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  1. Yasmine93
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    Uh oh, slight backwards step to report!

    Just noticed (evening Day 9) that I have lots of new forehead spots under the surface, plus one small one on my chin. This is actually quite distressing because for the past few days, I haven't had any new ones and I thought I was on a roll!

    However, one of the following things may be to blame (sorry if this is boring to read but I want to keep this noted down for my own records so I can spot patterns!)
    - Been eating eggs for breakfast - known trigger for some people on this site
    - Had a couple of mouthfuls of cadburys easter egg (oh the shame)
    - Had pork scratchings yesterday (paleo but super high fat!)
    - Had some crisps yesterday (ready salted flavour, only three ingredients but one was sunflower oil which is not paleo)
    - Been eating fruit again (berries + kiwi)
    - Had some very dark chocolate last night

    If anyone wants to suggest which of these things looks like a likely culprit, please do!

    Other than my forehead, my skin is looking much calmer and overall - even despite the forehead - I am pleased with my progress.


  2. Hello - Just wanted to check back in to note that I've had no side effects, continue to have smooth clear skin and now my only skin worry is wrinkles. If you're on accutane or a similar product now, know that there are many people with positive experiences who just drop off this site when everything is cleared up, b/c clear skin isn't an issue any longer. Stick with it. 

    Favorite products during accutane and after - Aquaphor, skinceuticals phyto corrective gel and anything by Eucerin. 

    Good luck all! IMG_8113.JPGIMG_7942.JPGIMG_7714.JPG 

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    I always think it's bad luck writing these posts, because every time I seem to write one, I end up with pimples haha! After my last one I started to get a few on my nose and in-between my eyebrows and then some started to appear around my laughter lines. The weren't big ones and they didn't linger for long but still. Anyway I currently have none and my skin looks really good. I've really noticed the difference in my skin when I don't and do drink water. My water intake has been really awful the past couple of weeks and so my skin hasn't looked good. Now that I've upped my water in take my skin looks really nice and glowy. 

    I have no idea if there is any correlation between period pains and Roaccutane but since taking this course, my period pains have been hellish, as in passing out, being pale as anything, sweating buckets and in a ridiculous amount of pain. I've always had awful periods but for the past 4 months the pain has been unreal! I'll be interested to see if it carries on this way after my course is finished. 

    I'm still using my Nobles Zinc soap to wash my face and Eucerin skin replenishing night cream which seems to work for me! I also haven't experienced much in the way of side effects, apart from the usual dry lips. I have bouts of eczema on my arms but thats easily managed with e45 body lotion! 

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  4. Today is starting off pretty well. I still have the leftover red spots from that weird breakout I got, but for the most part my face is relatively calm. My texture is still about the same, except for that first little scarred pore that I mentioned in my last post. It looks a little more shallow than it used to. I could be completely crazy but I think it might be healing?? I'm still not washing that area with anything aside from water once a day and the only topical I use there is Jojoba oil with the occasional Emu oil, because it's a bit thicker and I'm not sure it makes that large of a difference. They're both great oils so I don't see how I can go wrong using them alternatingly.

    Just looking at my cheeks when the light catches them I feel a bit better. Now, it could just be that I am becoming used to the appearance and that's all there is to it, but I swear that oldest mark looks better. It basically looks like a vertical ice pick scar just under my eye, on the apple of my cheek. It used to be the only one but then two more appeared under it. They don't really look much different but I only started noticing them a few weeks ago, when everything really went bad, so there may be hope for them too. The other cheek isn't so bad, none of the pores are stretched, just enlarged, or that's what it looks like to me.

    On top of the texture issue I'm still battling my hormonal breakouts along my chin, jaw and neck. There are a few new, small bumps, but no cysts still. which I am grateful for. I wash that area with the same wash I mentioned a while back and spot treat with BP, then pat in Jojoba. I have been really conscious of washing my hands and touching my face a LOT less too, which I think has helped a ton. Overall I am feeling positive today, so here's to things continuing on this good trend!

  5. Hey Guys, 

    Today is day 7 on Claravis and to be honest I haven't experienced much change with my acne. Today my lips have started peeling, I have been using Aquaphor everyday since I started taking the pill but I know its inevitable, I will have dry lips (ohh please pray for me). I do want to ask if anyone has experienced night sweats, last night was the second time, with the AC on I woke up sweating profusely which scared me. And last night I also had the worst headache I've ever had, the pain was so bad I wanted to cry, it woke me up at 4am, I ended up taking two Tylenol and finally drifted off to sleep again. Things are getting real over here. is anyone else experiencing similar side effects?

