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  1. I. Diet

    Eat Liberally: all kinds of vegetables, unprocessed meat, butter, coconut oil, spices, broths, liver meat
    Eat Moderately: processed meat, potatoes
    Eat Never: grains, gluten, refined sugars
    And of course, lots of water!

    II. Lifestyle

    Short 30 minute aerobic/anaerobic work out 3x a week
    Meditate 3-4x a week
    Sleep as early as you can! It's very important
    Stay positive :)

    Simple and short. 

  2. So this is almost the end of my 4th week. I haven't felt so good about myself for so long. All active spots on my face are dead now. All I have now is hyperpigmentation on my cheeks (which are fading) and a raised bump (like a cluster of dead cysts) on my chin that does not hurt anymore. 
    It took me so long to realize how detrimental diary can be to my facial skin. I've been off of any diary strictly for a week. No more new cysts in my chin area, chichis awesome. Although it hurts to not eat my favorite desserts, it is worth it. I want a clear fare more than anything and now I'm having a lot of hope.
    My face does not look nearly as crystal clear as I want it to be, but I know that this is already a miracle. I'm really looking forward to seeing what it would look like in another 4 weeks. 

  3. So I'm 41 and German, English, Irish. I started getting my first Sebaceous Hyperplasias at about 27. Then about fifteen more within the next few years. So first thing I did was have a dermatologist freeze them. The liquid Nitrogen didn't penetrate any and so I tried later on Compound w Freeze away and a professional liquid Nitrogen spray and none could do anything but peel the surface skin a bit. So that myth is bunk. I will tell each method and experiences in continued blogs. Please share yours. 
  4. Alana1997
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    Here's where I'm at right now to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with and so you can see how far I've come when I post occasional photos, which I think I'll do every week or every other week, just depending on how much difference I see in the amount of time
    ALSO: I should note that I took these photos right after removing my makeup and slathering on my night cream which is why my skin has a sheen to it, it isn't normally that shiny and I know it looks oily in the pictures but I don't normally have excessively oily skin. It's just the cream on my face ✌✌


  5. Homer1125
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    It Is now the 45th day of the water regimen. And I've noticed a big difference since I started the regimen. Here are the differences I've noticed since then.
    1. Less oil production(takes some time for it to work)
    2. Less inflamation
    3. Less pimples
    4. Pimples heal faster
    5. Cystic pimples are very rare
    6. Dry and dead skin patches
    7. Rougher looking skin(I heard that the regimen will take care of this problem if you stick with for about 3 months)

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    Ive been taking accutane for a little over a week now, I didn't start seeing any side effects until 7 days in actually. One being the one and truly dry lips... the other being what I think is the initial break out, I was hoping I would get lucky and not get it but it is  coming hard and full force. If anyone had an initial breakout when did they get it and how long did it last?

    Ive been trying so hard not to use any spot treatments but I feel like im breaking and going to give in, Im trying to be strong.

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    It has been a while! I haven't been able to give time as I was moving and a lot has been going on! But I am soooooo happy to tell you guys that this works!! Bless the people who made this website!! 

    I am in my 5th month and I don't get acne anymore. The last time I got a new zit was a month and a half ago. I can't tell you how I happy I feel writing that (knocks on wood). So to people out there who just started this or are in their early months...DON'T STOP. It will work. All you need is patience, which I know how hard it is to have when you have big bumps on your face!! But stress won't solve the problem. So relax and keep going!

    I am dealing with the scars now, but they're getting better. Don't stress about the scars as they're never permanent. AHA is slow, so I don't know how much it's helping me but I apply it every other night.

    Some tips I had which might help:

    -If you're still flaking, try changing the moisturizer to cetaphil. moisturizer did not help me. (Although all their other products are brilliant)
    -Once you start clearing up try reducing the BP content. That'll help reduce the irritation
    -Eat healthy and exercise. Those things will definitely help your internal acne issues as you can't use BP your entire life. I really feel that diet change is a permanent solution to this problem so I am all into leading a healthy lifestyle so that I don't aggravate my acne ever again. 
    -Try acne supplements or supplements that'll keep your hormones in balance. I use evening primrose oil and fish oil and they have been amazing in regulating my hormones.


