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  1. definitely have not been following  the regimen bc i thought i could get away with it. HAHA. breaking out again. just glad that my breakouts have never been as bad as before and ive always been able to control them by increasing my bp dosage. just writing this for catharsis. hopefully i can fix my skin again before new year's!! keep fighting y'all!!!!

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    Photo on 08-12-2016 at 12.28 AM #2.jpg

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  2. CeruleanHyena
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    My Seb derm was feeling better yesterday and I was feeling a little happy then overnight I ended up getting hives on my back and woke up to a single hive on cheek which I still have. It was stinging and burning all morning and it doesn't let me ignore it even if i try to. It's a red raised bump and same on my back with surrounded redness around each bump. They fit the description of hives. I just feel if one condition seems to be improving the other pops up and destroys my self esteem and hope for clear skin. What's causing these hives?!?! 
    Another skin condition I have is red cheeks which Im not sure is related to Seb derm or maybe I have a mild Rosacea which is why I was thinking these hive like bumps may be related to Rosacea pustules but Rosacea doesn't occur on body so maybe I have hives Seb derm AND Rosacea. Ahh what a life! 

  3. I'm busy at school that's why I decided to make my reports one a week (or twice maybe) instead of daily reports!

    So, It's bad on my chin. 5 new white guests. They were not invited to the party ;(
    I put BP at 12 AM today and 2 poped themselves.

    About redness: The area where I put the BP is visible but not red as a very irritated zone. (even it's a little bit "tanned")
    About Dryness: It's very dry after using the Cleanser but not during the day or th night (except this night)

    I decided to increase the amount of BP (~1/2 finger twice a day with 10 Hours between each application at the least!)

    Please, if you're doing this now, how much of BP have you applied on week 3? Have you known breakouts ?
    Thanks for reading !

  4. OverjoyedTwig
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    So.. 10 weeks. Only a few changes:

    - my lips HURT. They are red and a bit cracked on the sides. Aquaphor keeps them moisturized but this is too much for that cream haha it is not THAT horrible though (yet) it could be worse.

    - no more nose bleed

    - no more pain.

    - my skin isnt falling that much anymore. Of course its still dry but it was worse a few weeks ago.

  5. iamdonelol
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    WTF SERIOUSLY! The inflammation has gotten even worse and I dunno how but everything has like spiralled out of control in this short period of time!! NOW I REALLY WANT ACCUTANE! I am so insisting on it when I go NSC! I hope they make it quick. I know need to go for blood test and all that crap and knowing Singapore healthcare system, I'm gonna have to probably wait ages before I can even get my hands on accutane!
    Look at the state of my face! It's horrible! I'M LIKE POSTING EVERY FEW DAYS BECAUSE MY FACE IS GETTING WORSE EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOOK IN THE MIRROR. This is getting extremely depressing. I really expect differin to have make a difference by now (because it did in the past) and the freaking dalacin t is like completely useless - literally doesn't make a difference at all. I kept telling myself that maybe the differin is just purging my skin but excuse me, it's been more than 3 months. And yes, not moisturizing after differin seemed to have made a difference at the start but it's been a good one month since then (thanks to this blog i can keep track) and taking a look at my first blog post, my skin has gotten worse! It seemed to have gotten better somewhere in between but then in a span of a few days, everything just goes to shit. I am really freaking fed up urrgghhh. I called up NSC just now and tried to shift my appointment earlier but according to them, my appointment is already the earliest.
    Ok because this is a rant post - imma seriously gonna just rant!!!!!! Did I mention it took them really long to set my appointment? I went to the polyclinic on 22nd November for my acne referral and a persistent cough. They gave the recommendation letter for NSC and tell me that they would call me up soon to set an appointment. Then on 30th November, I went back to the polyclinic for a followup for my cough and the doctor asked me if NSC has called me yet and i said no. he said it was strange and tell me to check with the referral counter so i did, and then that was when they set my 22nd December appointment! SOOOO if I didn't go and ask the counter about it, NSC might have took even longer just to set an appointment date!!!!! I haven't even had my first appointment and I already have a bad impression of NSC. talk about inefficient! :@ if they give me accutane and ask me go for the blood test, they better not set the blood test date to be 1 month from the 22nd and then they seriously better not ask me to collect my first set of meds to be another month from then. cuz bitch, that would have meant they took a whole whooping 3 months, during which alot could have been done!!!!!!!! Even though all these is just speculation on my part, I won't be surprised if it really came true cuz they already took ONE MONTH just to set a date and THEY DIDN'T EVEN CALL ME TO SET THE DATE LIKE THEY SAY THEY WOULD! I HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE REFERRAL COUNTER AND ASK THEM WHY THEY NEVER CALL ME THEN THEY SET THE DATE!!  I SWEAR I'M JUST GONNA FIND A PRIVATE DERM IF THEY PULL THIS SHIT ON ME.

