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    So I thought I had been posting the last few days from my phone but turns out it wasn't working so I don't remember what all I said. Basically, I went to my derm and of course had account issues with ipledge. She kept me at 40mg kind of.... I am alternating taking 80mg (2 pills) and 40mg (1 pill) of Zenatane (so that switched too) she said alternating would help ease me into the symptoms. I am wondering if I will get a bad breakout from the upped dosage. She also said that if my lips crack or skin gets too dry to call her so she can call in prescription medicine for it so I don't suffer all month. How sweet is that!! Anyways, the inside of my nose is just really dry and my lips are starting to chap. Other than that nothing has been too extreme. I also started using Arbonne stuff for my face and it has helped a ton. I honestly think it is the only reason I haven't dried up like a fish out of water. I ordered their hydrating face mask for when I get super dry and I can't wait to see how it works! 

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    Hello everyone, 

    It is now the fourth month and within the past 2 weeks I've broken out once, a combination of 3 whiteheads and one cyst. I am still taking 35mg/day twice a day. Overall, besides my recent breakout, I am truly beginning to see some real results! However, I'm not sure if it's the weather change or the accutane. Regardless, less acne makes me happy. 
    Based on my time so far on accutane, here's what I have to say about the drug:
    1. It HAS caused mood swings, I'm positive of it. Since I started the drug, my mood and behavior has changed slightly. Although, it may just be because since I'm on the drug, I pay a lot more attention to my acne and that makes me insecure. To be honest, I'm not sure which one it is but I can definitely say I've gotten more emotional since starting isotretinoin. 
    2. It's cleared my face so far, kind of, but it's caused damage to my arms. I have multiple dry spots all over my arms with radii ranging from 2cm to 4cm. I can understand that people might think, well that's probably because you're not moisturizing. But no, I make 100% sure that my skin is always hydrated, using a mixture of non-pore-clogging oils and moisturizers. 


  2. I haven't updated for ages, we've had a death in the family and this has kind of been the last thing on my mind :( .
    However with all the stress that I have been under recently I still have no breakouts where before the two things that would make my skin doubly bad were the time of the month and any stress.
    The main thing that i'm worried about at the moment is that my 15 year old son has over the last week or two been breaking out in big red I know that it is common especially in teenagers but I am just so petrified that it will not be just a brief teenage thing and that I have passed a gene on and he will be stuck with bad skin for life like me... I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy never mind the person that I love the most in the world :( 

  3. I was supposed to start taking spironolactone at the end of January per my dermatologist, but I had a cross-country road trip planned for that week. All I could imagine was having a negative reaction to medication and being trapped in Kansas with nothing in sight to help me except tumbleweeds. Seriously guys, there’s NOT A DAMN THING in Kansas.


    I had a follow-up visit scheduled with my dermatologist last week, but I pushed it back to May to give my spironolactone treatment more time to do its thang. As I said, my dermatologist is lovely and understanding, but she seems pretty pro-Accutane and I want to really exhaust all my options before I return to her. She was skeptical that spiro would help me significantly.

    So far, she’s sort of right.


    When I first started treatment, I knew from reading personal accounts that spiro takes at least a few months to really start making any visible changes. I told myself:


              “Kayla, don’t get frustrated. Don’t quit. You won’t magically wake up looking like Heidi Klum”

    And while I haven’t given up, I have been dejected. Even though I knew I wouldn’t see much difference until now, I’ve still been insanely impatient. I wanted to see a big change in my face. I wanted to wake up and go “HUH! NO MORE PIMPLES!”. I wanted people to start commenting on how good my progress was. But skin and treatment doesn’t work that way.


    There were a few moments where I thought I was just wasting precious time and maybe if I stopped spiro and started another treatment, I might have the clear face I always dreamed of by now .But that’s not logical and I kept my head up. I tried to look for any little progress I could. Sometimes I worry that I’m convincing myself that treatment is working. Honestly though, it really seems like it’s starting to kick in. It’s only been two months and some people say it takes anywhere between three to six months to notice major changes.



    So, here's my beautiful mug!



    Let's talk about what I've noticed personally.

