Other side effects update:

    • Hands are very, very, very dry and peely - seem to be getting worse and the only thing that keeps them okay for a while is E45 - has anyone else had this issue? If so, any recommendations?
    • I read up on a lot of blogs about how well CeraVe works as a moisturiser and mentioned it to my fiance saying how its something I haven't seen in shops (there really is a gap in the UK market for Aquaphor/CeraVe!!), and Sunday morning I woke up to a delivery with the lotion :) HOW COOL IS HE??? As a slight deviation from my point, my fiance has really been amazingly supportive and I am sure those on Accutane will know how necessary it is to have someone there to rant to about the rollercoaster of a ride - and he has been so good to me throughout my IB / mood swings / yucky skin days - so going to take this as an opportunity to say Thank you to him, because he has been a huge help for me xx
    • .....and back to CeraVe - amazing! Wish I had got this earlier. It is the perfect level of grease for my skin. E45 is what I have been using so far and while that was okay - it was making my skin very greasy! I love this and would recommend it to everyone.
    • Have been feeling VERY tired this week, not sure if this is because of the accutane or because I have been feeling unwell. Either way - no amount of sleep seems to be enough :(

    Overall - happy with this week and the progress, almost at the 2 month mark!!!

    Hope my fellow Accutaners are doing well :) 

    Jerawat merupakan salah satu gangguan yang terjadi pada kulit wajah dimana hal ini terjadi pada saat minyak dan juga sel kulit mati menyumbat pori-pori sehingga menimbulkan peradangan. Secara umum, jerawat bukanlah penyakit yang serius karena salah satu masalah kulit ini biasanya akan hilang dengan sendirinya saat seseorang memasuki usia dewasa. Tetapi ada juga jenis jerawat yang  akan tetap muncul meski anda sudah berusia dewasa bahkan setelah menikah sekalipun. Jerawat biasanya dicirikan dengan hadirnya komedo, kemudian adanya kulit yang kemerahan karena adanya iritasi, setelah itu noda hitam dan juga bintik-bintik merah yang membengkak sampai menjadi bernanah.

    Memang untuk setiap orang memiliki jenis jerawat yang berbeda-beda yaitu mulai dari bentuknya yang ringan kemudian munculnya seperti bintik merah, komedo, sampai dengan pada bentuk yang sangat parah seperti ratusan bintik serta benjolan yang memerah dan biasanya akan sakit jika disentuh. Jerawat seperti ini  tak jarang dapat menutupi area kulit tertentu. 

    Jerawat secara umum terjadi pada usia remaja atau lebih tepatnya pada masa puber. Jerawat seperti ini biasanya menyerang pada kedua jenis gender, baik itu pada laki-laki ataupun pada perempuan, meskipun jerawat yang terjadi kepada laki-laki umumnya lebih parah serta berlangsung lebih lama. 
    Kali ini saya akan berbagi artikel kepada Anda mengenai Cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat dengan menggunakan bahan alami yang mudah anda dapatkan dan tentunya juga harganya cukup terjangkau jika dibandingkan dengan obat jerawat yang ada di toko obat.

    Perlu kita ketahui bahwa bekas jerawat yang ditimbulkan setelah jerawat menghilang sebenarnya merupakan proses penyembuhan serta perbaikan yang ada pada jaringan kilit. Selama proses tersebut berlangsung maka kulit Anda akan memproduksi kolagen, sebuah zat yang memiliki fungsi untuk memperbaiki jaringan pada kulit. Kelebihan dari produksi kolagen pada kulit akan mengakibatkan kulit menjadi terangkat kemudian menimbulkan flek serta bintik-bintik hitam. Sedangkan pada saat terjadi kekurangan kolagen maka kulit bisa menjadi berlubang. 

    Sehingga dalam hal ini kelebihan ataupun kekurangan kolagen pada saat perbaikan jaringan kulit tersebut ternyata juga menjadi masalah. Maka dari itu kita membutuhkan sebuah solusi dalam menghilangkan bekas jerawat terutama dengan memanfaatkan bahan-bahan alami yang lebih aman.