    god, i sure came on strong there. i swear i'm usually not this agitated over retarded stuff like this but i'm reaching some kind of boiling point with my acne and the shit job differin and dalacin t has done for the past 3 - 4 months and all the doctors I've seen weren't very empathetic. they were all like: here's your meds, now run along little girl! and i bet whichever doctor NSC gives me on the 22nd will be exactly like that cuz until now, i haven't seen a doctor who actually cares about acne. to them, they take it as a non life threatening condition they doesn't warrant a lot of attention or followups :(
    This whole fiesco has put me in a really testy mood lately and i dun even want to go out anymore cuz i think i look freaking hedious and also, i ran out of sunscreen lol. i pray every night when i go to sleep then somehow differin would work its magic and when i wake up everything would be alright but NOOO, today i actually woke up with new acne on my face and i'm just like, nope i'm done! I AM DONE! I WANT ACCUTANE! 

    Snapchat-5218619045542245831.jpg                   Snapchat-6062139930828714669.jpg                    Snapchat-7187194805757653409.jpg   

    haha i sure ranted a lot! i just read through the whole thing and i'm kind of amused by the length of it and all the caps lock

  6. Jikasa
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    Hey all!


    I'm here on Day Eight. (I thought it was Day Seven, but I guess it's Day Eight) I can't count, apparently.
    It's a pretty lazy Sunday.  


    Update: My date and I mutually cancelled on one another on Friday.  I spent most of Saturday binge eating junk food, so that's not the best for my skin.  I ate a lot of potato chips and sweets.  I didn't eat any dairy or gluten though (Okay, I ate some Ritz crackers).  Oh well, so I'm not being as strict as I'd like, but it'll be just fine!


    As far as improvements go in this first week, I’m seeing cysts heal a lot quicker, but I’m still getting new ones.  I attribute this my sugar intake?  Or part of me thinks I have some underlying hormone or health issue.  That is no use thinking about without speaking with a doctor.  I have a lot of scarring on my neck from old cysts.  It’s the majority of the marking on my left and right sides of my neck.  The back of my neck is where I’m getting the new cysts primarily.  There’s also a new one on my right side, but it isn’t painful.  It seems like right when the cysts on one side go down or drain a new one appears on the other side.  Kind of frustrating, but this is a process.  


    I’ve been drinking a shit ton of chamomile tea this weekend.  Does it do anything?  I’m not sure, but it makes me feel mentally better.  I’m probably just overcompensating for all the shit I’m eating.


    This week will hopefully be a little less stressful than this last week.  I hope to run more and lift weights.  I know I will see some improvement in my acne this week if I can work out on a regular basis.  


    I’m keeping the same regimen this week.  I didn’t do a bentonite clay mask this last week, but they just seem like so much effort because I can’t wash them down the drain due to how much clay I use.  There will be less sweets consumed this week and cutting down on sugar!


    It’s also Day 15 of no porn or masturbation for me.  These are things that I consider bad for my mental and sexual health.  Whether or not abstaining from them helps my acne directly, I cannot say, but I CAN say that I feel more confident when I abstain from them.  Confidence is what I need right now amidst the potentially embarrassing acne.  