    -Cystic acne has reduced DRAMATICALLY! I know it’s hard to tell from my before and after photos, but all of that red blotchiness in the top left photo is almost entirely cystic acne (hence the MISERABLE face I’m making). It was incredibly inflamed and painful. I couldn’t put on makeup or moisturize without wincing. I woke up with a new mountain on my face every day. They were deep, too. Now, I only have one seemingly cystic zit on my right cheek.


    -Redness has reduced…mostly. If you’ll notice the difference between my two bottom pictures, one side of my face is being a stubborn asshole. Since taking that picture a few days ago, I would say it has reduced in redness. In fact, my skin is more purple than red. Very hard to cover with makeup, so that sucks. But the thing is that back in February, those spots were actual puss filled white heads or black heads that were all grouped together to form one mega red pimple of death. Now, they’re all separate and 90% of them are just leftover marks or very small blackheads. The other side of my face (two  is noticeably lighter, which I’m very excited about.


    -Inflammation is down. Sort of goes along with cystic acne, but overall my face is much less inflamed. My texture is starting to even out and my skin is… flatter. The bumps are smaller and I have less of them.


    -New pimples are rare! This is one of the best changes I’ve noticed. Before treatment, I would wake up with at least two or three new whiteheads or bumps. I could see the cysts starting to form under my face and I knew I was in for a shitty week. Often, by lunchtime I would notice a new zit that wasn’t there when I woke up! It was frustrating and this still happened a month into spiro treatment. I thought in the least that’s what it was supposed to be helping with! Now that I’ve stuck it out, I realized a few weeks ago that I haven’t woken up with any honkers on my face. No big ole’ bumps or new white heads. New pimples have not stopped forming 100%, but I can tell that I’m mainly just suffering through the healing and cleanup of my breakout from November. Yes, my skin has AWFUL turnover.



    Today is my second day skipping out on full coverage makeup! It’s a big fricken deal, guys. Usually I cake on the foundation, concealer, and powder. Last two days, powder only. I know make up is bad for my skin and I do use a lightweight, matte/pore friendly foundation. But still…let’s be honest with ourselves. No makeup is good make up when you’re a pizza face. As all of you women know, it’s nearly impossible to resist the temptation of covering your acne. If I have the choice between being embarrassed and self conscious all day vs not, why would I choose humiliation?

    These last few days, I’ve decided I’m going to show off my skin and “let it breathe”. I came to this choice when my boyfriend’s parents came over for breakfast this weekend. I was running late (as is my pattern in life) so it was either greet them half naked or greet them without cover-up on. They are the sweetest people, so I said screw it. They love me for me. After realizing I survived and I only thought about my skin 20x instead of 1,000x like I thought I would, I decided to take this bravery to work.

     I’m not sure what it means in terms of overall progress. Maybe I’m just used to this face? I hope not. I hope my confidence is supported by actual results. I sure think it is. Either way, I feel good knowing that people are seeing my real skin and are still treating me the same. I can only look better from here on out—or at least I’m planning on it!




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    Ah so far to go. My skin is pushing loads of white stuff out of most pores on my face. I can only assume this is Keratin and that it is what causes all my lumpy closed commedones. It is so hard not to pick at, if it was ok to I could have a field day.
    I mixed my moisturiser with Cetaphil this morning to stop it being as dry and now I look really oily although I don't feel it. 

    I still have the pain in my back, which comes after eating, like gallstones I imagine. It's a dull ache though. My skin and eyes aren't yellow so I'm not too concerned but I think I am going to pop and see the doctor tomorrow and just ask about it and ask for a blood test to (hopefully) put my mind at ease and see if i am ok to continue the medication.

    Now I can see stuff happening I would be kinda gutted if I had to stop but obviously my health is endlessly more important than my apperence.

    I have also been watching some YouTube videos on people's progress. Amazing.

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    Here are some pictures of my face today (28 April 2016). There is a lot of redness and dryness already because of my eczema. I have just been down to my pharmacy and picked up some samples of moisturisers, cleansers etc that they recommend for people on Roaccutane. Most products are La Roche Posay or 

    I will try them all over the weekend and if I like them I will buy the big sized products on Monday. 