    Sebenarnya untuk bekas jerawat berupa flek hitam atau kemerahan bisa hilang setelah beberapa bulan semenjak jerawat Anda sembuh, akan tetapi kita bisa mempercepat proses penyembuhannya dengan menggunakan berbagai cara, ada yang menggunakan obat-obatan dan ada pula yang memakai cara alami. Cara menghilangkan jerawat dengan bahan alami menjadi salah satu pilihan yang baik karena tidak memiliki resiko yang tentunya dapat dicoba oleh siapa saja, selain itu juga Anda tidak perlu mengeluarkan banyak uang.

    Nah berikut ini beberapa Cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat dengan mengunakan bahan-bahan alami.

    1. Menggunakan perasan jeruk nipis
    Seperti yang sudah kita ketahui bahwa jeruk ini bisa digunakan untuk menyembuhkan bekas luka dan juga berguna untuk meremajakan kulit karena memang jeruk nipis tersebut mengandung zat yang disebut asam alpha hidroksi alami (AHA). Cara pemakaiannya yaitu dengan memeras air jeruk nipis, kemudian oleskan pada wajah Anda sampai merata. Jika sudah, diamkan selama 15 menit, setelah itu bilas dengan menggunakan air bersih. Lakukan cara tersebut secara rutin minimal 3 kali seminggu untuk mendapatkan hasil maksimal.

    2. Menggunakan madu
    Madu selain dapat digunakan untuk melembabkan kulit bisa juga dimanfaatkan untuk membersihkan jerawat serta dapat membantu menghilangkan bekas jerawat. Madu secara alami mampu melembabkan kulit karena memiliki sifat antibakteri yang bisa menetralisir zat-zat yang terdapat pada kulit wajah serta bisa mengurangi adanya peradangan. Cara untuk memakainya yaitu dengan mengoleskan madu langsung pada wajah yang memiliki jerawat atau sebaiknya bisa Anda usapkan pada seluruh wajah. Dan jangan lupa, pastikan madu yang dipakai merupakan madu murni bukan madu hasil olahan dari pabrik (madu sintetis).

    3. Menggunakan Scrub Gula
    Cara untuk membuatnya yaitu dengan menyiapkan gula dan juga minyak zaitun.  Campurkan kedua bahan tadi dengan takaran 2 sendok gula dan 1 sendok minyak zaitun. Untuk memaksimalkan cara kerjanya anda juga bisa menambahkannya dengan beberapa tetesan air jeruk nipis. Jika ramuan tadi sudah jadi oleskan secara merata pada seluruh bagian kulit wajah Anda terutama yang terdapat bekas jerawat. Setelah itu diamkan selama 15 menit setelah itu bilas dengan menggunakan air sampai bersih.

    4. Menggunakan minyak zaitun 
    Minyak zaitun memang sudah dikenal sejak lama dapat membantu mempercantik kulit berkat kandungan nutrisnya yang melimpah. dengan manfaatnya yang cukup baik untuk kesehatan dan salah satunya juga bisa menghilangkan bekas jerawat ini. Cara menghilangkan jerawat dengan minyak zaitun yaitu cukup dengan mengoleskannya pada wajah sebelum tidur dan pada waktu pagi hari.

    5. Menghilangkan bekas jerawat dengan Menggunakan tomat
    Tomat merupakan salah buah yang sering digunakan sebagai sayur, sehingga banyak orang menyebutnya sayur. Terlepas dari apakah tomat masuk dalam kelompok sayur atau buah dia tetaplah memiliki kandungan yang sangat menguntungkan untuk kulit wajah kita sehingga dipercaya cukup ampuh dalam menghilangkan flek hitam bekas jerawat. Di dalam buah tomat terdapat beberapa vitamin seperti vitamin A dan C yang mempunyai banyak khasiat untuk wajah dimana salah satunya yaitu mempercepat penyembuhan bekas luka. cara pemakaiannya: potong buah tomat menjadi bagian yang tipis kemudian tempelkan pada wajah Anda yang terdapat bekas jerawat. Diamkan sekitar 25 sd 30 menit, setelah itu bilas dengan menggunakan air bersih. 

    6. Menggunakan Es Batu dan  Teh Hijau
    Teh hijau memiliki sifat anti inflamasi yang bisa melengkapi adanya efek dingin pada es. Caranya penggunaannya: Seduah teh hijau kemudian bekukan hingga menjadi es dengan cara memasukkannya ke dalam freezer. Gunakan es batu tadi  dengan cara mengoleskannya pada wajah selama kurag lebih 1 atau 2 menit hingga kulit akan terasa mati rasa.

