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  1. SO! I am now 5 weeks in and let me tell you: going from 40mg to 80mg is actually a BIG change. I am twice as dried out, peeling twice as much, and twice as sad. :(

    I started my 80mg dose (40mg 2x a day with food) on Oct. 3 which was 30 days in. Almost immediately, I was peeling much more and a lot faster. My face is consistently peeling, even with tons of moisturizer now and whereas it was just my chin and around my mouth before, my forehead has joined the party. My lips are continuing to dry out, crack, and bleed and again, it's gotten much worse. It's much easier for them to crack. My eyes are also SUPER dry and a good 1/4 of my bottle of eye drops is already gone. Still trying to drink lots of water. My goal is about 3 water bottles a day but lately I've gotten about one so maybe that's why I'm so dry. 

    I have also been in a kind of... funk for this past week. I wouldn't label it as depression, maybe just anxiety, but I've been super sad and quiet and cried over the littlest of things. But it hasn't been just single-tear-for-a-few-minutes crying; it's been curl-up-in-bed-and-sob-for-a-while crying. It's gotten significantly better but it started basically the same day I started the higher dosage and lasted maybe 4 to 5 days. As of now, I'm fine though. 

    Joint pain has also gotten worse. Again, it's not something that keeps me from doing stuff but it does hurt. Early on, it started with my lower left back and my shoulders. Recently, it has moved on to my ankles. Especially after I wake up, my ankles hurt a lot and it takes me a few minutes to walk around and get rid of the pain but it dies down after that. 

    My acne is still pretty consistent. If new acne pops up it seems to go away a lot faster and not be as bad. Acne on my neck seems to be the worst right now but my face isn't too bad. Also, just to answer a question, I do NOT wear make up regularly to cover it up. I've always had trouble with make up adding to my break outs and I just don't want to risk it. I'll still wear it on occasion but not on a regular basis.

    So far, no hair loss. I can't remember if I mentioned it in previous posts but I just color stripped and re-dyed my hair to dry and get back to my natural shade (I'm more of a dirty/sandy blonde and I dyed it auburn in July and I desperately want it back) and usually that's damaging to your hair but nothing fell out more than normal. So, hopefully I'll skip the hair loss side effect. And yes, it takes far longer for my hair to get as greasy and dirty. I'm shampooing every other day or so just because I don't want my hair to dry out too much but I still want it to be clean. 

    So, nothing too interesting this week. Minus the effects of the dosage change, but even that wasn't too bad. Just FYI: I'm not feeling discouraged or anything based on those side effects. I've got a great support group and if Accutane is as miraculous as people say it is then I feel that it's worth it. 

    See y'all next week! 

  2. By the end 4th month things were going so very well and I fell off on updating this "blog".  I'm guessing that happens a lot on this site.  At the end of the 5th month I was beyond thrilled with my results.  After so many years, hell decades of battling acne things were turning around, and accutane should have lasting effects!  I was elated.

    Unfortunately at the end of the 5th I got some bad news.  My platelets were low.  I know you're not supposed to drink on this drug and I did really well at first.  But how do you do keep that up when beer has been your coping mechanism to get you through these hard times for so many years.  How do you not drink beers on warm summery days at the pool?  I'm not saying that it was just the beer since Accutane is known to lower your platelets, but I do think it was a contributing factor.  Anyways the doc said I had to stop.  This devastating news was softened by the fact that everything still seemed fine.

    I saw my regular doctor and she said it was just the Accutane (no I don't tell her about beers) and that I should get a prescription from my dermatologist for an antibiotic while my platelets build back up.  I should have listened to her but after so many years and so many antibiotics I dreaded the idea of another.

    It was almost 2 months later when I started getting some breakouts.  At first just a couple but they were cystic and reminded me very much of what I had spent 6 months forgetting.  A week later I called my dermatologist's office and made an appointment, unfortunately I couldn't get in for a month.  At that point I should have got a blood test and got on standby for a cancellation.  Hindsight again.  So finally I get in to see her, about 3 months after she pulled me off Accutane.  The good news was that my platelet levels were great.  The bad news was that the side of my chin was covered in cystic acne.  Near daily puss and nastiness, worse than I had experienced in years since I wasn't on an antibiotic.