  5. Hello my people!  Hope everyone is doing well.  My apologies for not updating on here.  I made the choice to have my spiro blog elsewhere because as much as i love the majority of positive people here, the few that take pride in trolling make the whole experience a sour one for me.  If you're interested in my regular updates, just PM and I will send the link.  

    I am almost at the eighth month mark which makes the one year mark oh so close.  I started out with so much hope and expectations for this medication.  This truly was my last resort and frankly, when the the time comes to call it quits, there is nothing new on the market to try.  With that said, i have hit another dead end.........again.  Eight months is plenty and while i see improvement that cycles from decent to bad, there is no consistency whatsoever.  I honestly feel disappointed.  Disappointed in myself for caring so much and placing my hope in something that in essence means very little.  I'm disappointed that i let such a small thing bother me so much and most of all, I am disappointed that at almost 33, i am still emotionally in turmoil as if i were 16 again.

    But like what big girls do, i brush myself off, pull on my big girl panties and prepare to move forward.  If anything, this whole experience (all 16 years and counting) will make me resiliant so at least there is that.

    On a non related acne note, I am in the process of looking for my first home!  Very exciting time indeed.  I put in for an offer which seems like the sellers want to wring every penny out of me, put no house is worth me being poor so if they're not wanting to be reasonable, they can keep it.

    Anyway....thanks for listening

  6. This is my 57 day update and I have a tendency to pop the black heads on my checks so it looks like I'm breaking out but really I just cause the spots my self. The black heads are just so large and look pop able but it always looks worse after. Oh well. I have about 5 active pimples and my face just feels a lot cleaner , not really less greasy yet but healthier and happier. I can tell it's going somewhere, which makes me very happy. Starting month 3 soon and hoping my blood tests come out better this time so they can finally up my dosage from 20mg to 30 mg which I was unable to do last month because of blood test results. Everyday is journey but we're all in this together , I try to remind my self of that. image.jpeg

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    Hey everyone! So I've been on retin a and clindamycin for about ten days now and I'm starting to get that ever so dreaded initial breakout :( the breakout is consisting of a very itchy patchy area of tiny pimples. Not any big ones so that's good I guess? I hope this goes away soon ugh! Oh side note , yesterday I started oral antibiotics for a "girl" infection if you know what I mean... Lol so I'll be on that medication for about three days and I'm kinda hoping it helps my acne too ..


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    Hello acne. org! My name is Daniela and this is my acne journey....Long story short...promise! I had mild acne on my forehead when I was in middle school then cleared up in the beginning of high school and stayed clear til I was 23. In 2014 I started getting huge cystic/lesion looking bumps in my right cheek out of nowhere. I couldn't pop them which added stress in my life :( I went to a dermatologist, got a cortisone injection on them and vanished for 3 months then returned and got more cortisone injections and vanished. Now, in the summer of 2015 I got a lesion once again but had no health insurance so I tried ALL the home remedies, face washes, facials, all the antibiotics that exist ( went to my universities student clinic for basic check ups ) and nothing worked. Finally got insurance this year and dermatologist determined I needed isotretinoin. I got two more cortisone injections that cleared the lesion but this time was left with a huge red rash on my cheek. Dermatologist hopes for it to clear with isotretinoin. She started me with 30 far this is my progress. I started on April 8, 2016; I will post pictures of my cheek every two weeks. So far after close to a month of being on Myorisan, I have experienced super dry lips, itchy scalp and some minor pealing on my cheek. Other than that I am feeling great :) Will keep you guys posted every two weeks. First picture is day 1 ( April 8) and the second is on April 22

    April 8.JPG

    April 22.JPG

  8. So finally after 8 months I am acne free! I hope this is the last time I take accutane. This has been my second time. While I have no pimples, I have lots of scaring and little holes from popping pimples before. Hopefully the scars fade and later on I can get something done about these little deeper scars holes. I finished accutane about 5 days ago. I still have a bit of dry lips and my hair still isn't oily. Maybe within a week I'll go back to being oily as usual. I definely feel better now and more confident. 

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    I got my first pimple when I was in fourth grade. I didn't wear makeup, and I was horrified. All my friends still had clear baby skin - what was happening to me? Over ten years later, I still suffer from moderate to severe acne. This condition affects my self esteem and social interactions, even when I try not to let it. I've tried so many treatment plans and I do absolutely everything I can to prevent acne. 