  6. Today was my third dermatology appointment. I had my initial appointment, one at three months and today at 6 months. The derm was happy that I am no longer breaking out. He said I have to be on it for 8 months in total, not 11 like I thought so that's good.

    I have worked out my cumulative dose. I am 9st 2lb which is 58KG, I have 8 more weeks to go at 30mg a day which is 210mg a week. From when I started to when I finish I will have done 33 weeks. You need 120mg a KG at minimal for permanent results. So...

    120 (mg) x 58 (kg) = 6960 (mg) (total dose needed) 210 (mg) x 33 (weeks) = 6930 (mg) (Total dose)

    It took me a while to get that haha! But I am very happy I will have just over the total dose required. Happy that I aren't falling short.

    The derm said I did have quite a few red marks but they should be faded in 6 months to a year after I finish. I didn't think it would take that long but I can deal with that. I picked up my prescription and booked in for one more nurse appointment where I will pick up my last prescription in four weeks time! The derm said that is it now, I don't need to see him again as I won't need to. I asked what happens if it comes back and he simply said it wont. He said it is very rare that it does and he never sees anyone again, but if by any chance it does, I can be re-referred for another course. He stressed at me not to worry and be happy. He seems to be very confident in this drug.


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    Week 2 of using Adapalene and Lymecyline.
    I have been using the Adapalene every night for 11 days now and taking one Lymecycline capsule every morning.

    When using the Adapalene there is a well-known 'breakthrough period' which I myself am experiencing at the moment. I have found that every morning when I wake up after applying the cream, I have lots of small spots on my chin and around my mouth. This does obviously make it hard to persevere with a product that appears to actually be making my skin worse ! However I am determined to stick with the cream for at least 8 weeks and hoping to see some improvement by then....I have also noticed that my skin does feel quite dry and itchy after applying the cream.  

    With regards to the antibiotics I don't think they have had any effect on my skin yet and again I'm aware that they may take up to 8 weeks to kick in. The only comment I can make about them is they do have a strange smell which is a bit cheesy and not the most appealing tablets to take, but I'm willing to try anything!   

    I have also been doing some research on dairy products as I have recently noticed that when I drink milk my skin breaks out really badly! I have decided to cut out dairy products from my diet mainly including milk, cheese, yoghurts. I will be keeping track of my progress in the next few weeks!
  7. Hi everyone, 
    I wanted to give a final update to anyone reading this blog. My skin is basically 100% clear! The clindamycin and differin worked amazingly. I am so happy! I was lucky and really did see clear skin after around 8 weeks. So to anyone wondering if they should start differin/clindamycin i would highly recommend it. :) 

    For girls out there i wanted to share the two best makeup products i recommend for acne prone skin. 

    - Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Powder Foundation
    -Dermablend Liquid Camo Concealer. I found that liquid concealers tend to look best! Sometimes you need cream for really stubborn spots though. this website is also a lifesaver if you're ever unsure if a product will break you out!


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    Clogged pores are mostly unclogged now. I am so glad differin has done this wonderful job of pushing the dirt out.

    My breakout period is mild, but it has passed.

    My routine now:

    Morning - Wash face with tap water. Use cloth to pad dry. Apply hydroderma cream on allergic spot.

    Evening: Wash face with Cetaphil gentel cleanser. Apply Differin. Apply hydroderma cream.

    No I dont use sunsreen or moisturiser. Doesnt seem really need them.  


    Allergic spot
    Initial breakout


  8. Chris1234
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    End of week 4 update. I've been on differin for 1 month! I still do get break outs, characterized as red papulopustules but they resolve within a week. Some of them grow on previous lesions while others on closed comedones. Some closed comedones do not get inflamed, but just extrude a hard white sebum, like the comedone is pushed upward from underneath the skin.

    I don't experience dryness or redness but my skin is super oily! I don't get much peeling except on area around my lower lip. 