    I got my script thinking it would all be over soon.  Some hassles with insurance and finally it was filled.  I took the pill like it was going to save me.  A month later things are worse than ever.  My platelets are still good and I got my next refill but I'm in a really low place.  Normally I keep some scruff on my face but I've been letting it grow out for the weekends in a mostly ineffective attempt to hide the truth about what I look like, what defines me.  I think the dermatologist could tell because she prescribed a strong (so I read) antibiotic Ceftin to help clear up my chin while the Accutane kicks back in.  She also wrote me a script for Clindamycin lotion.  I'm going to go full-bore with these 2 until the chin clears up and then hopefully drop them.

    I was on the Accutane for 5 months the first time.  I'll take it for the rest of the year and then some if it's up to me.  I don't care about the dry skin or the red coloration or the need to carry chapstick everywhere.  Just make it all go away.


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    i've just took my eighth pill. my skin and lips have been getting quite dry. aside from the dryness, my skin is not looking not bad. i tend to get a whitehead or two (sometimes even three if i eat a bunch of crap!) on the lower third of my face every day which SUCKS, so i hope accutane stops this cycle soon. the actual pimple is usually not big or anything, but i just hate the hyper pigmentation they sometimes leave. i haven't noticed any more or less pimples since starting accutane. i hope i'll be lucky enough to get away with no IB!

  4. Okay so Im on day 110 coming up to the end of my fourth month of Accutane and things are finally starting to have a noticeable difference. I have 0 active cysts. The cream that my derm prescribed me has seen to the remaining few that were there. I have one large pimple on my back but its not a cyst and I know its not going to leave a huge red mark like a cyst would so I'm happy.

    There are patches of skin on my back that have become clear from blackheads and clogged pores which haven't been clear in years. Most of the blackheads are more prominent and I have been told that they are all starting to rise like little bumps so I'm hoping that this is them getting pushed out of my skin. 

    In a week or so I was going to start some light exfoliation on my back, mainly to help speed up my PIH recovery a bit, alongside my vitamins. I know this isn't recommended while on tane but I thought it would also help bring my clogged pores out also. 

  5. First week on accutane has gone!! I remember you my regimen:

    FIRST 10 DAYS : accutane 20 mg (1 pill\day) , moisturizer and a gel with clindamycin and tretinoin (in the nights)
    THE NEXT DAYS : accutane 40 mg (2 pills of 20 mg\day) + the same creams.

    To be honest, in the first 5 days it was like I was taking no medications.
    By day 6, however, I started noticing an overall dryness on my face, especially on the nose and in its sides. In fact, I'm starting to peel off in this area. I can also see a general redness of the face. I think I'm starting to break out a little bit , indeed I got 3 new pimples (however, it's not a new thing for me, you know).
    My lips are still fine and my hair is still oily as always.
    I don't have any other side effects for the moment.
    By the pictures it's not possible to see any differences between the "before accutane" and now.. so for this week I'm not posting any photos.

    See you soon!!

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    Not an update, but i feel i should mention my picking habits. 
    It's a horrible habit and i know it doesnt help, but not only is it addictive, but i hate the feeling of bumps on my skin, so although it worsens my skin in the long term, it feels better in the short term, which is probably why i do it. 
    Anyway as a result im always touching my face which is honestly think is part of the reason i have acne, along with hormones. 
    In order to stop this, i'm going to try not touch my face all day. only when i clean it. 
    Furthermore i plan to drink atleast a litre of water a day, as i usually drink barely any. 

    I also want to mention that i freckle from the sun, however not alot and because of my heritage the freckles arent extremly obvious, like i wouldnt be identified with freckles. This also means that my freckles make my hyper pigmentation scars look a lot worse than they are, they sort of add to them.
    Another reason why i desperately want to fade my scars.