    The acceptance that this is not going to happen quickly is still hard for me to accept and there’s been times already this past week when my brain told me to just give up and give in.  But I’ve got a lot in store for me.  I’m not giving up.  I will get my confidence back.  


    Cheers to a new week and new challenges


    Be happy, Be healthy!


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  7. Homer1125
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    It's been a while since my last post. Now it has been 3 months since i've started my water regimen. Between my absence from this blog, i went to the derm. Because of my minor dermititis on my face(pre water regimen). And got prescribed pills for allergic reactions for my dermititis and a lotion. He suggested I use it for dead skin on my face. The first time I used it, dead skin was sticking on my fingers and just made a mess. But I kept through it and now my dead skin problem i s gone!! So i suggest anybody on the water regimen or with dehydrated skin should use a non comedogenic moisturizer. Possibly with niacinimide, beya-glucan and some anti-oxi ingredients.
    Updates on my face acne 
    •one or two acne on both my cheeks(small).
    •one to two acne on my forehead(also small)
    •very small acne on my chin
    •few very little bumps on the left side of my cheek, doesnt seems to be acne but possible that it might lead to acne.

    So in conclusion, Ive experienced that af
    ter the water regimen, the size and the amount of inflammation has decreased. And the frequency of acne appearing has also decreased. There are still acne spots, so it looks like i still more acne than i actually do. I hope they are gone by February. I hope this has been informative. And i hope whatever method you use works for you. And remember to always be optimistic, and say to yourself it will all least that's what i do when i get gloomy or when i feel anxiety.

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    Day 5! It's hard to say which day I actually started taking accutane as I actually bought accutane online and it arrive on Tuesday the 29th so I took one of those then, but officially took the accutane my derm provided on Wednesday the 30th. I've also been trying to use up the online accutane up so I've been taking one of those in the morning and then my actual accutane prescription in the evening. So I guess I'm double dosing and taking 40mg, but the reviews of the online accutane say its quite under dosed so idk. 

    In regards to my skin, I haven't seen many/if any side effects. My skin is less oily, especially down my nose and chin, although my forehead is still quite oily - where the bulk of my acne is. I'm yet to get dry skin and lips and theres been no real reduction in terms of acne. The spot I had next to my mouth is subsiding, I've been slathering it in Aquaphor which has helped heal the skin under the scab that formed, and its helped to soften the scab which rolled away this morning LOL I love when that happens. 

    The one thing I am noticing at the minute is when I when I get out the shower my face stays red for a good hour afterwards and feels really hot! I remember having this from the last two times I was on accutane, I used to also get really bad hot flushed!

    Will update again in a couple of days, hopefully I'll start to see more side effects soon. Looking at my blog from the last time I was on accutane, the majority of side effects came in the second week, only 9 days away! 

  8. Hello,
    No massive changes with my skin but I think its on its way up. My face is peeling like crazy, my eyes have no moisture and my lips are as dry and cracked as a desert. With regard to my actual skin, there is now a bit less redness, and a few less spots- barely any whiteheads left on my chin either which is amazing.
    What's making me excited, however, is that I now have a few patches on my skin that are so insanely soft, which hasn't happened in so so long.
    I think the really badly part is *hopefully* over now! :smileys_n_people_9:
    Ellie x

  9. I did salicylic peel today and the attached pictures are with me after the peel. I'm getting a lot of breakouts again. :( 
    So depressing.

    I should really start eating clean. I tend to eat A LOT of sweets over the weekend, but I think I should just stick to 2-3 desserts/week. Make it more rewarding, if ya know what I mean.

    Does anyone know if kefir helps with acne?

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  10. Sarah35
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    I thought I would post some photographs of my progress since I started taking Isotretinoin 6 months ago.  I have 1 month left to go and still no spots, so I am incredibly happy with the results so far!