  6. GGPiexx
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    Beginning - excessivly oily omg 

    No other side effects but everything is disgustingly oily 

    My face is completely broken out but because i am tanned it is easier to handle


    Left cheek - 16 active spots approx 

    chin- 10 spots approx

    forehead - 15 spots approx 

    left cheek - under the skin ones 


    9th april - day 8 - dry hands and general skin 

    skin breaking out 

    lips kinda dry 

    • had a bit of an unexplained anxiety thing when kita mentioned noam. Very strange, almost like i was unconscious and my mind was making my lips move. i don’t know how to explain it but it didn’t feel like me but i must have just been super tired. I am very tired even when just writing this so it makes sense 


    Day 9 - everything normal nothing to document


    I will be documenting every 10 days so i get the satisfaction of throwing away my sachets one by one 


    Day 12 

    very soft skin 

    no initial breakout 

    dry hands 


    Day 14

    • face is a lot less oily but getting spots on my lips and my general spots look a bit shit 
    • my cheek is broken out (left cheek)
    • My forehead has a spot 
    • my chin has all the tiny little spots


    I am using lancombe facial cleanser and toner with dermol moisturiser 


    The texture of my skin is super super soft i have to admit though 

    Softer than it has been in years and my lips are quite dry but not unbearable 

    I am still feeling anxious about this initial breakout thing 

    My skin i can feel will explode in the next few days 



    Day 18

    Lips okay today 

    My shins seriously hurt 

    I have been getting dry hands 

    I have the occasional spot but loads of under the skin ones 

    My skin texture is pretty awful especially on my chin 

    Big one on my forehead 

    Been getting really really tired but thats all really 

    Feeling a bit down but not sure if it is me coming on my period, feeling shit about the lack of excercise im doing or the accutane. Who knows?!?

  7. This is my face after two weeks, I can see and feel improvements. Although it looks angry, my face doesn't feel irritated or anything. I have more spots than usual but nothing I can't cover up with make up, my cheeks are feeling the worst of it. Hopefully next week the spots on my cheeks would of gone down.

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    So I had my very first microneedling appointment done yesterday (April 17th, 2017) I am on the end of my tenth week of Dans regimen, so I figured it would be a good time to jump-start my scar revision process. The doctor used 2.5mm needles, using the "Rejuvapen." I only had my cheek areas treated, because those ares are really my only areas of concern. I'm dealing with mild-moderate rolling scars, possibly even a boxcar scar or two, however, all of these scars are very smooth, and do not exceed 1.5mm in depth at the very maximum. I also have some PIE ( post inflammatory erythema ) these scars are primarily just causing an uneven textured look, which I have faith that multiple microneedling sessions will significantly suppress, if not completely eliminate. I plan on going back to my doctor in 4 weeks for my follow-up treatment ( does anybody think that is much too soon? should I push it back to 5 weeks? )

    I am very excited to start seeing results in the coming weeks. I know it takes time, but I've been dealing with skin issues for a very long time, so I know the time will pass quickly.

    Here are photos of me today, April 18th, in indirect lighting, so you can really see the texture of my skin.


    Lastly, if any of you have any questions or comments regarding microneedling while using Dans regimen; shoot!

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    So I have 2 pills left of my first pack and I'm going to skip the 7 day break on advice from my doctor. 

    My skin is obviously still in the initial break out stage, like I feel quite crappy about it. I have about 14/15 spots at the moment, the problem I'm having right now is that my spots stay for ages and I feel as though that's what is making me feel worse about it as a lot do the spots I have have been there for about a week maybe more! 
    Iv heard that month 3 is when people often start to see improvements so I guess I'm just looking forward to getting  that point ans I feel happier at the fact I have almost finished my first strip. 

    I dunno nothing really different to report just that I'm still breaking out and  don't think oiliness has decreased much, maybe slightly but not enough for me to say definitively. 

    Will keep updated.

  8. Caelin
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    I've offically decided to restart the count. The past few days I have been terrible about not picking at my skin, so I am just going to redo the whole thing! Tomorrow will be day one again, so I'll see y'all then!

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    My Plan

    I will update on here every day. My plan goes as follows:

    No Milk, Ice Cream, Yogurt, or Cream. Very limited Cheese.
    Added Sugar (less than 25 grams daily)
    Limit Gluten
    Aim for lots of fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, etc.