    7. Menggunakan lidah buaya 
    Lidah buaya kaya akan kandungan vitamin yang bisa menyembuhkan luka bekas jerawat dan juga bekas luka lainnya. Lidah buaya memiliki sifat dingin yang menyegarkan sehingga sangat nyaman di kulit. Cara penggunaannya: Potong lidah buaya untuk diambilnya gelnya. Setalh itu ambil gel tersebut  untuk dioleskan ke bagian wajah yang memiliki bekas jerawat sambil memijatnya seara perlahan sampai meresap ke kulit. Setelah itu diamkan selama kurang lebih 30 menit, jika sudah anda bisa membilasnya dengan menggunakan air bersih.

    8. Menggunakan mentimun 
    Mentimun memiliki kandungan Vitamin A dan C serta Magnesium yang bagus digunakan untuk kulit wajah. Cara pemakaiannya hampir sama dengan tomat yaitu dengan diiris tipis kemudian tempelkan pada wajah yang memiliki bekas jerawat. Diamkan kurang lebih 20-30 menit setelah itu angkat dan bilas wajah anda. Lakukan cara tersebut secara rutin untuk memperoleh  hasil yang maksimal dan bekas jerawat Anda bisa cepat hilang.
    Sebelum menerapkan semua cara tadi, bersihkan kulit wajah anda terlebih dahulu untuk menghilangkan kotoran yang menempel sehingga proses pengobatannya bisa bekerja dengan baik.

    Demikianlah beberapa Cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat yang bisa kami share,  semoga bisa berguna untuk anda.
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    This my first time to post from my blog 

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    Well week two has been quite crazy. I've been experiencing a lot of peeling especially on my chin and near my mouth. I've had 3 pimples pop up in the last week but I think its because I'm on my cycle. so far I haven't seen any major results. my forehead is much smoother and the little bumps on it went away but my cheeks are still bumpy and the hyperpigmentation all over my face is still there and hasn't improved. I've now added a sea salt toner to my regimen to see if any changes will occur. lets just hope ill see progress in the next few weeks.

  8. Acne Status: In the midst of my 3rd week I have been having a couple flare-ups on my face, particularly my forehead, and the back of my neck. I have asked my friends who have taken Accutane, and they said that their acne worsened in the first couple weeks of the treatment because your body is trying to push everything to the surface and get all the gunk out! It is a little frustrating, but I know I will see results hopefully by next month. Most of my acne in these flare-ups have been surfacing whiteheads with a few of the painful nodular acne that I am trying to get rid of. Many dermatology websites and articles have stated that it is very normal to experience breakouts in the first couple of weeks of the Accutane treatment.


    Overall Rating of Acne Severity: C-


    Face: D

    Back: C-

    Chest: B


    Side Effects: Entering the 3rd week, my entire face has had flakes of dead skin peeling off and my lips have been cracking because they have been so dry. I picked up some over-the-counter creams and vaseline that my dermatologist recommended and they have been making me feel much more comfortable. I have been using Aquaphor lip balm and face cream along with Cetaphil, and they seem to be doing the trick. My mood lately has not been great. I have a couple of “dips” in my days where I feel like I need to cry or scream into a pillow (I actually did scream into a pillow and it felt great afterwards). I also cried when we ran out of grapes in the fridge. Be aware that your doctor has prescribed Accutane because he or she believes that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects!!! Power through!!!


    Overall Ratings of Side Effect Severity: C


    Dryness: C

    Mood: C-

    Appetite: B


  9. Today is Day Seven of my 25% TCA Peel.

    My forehead, temples, and the bridge of my nose are the only areas that have not fully peeled yet.

    To help expedite the healing process, I am doing the following:

    1) applying cool compresses of white vinegar water (one tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water) to my face three times a day 

    2) applying tea bags twice a day to my entire face (the tannic acid is supposed to help with burns)

    3)  applying hydrocortisone at least three times a day.  My cheeks and chin look pretty normal now.  Just slightly pink, but nothing that looks out-of-the-ordinary.

    The good is this:  I can begin to see areas where the skin is getting ready to peel.  So, I am hopeful that the healing process will continue as normal.

    I think that my forehead is not healing as quickly this time because I may have applied too much acid and applied it a bit unevenly.