    Overall, to summarize my 1 month experience with differin i'm still getting breakouts every week. Honestly, for 4 weeks i never get rest period with my breakouts. Im happy though that my face feels smoother. The hyperpigmentation is still there. Some of the closed comedones are gone. I still have blackheads. They say it takes 2-3 months to see a clinically significant effect on differin, so im patiently waiting for that. So far i can say its definitely working however restoring my clear skin will surely take time.

    Same regimen.
    I will be updating monthly from here onwards :)


  9. My acne has decided that it didn't want to go quietly. Even though this summer it had improved substantially to the point where I could almost go out sans makeup, it has spiralled out of control this school year. This final pre-accutane week has been hell for my skin.  I've had quite a few flare-ups by my nose area, on my lower cheeks. They are red and angry, and no amount of makeup will cover them. I try not to think about my skin too much at work and school, even though I know that everyone can see my acne. Oh well. I took a few pictures-- some with flash, some without, one with bandaids on my face to keep me from picking at them... haha. Looks can be deceiving-- the lighting in my bedroom makes my acne look way less severe than it is.

    This picture is from the 8th grade, and it is the only picture I can find where I had relatively clear skin. I might be wearing a little powder. Keep in mind that I had acne far before this, but I believe that I had just completed a round of doxycycline and it briefly gave me clear skin.


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    Before isotretinoin, I have done as required to be a candidate for this medication which is an ultimatum. In case you do not know this, you have to have used every local treatment they offer as well as every antibiotic treating acne. This, in itself, is a long, painful and even gross journey. Since you are researching new possibilities you are probably still fighting acne and you are not alone which is why I wanted to write a “tutorial” of how I experienced the drug and its effect compared to the side effects along with other pupils` views. In this “tutorial” I will cover what isotretinoin is and how it works however instead of using the average person as an example, I am the example. Not to mention, the products I have used and still use while being on my second round of isotretinoin.
    I am a 17 year old girl from Norway, I am mentioning this because of the climate differences which certainly can have different impacts on people`s result and therefore the outcome from each and every treatment may be inconsistent. I have fought acne since the age of ten and still are. I started my first round of isotretinoin in 2014, when I was 14/15 and the second in April 2016. Today I have approximately 3 months left, and hope to never see the medication in my hand ever again. The reason for why I am writing this is due to the lack of personal information I found when researching for the first time I started the medication. By this I mean what actual people have said regarding the drug, and not what dermatologists have claimed by facts. In this text, I will try to base every argument on facts yet most of it will be from my own experience. I need to emphasize that I am not a doctor and on that account my information may be somehow wrong. 
  10. OverjoyedTwig
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    Only 1 update since yesterday: my face (my cheeks only) is red.. i look blushed all the time now. it doesnt hurt/itch/bother so i really dont mind.

    Lips are still ok, no aches, no nose bleeds, no extra dryness, no new break outs. 

  11. I had taken 80mg of oratane this week.
    On the first day,I successfully pop out two annoy blackhead on my forehead at night.Now still left one annoy blackhead on my forehead.
    My left cheek break out a cyst right beside my ear...
    My right cheek:
    Two close comedons broke out..I had accidentally hurt them when I washed my face so they beacme red of it I pop it (Derm asked me to do that) of it gone when I washed my face..I can see now there is more and more comedons transforming to pimple/acne.....˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅
    I found that after I pop them and eliminate the puss ...It heal up fast like two to three days then hyperpigmentation might take one to half weeks they will eventually gone ^ω^
    Only that those hyperpigmentation which didn't clear well are those that I didn't eliminate the puss...
    i order one blackhead clip online with the wish that i could get rid of them before they break out yet nothing work.....It made my face like more serious and skin peel off
    It is not as easy as I learnt from some videos..
    No serious side effect yet ....
    My hair and face still a bit oily
    Only that..
    my body acne getting lesser and dryer..
    My leg and body came out sone red spot all of sudden few days ago...Not sure wat happen...There is also a big red bump on my leg...It look like mosquito bite but it is look like cyst 

    Forgot about my pic
    Nothing so much bother about my left cheek and forehead
    Right cheek :

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    Actually, popping your treating these big pimples are easy especially when treated with proper care and treatment. There are many treatments available in the market, among which some would like to stay with dermatologist approved treatments whereas others would like to stay with natural treatments. Even if the urge is strong, you  should control the tendency of scratching your pimple and shouldn’t rush to pop every a pimple as it appears. Popping a big pimple before it is ready to pop can be very painful and also have a great scope to leave a permanent scar on your face. However, with the little bit of patience and some hand tricks you can learn to pop your pimples safely, painlessly and perfectly every time.