    Take Zereshk (barberry)
    Take Zinc
    Two Spearmint Teas
    Two Green Teas (or more)

    Aim for 8 hours of sleep a night
    Stretch daily
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    Soon doing BP twice a day is hell. It dried the shit out of my skin and I have always had oily skin so this is all very new to me. I have very flaky and dry skin for the most part and the past two days I haven't done BP during the day, but Im going to ease myself into doing twice a day. I also started using the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence with SPF 50+ because if the BP can dry this much oil out of my skin, god knows what its doing tony skin barriers and I like this SPF its NOT waterproof but it is very watery and absorbs really quickly and adds some extra moisture. I also just bought the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream for day time use since Im still in school and don't want a yellow face and pale body since I lost my tan. So ill be sure to update you guys on how that goes, but other than the dryness the burning sensation I got when Iw as doing twice a day stopped when I only do BP at night, so once again Im going to really ease my way into doing 2 days and do a half of a pump during the day and 1 and a half pumps to 2 pumps at night. And I know you're not supposed to modify the regimen when you just start it, but I cant stand the sahara desert on my face! And I don't want to look flakey and yellow at school!

  9. Hello again!

    Some time ago I decided to order the products and now I have them. I'm gonna start using them today.

    I don't live in the USA so with the shipping and tax and stuff it cost almost double than what you think it will cost :/

    Hopefully I will get some results in a month or so.


  10. I cannot believe that I have not been to this site for over a month. I was really super busy with work, and honestly I was not so worried about my skin anymore. I just started my second month of accutane. Now I have only one active breakout on my entire face. One. It does not even hurt. It's just a big lump on my left cheek. I guess it was probably meant to be a full-blown cyst, but since my oil production was curbed, it did not break out as it normally would. 

    I am so amazed by the result so far. I did not have an initial breakout. Or maybe I did not notice because my acne was just horrific when I started accutane and any initial breakout would have just looked like any ordinary breakout that I used to have. My skin now feel so smooth. I even enjoy washing my face now. I cannot stress enough how great it is for my face to not hurt when I wash it. I love the fact that my face would not produce nearly as much oil anymore. I love it dry. I normally would slather on ceraphil in the morning and then sunscreen then some concealer to hide my PIH and redness, and the makeup would not slide because there's no oil to "wash" it off. 

    The doctor bumped up my dosage from 40mg/day to 60mg/day. I'm excited about seeing more positive changes. I'm also ready to deal with any potentially serious side effects, since it sure is a pretty harsh drug!

  11. 7 Month Check-In/Progress on Regimen

    I am now on my 7th month with the regimen. I have seen HUGE improvements in my skin, but I am still not where I want to be exactly.

    1. I have not had a seriously active breakout for probably 5 months now. 
    2. My biggest issue areas are my pores and scars now
    3. My skin is back to being oily now
    4. My face looks so much smoother now when I wear makeup as opposed to before when you could see every single bump on my face. 
    5. I have yet to start using the AHA, but I think this may help a lot with my scars and pigmentation issues. 
    6. It's kind of easy to get lazy with the regimen, and that's why it's so important to take progress pictures to remind yourself why you're doing this every day. 


  12. I've had sebaceous hyperplasia on my chin for thirty years, after three high pressure tanning bed visits in one week and having my chin too close to those bulbs, I noticed a rash of skin colored bumps on my chin, right side worse than left side, and they never went away.  I have tried blue light levulan therapy, all types of creams, and several laser treatments, and nothing but accutane ever made it better, and the accutane improvement usually regresses months after I am done taking it.  But, the bumps have gotten better over the years.  I have done three rounds of accutane in the past, usually about 7-8 years apart.

    I moved to Colorado last year and the bumps seemed more noticeable to me again, so a local dermatologist suggested micro needling.  I went to a skin treatment place in town and they convinced me to do "Laser Genesis" instead.  It's a new treatment that uses laser and heat to activate collagen and decrease sebaceous glands.  With no down time, it sounded perfect.  After I left the office from the first treatment, my skin looked great.  The next morning, however, it was peeling like crazy.  A week later, I had small diffuse bumps all over the chin area, and a big pore in the center of my chin.  I thought this might be a normal part of the healing process, and I even noticed some areas that looked a little bruised.  I kept waiting for things to get better, but they didn't.  The only saving grace was that after a few months off of Retin-A, I was able to re-start it and get my glow back again, but still with a mess of bumps.

    So, I decided to try accutane again.  This time, I have been on 20 mg/day and after two weeks the bumps got a little better.  But I quit Retin-A again when I started accutane,, and soon my glow faded.  The bumps would cycle between looking worse, then better, then worse, every 5-7 days.  I could handle that, but for the last four weeks (I am on week 9 now) that part of my face that had the laser damage is bruised looking, the red spots from old pimples in that area are dark, and there's even a blue vein showing through my skin on the right side that runs from my chin to the corner of my mouth.  Also, my entire face has almost no color to it, and I was pale to begin with, so I now look totally washed out, but with discoloration in the area of concern.