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    Alright so... I'm in 7th grade and I've had actual acne since I was in 4th grade. I'm pretty sure I even had some pimples on my forehead and stuff when I was in 3rd grade. It really lowers my self esteem and self confidence, and though most people don't make comments about it, I know they're thinking rude things. It's just hard to deal with it because I haven't met anyone else with acne like mine. As of now I don't really have as bad acne as I did before, but I still get quite a few pimples. Right now, I have a lot of acne scars on both of my cheeks, which I guess are slowly fading, but still... It makes my face look even worse. I figured out that I only got pimples when I ate a lot of junk foods, but ever since I started to eat in moderation, my acne has improved a lot. But the problem is, I let the whole acne thing get to me. I spend some of my free time looking up cures for acne or acne scars, and  I don't want to be so obsessed with it, but I also really want to get rid of it. Anyway, if you have any suggestions on how to completely fade acne scars, please share them with me. Thanks!

  10. Latest Entry

    Hello all, 

    Don't feel like there are a lot of updates for you all. My skin looks great, but the side effects have stayed the same. My dry skin is pretty under control. I put lotion on twice a day, and sunscreen before driving to work and before driving home (my drive is long and I don't want to get burned.) I gently exfoliate every day once in the morning and once at night with a sonic silicon brush. I feel this is much gentler than a clarisonic brush and it's done a great job of reducing the amount of dead skin/flakes on my face without irritating. Still using hemp oil to create a moisture barrier and lotion on top of that. Helps to keep my skin moisturized for longer than just using lotion. No blemishes besides one of two that were SO tiny you could hardly see them, so that's awesome! 
    The one thing I have noticed is my joints... my hips and knees hurt so bad. I feel like I'm 90 years old... I'm 22 and in great shape. I've taken a hiatus from running because the pain is so bad and have just been doing yoga and barre3 to help loosen the joints and help the pain without too much impact. However, I am worried as I have some races coming up and really should be training. Hopefully this is just a side effect of the accutane and will stop after I'm done, because this is ridiculous. 
    That's basically it! Dermatologist said I should only need to be on it for 5 months, not 6. Haven't needed a blood test either since the first two showed no changes in my liver, so that's good!

    For everyone on this, best of luck! 

  11. Latest Entry

    So I'm dong OK I suppose. I fucking picked again. It's been harder to stop than I imagined it would be. I like to think I have good self- control. I became a vegetarian when I was 13, I pulled myself out of my alcoholism that I've had since I was 14, I overcame my OCD on my own when I was 10(officially diagnosed later on), but I can't stop picking. It's very frustrating. I'm starting to think my picking is actually a manifestation of my OCD, because it is quite obsessive and senseless in nature. I don't get whiteheads, I get nodules and cysts, so there's no way anything good will come from picking. Yet, I still do it.  My skin has been going through some drastic ups and downs lately, and it's really taking a toll on me. I recently cut out gluten, soy, and nightshades from my diet; all of which I used to eat A LOT of. I'm really hoping this will bring about some change. I already don't eat cheese, and meat, so it's getting harder to come up with interesting, and tasty meals. But, if I get clear skin as a result, it is a very small price to pay. Aside from my chin, the rest of my skin is very clear. My color has started to come back(I'm naturally yellow/olive, but since my acne came back my face has been very pink). I know that my acne is hormonal, so I'm very glad that I have the chance to talk to an endocrinologist about it soon. I'm also interested in getting a food allergy test done. It kind of feels like I'm shooting in the dark here, so it would be nice to have something of substance to go off of. Who should I speak to about that? My family doctor? I'm willing to bet I have a few food allergies as I'm allergic to several medicines. I REALLY don't wan't to go back on Accutane, but my skin is getting bad. I'm still drinking my matcha green tea, and applying manuka honey daily. I suspect that I'm currently experiencing an IB from the Manuka Honey, but I'm not sure how long it's supposed to last. It's not that I can't take the breakouts, I just want to know that I'm on the right path and that it will all be worth it in the end. I'm hopeful that the Manuka is just pulling out all the gunk from my pores, and that soon I will have clear skin. I'm afraid to stop the Manuka, because for all I know, I could be one week away from clear skin again. In other news, I'm really happy that husband is coming home soon. I've been having a really hard time lately, between the breakouts and my new Epilepsy medicine(which causes me to feel lethargic, and dizzy all of the time). It's nice having someone who supports you no matter what, so I'm thankful for that. 

