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  1. The Itchiness continues… It has been 2 weeks now since I have started Accutane (Epuris 20mg). I am starting to notice my skin becoming more inflamed than what it was at the beginning of the treatment. The itchiness has also kicked in and although it is very tempting to itch my face, I try to avoid it because my skin is becoming more sensitive and scratching will only make it redder, not to mention it hurts!! 

    The Dryness continues… Not only is my face itchy, but my whole body has become drier leading me to moisturize constantly to avoid dry, flakey skin. Currently I am using Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoaradient as my body lotion. My lips have also become significantly dry but I continue to use my La Roche Pose Lip Balm, this stuff is my savior!

    The Whiteheads Arise… My under the skin pimples are starting to form large whiteheads with some even coming right to the surface and with no pressure at all, they burst… YUCK, I know. Now I know after reading several blogs, you are not supposed to pick on Accutane. This I understand since your skin starts to become thinner and more prone to scarring if tampered with. However, when large whiteheads are right at the surface, my thought process is to relieve the puss which I do but as gently as possible, with a lancet needle and no squeezing! So far, once this is done, I continue to wipe the area until stops pussing, put on a Nexcare patch (depending if it needs one) and within a day or two the redness is barely noticeable and the bump is gone. That being said, I DO NOT touch any acne under the skin! That is where you can run into trouble with scarring!!  

    Products remain the same… All my products have remained the same since last week however I am looking into switching to a Cerave Facial Wash to replace the Oxy Facial wash I am currently using. Any feedback on the Cerave would be helpful! 

    Limiting Makeup as much as possible… Before starting Accutane, I told myself that I want to limit makeup as much as possible just so I can let this treatment takeover and do its job. Of course, there are times where makeup needs to be worn however I only apply if completely necessary and remove it the moment I get home. I have realized that makeup actually inflames my skin even more so I prefer to not where it and just let my skin breath. Although it is hard to go out without any makeup, the end result better be worth it!

    •    Foundation Powder: Sephora Collection Matte Perfection Powder ($25.00 CAD)

    Drink lots of water!... Even before Accutane, I make sure to drink at least 8-10 cups of water a day. This has been an ongoing this that has now become part of my daily routine. 


  2. YellowCopy
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    DAY 9
    OK so, i have some confessions...
    i haven't been following the regime EXACTLY and i hope i didn't ruin the regime for myself. tell me what you think...
    i usually gently wash my face for about 15 seconds, not 10.
    I've been popping my whiteheads that are coming to surface :((((
    sometimes i scratch my nose a little bit so it exfoliates a bit. (but i almost never get pimples on my nose.)

    I'm going to try to be even MORE gentle with my skin and try to follow the regime exactly.

    IRRITATION STATUS: My skin felt kinda irritated today. Like i had a slight sunburn on my face. Not unbearable. there isn't really flakiness, more like dead skin that needs to be exfoliated. I think I'm doing a good job of trying to stay extra hydrated and moisturized rn. under my chin can get realllllyy itchy sometimes. my skin is a slight pink all over. 

    PROGRESS SO FAR: Pretty much 90% of my skin is CLEAR. AGAIN, i still have scars and discoloration, but there are no pimples!! (except for a small breakout around my chin).

    UPDATES: SO, this is what happened on my day 9 today... in the morning i did the regime, using 1/3 of BP then i used the cetaphil moisturizer so my skin didn't look yellow and i didn't have to wear makeup. first off, i felt SO greasy. i used so much translucent powder and my face was still greasy. ALSO, THE YELLOW TINT DIDNT GO AWAY. Maybe its because i used jojoba oil with my cetaphil moisturizer????? idk. but i felt so insecure. I went out without makeup anyway and someone asked me if i was sunburnt. I felt so ugly and embarrassed so right when i got home i tried to put some foundation on, only i still have my translucent powder on and the whole thing just looked disgusting. I couldn't take it so i slightly washed my face with 1 pump of the cleanser, put some cetaphil moisturizer on and then put foundation and makeup on. I was trying to be extra soft with my beauty blender and brushes on my face. PROS: I could tell my skin did improve!!! it looked so smooth! CONS: i had to be a bit more rough when removing makeup, and i hope it doesn't affect the regime. I got a face wipe and wet it with some water and just dabbed it all over my skin to soak it, then gently gently wiped off my makeup. then continued the regime as usual.