    I can't take this any more, I am in my early 50's and this is making me look old and tired.  I think I am going to try cutting my accutane dose down and starting VERY slowly back onto Retin-A.  I have read studies where people use both products at the same time successfully, if you use very low doses of retin-A and accutane.

    Does anyone have experiences with using both products?  Anyone else have the bruised discoloration and paleness?  Will the color improve if I cut back my dose to 10 mg/day, or do I have to quit accutane altogether to get that discoloration to go?  My derm assured me that accutane does not thin the skin, contrary to what many people believe.

  13. Recently took vitamin A 10000 iu vitamin e 400 iu vitamin d3 2000 iu and zinc pciolmnate 50 mg and skin got clear no new pimples but had to stop because my stomach got inflamamted and was worried too many pills a day, well me thinking it was the zinc alone doing the job because i had previously taken vit a and e and nothing but i have new pimples today after stop taking eveyrhting else but the zinc, so now i am back on the vit d 2000 iu and we will see if that was the cure for me in a couple of days hopewfully this goes well guys something was makng my acne better out of all of those . 

  14. Here is my action plan to heal from my fraxel damage. I have full confidence that in the next few months I will be rocking a glowing smooth skin and I will  be make up free. I can close my eyes and just feel it. 

    Fraxel Date: 3/15/2017

    Physical Symptoms I am trying to heal:

    Orange peel skin, hypo and hyper pigmentation, patchy skin, demarcation lines, loss of volume from Fraxel Laser Damage. 

    Products I am trying :
    1. Emu oil
    2. Raw organic honey
    3. Demraroller .5 mm  - tried it only once so far
    4. Calendula OIl and calendula gel
    5. Ceramide oil (just had a sample, need to buy more)
    6. Oral supplements like MSM, Collagen, Hyaloruonic , Pycogenol, omega

    Products to try 
    1. Dermaroller 1.0 and dermastamp 1.0 (ordered)
    2. Growth factor serum (ordered)
    3. DML lotion (ordered). Somebody suggested a protocol to apply it 6 times a day for 5 days. so cheap so decided to try.
    4. Repair cream from Muac (ordered)
    5. Niancimide (ordered)
    6. Emuaid (ordered)
    7. marine collagen with msm
    8. hylarunic serum (ordered);
    9. turmeric oil
    10.ginger oil
    11.obagi system
    12.castor oil

    Tried and discontinued
    1. Fresh ginger to treat hypopigmentation, Burns the skin too much. Will try again.
    2. Paula's Choice AHA - didnt want to take chances with any any acids now. may be add later.
    3. Vitamin C - Not gonna use anything drastic on skin untl I have recovered it enough.

    Yet to reesearch
    1. oxygen facial
    2. melamix and melamin by obagi
  15. Minks
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    So I'm too lazy to type a lot but just updating with my three month pics. Left is before accutane, right is today. Had like two nosebleeds this month, more headaches, some joint pain, the usual. Skin continues to get better but feeling a bit stagnant right now. Skins not actually as red in my 'today' pics, I took those after a shower so my cheeks are still red from that. Still getting pimples but less often. pleased so far. Also think the hydroquinone is working well. 



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    The aim of this blog is to act as a log for both myself and maybe those of you interested in accutane. To provide a bit of context, I started accutane in November but stopped in early January. Since then, I restarted the course and I'm currently approaching month 3. I never experienced severe dryness however I have had to deal with some joint pain and went through mental issues early on during treatment (hence why I stopped taking it for a bit).

    As of right now, I've had lots of non inflammatory acne along my cheekbones which is something that I've never really had to deal with until now - just really red, sore pimples that tend to scar. The accutane did get rid of most of the comedonal acne I was experiencing on my forehead and jawline, so that's improved the texture of my skin overall. I'd be really interested in knowing from others if accutane helped with scarring or if there are any problems to help treat it as this is currently one of my biggest issues. 

    I'm really hoping I start seeing results within the next few months as I'm starting to become a bit discouraged. If anything, I can't help but feel as though my acne has gotten worse. I'll insert some pics below so you can see the comparison from month 1, to now. (pics on the left are now whereas the right is mid summer last year)

    FullSizeRender 2.jpg Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 01.53.05.png 
    FullSizeRender.jpg Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 01.52.57.png
    FullSizeRender 3.jpgScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 01.53.15.png
    FullSizeRender 4.jpgScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 01.53.24.png

    Apologies for up close and personal shots haha, but there's no other way to document this. From these pics, it's clear that my cheeks have worsened however my chin and forehead have cleared up. I'll continue to take photos over the upcoming months to see if there's any more improvement.