    Photos 1 and 2 were taken before treatment started in mid-April 2016.  Photos 3 and 4 were taken in June 2016, 3 weeks after starting treatment.  Photo 5 was taken in August 2016, just over 2 months into treatment and Photo 6 was taken in November 2016, so after 6 months of treatment.

    Photo 1.jpg

    Photo 2.jpg

    Photo 3.jpg

    Photo 4.jpg

    Photo 5.jpg

    Photo 6.jpg

  11. When you look in the mirror and a big pimple stares you back, you'll definitely want to pop it immediately. You really want to squeeze it especially when they arrive on the worst time. Well there is no good time to get a zit on your face but seeing them on your important dates or just before a party or a big family reunion then you actually want to hide them immediately and most people try to squeeze them badly. Remember squeezing or popping big pimples at the wrong time can make your skin even worse and leave a red permanent mark on your face.

    There's another risk involved while poking, picking or picking a pimple, you force the debris and bacteria even deeper into your skin.Further, you may also introduce new kinds of bacteria from your fingers into the zit which can cause a pimple to turn red and more inflamed, swollen and infected. Also, these type of skin conditions sometimes leaves a permanent scar on your face.

    Here are the few important things that you need to consider while popping these pimples:-

    1. Don't poke too early until your pimple has a firm white head. The white top on you a pimple reflects that the pus is close to the surface and ready to be drained with proper squeezing.

    2. While popping off after popping the big pimples, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water, soap, and a fingernail brush.

    3. Before popping the pimple it is vital to sterilize a straight pin with a match or lighter. Let the pin get cool and wipe it with alcohol soaked cotton. Swab the zit with alcohol and pour some on your fingers as well.

    4. Dry your fingers and wrap a clean tissue around your fingers to protect it from the harmful bacterias.

    5. Position your pin and hold it right parallel to the surface of your skin and then gently pierce the very tip of the zit's white center.

    6. Use cotton balls for softly squeezing the pimple. Press around the white tip of the zit and if the pus doesn't come out then it means a pimple isn't ready to pop.

    7. Apply more alcohol or a very small amount of bacitracin ointment to the now-deflated blemish on the popped area to reduce the scope of infection.
  12. As I am nearing the end of my course I feel like my body is actually reaching its tolerable dose of the drug. I feel as if the minor side effects are starting up again. I have had some face stinging and burning and I feel a lot more dry in general. I suppose it could be because the weather has turned bitterly cold here, but I do feel like I am ready to come off these now. 30 tablets left...

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    Day 21 of Accutane (Claravis)

    Today I had an interview for my absolute dream job. I should have been solely focused on the interview, how I wanted to answer the questions, what I wanted to say, etc., but a big part of me was consumed by the four massive cysts on my left cheek. I wish that I could go out in public and feel confident, but no matter how hard I try, I know the way that my face looks, I know the huge cysts that people are staring at when they talk to me. I feel hopeful about the interview, it definitely went well, but I hate the way that I feel about myself. The chapped lips and dry skin doesn't help either...
    Hopefully in the next few weeks I will start seeing some improvement.

  13. cloudydreamer
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    I believe today is around the 30th day/1 month mark where I should have been on Spiro, 50 mg/day. I stopped this medication 3 days ago after my eyebrows and eyelashes began falling out HEAVILY. I remarked around the 2 week point or so that a few were falling out...well, those few progressed into 4-5 lost eyebrows per day, sometimes twice per day, and then my eyelashes as well. I am lucky I have thick eyebrows or else I would be bald. I took the plunge and decided to stop Spiro cold turkey...and literally the same day I stopped, I didn't lose a single brow/lash hair! I occasionally lose a lash or brow like anyone else but never like this, and it proved Spiro was responsible. I also began to break out on my neck for the first time in my life, terrible jaw pimples for the first time, and a cyst near my left eyebrow...unusual for me. All of these signs pointed to the drug making my androgen issues worse. 