    QUESTION: i think I'm going to use the regime moisturizer and jojoba oil at night, and then the cetaphil (and jojoba?) in the morning and wear makeup in the morning. Do you guys think that will be ok? do you think i should wear the regime moisturizer in the morning too? will the cetaphil one affect the regime? have i already ruined the regime for myself??

    i really need clear skin. i really need this regime to work I've tried everything :( 

  3. Alice883
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    So I am a week in to my course of accutane, so far I have not had overly dry skin but already my lips are drying out. They're not cracking they just feel dry to the touch. So I am using Nivea Moisturising Care lip salve with SPF 15. I am on holiday at the moment as well, so I am struggling with the sun as I am burning very easily, I cannot emphasise that enough!! I am applying factor 50 twice a day, but this isn't really enough. 

    I am still on a very low dosage so I am expecting more side effects when the dosage doubles.

  4. Well, I'm coming up on a year already! Slowly but surely seeing progress and making moves towards the skin I've always wanted. 

    I have been feeling disheartened as of late as I sort of felt like I had stopped seeing and progress or change. Everything seems to be pretty stagnant and I have become more focused on procuring quality makeup and learning makeup tricks to cover up the rest of what's left. I've always known that chemicals at these levels weren't going to remove physical scars (if anything even will) so I figured I've gotten to a stopping point. 

    But this morning my coworker once again mentioned how much better my skin was looking and I decided it was time to compare again. And I can't say I'm overly disappointed. The coloring is even. The pores even seem somewhat refined. And the scars seem a little more shallow than before. 

    I realize I'll always be more critical than anyone else, (although an incredibly blunt person made me realize recently that this may not actually be true when he mentioned he still thinks I'm cute even if the scarring is bad...thanks

    ...) but I'm still determined to continue on this path and hopefully get where I'm trying to go with the way I look. 

    So here's to 7 months and continued improvement!



  5. Just a quick update with pics I just took.

    there's quite a few and I know what your thinking,  "it's not bad AT ALL". To be fair the pics don't do it justice cos my forehead is insane with all these superficial bumps (which btw Accutane helped so much) and I have a few pus -filled whiteheads on it. The sides of my face and chin and clear yes and I'm grateful for that but it seems the centre of my face is just not how I want it.

    I'm still using differin nightly or sometimes every second evening and I used that throughout my first course of Accutane too. I'm just not happy with it therefore I'm willing to go on another round, what I may do too is use Retin A perhaps after stopping next time or even towards the end.. I don't know. I'll keep you updated though.










  6. I cannot be happier with my skin right now. I just started my 4th month. My entire face is smooth and soft, and I no longer have to get up an hour in advance to pile on make-up anymore. Every morning I put on sunscreen and use a little bit of concealer to cover up redness , and I'm ready to go! My face doesn't get oily at all, and unlike so many people who are on accutane, I do not have dry skin problem. Cetaphil is a great moisturizer - it literally saves my life.

    I will  continue to be on Accutane for three more months. I'm half way through the treatment, and I am already very satisfies with the results. However, in order to reduce the possibility of acne coming back in the future, I will have to power through the next three months. 

    Now I when I look into the mirror I see the woman I truly am. This was my dream three months ago, and it came true. I am happy. 

  7. Hey Girls,

    I'm so sorry I haven't been posting. I finished university exams a couple weeks ago and it's been a few weeks of celebrations so it's taken me away from writing a blog, though I have been checking up on the blog to see if there have been any quieries or comments and what not. 

    Anyway, back to what this blog is about...can I just say, I cannot believe the progress my skin has made. It's not by all means perfect, but it is on its way to looking awesome! I'm getting back my confidence and am starting to wear no makeup more often!!!

    I went camping a few weeks back for three nights, so that meant zero nightly/ morning routine, and to my surprise, my skin was fine!!!

    I'm still sticking to the routine I mentioned a few blogs back, and sticking to this regime is what I'm sure is helping with my skin getting better!!

    I am on the fifth pack of the pill and I'm just starting to see result, so yes - everyone is different. And defitneltly worth the waiting, so just stick it through. As well as the pill, I'm also on the antibiotics, twice a day, so I'm sure that's also helping with the progress. 

    Here are a few few photos of my current skin situation:

    So yes, like mentioned, it's it perfect, it definitely on its way to clear, which is what I have enough looking for!!!

    Please, if you have any questions, let me know below, I'll do my best to answer xx

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    Started Accutane today, dermatologist started me on 35mg and advised to take it with then heaviest meal of they day. Learning not to lick my lips and apply chapstcik instead! So far sthe good, good bye adult acne...can't wait to start seeing some difference! :smileys_n_people_44:

  8. Hi.

    I'm going to keep this blog entry short and simple.

    I can safely say that I'm NEVER going to order/use the products again (except the jojoba oil I have left).