  6. Helloooo.

    So I am still 99% clear. I have two tiny bumps only visible under bright light but I am trying not to worry. It's been two days and they haven't gotten any bigger, which is usually a good sign. Wanting to put it down to stress from work. Half of my staff are leaving and I have been put on ridiculous shifts. Also, because of my shift pattern I only had Differin on my face for 5 hours the other night.
    Still struggling to find an amazing moisturiser that doesn't make me worry I am gonna be flaking half way through the day. But overall things still seem to being okay, however I am going to ask my derm about getting tretinion on it's own. Can't wait to see her, it's been three whole months without seeing one!

  7. Hi, this is my first time posting a blog on this site. But i just wanted a place to vent after seeing alot of really interesting, relatable posts here. I'm 18 years old and I have always had mild to light acne. I also used to pop my pimples, like religiously. It was scary at first, but after seeing it become a simple mark that fades in time with no actual scarring nor does it make more pimples, I thought i hit the jackpot. It became mostly easy to deal with acne in highschool and so I got through highschool and my freshman year of college with relatively clear skin. I still had breakouts once in a while, but never too bad and so acne and skin problems were never truly in the forefront of my mind until the last 2 months.

    I was working a summer job as a server for a catering company and I started notice as time passed that I was getting a few pimples here and there, no problem though, I just popped them when a whitehead came. Whiteheads come up pretty easily for my skin. However as fall semester was approaching I got more and more, still popped and they faded. Then about my first week into the semester (I took a break from the job), one side of my face started getting covered in pimples, WAY MORE than i've had in a while and MUCH MORE concentrated in one area than I ever had. So I waited it out, popped pimples, and hoping my skin was strong enough to deal with it. But finally it kept continuing, so I decided to stop popping and turned to some acne medication my sister had leftover- clindamycin phosphate gel with benzoyl peroxide. Its been more than 2 weeks in and I honestly can't tell if its working. In fact i feel that while it takes away some pimples, it just gives me more really red ones and makes it spread out more. Sometimes i fall into my old habit when it gets bad, as i've said- whiteheads come easily to my skin, so i popped a few still. Now looking at the mirror, I see a small dark scar and some ice-pick scars here and there on my skin and its wrecking my confidence. I should have been good by this point of time in terms of bad acne. My skin should have gone through the worst during my highschool and middleschool days, college should be my time to finally shine.  It seems like some cruel irony that it shows up when school starts rather than appearing during the summer when it could have been much easier to deal with. I mean almost everyone in college has got great skin at this point, and they should, we are at the age to have more tolerable skin. But that no longer seems to be the case for me and its kinda crapping on my college experience.I'm not saying i shouldn't get any acne, but I should simply deal with the acne i've always had and knew how to deal with. It feels like this is something else entirely, like someone switched my skin and put me in the dark on dealing with this.

    So now i am firmly trying not to pop anymore and also I trying to commit to the medicine for about one more week before I see a dermatologist for other options. But the clindamycin phosphate gel requires to be applied twice a day, however it leaves a white spot so I can't use it when I go to class, so i have to use it when i get home around 5-7pm, which doesn't give me alot of time to utilize it twice, but i still try. I just would like to know what others think of this medicine and if you have had the same experience as me when using it. Also, it would be nice to hear any experience similar to mine in terms of having a sudden uncontrollable breakout in your even though you've always had relatively good skin.
  8. So it will be three months exactly in a few days and still no improvment that's substantial my doctor said that at least 3 full months to even start noticing improvment a which I kind of discouraging but I'm gonna give another month and if four months goes by and still nothing I guess I put too much faith in Diane 35

  9. Tomorrow marks 7 months of this regimen: Topical retinoid- Atralin brand (0.05%) a pea-size amount, applied once per night, 30 mins after applying moisturizer and letting it sink in to my skin. Also, I've been taking 75 mg of Spironolactone each morning, and one pill of Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

    My skin has been a rollercoaster of purging, healing, and then being clear. But I have to say that my face continues to improve, week by week.