  12. Well, that's Accutane and my relationship over....hopefully for good! I was supposed to do one more month so a bit worried that my accumalative dose has not been enough but I had no choice in the matter as the pills combined with my hectic lifestyle and job have pushed me to the brink of complete exhaustion which apparently the derm could see as soon as they saw me. (though i'll take dark circles over cystic acne any day!).
    The hospital hasn't discharged me yet which is good, I need to go back for a follow up in three months. I have been told that one to two months after stopping the course I could have a flare up ( a bit like the IB but not as bad) and given Epiduo. 
    All in all taking Accutane has been the best thing I ever did, my skin is so much clearer, I can look people in the eye and not spending an hour in the mornings trying to mop up my face then another hour trying to cover it with make up is bliss!
    For anyone thinking about taking the plunge into Accutane yes it's side effects are horrid but the really severe ones are very rare and I cannot recommend using this site enough...I've been able to keep an eye on my body, my mind and talking to people who are going through the same things physically and emotionally has given me such a sense of support so thank you guys and good luck to everyone going through the curse that is acne!
    This won't be my last entry as i'm sure that i'm not the only one who is just as concerned with post accutane treatment so will update in a month or so!

  13. I got lazy and forgot to ưwrite the journey but still here are my skin after 2 month ... Well almost


    It kinda slow for someone who use the regimen but because I PICKED MY SKIN ALOT..... ( trying to fix that ) so its hard for my skin to heal... . its begin to break out and that is a goood signal i think !!!
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    So today marks two weeks of using Epiduo again. The first week of it was absolute hell. My acne just about doubled and my skin was painful and itchy all the time. I didn't get discouraged though, because I know that Epiduo is rough on your skin at first. This week, my skin is getting used to the medication so I'm no longer feeling dry and itchy, and I'm starting to see some improvement! (I'll post pictures tomorrow). I'm starting to gain some of my confidence back. Before this breakout, I was doing a lot of modeling and I started turning down shoots and runway events because I just felt so ugly! I'm glad theres a site like this where other people can talk about their experience with acne and support each other. I don't know anybody with acne as bad as mine and it's nice to see that I'm not alone in this- and that there is hope!

  14. Let me tell you, the ingredients are scary. TEA is the first ingredient and that is bad stuff

    So I am returning it. Sorry, $42 CAD for a ball of soap the sze of a golfball with a pH of 8 or higher and TEA as the main ingredient  is  not worth it.  I will continue with the ASAP 365 Silver gel, and collodial silver as a "toner" but as far as cleanser goes... back to Dove

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    I took my first pill today (40mg) and let me tell you, I was freaking out. The package has all of the warnings on it as well as DO NOT GET PREGNANT all over it. And the pills were so hard to remove from the packaging. I was thinking "Wow, I am having a little bit of regret right now. What if all of these terrible side effects happen to me!" But I feel fine so far. I had a headache before I took it and now it seems to be getting worse, but as ironic as it is, I don't like taking medicine.
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    So I'm gunna keep this simple. I went through months of high stress, I suffer with anxiety and my moods were terrible. I could tell my hormonal birth control just wasn't for me anymore, and I made the choice to come off it totally. I knew I would break out, and I did as you can see. The worst part was the very angry, painful cystic acne on my neck and jawline. I know that my stress and anxiety also made my skin worse for a time.

    But now as I had thought, my skin has calmed down after coming off the fake hormones. I am not using any acne creams, treatments etc besides the occasional Sudocreme. In the past I have been on everything (including Accutane) I have an appointment with an Endocrinologist in a few months as I might have PCOS (slightly not full blown, a scan showed some cysts on my right ovary) so I will be hopefully looking into understanding my hormones even more if I can. To help keep my acne under control but also just to be healthy overall. 

    My skin has definitely improved, and I can honestly say this is down to coming off all hormonal birth control, and reducing my stress levels. I'm not stress free, but my general anxiety is definitely better than it was and I know that has had a positive effect.

    During this time I have used: 
    Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash
    Body Shop Aloe Toner
    Body Shop Calming Aloe Moisturiser 

    In the past week I have started using L'Occitane Ultra Sensitive Facial Soap and
    it's wonderful. Rich and leaves my skin clean but moisturised which I think is helping the healing
    process even more.