    It was too expensive for me (203$), it was a chore to do and for me it took like at least 1 hour out of the day, the flakiness and redness didn't disappear and most importantly, the regimen left me more uncomfortable with my skin than I was before.

    Instead I'm trying to have a healthier lifestyle and love my skin, there are so many other "defects" that my skin could've had and it dosen't. I don't even have a lot of acne (though it got worse now when I'm quitting the regimen). I'm happy with my skin and the acne is going to go away, even if it takes years.

    Bye! :)

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    A lot has changed since I wrote my original post. When I wrote it I was regularly getting deep cystic acne on my chin and cheeks, and it got so bad that I ended up going to my dermatologist and getting claravis. Well, about a month after starting claravis i began to notice blood in my stool. That was my wake up call. I realized that taking this harsh medication was not the solution for my acne, it was a way for my dermatologist to sell pills. I realized that the real solution was to attack my cystic acne from the inside out rather than the outside in. And that is when I decided to become vegan. I did hours of research online about holistic remedies for cystic acne and found that all of the sources agreed that cutting out dairy was the best way to combat the inflammation that causes cystic acne in the first place. So, I completely cut meat, cheese and most refined sugars from my diet. It was tough, but I knew my skin would be thankful for it. Fast forward 5 months and my cystic acne is gone. I haven't gotten a big swollen cyst on my face in months and my skin looks better than it has in years. I am not saying I don't get acne (I'll get the occasional white head if i forget to wash my face or if i cheat on my vegan diet) but my cystic acne is completely gone. Also, once my skin began to clear up I decided to also begin exfoliating regularly and using apple cider vinegar on my skin as a toner, which is also doing wonders for my face. So the moral of the story? CUT OUT DAIRY!! Going vegan has changed my life and it can change yours too!

    Additional info about diet and skincare routine:
    - No meat or dairy products. Red meat and dairy are scientifically proven to be inflammatory, and guess what causes cystic acne... Inflammation! Swap meat and dairy out for beans and green veggies so you can get your protein, iron and calcium. 
    - Very little processed foods. They are high in refined sugars which are bad for your skin.
    - Lots of water. Obviously. 
    - Buy a probiotic. Be nice to your gut! Your gut health is directly linked to your skin health. 
    Skincare Routine 
    - Mornings: I wash my face with Shea Moisture African Black Soap. I use an apple cider vinegar toner (one part acv two parts water), I spray it on my face out of a spray bottle to avoid touching my face. then I apply shea butter as a moisturizer (I only do this on my chin bc that is the area that gets dry). 
    - Nights: Same as above, but instead of moisturizing I take Epiduo gel (I still have it from when I used to got to the dermatologist and will probably stop using when I run out) and rub a thin layer over my problem areas. Epiduo usually dries my white heads out within a week. 
    - Exfoliating: I exfoliate 3 times a week (recommended for very oily skin). This step is so important because it washes away all that dead skin that clogs your pores and causes acne in the first place! I use a grainy exfoliant but I am getting a chemical exfoliant today and will update to tell how it is.  
    - Cold water splash: After you wash with hot water just splash some cold water on your face. It's very refreshing and closes your pores. 

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  10. Quote

    My first post will be an introduction into my own case so that others may understand what it is that I am suffering from, and the type of information I am looking for in other cases. If you are kind enough to share your story, please include as much detail about yourself as possible so that we may use symptomatic correlation to find our solution.

    My skin condition: 
    The skin condition that I want to address in these blog posts is only concerning the scar-like, soft, flesh colored bumps that have appeared along the center of my chin and out towards the corners of my mouth. They are not pimples, acne, or hypertrophic scarring (though I will get into eliminated diagnoses later in this post), and they have gotten increasingly more noticeable in the last 3 years. Please see pictures for reference. 

    My Health History:

    To start, I am a 30 year old, 5'4" female who is approximately 30lbs over my healthy BMI weight
    I have a history of:
    • cystic acne that has been 'mostly' clear for 2-3 years. I occasionally have a breakout during my cycle, but these are rare and typically do not result in scarring and resolve within 1-2 weeks. My acne was particularly bad in my early teens and again in my early 20's. In my teens it was centralized in my T-zone, but during the later stages in my 20's was primarily along my jaw line.
    • large pores
    • excess oil production on my entire face, not just the t-zone. It is common for me to use 8-10 oil blotting sheets/day.
    • mild hair thinning (within the last 5 years)
    • mild male-pattern hair growth (mostly around the chin/upper lip area)
    • excessive sweating
    • Keratosis Pilaris on arms and legs
    • As a child I had a rare form of recurring Pityriasis Rosea- my last episode was when I was 25.