    Some weeks are better than others, though. I've had my period more frequently than I should have because I missed my birth control, so my face broke out a bit the past few days. Right now, there's a few pink marks that are healing, and I had one annoying pore purge on my left lower cheek/chin area. 

    I'm glad to see that the Atralin has purged almost all of the clogged pores under my skin, and that very few remain (I hope!). It's hard to tell when I'll feel like my face has fully purged all of the clogged pores and is on its way towards consistent clarity. I really, really hope this month is a turning point and that things are much easier from here on out. 

    If anyone else has been on a topical retinoid for 6+ months, I'd love to know how the following months were for you and your skin!


  10. Haven't noticed much of a difference. Felt like I had a big breakout last month (maybe initial breakout?) but now that I started taking spiro, ive heard you can have one from that as well. I think I was maybe too quick in starting the spiro but this oiliness just drives me insane and its a little too late to stop taking it now. Anyway heres me today without makeup 

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    Just testing the blog to make sure entries are going live correctly

    Enjoy the blogs everybody!

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    Apple Cider Vinegar will be my new regimen, to see if it will fix my acne. I'm in my 20s and a male and I've had acne for about 7 years now, after my first date in high school (haha). I've tried proactiv, since high school, but it never completely got rid of acne. Regimen had the same effect, except I only used the BP bottle (Repair Step 3), from Proactive. I must be sensitive to BP, cause it makes my face red, and the redness never decreased even after months of use.

    I heard only great things from using Apple Cider Vinegar, both internally and topically, so I'll be drinking 1-2 teaspoons (in a glass of water) of ACV daily and applying ACV twice a day (half water, half ACV). I heard a lot about ACV on youtube and from many articles, with many success stories. 

    I also just use the cleanser (since I have some left), and Grape Seed Oil for a moisturizer. The ACV is said to help fade red marks so I'm hoping it will. Five drops of Grape Seed Oil or less is plenty, and it seems to make my skin very soft. Too bad it's covered in acne, but hopefully will be gone soon.

    I'll take some before pictures, and in case this works, after pictures. I'll be honest that acne has caused me to avoid social events and people and has definitely reduced my self-esteem, since it's hard to be confident when you have a skin disease on your face. 

    I'll commit to this regimen for a month, maybe more. I'll be back November 2, 2015... which is exactly a month from now. 

  12. Well my acne returned as expected.. now I have 10 active pimples from a pre-existing 5 .. 

    To be completely honest, I kinda went off road with my diet lol .. greasy, processed, and sugary food combo (damn them cravings) .. and my time of the month is due.. so yea not bad at all. My skin texture has improved, still flaky but no longer rough and dry.

    My main reason for quitting BP for a week is because I have a laser hair removal session and my skin was in no condition to undergo those beams according to my dermatologist. So yea .. for now I shall watch my diet and sip some tea.
  13. Latest Entry
    Hello everyone!

    So as I said before I went to the dermatologist today. And asked for spiro and without hesitation she agreed to put me on that at 50 mg a day (will up the dose if needed) with epiduo forte (it's like regular epiduo but with stronger medication) and to continue orthotricyclen.

    I'm very hopeful with everything she gave me and will stick it all out until the end.

    I'll post again after I start everything! Wish me luck
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    Hi world!

    I have been a long-time lurker of the forums and blogs on, so I finally decided I should contribute my own information.
    To start, I am a 24 year old female....and stillllllllllllllll have acne, ugh. Currently, I am experimenting with spironolactonone, doxycycline, and retin-a. I basically diagnosed myself with hormonal acne due to my age, its resilience and persistence, and the location of my acne. I have acne mainly on the medial portion of my cheeks and chin, with whiteheads and blackheads in my T-zone. If I were to rate my acne from 1-10, with 1 begin extremely light and 10 being severe acne, I would say it would be a 4. I normally have 5-6 decently inflamed pimples on my face at any given time, I will get the occasional cyst every month, and I consistently have whiteheads and blackheads in my t-zone. Oh, and tons of scarring and hyper-pigmentation.