    Last week, I started a new regimen prescribed by my dermatologist. This is my last effort to clear my acne before taking extreme measures (Accutane). I am currently using Beyaz birth control, Cera-Ve face cleanser in the morning, Epiduo Forte gel at night, Avar cleanser at night, and Minocycline pill at night. I will be updating this blog over the next few months as my skin hopefully begins to improve.

    I'm currently on day 4 of this new treatment. So far, I have experienced a burning sensation and my skin is both red and peeling. However, I understand that these side effects are completely normal. 

    I would love to hear from anyone who has tried the same medicines and had success, or from anyone who understands what I'm going through. Thank you for your support! 

  9. I have now been using the regimen for five weeks!
    Here is what's up: 
    Before I started:
    I had twenty to forty active zits on my face. The majority of these zits were cystic, very painful and were resulting in scarring. 

    After Week One:
    I noticed a little bit of improvement. The acne I had seemed to be clearing faster than normal, however, I was still breaking out. 

    After Week Three:
    I got down to 10 active zits on my face, this is an all time low for me! Lowest in years!
    I did still have a fair amount of marks, non-active zits that take weeks to heal. 

    Also, I was expecting to see a lot of flaking and peeling from the benzol peroxide, and never did. I believe it is because I moisturize liberally. Many people with acne are afraid to moisturize, especially those with oily skin (like me.)  But remember, Oily skin is a result of your skin trying to moisturize itself. If you begin to regularly moisturize, your skin will eventually recognize it no longer needs to produce excess amounts of sebum. Long story short, I moisturize morning and night!

    After Week Five:
    Tomorrow marks the beginning of week six for me. As of right now, I have no active zits. In the course of five weeks, i went from 20-40 (more than one new zit per day) active zits on my face at all times, down to ten and then down to zero. 
    I used to jump out of bed every morning to check in the mirror to see what the damage was for the day, and now I can happily check and see that nothing has happened!

    Currently I have a lot of healing red scarring. In the image it may look like acne, but in real life it's all sooth and healing red marks.  I have not yet started using the glycolic acid as reccomended in the regimen, but I am going to be starting very soon to help the scarring. 

    So! From here, I plan to continue very DILIGENTLY using the regimen. Morning, night, with gentle love and care! 
    IMG_0892.JPGWeek  ThreeIMG_0893.JPGWeek ThreeIMG_0931.JPGWeek FourIMG_0932.JPGWeek FourIMG_0933.JPGWeek FourIMG_0949.JPGToday, Week FiveIMG_0950.JPGWeek FiveIMG_0951.JPGWeek FiveIMG_0952.JPGWeek Five

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    Circles, I'm going round in circles. I said to my mum today that I hate life, I hate my life life (right now anyway).

    This year has really been the worst. It started off well with meeting my boyfriend but a snowball effect of bad shit has accumulated. It started with me getting ill in January, I still have a cough from that. Then I hurt my foot in February which put me out the fitness game, still haven't exercised since. My skin started getting shit again. My house got broken into and my bag, passport, money etc got stolen. I saw a dermatologist with high hopes and Isotrex has fucked my skin right up.. anxiety ensued and I've lost 10lbs and hate leaving the house. My exams are next week and actually uni has been the most stressful thing ever this year. My bf really doesn't want to be with me, I can tell, I think he's actually trying to push me away now when before perhaps I subconsciously was pushing him away when ALL I wanted was support, I just wanted a hug and to be told that I'm beautiful and he loves me know matter what, that I'm perfect in his eyes.. but I didn't get that. So I don't believe that.

    On top of all that shit I've hurt my neck and upper back. Literally cannot get a break right now. 

    Why does life hate me right now? What have I done? I'm exhausted. My little head is exhausted and I hate that I feel guilty for anything I eat. I just want to be happy but I don't know how. 4 month ago I was so much happier until all this carp happened.

    I'm sorry if you are getting fed up of me going on and on but I haven't anyone who understands the "emotional" side of acne. No one in MY life has this as bad as me. This blog is my only outlet.

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    No dramatic results yet, but it is still early.