    Woohoo! So, as you can see I was blessed with all the things that make women feel super sexy! Joking aside, for all of us struggling with these abnormalities, please try to remind yourself that there are people suffering with far, far worse. I know this condition (and others) can be embarrassing, unsightly, and all-together soul-crushing at times, but for every ugly bump we have is someone suffering from deforming burn scars, flesh eating bacterial infections, and life altering conditions that can't be treated or covered with makeup. I am CONFIDENT that we can not only treat what we have, but that there is a biological solution that does not require lasers, acid, or the use of a blade. 

    My Current Skincare Routine:

    In the past I have used every form of acne cleanser, lotion, topical treatment, and miracle fix you could think of. I wish I would have known about taking the simple, more natural approach before destroying my skin with chemicals. I have never taken oral treatments such as spironolactone or antibiotics, but I did use a lot of acid based products that irritated, burned, and angered my skin. The following routine has been consistent for the last year and a half, with slight variations in brands.

    Night Routine: 
    • Remove makeup with hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic face wipes. I try to use something that is exfoliating. I particularly like Boots No7 Brand All in One Wipes. You get a lot for the price, they are well-saturated, and have never made me break out. 
    • I then tone my skin with witch hazel
    • Next I take a damp cotton pad and add a few drops of jajoba oil. I smooth the cotton pad over my face for the purpose of a "final cleanse" but also to moisturize and prep the skin. Jajoba oil will not clog pores as it is very close to human sebum. It actually can trick your pores into producing less oil. 
    • I then use a vitamin C serum to moisturize and help treat my uneven skin tone, light scarring, etc.
    • I have begun using Differin Gel in the last 3 months for the purpose of increasing skin cell turnover and improving my skin's texture and any residual scarring from my years of acne. I have been extremely happy with it and only had light redness and flaking within the first two weeks of use. Since then my skin has become more even toned, my scars have been fading, and I am able to wear a light coverage foundation (sometimes I wear nothing) without feeling as if my scars and discoloration are showing through. 

    Morning Routine:
    • In the shower or at the sink I wash my face with another face wipe (this time I add a tiny bit of baking soda for exfoliation) and then tone with witch hazel. I use a light moisturizer for sensitive skin and usually add a drop of jajoba oil for added moisture to my cheek area. That's it!  I have not been breaking out on this routine and would feel comfortable recommending it to others. Both my night and morning routines are safe for people with sensitive skin with the exception of the differin gel. 

    Prior diagnoses:

    I have been told that these bumps are hypertrophic scarring, sebaceous hyperplasia, cholesterol deposits, fungal infection, and flat warts. While sebaceous hyperplasia seems to be the most common diagnoses, nothing about them looks like sebaceaous hyperplasia, nor do regular treatments for SH work. I say all of these are wrong, and it is actually something internal with either a hormone imbalance or thyroid disorder. 

    I will post tomorrow with pictures and an explanation of all things I have tried!
  11. Nearly 3 months and there isn't much difference in my face. Lots of hidden, under the skin spots which are painful and annoying. The weather isn't great for my skin either, it's very hot ☀️. 
    Week11 (1).jpgWeek11.jpg

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    Hi everyone! Acne for me started around the age of 12. I had tried every over the counter product, with no success. By grade 11, I was desperate and finally went to see my family doctor. I asked him for Benzaclin (Duac), as my sister had success with it. Benzaclin worked well for me, clearing up about 60% of my acne, but never making my skin fully clear. I was on it for 3 years, even though around the 2 year mark, it stopped making any difference what so ever. I went to a derm last week, to which she prescribed me Epiduo as a last topical attempt for my skin, before switching to oral pills. I thought I'd create a progress log to share with everyone how this product is working for me. 

    The type of acne I have is pretty stubborn. I don't get very many cysts, but a ton of small whitehead and regular spots all over my face. The major trouble area are my cheeks that get lots of red, hard to heal bumps. I definitely do think its hormonal, but don't know for sure. 

    First application/routine: 

    Since this medication can be irritating, the derm recommended I use a gentle cleanser, and good moisturiser before application. I wouldn't necessarily categorise my skin as sensitive. I don't notice much burning with this product, just slight stinging only if I really focus on it, although that doesn't last long. At night, I wash my face with CeraVe hydrating cleanser, and then apply CeraVe Hydrating cream. I wait ten minutes then apply the product to my face. In the morning, I just rinse thoroughly with water to give my skin a break from the chemicals, and then repeat. With this routine, my skin hasn't been drying out bad.