    It seems like I am one of those people who can't take Spiro - and really, the issue might be that it was creating a hormone imbalance in my body. This is why I regret just accepting the drug and not doing a hormone panel beforehand. I do not think the drug itself is bad and I do not discourage every woman out there to avoid Spiro based off my experience alone. But if you notice weird symptoms like mine, i.e., unusual body hair loss early in, it's more likely than not that the drug is just not working with your body chemistry and perhaps acting as an androgen vs. blocking androgens. I did research and this is possible. Increasing the dose would have likely only hurt me even more and made a bigger imbalance. 

    I'm pretty depressed and not sure where to go from here, but it seems like a monophasic BCP and Accutane is my best route. I'm a also going to try Stridex for the cc's. 

  14. I finally visited a private dermatologist. The initial consultation was £200, the blood work was £200 and the medicine was £50. I could have had the blood tests  done on the NHS but I felt like I had waited long enough. At this point I would say my acne was very red and my face was very greasy. The derm prescribed me antibiotics for 2 weeks before starting accutane to prevent a bad initial flare up.
     was then given 40mg a day for a month and told to have another checkup  then. For the first 2 weeks my acne stayed the same and I got the occasional pustule but no cysts. Then my skin dried and my lips began to get chapped. I also noticed i started to get blackheads a little bit more often. 

    At this point my acne is exclusively on my cheeks in an area the size of  the bottom of a pint class and very condensed. 

    After the month I returned to the derm however I had  forgotten to sort my bloods out so when i visited my gp and it was apparent I wouldn't have time to get them done on the nhs.  I had to pay £329 for the consultation and the bloods. And then a further £150 for the accutane and antibiotics.  At this point I wouldn't say my acne had worsened but the mega cysts I had where now finally coming to a head after months of being on my face. This is easily the worst my acne had looked in terms of severity.  And with my face being virtually totally clear apart from these two areas on my cheeks it made me look like a bit of a clown.  I was given 100mg a day of accutane and 150mgx2 of clindamyicin. 

    Being a university student it was hard not to drink, my derm simply said don't get smashed and don't do it often and you will be fine. My close friends were very understanding when i told them the things i could and could not do, even going as far to suggest sober nights out. My rugby team mates weren't as understanding with the typical banter being thrown around. However me being me and also 40mg being a low dose I got paralytic a couple times and my bloods came back fine (Round of applause for my liver) although I'm not so sure about doing that on a 100mg dose. And I haven't drank at all really since. 

    I have a derm appointment this weekend and will give details of that and the month following this entry so i shall finally be up to date. 

    Total: £929 (could have had about 350 off if i just waited for NHS bloods)
    This is me just prior to treatment, sadly I don't really have any more photos apart from recent ones. but i had 2 cysts on the other cheek as well witch where right next to each other,

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    I just wanted to write a brief history of my experience with acne before going into writing accutane blogs. 

    I have had acne since I was nine years old. When I was younger it was only a few pimples but it got worse throughout middle school. It seemed to calm down in high school and college but I still never had clear skin. Now after graduating college it has all flared up again. 

    When I was in middle school I used Retin-A and differin topical creams that were prescribed to me by my primary care doctor. But those only seemed to dry out my skin and did not help so eventually I just stopped using them. Throughout high school and college I did not really use any medication for acne and it seemed to be getting better. But toward the end on college I started getting awful red pimples so I decided that I should finally see a dermatologist. I told them that I wanted accutane since I have had acne for so long but they told me that I should try other medications first and prescribed me minocycline but after about a month I started having awful headache everyday so they switched me to doxycycline. I was on doxycycline for five months and my face was becoming so smooth and clear but during around May 2016 I started getting these small tiny bumps all over my face called Closed Comedones, which I had never gotten before. I immediately freaked out and called my dermatologist for an emergency appointment and I asked to be put on accutane. They told me that accutane probably wasn't necessary because topicals usually work for closed comedones so they prescribed me retin-a and duac.