    I thought my acne was improving the last couple weeks but then today I got two really gross inflamed, pus-filled pimples on my jawline that just got bigger throughout the day and did a number on my self esteem. :/ I have been pretty good about not picking or squeezing my blemishes lately (which may partly explain why my skin looked better) but I could not help myself from getting rid of these. Personally, I'd rather have a couple small red marks than nasty pus-filled pimples on my face. Also, they seem to heal faster when I pick them (though the acne does seem to spread more so it is sort of a vicious circle).

    Yeah, so no miracles, but no complete tragedies either. Besides the two pimples today that kind of got me down, my mood has been exceptionally good lately. So yay, no weird moodiness or depression from the pill! :D 

    Even if it doesn't end up helping with my acne I will likely continue using TriNessa as birth control.

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    Soooo I haven't posted in a while because I am on vacation. I am definitely seeing improvements. Every day gets better. I had a tiny initial break out last week. But I think that combining topicals with the sprio has helped tame the initial break out. I am still taking the BCP every day, and 50mg of spiro every night. As far as topicals go, I use epiduo every other day. I find this has been working better than the aczone. I will add pictures soon.
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    So I started tazorac and I wanted to document my progress or if it gets worse. I've been on tazorac for a week now and my forehead has broken out tremendously but I've read reviews and read that it's suppose to appear worse before it gets better. 

  12. This time I found out Dermalogica intensive moisture balance is breaking me out. I used it with safflower oil as I thought I would like to add some humectants and some other anti aging ingredients from Dermalogica moisturizer to the oil. I was wrong... acne start to flare up again... Thankfully, it's not as bad.. 

    I will only use my faithful safflower oil from now on.. 

    I got Rhassoul Clay from mountain rose. Tried it as mask once. I liked it so for. 

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    I just need to vent. My skin has controlled me for so long, it's played such a toll on my self esteem. My self-confidence has always been so low, for all of my life. I remember a therapist last year asking m why I let it control me so much, and to think back to anything in my past that could have affected this and my insanely low self-worth. At the time I just ignored the question, I mean... a therapist couldn't help me clear my skin, right? However... recently, while i've been looking back, I've realised just how long I've felt inadequate and different.

    I'm a small guy. I always have been. Right now I stand at 5 foot 4 inches. I remember ever since I was five and joined primary school I was always the shortest, and I always got mocked for it. I was called a midgit and a dwarf. I used to get so upset...I would come home crying because I hated how small I was compared to my peers. Imagine a fucking seven year old kid coming home crying because they hated their image...

    I remember one time my teacher actually lifted me up onto the table and, with me standing on the table infront of him, he laughed infront of the class at how I /still/ wasn't as tall as him. It was something I hated. I even went to a doctor about it when I was around 13/14 and had some kind of injection in my butt every month to try and help me grow to the tallest I could be. This is a kid acually having medication to change his image because he felt different.

    Eventually I went through primary and secondary school being called small, and just having to deal wth it. After I went to a dance college to persue my passion for performing. I trained day and night, but again...the small factor always lived up to its name, but this time along with other stuff. I was told I was too skinny, too small. A ballet teacher once made me and another guy (who was very muscular) do a certain excercise - and I did it better...but guess what? Even proving myself wasn't enough. The teacher turns around to the muscular guy and goes "He jumped higher than you, and look at the size of /him/ compared to you."

    I think the low point came when I was told I was too skinny and short to work by an agent. I would cry constanty. I wouldn't get cast in anything or any roles because of my height and looks throughout my  training. the small thing in primary/secondary school, I pushed through it and graduated. I ended up getting some nice jobs and working, finally getting over the small thing...heck, I actually ENJOY being small now. I've gotten all of my jobs BECAUSE I'm small, and I've had some fantastic work....I learnt to love  myself.

    And then my skin flared up. Bad. It came up after a very bad and stressful time in my life, and has persisted and goten worse ever since. Sure...I don't have the most severe acne in the world, but it's bad. I cry everyday, I've written a suicide note before in the past. I have seb derm on my cheeks/nose, and acne and scarring on my face, back and neck. My face is the worst and, after a failed course of roaccutane, I am now at a loss. Nothing ever seems to work.