    Week 1: 

    Within the first couple days, my skin seemed to be getting better. It seemed as if my new routine was quickly healing the pimples already on the surface of my skin.  I'm at the 6 day mark to be exact, and am noticing a slight breakout. I may already be experiencing an initial breakout, or purge. I have a lot of stubborn acne that has always been stuck under the surface of my skin. These pimples may finally be purging out. Hopefully this breakout doesn't last too long. Will be back for week 2 to update! If you guy have any questions, I'd love to answer! :) 
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    Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream. It's the only thing that's providing me decent results. That's all I have to say.
  12. So I'm nearing the end of my fourth pack now, I have skipped every single pill break because I don't want to get spots during the break. I did research and apparantley it's safe to do so and there is no medical reason for having the 7 day pill break (but don't know this for sure so I would check with your doctor before doing so).

    Just wanted to give you an update on my skin, so my skin has stayed pretty clear however I have had a few spots. I believe it may have been to do with me going out a lot recently so haven't been as religious with my skincare routine but yeah it was nothing serious just a few pimples. I really do think the treclin gel has helped my skin though so really recommend it if you can cope with the initial breakout from it in the first few months. That's the only problem but what I also like about it is that it prevents wrinkles and even though I'm only 20 it's just quite satisfying that it should prevent aging compared to benzoyl peroxide which I personally think does the opposite. 

    My skin has become a lot less oily recently like I would say when I wake up it's a bit oily but nothing compared to what it used to be and I would now say at my skin is a bit dry. At the end of the day you foundation (estee Lauder double wear)  just looks super dry and cracking underneath so I'm going to have to change this to a less drying foundation! But for anyone that's oily skin who needs a foundation with staying power and that doesn't melt away during the day then I would highly recommend Estée Lauder double wear! 


  13. On Thursday, June 15th, 2017, I had my third subcision treatment for acnescars in Dallas. Dr. John L Burns did my first in August 2016, second in January 2017, and third, a few days ago. 

    The first time I did not suction the skin after because I wasn't educated about it.
    The second time I suctioned every day for a week or so to prevent the skin from reattaching to improve collagen production. 
    This is my third time having the subcision procedure done and I will be suctioning as well. I use a plastic cupping tool that sucks the air out to lift and pull the skin away. 

    Dr. John L Burns subcised the skin and drew my blood from my left arm to be used to apply platelet rich plasma to the skin topically and subdermal through injection. 
    I will be posting photos to track my progress. I feel as though i've seen progress in my skin but understand that it will take some time to reach desirable results. 

    First six pictures are "Day of" (06.15.17) pictures. 
    Pictures taken immediately after and after i got home. 

    front face post subcision.jpg

    post subcision front face.jpg

    post subcision left face .jpg

    post subcision left face.jpg

    post subcision right side .jpg

    post subcision right side.jpg

  14. My moms always said that “ you guys are lucky because I understands your feelings. “ But I will never believe that because she don’t, and never understands my feelings about my acne.

    About last year, I was a 7th graders, my hair cover up my forehead and unfortunately, I got a lot of acne and since I know nothing about it ,( because I didn’t any knowledge about acne ) I keep popping it and touching my acne.

    Later that summer, my acne got worst ( only the forehead ) and my dad suggests that I should see a dermatologist and my mom agree, it took them about 5 months or half a year to take me to go see her ( which is February 2017, summer is August 2016 ). At that time, my acne still on my forehead. ( not on chin and cheek, I do got blackheads on nose )

    Then finally the day come.

    I ask her many questions about preventing acne which seems like forever, what to eat and what to avoid etc, my mom feels like I am “ bothering her “ (Jesus, that’s what a dermatologist should do, mom :) ) too much, she pull me back and the doctor start to write medicine for me ( she did check my whole face , again, I didn’t have any more acne in face accept for forehead. ). I have Klenzit - C cream  for acne treatment.

    Few months later acne start to approaching my cheeks. Which is about March or April. I start to feel WORST about it and whenever I got acne when I woke up, I feel it is the end of the world. Even though there is rarely to have whitehead acne ( because I got blind acne all the time ) it start to grow everywhere on my cheeks. I see Klenzit - C cream as my angel because it help me save my acne overnight. ( about 5 dollars or so)

    Whenever I eat something that may cause acne, I use klenzit c immediately.

    Day to day klenzit C started to run out. I ask my mom to buy it but she won’t agree, she said “ the doctor only allows you to use it in 2 weeks “ ( I use it for 2 months ) “ you have to start to use ZA cream [ azelaic acid ] “ I won’t agree because it took days to clear out acne.

    When Klenzit C start to run out, I cut it in half and squeeze to get every single drop that it have left.

    I have cut it in half and use it, the next morning my acne got worst. I mean seriously.