    I have maintained my mild acne currently with:

    Purpose Face Wash (Morning and Night)
    Clearasil Benzoyl Peroxide 10% (All over face, night)
    Clean & Clear Acne Moisturizer w/0.5% salicyclic acid (Morning and Night)
    Seabreeze Astringent w/salicyclic acid (Night)
    Pantothenic Acid 250mg (Night)

    With this regimen, I have been able to keep my acne pretty mild. But, my acne never heals, it just doesn't get awful.

    My new regimen will be:
    Purpose Face Wash (Morning and Night)
    Retin-A 0.025%(Night)
    Spironolactone 25mg-50mg (Morning, I will begin with 25 and work my way up to 50)
    Doxycycline 100mg (Night)
    Oil of Olay Sensitive Moisturizer (Morning and Night)
    Jojoba Oil (PRN)
    Pantothenic Acid 250mg (Night)
    *****I have noticed the Pantothenic Acid as prevented me from getting too many cysts, but I haven't seen serious improvements with it...but it hasn't hurt anything so might as well stick to it!

    Physician's Formual CC Cream & Powder (as foundation)

    **I would also like to mention that I was able to purchase the spiro, retin-a, and doxy all on All Day Chemist. I have been using this website for about a year now for my thyroid medication and Latisse without any issue. I was dropped from my dad's health insurance about a few months ago so this is my only route to obtain these medications here in the US.

    In the past, I have tried basically every over-the-counter option, most prescription topicals, and Accutane. I must say though, with the prescription topicals, I definitely did not use them long enough to make a valid opinion about them. After using Accutane, my skin stayed 90% clear for about six months after using it. I didn't have any horrible side effects with it, besides moderate dryness of my skin and dry eyes (I also wear contacts). Both of my brothers used Accutane when I did the course as well and they saw great results and have been clear for about two years now. So I would definitely say go ahead and try it if you don't have hormonal acne. So after much research, I have decided to try spironolactone.

    Day 1:
    I started my day off washing my face as usual with Purpose, I find it to be really gentle yet able to wash off my makeup, then applying Oil of Olay moisturizer. Then I apply my Physician's Formula CC Cream, which is also super moisturizing and has an SPF. I reallyyyyy love this CC Cream, it's super inexpensive and provides about a light to medium coverage, and I have never found it irritating to my skin. I wait about an hour or two after I have my coffee to take my 25mg of spiro, I don't want to double-diuretic myself so that's why I wait
    Wash face with Purpose, wait about ten to fifteen minutes to apply Retin-A (remember just a pea size!), then wait about another ten to fifteen minutes to apply moisturizer and jojoba oil to my eye area. This is also when I take my Pantothenic acid and doxy.

    End of Week 1:
    -I have noticed I do pee a lot more, but I normally drink tons of water and pee a decent amount anyways.
    -My skin is a bit flaky (just small little flakes, not really the huge peely flakes...if that makes sense)
    -I can see that I am going to start an initial breakout just because I got a few new pimples and I have more whiteheads all around.
    -No major side effects though.

    End of Week 2:
    -I am peeing a bit less now, I have had a few dizzy spells but I just sat down, breathed through it and it was over in about a minute.          I normally have a BP of around 110/60 so I'm sure it dipped a bit low.
    -I am flaking a lot now. Mainly in my cheek, chin, nasal tip, and upper lip area. My forehead doesn't really get acne or's pretty tough no matter what I do to it. I used my clarisonic a few times a week to get rid of the huge flakes. Also, it's really hard for me not to pick at the dry skin...but I will try to be as hands off as possible. Also...the skin around my eyes is superrrr dry so I have been putting jojoba oil morning and night.
    -I am still getting more breakouts, I would say about a 50% increase in the amount of acne compared to when I started. But all of the acne has been sprouting up in the same areas before (cheeks and mouth) I have read that is a sign of a true initial breakout, rather than a product clogging your pores.