    I don't know how much lower my self-worth can get. I've hated myself since I was 5 fucking years old, and have always been told how different I was from everyone else. You'd think God or someone would give me a break. Just let me live my life. I want to just look in the mirror and feel contempt. When my accutane cleared me I was ecstatic. I was back to the person I was meant to be...and then it all came back.

    My skin has controlled me, it's destroyed so many factors in my life. I'd be a completely different person if it wasnt for my skin. I never go out, I never see anyone. I'm fed up of looking in the mirror and just hating myself. No-one else seems to have it around me. I know people who do hardcore drugs but still have flawless skin.

    One year ago today I was on accutane and hopeful. Now, here I am, one year later hysterically crying into my laptop as I type out this fucking miserable post.

    I don't think I could pray any harder.

  13. Hey there!
    I'm gonna try my best to stay positive throughout this post but these last few weeks have been a bit rough. So I'll try not to focus on the bad, as many of us know this is a JOURNEY and no quick fix. It gets worse before it gets better is a VERY true statement.

    Side effects: dry arms (some white patches are forming on them so I keep them moisturized), body aches (REALLY bad after working out for a day), eye dryness (very slight, I can still sleep in my contacts most nights), and increased appetite (I don't know if this is from the meds but its happening to me!)

    Acne: these past few weeks I've gotten a lot of spots. They all go away pretty quick, but they are more frequent than I am used to. Nothing cystic; the largest ones have been inflamed whiteheads. I have a small eczema spot (or so it seems) on my forehead that clearing up but bugging me, other than that I have about 2 small spots and 1 healing mark. I stopped picking completely and my face looks a lot calmer just from that. Positive note: all of my closed comedones I got from my hormonal hell from Spiro have purged. Also spots come and go way faster than before. Pretty much ZERO BODY ACNE. Love that. 

    Doctors Appt: My triglycerides were HIIGH so I am getting them rechecked and then probably going to be put on a cholesterol-reducing med. That is stressing me. We are going through with upping my dosage to 25 mgs twice a day (from 40 to 50). 

    As of now I am breaking out a little bit everyday. Nothing horrendous, just enough to annoy me and make me feel bummed. 

    Any wors of encouragement would be very much appreciated. Thank you guys. 

  14. It has been one full week since started accutane. Well dry skins and chapped lips have already begun, but it has started to positively affect me as well. A cystic pimple that I've had on my cheek for only god knows how long has already dried up and fell off, my chest is noticeably more clear, and the acne on my neck has started to dry up. I've been using cerave moisturizer (It's like $20 for a bottle but so worth it) and aquaphor for chap stick. My "Dr. Dan's coritbalm" ca,e in the mail today as well. This chap stick had hydrocortisone in it to help with the actual recovery process of cracked lips, not just the preventing them from drying up again. I will continue to make a weekly post and monthly progress pictures.

  15. I am nearly done with my first 30 days of accutane! I went to the dermatologist for my monthly check up and she said she was amazed at how well I was doing. That made me feel so good, because I really wasn't sure if that was the case never having been on the drug before. Aside from some red hyper pigmentation, and some dry scabs on my face from old acne, I only one blemish right now. It doesn't look as good as it is simply because my face is so red, but I can feel a huge difference running my fingers over my face. A lot less bumps! 
    As far as dryness, it has gotten any worse, but I expect that could be a different story a few weeks from now. I have just been lathering on lotion in the mornings and at night. My lips are still dry, but I haven't experienced any cracking or bleeding simply because I apply aquaphor like an addict. I have found a very interesting way to remove dry skin as well. I had a leftover bottle of hemp seed oil from before I started accutane. Hemp seed oil is a great moisturizer and makeup remover and is one of the only oils that won't clog your pores. Since it makes such an effective makeup remover, I use this in the mornings to remove dry skin. I just gently rub it into my skin, and the dry flakes come off in lumps (ew, I know.) Much better than using a harsh exfoliate, which you aren't supposed to use anyways. Plus this keeps my skin hydrated as I wash the dead skin off and follow with lotion. 
    I suggest getting a good daily SPF lotion for the body and face as well. The sun, even in small doses, can dry your skin out. I have been using lotions with SPF 15-25 in them every day. Not sure if it's helping, but I like to think that it is. Especially since I'm so fair-skinned as well, it's better to be protected with my skin being much more photosensitive on accutane. 