    I’m a teenager, and I have a diet and acne-free-face plan in the same time.  ( 49kg, 1m59 )

    I don’t have my own money, so I have to use ZA cream.

    My acne got worst now.

    After I ate a white bread about 2 weeks ago, that night my face are really itchy and red ( seems like allergic ) and it continue, I don’t know why because I ate bread for the past years and I’m not getting any allergic.

    So I doing some research online and ask my mom about it, she said “ it maybe be hidden acne or allergic.”, and the internet said “ gluten face” or some kind of having redness on face. And I still don’t know what kind of face I have. It happen at night or at evening, some part on my cheek got red and really itchy, I could see some hidden acne, or that may be some kind of red dots.

    Then till now, June, I have hidden acne all over my cheeks.

    I talk to my mom about going to the dermatologist again because I can’t take it anymore. I try this several of time at April and May, but she won’t agree.

    I see this is a really serious problem, it’s like my health and other important stuff and my mom be like “ your face is perfect for the puberty time” and I was being sarcasm. I said to her “ if you are sick, you go see the doctor, I got acne and I want to see dermatologist ( I learn this online )” She be like “ I don’t want to talk about this anymore. “

    Acne is a serious problem for me, my friends, middle popular have a super acne free face, my face is like scars on nose ( blackheads ), acne scars, and hidden acne, red, too. When people are looking at me I turn my face all the way away, I don’t want any body to see my acne face. Even my crush, I think I’m acting like a weirdo, right ? I think I’m being rude, but that’s the only option I have.

    I go online, search for everything. And the problem is I have no money, my mom doesn't allow me to buy that

    It said “ I have to be stress-free.”, but I can’t, my family is an Asians one. I have a “ test your happiness “ online and mine is 55/100. Surprise ?

    I talk about acne all days, and talk about acne to my mom whenever I see her. She be like “ STOP BEING SO WORRY ABOUT YOUR FACE, I’M SICK OF IT.” and one more “ BECAUSE YOU ARE SO FREE THAT YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR ACNE ALL DAY AND HELP US NOTHING.” I know this is rude, but I have to say “ Oh shut up, you understands nothing.”

    I really want to see a dermatologist now, but she s aids it is really expensive and waste of money ( about 1 million VND, ~ $50.00 ), and I don’t have money, I really want to go, what should I do to convince her to let me? After all those deny, will she let me to see the dermatologist again ?
    Maybe your mom sometime said " your skin is perfectly fine with the puberty age." 

  15. Although this month has been the hardest with symptoms, I'm starting to see amazing results. 

    My joint pain is so bad I can't do yoga anymore since my back and hips are so sore all the time, so I started taking fish oil but it hasn't helped yet. I also have been getting crazy pounding headaches that go away on their own but I'm not sure whats causing them because I literally drink at least 3 liters of water every day. 

    After a bad beginning to the month my face has finally calmed down. I introduced coconut oil to my routine which I know can be pore-clogging but it honestly has made the biggest difference in my skin texture. I don't have any active acne, just dark marks. My skin has never looked so good under makeup either. My pores are sooo tiny and since I have no oil production my makeup lasts from early morning when I get to work until late at night, which is amazing.

    I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to take this medication. It has made my life so much easier in that my self confidence is so much higher now. While so many have far bigger problems to deal with, I am very fortunate that something as small as acne was the only thing holding me back. So many of us, including myself, have so much privilege in this world that we tend to take for granted. Be thankful!!!

    Also if anyone is wondering, I have been drinking alcohol moderately (5-7 drinks per week probs) and my lab results have come back perfect. Just make sure to hydrate a ton, like a glass of water per drink, because you will have a headache when you wake up if you don't.



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    Hi everyone, I wanted to create a blog so I can track my progress and also get any tips from anyone else who is using the treatment

    Background: I am 18 year old college student. I have mild acne, a lot of acne scars and have used BP before. When I heard of the regimen I was intrigued and believed that it would help me clear my acne because my skin was already used to BP. Before the regimen I used BP about every night or whenever I needed it, I also used salicylic acid, both were bought from the drugstore. 

    The first couple weeks were very difficult, my skin became very dry. My skin was usually more oily than dry, however, once I started the regimen I realized that I have combo skin. I did not purchase the moisturizer from I used ponds dry skin moisturizer or cetaphil. From my experience with ponds I think it is too thick for my skin but it works well. Once I am done with it I might go back to using cetaphil.

    I didn't follow the instructions when it came to AHA because I believed that my skin was already used to BP I used it earlier than when I was told to.
    Because of that my skin became irritated and I started breaking out even more!!