    Here are the 3 best ways to pop big pimples painlessly:-

    1.Know When a pimple Is ready To Pop

    Never try to pop a pimple that deep in the skin, painful, shiny, or red. Instead, wait until you see a hard white bump on the top of your pimple. This white-head is pus gathering near to the surface of the skin that can be easily squeezed and popped. Popping a big pimple before it is ready will allow bacteria and debris to enter the pores, causing more pimples and painful infections on the other part of your body.

    2. Apply Skin-Softening Lotion On your Pimple Overnight

    Coating your pimple in aloe vera overnight can help soften dry, crusty zits  and making them less painful and also easier to remove the following in the morning. Further, avoid covering your pimple with oil based lotions such as vaseline, as these will clog your pores and create a room for serious issues.

    3. Wash Your Face With Mild Soap and Warm Water

    Clean the area around a pimple with a washed cloth and soap. You can use warm water to open up the pores and make a pimple easier to pop. The best time to pop a pimple is often night right after a hot shower as at that time steam and heat used to open your pores.

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    Hi! I'm new here and I've never done anything like this before. Generally I'm the one googling questions about my acne and ending up on sites like this one and reading a bunch of comment and tips... never making an account and writing about my own acne. But I recently have found a personal "cure" to my own clogged pores! And I hope maybe one person will see this and maybe it will help them. I've had clogged pores for about 6 years now but have only been extremely concerned with them until recently. Ive tried a lot of things. And although clogged pores don't necessarily look as bad as "real acne" they are definitely as stubborn if not MORE than your regular mild acne. One thing about me is that I eat like shit me I don't exercise and blah blah blah. So that could defintley play a huge part in my clogged pores. But recently I've been drinking water. A LOT. OF. WATER. Like the daily amount you're supposed to drink. Now I am using the three step proactive+ with it but BOOM, my skin has never been more clear. After 6 freaking years this is all I had to do. Is drink more water.  Now this might not help everyone with bumpy clogged pores, but it might help SOMEONE. So I really suggest giving them a try. 

  12. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Here's what has happened.

    My skin took a turn for the worse after my last post and I got down on myself. I had basically given up on Differin, but continued to apply it out of habit. I said I was going to quit using it out of frustration, but my dad convinced me to stay on it.

    I quit using PanOxyl after about two months, but continued to apply Differin. I increased the amount of Differin I would use as my skin got used to it. Throughout the day I wash my face with just water, maybe three times during the day.

    Just then my skin started getting much better. The pimples came more slowly and dried out nicely. At about 3 months I stopped getting pimples at all on my cheeks, and my forehead and chin smoothed out considerably. The redness is fading and I am starting to look like my old self.

    If you are just starting Differin, I can't stress enough how important it is that you stick it out for at least two full months. It's not gonna work right away, but when it does you will be happy with the results.

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    I started Spiro on November 8 so it's been 11 months and 3 days of spironolactone in my system.

    My skin is behaving badly and I honestly don't know what to do with it anymore. My face feels so tight but it's so oily!! My derm wants to put me back on antibiotics but I honestly don't want to :(

    It's so unbelievably exhausting dealing with acne. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.



  13. Just a quick update that I'll be getting Broad Band Light treatment tomorrow (I think it's an updated type of intense pulse light treatment). It's supposed to help with sun damage, pigmentation issues, and overall skin health. It supposedly can help decrease your change of developing skin cancer in the future too which sounds like a nice bonus to me. I spent basically my entire youth frying in the sun and then my skin got scars from all my cystic acne so my skin has been through a lot. I figure this is the least I owe to my skin for all I've put it through!  