    ****The increase in acne sucks, but I have high hopes for spiro so I will stick to it!

    I also forgot to mention that I have a Mirena (hormonal IUD)...I am not too sure it affects my acne too much, it does regulate my normally heavy periods though. Thought I would put that out there just in case!

    Random "Others":
    -I eat relatively healthy everyday (I will have a splurge meal once or twice a week)
    -I exercise heavily (intense cardo+lifting) about three times a week
    -I'm a heavily stressed college student, but I feel I manage it pretty well
    -I do not have any food allergens that could be causing my acne either

    I hope somebody out there finds this helpful and I'll keep posting my journey!
  14. Okay so today makes exactly two week on treatment..

    So I haven’t been eating too healthy with the excuse that i need somewhat fatty foods for better absorption of the pill.
    And i feel like its catching up to me even if it’s only been two weeks.

    This morning i had a real bad episode of colic cramps.
    i haven’t been able to use the restroom at all. i maybe go like 2 days with no bowl movement.

    Today i sat down to try, and i guess i had so much build up gas inside ( sorry for the TMI) that i was literary paralyzed because any movement would cause the worst craps I’ve ever had. And i know this is due to the pill.

    As to my outbreaks... well they are still there, but I’ve noticed the pimples go away much, much faster. even if i pick on them, which i know i shouldn’t, but lets me honest, when they look like volcanoes of pus, you can’t help it ( i work with the public, its embarrassing)
    But I promise i have stopped...

    My lips get dry the moment my Vaseline wears off, which is the only thing that works
    at night I have been applying Aloe Vera gel. it has not been more than a week so i cannot tell if its fully working... but i do feel the texture is somewhat changing, and the redness from my previously active acne is much less.

    Talk to me guys! i love to read advise and how your experience is going!
    Much LOVE!
  15. I Find Acne On Women SEXY And BEAUTIFUL. 

    To me, acne makes a woman look sexier and more beautiful. 

    Acne, Acne Scars, Oily Skin, are sexy. 
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    Hi there, 
    Im new to this and have researched my problem everywhere but can't find anywhere someone with the same problem, even the doctors aren't really sure whats going on.
    I have been on Dianette for my hormonal acne now for about 2 years from the age of 14 and at first it worked wonders as i had severe acne, you could barely see skin without spots on, i still had spots but nothing compared to what i did have. Ever since my skin has been relatively clear but with the occasional spots. However in the past 5 months on around the 9th day of taking dinette, my skin has broken out in groups all around my face, causing me to not want to go out or do anything. I have found my skin to automatically clear up on the first day of the 7 day pill free week, thats when my skin is the best.
    I am completely fed up of spots and just want them gone.
    I've literally tried everything: sudocrem, tea tree oil, green tea, lemon water, no dairy, vitamins and minerals, creams and tablets from the doctors but nothing is working.
    I'm scared to come off dinette because I've heard horror stories but unsure what to do.
    please help!!!
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    The reviews seem totally fake and the product itself is horrible it does nothing to clear pimples if anything it makes them worse! The customer and by customer service Steve Wills is mean as hell he turns into the devil when you want to return a product. I would not recommend it and if you are allergic to nuts or evil people don't buy this product because it comes with both. The soap doesn't clean at all no wonder it is free, it is probably animal fat or something. Not a good product or company, please avoid...I wish I would have. Also it's funny how they don't have a contact number or address listed, this is a shady corporation that only defends themselves or rather himself because he has something to hide. BEWARE OF CARLEY'S AND THE OWNER STEVE WILLS!