    At this point I was very frustrated because all this time they have been prescribing me medications that weren't working and I only really wanted accutane and it all felt like a waste of time. But I started on retin-a and duac anyways and used it for two months. When I went back for my next appointment and told them I saw no improvement, the dermatologist said " have you ever heard of accutane?" and I wish I could have just eye-rolled at him since I told him from the beginning that that was what I wanted. 

    So I finally was prescribed accutane. And I took my blood tests but my dermatologist never gave me the slip for the pregnancy test and only gave me the slip for the other blood tests so when i went back a month later to get my prescription he told me I have to wait another month. So, I was insanely angry.  I waited another month since I had already been waiting so long and started in October 2016. So far everything is going well but I will update on the next blog post.

  15. It's been 6 weeks since I had an aggressive profractional treatment on my cheeks to try and treat my acne scars.

    I re-started my Retin A Micro regimen this past week. All signs of redness are gone but I still have some fain track marks from the procedure. I am having a hard time telling if there is any improvement. Sometimes I wonder if it actually made my scars worse (see the videos below for before and after pictures)

    My diet has been up and down. I did wonderful for almost a month and my skin showed it!!! It was radiant. Thanksgiving was hard (as it is for most people!) but I'm hoping to eat clean again and stay that way through Christmas. My skin shows such huge benefits from eating clean that I just have to stick with it.

    I am also taking some new supplements as of a few weeks ago. Here is my complete list: Vitamin D 2000-4000IU a day (I am low on Vitamin D and trying to get my levels up), magnesium (transdermal spray), probiotics, CoQ10 (occassionally), B complex, Vitamin C... I feel these supplements have helped my skin put up with my crappy diet the past week and have also been helping with my mood. I also eat a lot of salmon (and if not, I try to supplement with fish oil). 

    If you want to check out any of my profractional videos for before and after pictures or more details I'll list them below:
    -ProFractional Treatment 6 Week Update & Pictures:
    -ProFractional Treatment Cost, Details, & Recovery:

  16. Having pimples and scars is not only a painful and unpleasant experience but is rather detrimental to our skin. They usually develop dark marks and due to inflammation they leave visible scars even after they have been removed.  The bigger the inflammation on the skin  the greater the scarring. In order to repair the damage, the skin creates additional collagen itself which provides skin with flexibility and strength. However, what is done cannot be undone. The damaged spots can never be completely healed and the beauty and flawlessness of our skin can never be fully regained. Nevertheless, with the right treatment and prevention the prospect of living blemish-free seems entirely possible. Here are a few ways how to diminish the adverse effects acnes have on your skin and enhance skins smoothness and healthy look.


    Cosmetic chemical products

    Significant medical advancements have led to the development of a myriad of cosmetic dermatologically-approved products that are highly beneficial and effective in terms of bypassing blemish scars. Most of them contain a number of healthy high-quality chemical ingredients essential for protecting the skin from future breakouts and shield visible skin imperfections. Some of the most vital ones are Vitamin E, Vitamin C, hydroquinone used as a scar/lightening ingredient and an effective skin transforming ingredient vitamin A, commonly known as Retinol. These are just a few out of many remarkably effective ingredients used in skin treatment. Apart from cosmetic chemical products, the organic natural products have recently been gaining considerable popularity thus becoming top selling medical products.

    Home-made products

    While cosmetic products undoubtedly offer favorable results, there are many home-made remedies for acnes, dark spots and scars. Even though the process of making them while hoping to achieve positive results can bi a bit time-consuming, it surely is the safest alternative when compared to various cosmetic treatments. Coconut oil is an undisputed champion when it comes to natural moisturizers. It has incredible healing properties that greatly  improve the health of the skin by fading marks and healing infections. Also, aloe vera, cucumber and lemon can be used to promote healing and ultimately revitalize the skin.