    Right now I am fighting all those acne scars and acne from my mistakes but I havent noticed too many new pimples. Only three small ones appeared and I believeit to be due to my diet. 

    Cheese usually causes my skin to break out in my forehead and too much sweets or chocolate causes break outs everywhere else. 

    I have also noticed that the cheek I seep on the most ( when sleeping on my side) has more pimples, so now I am working on changing my pillow cases more and wrapping my hair every night.

    I will give it 4 months if I dont see clear skin, I will start using salicylic acid again and buy a higher BP percentage.

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    oily skin, acne for 12 yrs, been on retin a for 6 yrs, cystic acne

    simple miscellar water
    stridex pads - red box
    rinse with water
    dr carver's miracle repair serum
    mizon snail gel cream
    shea oil with tea tree oil
    cerave am or blue lizard sensitive if going outside

    simple miscellar water to remove makeup and sunscreen, skip if not worn
    cerave hydrating
    retin a micro .1 gel
    dr carver's miracle repair serum
    mizon snail gel cream
    cerave in the tub
    shea oil with tea tree oil

    some nights i skip retin a and use alpha hydrox AHA lotion 10%

    colloidal oatmeal mask 1x
    bentonite clay mask 1x

    notes: i bought humphrey's redness reducing witch hazel on ebay for $4. it's on the way. i remember my skin was better when i used witch hazel. it will be here in a few weeks. i'm also considering getting some bp gel if i keep breaking out. not sure where i'Lloyd fit this in my routine! iremember my skin was better when i used this! i have to buy some more soon.

    i have whiteheads + cysts scattered all around my face: forehead, temples, chin, and cheeks! i recently upped my retin a dose and i wonder if i'my purging from that. it'seems been a month! i am using the strongest dose with no side effects and it's not helping. time to add BP? what can i do?

    i'm depressed and don't take selfies lately

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    last month in accutane how can ı do my face after the treatment ı am not sure is it good or bad  say me how is looking my face




  16. TuTzY

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    I honestly always had acne issues since maybe 16yrs old but the only time they would become noticeable to me was when I was on my period. However, ever since I moved from Jamaica and have been living in Hobbs, NM for the past 2 years my face has gotten so messed up that I can even upload a picture without editing it. Even though I would rather 0 filter my face is too ugly for that right now. I have tried Jamaican Black soap which really helps with the oily-ness of my skin(which is extremely oily;my diet has a lot to do with that though if I'm going to be honest) but the acne is still jus poping up 1 after the other. I've also tried egg an cinnamon mix and neutrogena products and 1 clean and clear product that had some blue beads in it. I've honestly given up on my face now. Hence, why it really can't hurt to try 1 more thing. If this doesn't work and I just look worse, my face was already bad to begin with. 

    Wish me luck. 




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    I have been fighting acne since I was 16 or so- sometime in the high school. In the beginning I didn’t care much and it was quite ok, but getting worse – ten I got some cleansers that made it better after every use. But Then after some time it was really drying – around second year into it. Around that time I also got scars on my temples, almost not anywhere else.
    When I was 20 or so I switched to natural versions of everything. Since then my acne got better and when I cleaned it I would even look like I have no acne at times. But my back and chest acne was always quite bad and much worse than the face.

    I became researching into acne recently more than ever, I improved my diet, I exercise regularly, but not excessively. I used to exercise a lot for half a year around a year ago which helped my acne a bit more but still not cleared it but then I had to eat too much in order to maintain my weight because I also have moderate digestive issues. I am sure it is correlated because in periods when I had good digestion my acne was also much better (100% clear on a good day)
    before going caveman I always had to clean my face twice or more times a day – although I recently was washing my face only with 100% natural cleansers or with things like green tea – it wasn’t drying but my face would get oily by the end of the day and probably bring a few pimples.

    I welcome any thoughts or remarks

    Day 1 Started on Friday evening – first evening not hard because I had just showered so I didn’t have to skip much
    (note: I am spraying salt and probiotics on face and body- sort of a cheating I hope- should help the good bacteria establish and stay there and be there quick after any intrusion(it did help my body acne a little (salt) in two days)
    I don’t know if that is a good way to do it but there is a product that promotes skin bacteria and it includes salt

    Day 2 Saturday – I had football so I didn’t do anything except shower after – I wiped my face with a hand to get off greasiness – might have prolonged the beginning- also in the evening I popped two whites on forehead- probably bad idea since on Sunday I got three new ones