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    I never really had this problem before so I'm not sure how to approach the situation. But this morning I woke up with a HUGE bump on my forehead like literally half of my forehead didn't hurt at all just looked super ugly it wasn't a pimple no white surface but then I thought it was those pimples under your skin that you have to wait for them to come out. But it was tender not hard. So I do some sewing and my tempted self got a sanitized needle and poked through my skin it went in deep and didn't hurt one bit! Matter of fact if I wasn't looking in the mirror I wouldn't have even felt it. Well I pulled the small needle out and no pus or anything came out like I expected just a ton loads of blood literally filled a washcloth with nothing but blood. It went down so much like literally the size of a small pimple. Still no pain, blood stopped and you can't even see where I poked it but I'm curious what it is. I've never experienced acne not even in high school but recently I've been breaking out and I think it has a lot to do with my eating habits. Anyways I don't know how to post so I had to write a blog about it. Hopefully somebody knows what's this is.
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    Im a 20 year old girl thats been suffering from acne pretty much since I was in middle school.
    I used to think my acne was bad but then as I got older I started developing cystic acne..
    My acne really got bad when I went to college, I used to break out on my forehead alot and then the occasional cosmetic acne on my cheeks
    I think around January 2014 I started getting really bad forehead acne, like huge inflamed cystic ones that couldnt be covered with makeup.
    I remember not wanting to go to class or wearing a beanie to cover it up.
    I then found and purchased the regimen. I dont really remember if I used it but around summer of last year, I had enough and decided to use the regimen..
    After about a month most of my acne went away,, then by november I had clear skin! When january 2016 came around, the weather got cold and my face got dry and I thought that maybe I could get off the regimen and use different products.
    I started using the cetaphil moisturizer and retin A to get rid of my scars.
    That was the worst thing I could have donee!!
    about 2 weeks later my cheeks started breaking out! like cystic acne kind.. I didnt think to go back to the regimen so I continued using the retin a.
    Then by the end of january, my whole forehead started freaking out :(
    Its april 9 now and I've been on the regimen again since the 2nd of march..
    I've seen alot of progress with my cheeks and chin, its practically all clear except for some hyperpigmintation (but that can be covered easily)
    However, my forehead acne is just not going away!!
    I know the regimen will get rid of it, like before. but Im so impatient
    Most of my friends are graduating and I always make excuses to not go out because of my skin
    I've been wearing a baseball hat everywhere  and Im sure people know im trying to cover up my acne.
    My skin has always been the reason behind my depression,. My mood revolves around my skin. If it looks good, then Im the happiest
    if It looks bad, i get so insecure and just start crying and hide in my room.
    Ever since my skin started going bad, I basically pushed away alot of people, so no one would have to see me like this..I dont join clubs or go out.. I havent even had a real college experience. 
    all i ever want is clear skin. I know I can do so much and be thebest person I can be but my skin is holding me back :(

    Im hoping my skin clears before May, and I wont ever get off the regimen again..
  16. My skin is getting clearer! I'm on 80mg a day (40mg twice daily), though I frequently forget to take the 2nd pill.  My biggest concern is the dryness.  My skin is very dry, but I've been slathering on various Clinique moisturizers every morning and evening.  It's seems to be doing a good job so far.  Carmex and Aquaphor are lifesavers for my lips.  I've got anywhere from 4-8 tubes floating around at any given time.  I've also purchased some Eucerine Original Healing Lotion, which seem to keep some of the dryness at bay on my hands, feet, and body.  I did have to go back to the dermatologist because I was getting these small splotchy rash looking marks on my hands.  The dermatologist said it was dermatitis and to stop using scented body washed (I now use a Dove bar). He also prescribed me an ointment to help.  

    I'm very happy that I've made the decision to go on Accutane.  I wish I would have done it sooner and not waited until I was in my 30s!  I'm about to start my 3rd month and I'm looking forward to seeing more results.  I've posted before and after picture below of myself after washing my face. No make up or phone filters! Me in the gray shirt was day 1 of Accutane.  Me in the purple shirt was like 2 days ago.  I can totally see a difference!