    One of the techniques that has proven to be highly efficient is a cosmetic treatment. There are various types of cosmetic treatments such as a cosmetic surgery in Perth that can minimize the damaging effect and the visibility of acne scars. For scars with deep pitted area, dermatologist usually suggest injecting dermal fillers with a substance that bring volume to depressed areas, widely known as hyaluronic acid. Certain fillers are designed to permanently correct all the imperfections and remove shadows from the skin. Collagen treatment is the most popular as it offers a permanent result.

    Chemical peels

    Another widespread medical treatment that has been gaining much interest recently is cosmetic peeling which can be done both at home and by  professional dermatologists who applies certain chemicals containing chemicals containing glycolic acid which stimulates the process where new skin cells are formed thus resulting in a more even and softer skin.

    PicMonkey mask.jpg


    Moisturizing is an essential part of every skin treatment as moisturized skin has a tendency to loosen sebum within the pores. When choosing a facial  moisturizer that would perfectly suit your skin it is advisable to avoid purchasing the one that contains ingredients such as petroleum, mineral oil or silicones and opt for those that include salicylic acid and benzoyl  peroxide as these prevent any breakouts and retain its natural health.
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    Hello all,

    I will tell you how I cleared my skin problems (acne, eczema, candida, dandruff, hair loss). I consider myself acne free now as long as I maintain a healthy diet.

    I had suffered  acne since high school until I was about 33. I have always had eczema since I was born but it got worse over the years. My candida issues started to appear at age 32, As you can see, at age 32, I still had acne with eczema at its worst and candida which led to dandruff and hair loss.

    Now I am 35 and I am completely free of any of these skin problems as long as I maintain a healthy diet.

    For many years, I tried many things to get rid of my acne (bp cream, retin-a, antibiotics, accutane twice (have to say I loved it but acne came back), IPL treatment, microdermabrasion). Unfortunately, those were not permanent solutions and my acne just came back.

    So what did I do at the age of 32-33 to fix everything? It all started when candida appeared which led to dandruff and hair loss. By then I was used to my acne and ok to live with it the rest of my life but hair loss? No way, I was determined to stop my hair loss. So I made a lot of research and here's what I discovered.

    First I discovered that my dandruff and hair loss was due to candida. So I looked into candida and discovered that my internal body was unbalanced, meaning I had too much bad bacteria compared to the good ones. And it made sense, after all the antibiotics I took for years and the junk food I ate, I had to accept the fact that I had a very unhealthy body. I needed to reverse that situation and have a healthy body again. What did I do :

    1 - Detox your internal body. There are many ways to do it, you can make your own research and find a suitable one for you. I did it with bentonite clay and psyllium powder. Plus, I had a strict candida diet for about 2 months. I only ate celery, cucumber, tomato, quinoa. For taste, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt or mix of everyting,

    2 - I learned meditation. By resting my body and clearing my mind, I visualized by skin being healed and my hair regrow. All my energy was directed to healing by body.

    3 - Some yoga, some stretching exercise and some tai chi/qi gong exercise. This helps your chi (vital energy) circulate through your entire body.

    4 - For hair loss, I went to see a Chinese doctor. He gave me some Chinese herbal medicine to heal my kidneys. He said I had weak kidneys which leads to poor blood quality not being able to nourish hair follicles properly due to eating too much salty food.

    Two months later, I had no more candida, drandruff and hair loss. Coincidentally, my acne and eczema were also gone. That's when I realized all my skin issues were related to my internal body as the root cause. Now imagine yourself with a perfect internal body, there is no way you're going to have any kind of skin issues because all your body parts are interconnected. By writing this, my hope is that all of you can find health again and be cleared of any skins issues.

    Good luck to all of you and stay strong

    Here is another site where you can find more help :


  17. Hello! Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving :)

    My skin hasn't gotten better since last update. In fact, I have some new zits! The red, inflamed, ouch-y type. It's a Christmas miracle!!!!

    My skin looked great a couple of days ago, but I think this new Chanel foundation I was trying out broke me out. It had a lot of fragrance in it, so it probably irritated my skin. *sigh* The Accutane makeup struggle continues. Does anyone have any foundation recommendations? I'm at a loss here.