    I'm also getting some pro fractional laser on my cheeks where my scarring is especially bad... ice pick scars, depressed scars, etc.  I'll try to be good about taking before and after pics and posting about how the process turns out. 

    As for my diet, it's been rough. I love love love food. The last two days I've eaten wonderful, nutrient dense, clean foods and I feel awesome until nighttime hits and my willpower seems to disappear and I eat everything within sight. Just being honest.   My skin is showing it, as always.... dull, sallow, puffier, and a few clogged pores. When I eat the way I should, my skin glows, my contours are more defined, my skin looks lifted, etc. 

    Anyways, I'll post an update as soon as I get a chance

    My acne story:
    Retin A Micro Diary:
    All the acne treatments I've tried: 
    30 Day Results on the Paleo DIet (The paleo diet is how I feel my absolute best and my skin responds wonderfully as well. Unfortunately, I haven't been as consistent as I would like and my waistline and skin aren't where they could be):

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    HI, Im 28 years old and have suffered from acne for more than a decade. I have tried antibiotics, topical creams, facewashes, otc treatments and nothing has permanently worked. Ive notice my acne is worse in chicago where i currently live and gets better in arizona. I avoid wearing makeup or using anything irritating on my skin. Im allergic to benzoyl peroxide, anything with artificial fragrance,  and SPF! What can i do to avoid the humidity to affect my skin?

  14. Well, let me just say that I am a few days away from my 2 month mark of taking spiro. It honestly feels like it should be way longer than that! I really haven't seen much change. I have noticed that I am gradually getting less oily, which is great because I HATED my oil production, but it's still not my dream of clear baby soft skin. I never really realized how bad my acne has gotten over the years until I recently looked at old pictures. I remember thinking it was bad then when I was in high school, well I would die to have the "acne" I used to have. It's a little discouraging to look at myself and not really see much change. I know its a long road and it takes time. I try to be consistent with taking my BC and spiro, but I did go through a weekend where I did not take my spiro, and I could notice a very very small difference. It's hard to say if I did truly experience the "initial breakout" phase when I first started spiro, but I still get breakouts- big and small. I will say that my face has not been swollen like it was before I started spiro. That is when I really knew I had to do something more. I felt so uncomfortable in my skin, it was painful. I am really hoping for better days really soon. I just know that it will get better, and I am trying to be as patient as I can be. I have also added a hair, skin, and nail vitamin just 2 days ago that my boyfriends grandma swears by, and I hope to see improvement by adding that to my nightly vitamins. After messing up with my dosage and missing pills of spiro, I have recently added all my medication to a reminder app on my phone so that I can be more consistent with taking it at the same time. 

    Does it ever get better?!

  15. I have been searching sunscreen for at least 20 years and finally, thanks to ever improving technology, I found it!!! It is Heliocare 360 SPF 50 gel dry touch! 

    Does not sting my eyes
    Does not break me out
    Keep me matte ALL DAY (therefore my makeup lasts all day)
    Does not have white cast. Does not gunk up on eyebrows nor hairline.

    Somewhat sticky, not truly dry touch (but doesn't affect makeup application)
    Dry down time is kinda long
    Hard to get in USA


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    I'm not happy or comfortable with my skin right now, especially my chest, but if I think back to the beginning of the year there really is a big difference in how I'm feeling about it, mainly because of how iodine got rid of my body acne or folliculitis or whatever it was. I couldn't stand to wear a tank top or be without pants even when alone in my room, I couldn't stand anything that increased my awareness of those parts of my body. Even when I was covered up I was still thinking about it almost all the time. And now that I don't get those blemishes, and the spots are fading, I may not be comfortable with the appearance yet but the wonderful thing is that I don't have these constant negative thoughts about it.

    I don't know if I'm just going through a good spot right now, or if the other topicals I started using a couple weeks ago are doing something, but I went on a couple errands without makeup this week. I would love to be able to always feel free to leave the house, see strangers or friends, feel that I look normal with no makeup, feel comfortable with just tinted moisturizer or something in the types of situations where foundation is normally a must for me.