    Day 3 Sunday – got 6 or 7 more throughout the day – about the same as with my old regimen but none of them seem too harsh and if I wanted I would pop them all out easily – probably easier than normally
    also popped two on my body – today no shower, no nothing – water touched only a bit around mouth due to brushing – should try to be more gentle with that one too (later on I started making my own toothpaste or brush with coconut oil only)
    going to sleep with a greasy face – but not that greasy I can say already – after more than 24 hours since last washing – also leaving sunblock on – they say better than washing it off and also I get some protection right
    the rest of the skin where I don’t have pimples – everywhere except around mouth and on chin looks better – more even

    Day 4 Monday – although I didn’t have a shower the day before, as I said more than 24 hours – in the morning my skin wasn’t that oily – it was more oily than it would normally have been but.
    So in the morning it was better than the day before- about 3 new pimples but the ones from day before were healed-ready to fall off(I had put jojoba oil on the forehead spot where I had had three of them)
    in the morning I did my sprints – after that I showered and let water on my face for 10 seconds or so but didn’t touch – I still have residue of sunblock from Saturday and I am going to actually leave it on and get benefits of sunblock without putting it on.
    the face is itching – it looks much better than it would normally but it is really itchy all the time – normally I would probably just cleanse it and it would be ok for a few hours – now I will go and spray some salt water or probiotic water on but it doesn’t help much

    I still think this way of cheating is the way to go- helped my back acne- still is helping It – I have got maybe two or three new small pimples on my back and chest combined and the rest looks smooth and rested

    It still not perfect – at home I have a water filter and think that could be helping especially now doing water only –

    My hair is great – not having washed for maybe a week and it is not getting any more oilier – only problem is that when I scratch it i pick up a lot of build-up from the scalp – I think that will become dandruff if I do it too often which I kind of do
    my nose is still good – only on the left side I got a little pimple but ok – the rest look congested and is itchy but nothing actually happens – normally I would get on average 1.5 pimple a day there
    today I checked the back of my neck – not bad but I thought It would be better since there is nothing sticking out or painful – probably is even a scar – that will get better however with no poo routine
    also neck is really nice – as well as around ears – and sides of forehead – is just brown and even except for one pimple on each side of the neck – around 10 days old – but getting better

    Day 5 Tuesday
    we went on a trip – sweating, not resting, wearing a cap
    I had three new big whites from the morning above my mouth and one bellow, as well as one on the side
    that was horrible – but I didn’t touch it and by the end of the day I had two more and these were really big
    by the end I really stung but since we came back at 22.30 I didn’t shower, anything

    Day 6 Wednesday
    those from yesterday subsided – I could scrub them off immediately
    but I have got a two under my mouth that are inflamed from under and one on a temple – scary
    but body acne is better than previously – black heads are just going up and ready to fall
    skin texture and evenness is getting better
    I am going running now so after I will let water on my face and also in hear so I hope I will look ready to go out(as if)

    Day 10 Monday – 5 days since last post
    much better now – I have been showering daily but I don’t wipe my face, only let water on the face for 5 second or so
    my hair is not pretty bad, still picking at it and the dandruff seems really bad – wasn’t that bad until after yesterdays’s football match
    since the beginning I have been thinking about this a very often – like 2 hours a day – but among people I really feel more confident than I have in months – despite my 3 whiteheads that even my friend pointed at. So I am also growing out my beard – my facial hair is not perfect but after initial itchiness it seems much better everyday – the worst it was on Saturday after the party
    since the regimen I feel like I am in control of my acne and life in general,

    Tuesday day 11
    Just like ainother day, in the morning I got one or two whites on my chin – normal stuff but they are ok.
    it is better every day – my skin is not flakey, is just even and even on the temples it is only better than yesterday.
    my problem now is that although I am really confident now, I still keep thinking about it and I am anxious to see the improvement – fortunately, unlike most anything in the past it is helping so my confidence doesn’t go down with it but still it makes my thoughts busy.
    yesterday I had a busy day working and after that went running – that was the only water on my face
    showers with the filter seem much better for my hair so I think it does help-I bought one for about 20 dollars from china.
    my face is always itching – I actually pop forehead and chin pimples by clenching and moving my face muscles the way it wrinkles and makes pressure and pops the pimple. I think it is not ideal by my restlessness just doesn’t go away overnight.
    now in the evening I think, I get a few, like 2 whites more throughout the day. It just takes more time, they are mostly ok, but also they appear at the place where I move the mouth muscles.

    Day 12
    again a few more pimples throughout the day- I think about 4 altogether
    also there is the dead skin finally building up at places where I have or had acne – the color is yellowish. No build-up at places where I didn’t have acne but I imagine it would take hundreds of cotton balls to clean
    Pimples that come up go away quickly- within one day but new pimples keep coming up almost the same rate as before