    I also took a B vitamin complex for a few weeks daily, Magnesium Oil every other night again for a few weeks. I stopped taking any 
    of these supplements about 3 weeks ago when I had a bad cold. I'll probably start using my magnesium again soon every night, 
    and take the B vitamins every other day. 

    Will keep updating and hopefully my skin will continue to heal. My advice to all you ladies... unless you need them for a medical reason GET OFF THOSE PILLS.
    They will not do you any good in the long run. My pill was not only making my acne worse, but my moods and my anxiety too. When I came off the pill I went through a week of hell... but seems now my body is starting to do its think again and I'm so happy I'm choosing a more natural route. 

    I haven't even started up my exercise routine yet... I feel when I get that in too I will see even more improvement in my hormone balance! 

    I came off my pill on March 8th, the first set of photos was taken a month after that. 

    Wish me luck!
    (First set of photos taken 24th April)





    (second set of photos taken June 20th, only 2 months after the first set of photos, and 3 months since stopping my pills)





    As you can see, the main improvement is with the cystic acne on my neck and jaw. I have hardly any big lumpy cycts now and scaring is slowly fading.

    I'll be interested to see how things have (hopefully) improved after another two - three months.


  15. Latest Entry

    Hey gang,

    I haven’t updated in a bit and I feel it’s overdue.



    I had a dermatologist visit a few weeks ago. My doctor said she definitely notices the change that spiro has had on my acne, but she still wants me to know that Accutane is her #1 recommendation. I told her I know, but I still don’t want it. Maybe I’m being stubborn, but I feel that I would rather live with acne then have potential long-lasting health issues from the side effects.


    Anywho, my blood work came back normal, so she felt it was safe to up my prescription. I now take 100mg of spiro twice a day. She did warn me that this is the highest dose she can give (which I wouldn’t want anything more anyways) and that if I become dizzy, nauseous, etc. I need to call her.

    I won’t lie, I was dizzy for the first week of upping the meds, but I felt this way when I started spiro the first time so I knew to give it time. I seem to have adjusted perfectly fine, but will probably call the office in a month or so to see if they want me to have my potassium levels checked.


    I’ve been a bit obsessed with perfecting my skin care routine lately. It helps me focus on being hopeful knowing that I’m using quality products! I’ve found a great support group over on Reddit called Skin Care Addiction. There are lots of knowledgeable people over there and in the least, it’s a great place to vent.

    I’ve realized I’m not using enough of the CeraVe AM in the morning for the SPF to be effective (and to be honest, it’s expensive so using the recommended amount would kill my wallet), so I purchased Banana Boat Kids to add to my morning routine. It’s fragrance and alcohol free, so let’s hope it doesn’t anger my face.

    While shopping for that, I also picked up some micellar water. I currently use essential oils to remove my makeup, but I wanted to see if the micellar water was easier/more effective at prewashing.

    I snagged a box of Stridex pads for my bacne. My derm kept mentioning putting benzoyl peroxide on my back, but I didn’t have the balls to say “Hey, doc, are you going to buy me a new wardrobe and bed set when that crap bleaches everything?”. I can mostly control the BP on my face from staining things, but smearing it all over my body seems like a recipe for orange-filled disaster.

    SIDENOTE: It’s kind of nice that my cystic acne is tame enough that I can actually begin to worry about other acne-plagued places.


    My cysts are still staying away (YAY!), my active pimples are reduced to maybe two or three at a time, and the pimples I do get either come to a head quickly or diminish within a week or so. Nothing is really lingering like it used it. I think my reduction in picking is also a factor in that.

    Unfortunately, my face is still riddled with small, red marks that I believe to be post inflammatory erythema (PIE). PIE is similar to and often referred to as post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH), but studies are starting to show that they are different issues and have to be treated as such. Google it—it’s super helpful info!

    For now, I’m hoping the niacinamide in my moisturizers and using lots of sunscreen will stop the marks from darkening. If they truly are PIE, the only thing that really “treats” them is time…and laser treatment that costs hundreds of dollars. Since my money tree has yet to bear any fruit, I am most likely going to add an AHA to my routine. It’s good for skin regeneration and is much more budget friendly.


    I’ll update if I notice any major changes in my face, especially once I start using the AHA. I should probably get to ordering that today! :)