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    so 2 weeks on and i'm feeling the side effects, definitely. i've been put on a high dosage so i expected an intense start, so this is all part of the treatment which i totally understand.
    firstly my lips are beyond painful and probably sun burnt (big mistake!!), to the point where any movement of the mouth is too painful and i can't bear the thought of going out in public just yet. i've done masses of research, as well as deciding to join this website, tonnes to prepare myself for the next few months. i've sent my dad out to get me some aquaphor and blistex, so a big shoutout to him, but i have already got some aloe vera vaseline, nivea lip balm and numerous other lip products. apart from the lips, the only major thing i have struggled with is being incredibly emotional but i'm dealing quite alright with things. still expecting things to get worse so i'm wanting to be best prepared. 

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    Acne is a result of overactive oil glands; these glands produce too much sebum, which in turn, clogs your pores and causes spots to develop. Dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria can also trigger acne, as they can clog up pores too.

    When a pore is blocked, white blood cells rush to the infected area to try and fight the bacteria. The white blood cells then die and cause redness and pus to form. How to get rid of acne is one of the top health and beauty questions asked by many young people today, but don’t worry, as acne treatments can be very simple.

    Trying to get rid of acne scars can also be very troublesome. However, there are some very cheap home remedies for acne that can also be very effective. One of the best methods is the lemon juice facial. It’s very simple, as all you have to do is gently rub in natural lemon juice to your acne scars, and then leave the juice on your face for about 20 minutes.


    When you wash it away, your skin will be visibly clearer and softer, as the lemon’s natural acidity helps to improve the appearance of skin. Although home remedies can work, but buying a really good anti-scar cream can be the most effective way to get rid of acne scars. Try and pick something that’s non-oily and pH neutral if possible, as you don’t want to make the problem worse.

    Also, don’t be afraid to go to your GP or a dermatologist and ask them what the best treatment for your skin would be. Acne scars can also be prevented from occurring if you avoid touching spots. Picking at inflamed areas only causes scar tissue to form and bacteria to spread, to try and avoid touching you face whenever possible. Medicated creams are also the best way to clear up acne itself.

    Many glossy adverts of television will proclaim that they know how to get rid of acne, but the most successful creams can be prescribed by your GP. However, if you choose to buy an acne treatment over the counter, look for something that contains benzoyl peroxide. Also, unlike a lot of the popular antibiotics used to tackle acne, your body does not appear to build bacterial resistance to benzoyl peroxide cream. Therefore, treating your acne with a medicated cream should always produce positive effects.
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    Well as I'm typing this I'm sitting in my counselors office waiting to go home because my acne is just that bad. I don't want to show my face. The initial breakout sucks guys! It just seems to be getting worse and worse by the day. Anyways, I have some peeling especially around my nose. My lips are definitely getting dry but Aquaphor and argon oil have really helped with that. But the drying  just means that the pill is working right? Also dandruff is real, if anyone has tips please let me know. As for emotions, I have been soooo emotional which I definitely was not expecting. I cried all day yesterday and I couldn't get ready for school today, somehow I managed get out of the house but as soon as I entered school I was just sobbing in the restroom. For me this week was tough mostly emotional but I can tell the dryness is coming and the pill is working. 

  16. eclarue
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    Week 5.5 update

    Skin: still oily and tons of clogged pores and some active zits as usual. Really still no noticeable change in my face. It feels so gross. All of my pores are huge and clogged. Skin texture is bad as well. The usual.

    Side effects: headaches have mostly gone away but I've had some decent back pain since upping to 80 mg dose. My whole thoracic spine and muscles around it are SO tight and stiff. It has been rough to workout and I had to lower my squatting weight because my back was on fire. No major skin dryness yet. The back of my neck near my hairline is really itchy but not dry. Skin on my ears Is a little dry. Lips will crack if I go without vaseline or the bite beauty lip mask for even 10 mins. As long as I am diligent with those they stay fine with no peeling or cracking. But I can see how easily it can start and get out of control. If I go too long they get extremely tight and start to split in the middle. I had to use regular ChapStick for an hour and my lips started to split in the middle. Be diligent with Vaseline and the lip mask though and they are totally manageable for now! Hair does feel dry. And I still can't help myself from trying to pick at zits or Pores so always have at least one very red scab on my face. Don't pick at anything. Seriously. It will end up looking much worse than it did originally.

    Counting down to month 3 which is when my derm said a lot of people notice improvement. I can't wait to feel some change in my skin. It just feels so gross and embarrassed all the time about my skin. really can't wait to have more confidence and not always be thinking and worrying about my skin! Come on accutane please work!!! :)