    The reviews seem very odd as another poster mentioned they all look similar and some are nearly the exactly same, also for such great results their are no pictures, no videos except three pathetic ones on youtube that are 5 years old and they most likely were given free products, if you have never purchased from carley's let me tell you the offer free products for positive reviews, but not only that their site has a near perfect rating even though on many other sites there are over 100 negative ratings, ebay, doesn't have any description reviews except for fast shipping, good customer service (which is true) Steve wills is only nice when you give him money, if you have any complaint he is a word I cannot say on here. Go to, I didn't know they had a report on them, but I was searching for negative reveiws as I figured this company had to have some, The person who wrote it had similar experiences and inquiries as other people did on other message boards and sites, and the guy who owned the company sent a rebuttal that no professional ever should send to a customer, even inculded there username or something anyways STEVE WILLS insulted them personally, which I though was crazy, and he did it because they said what many people are wondering which is the reviews on CARLEY's seem very fake, and like they put it manufactured, I wouldn be surprised if he was writing them because he seemed pretty angry and defensive, I can only imagine what the guy says in a personal email that other people can't see, below are some reviews wondering the same thing about this shady guy and comapny. I will also provide the link to the ripoffreport later.
  16. Well folks after going weeks without any pimple i got one two days ago, it was a painful little whitehead, i popped and it went away in a day. Not bad considering it's been weeks since i got any blemish.

    My current regimen is the same as described in the last post. Also, it's cool that i went the entire Summer with clear skin! Also now that fall is here ive noticed my skin isn't as oily as it was during the summer, which was definitely way less than pre-accutane.

    nothing else, everything is cool.

    I'm gonna disappear for a while unless something major happens to my skin like all of a sudden accutane helps mother nature to kick in and i finally stop getting any blemish or acne returns! Who knows. Also in the next entry i promise to put a picture of myself in this famous blog
  17. I was heading to my dermatologist appt. on Thursday when this car on the lane to the right of me, just a couple cars ahead, merged into my lane, going at a really slow speed in order to decide whether he should pass the gore zone to get back on the freeway. With me going 65 mph and my breaks not being as great as they could be, I wasn't able to stop in time and slammed into the corner of his bumper. We're both doing okay thankfully, but it looks like our insurance isn't going to help pay for my repairs. And I already owe my dad $400 as it is so this all really sucks..
    While waiting for the tow truck to pick me up I called my derms office since they have a $50 cancellation fee, and I wasn't about to have to deal with that.

    My skin's looking really good, and I was so looking forward to seeing what my derm was going to say and suggest next.
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    So I am writing this blog to keep a log of my acne. Basically I have had acne all my life, been on accutane 3 times, atleast 5 different antibiotics and within 3 months my acne will always return. Right now I have just returned to university and my acne is at its worst and i mean its WORST.
    I am absolutely covered in redness, whiteheads, cystic acne around my jaw/chin, my nose is covered in huge pores and blackheads. I have 0 self esteem and I can't even let my boyfriend visit me as I am that embarrassed and I dont even want to leave the house.
    I am on Day 2 of Yasmin and Day 5 of taking lymecycline alongside, however I know lymecycline does not work for my acne completely as I have taken it before I know that it does help to reduce the bigger white heads,I am hoping the combination of the two will work then I can continue on Yasmin alone.
    So day 2, I am at my worst, I have had 3 new cystic acne spots since taking yasmin and 3 large white heads on my cheeks, I realise this is going to take a while to see a improvement.
    I am going to be posting updates every few days so hopefully I see a improvement soon as right now I just want to cry. 
  18. Latest Entry
    Lips still very dry. A few times a day I actually go in the bathroom and have to rub my lips with water to get the old/ drying aquaphor and skin off and apply new aquaphor. (it doesn't look that bad tho, I've been keeping up with it. Its bareable.) I bring a pocket mirror with me everywhere, i don't care what people think about that - not about to walk around with nasty ash lips lol

    I still have good thoughts about this drug, i think I'm getting clearer little by little each day. Still see some under-the skin pimples around my chin, don't know when those will finally surface.

    My fingertip sort of peeled off the other day - don't know if its unrelated, no other fingers had this. It's healing now.

    I mentioned to a friend i was on a drug for my skin and she said oh i think it working so that made me happy (:  maybe other people are noticing too? and just not saying anything bc well thats weird. Its nice to tell people what you're going thru or explain why you're putting aquaphor on every hour tho, and that you're not crazy. just tryna get clear, na mean???

    GTG bye!