    As far as side effects, my face still isn't extremely dry yet, and neither are my lips. I have been noticing some eczema-like rashes on my hands. They tend to spring up if I wash my hands a lot. I've been putting hydrocortisone cream on them, which helps quite a bit. My joints are still a bit achy but it's very mild.

    Pictures! Also, my skin is definitely not oily in the flash pictures. Just a sh-t ton of Vanicream!


  18. leelowe1
    Latest Entry

    I must be going for some sort of record!

    425 days on spiro!

    Oh what a journey.  I have made many discoveries about myself and my skin which i will discuss in another post but for now, just the facts.

    Still acne prone, still breaking out but i have discovered via my derm that my chin is most likely a very stubborn case of perioral dermatitis.  Going to be trying soolantra for that so we'll see how that works.  Definitely still dealing with acne.  Not mountains of it, but definitely inflammed stuff but if you don't count the stuff on my chin/mouth, the acne is not that bad.  It's a struggle to still be going through this for the last five years straight but alas, we all have a cross to bear.  I love and value myself a lot more than I used to and i'm hopeful that God will see me through another year.

    Will definitely keep you all posted and if anyone is interested in following my journey, i have a blog with pictures up at  PM me and i'll gladly supply the link.

    Stay strong everyone and happy thanksgiving

  19. So this is my 7th week. My relaspse has been slowly healing, and I was happy until the beginning of this week. I woke up with two red patches under my eyes on Monday, which I did not worry too much about, because something like this had happened before and it went away as I increased the amt. of moisturizer. However, three days later  - yesterday, the red patches had gone so big and noticeable that I could not longer conceal them with tinted sunscreen. I did not apply BP last night. I put on a lot of moisturizer and went to bed. This morning I woke up with massive rash all over my face. I mean all red, small bumps, and they make my face feel like sand paper. 
    I could not just hide in my room all day and sulk. I have work to do. I put on moisturizer only and sunscreen and headed out. It was alright in the morning, but now my face is itching like a mofo, and I can see countless tiny red bumps all over my face under the tinted sunscreen.

    I have no idea what is happening. I am not allergic to BP. I have been using it for seven weeks and thought dryness/redness/flaking had occurred to me before, nothing serious like this had ever happened. Now I have trouble concentrating on my work because of the excessive itchiness. I don't even know what to do anymore. I've been asking for help on the forum, but no one helped. I will no longer be using BP from now on, and I want to see if the god-forsaken side effects go away within the next few days. 

    I don't know which one's worse. Acne or skin rash. They are both noticeable and emotionally debilitating. I hate this. 
    I don't understand why so many people can go so smoothly with the regimen, whereas my skin goes crazy every two weeks.
    I am so tired, and yet I am not allowed to even stop for a day and really think about my problem. I have too much work and too many responsibilities. 
    Please. I need a miracle. 

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    So this is my 90 day review my skin was amazing actually the best I've seen it, EVER. I was still only using the cleanser, the treatment, and the moisturizer, however I felt like at this point I needed to exfoliate my skin. Not to mention I also used the PMD Microderm face kit once or twice a month as well.. so my face was feeling a little flaky like dead skin was building up and I needed extra moisturizer through the day. these are the review pictures for August and September (2&3 'months into product )



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    I was taking  25 mg spironolactone from January to June, then I stepped up to 50 mg in the summer and started waking up with a puffy face and eyes every single morning. I felt extremely dehyrdated and my face and eyes looked dead, I ended up going back to 25 mg for 2 months then stopped the drug completely because I was tired of taking too many medications. I also take Yaz birth control pills. Its been a little over 2 months off Spironolactone and I still have the same side effects; puffy face every morning, extreme thirst and dehydrated feeling. I feel like my eyes swelling every morning is stretching them out and making them look so sold, my eyes look droopy now and wrinkly now. Ive tried to sleeping with bunch of pillows but i still wake up puffy and drinking massive amounts of water doesn't help. Anybody experience the same thing or have any advice?