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    Nothing interesting today though i suspect i am heading into the IB.

    The five or six pimples on my jaw and chin are less angry, i can tell they are going to become solidified whiteheads over the weekend. I have a new cyst coming to a head near my hairline and another flatter one above my eyebrow. The cyst on my hairline is quite 3d and embarassing...cuz its full of liquid.

    Right now I am doing a lot of cardiovascular (for me that means dance classes at the gym). I hate hate hate the bright lights there. Horrible overhead neon and white lights that hurt my eyes and make me looks sweatier and dirtier than ever.

    But i have been through this all before and know it's worth it.  Tane will do its magic...just gotta let it go. I didn't pick or pop today...staying away from mirrors seems to be the trick.

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    Everything's looking good except one side of my chin is breaking out terribly! :( It looks so bad. It's purging very bad only on one side of my chin. Luckily, I think this is going to be the worst of it (hopefully)! Just gotta get through a couple more weeks I hope. The pimples on my forehead are very minimal. Cheeks are clear but they haven't ever caused me too much trouble. This damn chin though.. I'm going on Week 4 so i'm almost halfway through the "purge" period. Just gotta stick with it. 


  3. I am now over 3 months post accutane and am so in love with the results that I made a video to try and help others who are thinking about getting on accutane. If you are still deciding or about to start or even struggling while taking the medication, watch my vid to know what to expect. As always, ask any and all questions!!!! It's rather quick, no sappy story included:


    My Accutane journey so far has been a positive one due to the great products I've been using. Except for my poor dried out little eyes, no drop I could find would work… When you first get on Accutane, get yourself in a routine – wash & moisturize your face and lotion up every morning & evening. I seriously didn’t suffer the dry flakey-ness like most people on Accutane. I watched all You-Tube videos and the common thing was they wished they started moisturizing before the dryness came. DO IT!!

    I started out just using what my dermatologist recommended which was Cetaphil but not long after the dryness creeped in, that I knew I had to find a better product that didn't leave my face with that tight dry feeling.

    YouTube to save the day!

    Absolutely recommend without any hesitation:

    First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser & Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer

    Seriously a little bit goes a long way. Super moisturizing!  Calms redness and irritation, no harsh chemicals or colorants. Safe for sensitive skin. In the 6 months I have been on Accutane, I’m on my 2nd tube of the face wash and still on first bottle of the moisturizer.

    A little spendy at $20.00 for 5 oz. for the face wash and $24.00 for the moisturizer but has saved my life while on Accutane. I do not think I wouldn’t be able to wear powder foundation without it. I don’t remember my face getting dry & flaky like others say they got since I started using it. The face wash lathers up really nice so just a little bit is all you need, literally just a pea sized amount. I go through more because I wash my twice at night to get all the make-up off. Although now I could use facial wipes since I don’t HAVE ANY BREAKOUTS!!


    Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

    This lip stuff absolutely without a doubt saved my life! This lip mask is super thick and stays on for hours.  Of course I started out on Aquaphor Lip Repair but I kept having to put it on like every 15 minutes. I did try regular ol’ Chap Stick and Carmex, was like putting water on! Instantly had to reapply. A co-worker of mine said she just used Chap Stick and had to brush her lips with her toothbrush cause her lips peeled all the time! Ugh! No way!

    I spent $26 for the Aqave Lip Mask at Sephora and 6 months later still using the same tube, there’s about 1/3 of the tube left! Super awesome stuff! Go get some now!


    Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash - Aveeno Skin Relief Overnight Cream & Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream

    I went the fragrance free/soap free route and these are wonderful! I last about 2 days in the dryness before I went out & bought new lotion. I did try First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (Sephora = free samples) and it was pretty awesome but spendy. Since I went out splurged on face wash & lip stuff – I just used what I could find at Walmart. Aveeno Overnight Cream is super intense lotion and will stay on after washing your hands, which for me being a slight germ-a-phobe is a god-send. i bought both lotions and they both work great! One at work - one at home!



    Every evening before I go to bed I have to put some in my nose or my night will suck.

    Hope this helps!

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    After SO much debating whether the cost would be worth it to try I finally took the dive and purchased the Regimen in early July. I have been dealing with painful cystic acne on both my cheeks (though my left cheek was remarkably worse) and my chin. Occasionally my forehead would join the party and sprout a couple angry red bumps throughout the month, too.
    My acne began 8 years ago after the birth of my daughter. I was lucky as a teenager to have great skin, the occasional pimple, and I didn't scar. After her birth it all went to Hell and I began seeing dark red pock marks left over after every pimple. My acne is also influenced by my hormones in my monthly cycles- I had detailed blood work done only to reveal that all my hormones are within very normal ranges and so the dermatologist could only recommend those strong medications that destroy your insides. Since my husband and I are trying for baby #2, those medications are out of the question. So I thought I had to live with it- no face wash routine worked for me. Many made it worse. So many days my face was in so much PAIN due to the cystic nodules under my skin that it would hurt to even lay on a pillow.
    Long story short, I purchased the Regimen after reading some great reviews and seeing even better progress photos posted on the site. I waited with so much anticipation until it arrived!

    The first thing that threw me was how little time you need to spend actually washing your face with the cleanser. It seems so foreign to BARELY touch your face for only 10 seconds and expect anything to work but hey, I was following the instructions!
    I'm not a patient person usually, and its very hard for me to wait to see results with anything that I have been anticipating for awhile and this regimen is no different. Waiting for my face to dry, waiting for the treatment to dry, waiting for the lotion to absorb- its all so painfully SLOW! But I am doing it, and by the time I was a week in I was really noticing a difference already in the severity of my breakouts. My normal breakout that comes like clockwork every month did not come! Instead I got maybe 3 or 4 pimples that quickly abated, as promised in the 'what to expect' outline.

    One thing I was disappointed to see, though, was areas of my face that don't normally breakout doing just that. I know that it was in response to my skin adjusting and they also quickly went, but it can be hard to see the big picture sometimes.
    At this point I am about 6 weeks into the regimen and my progress has been steady. I still have red marks on my cheeks, though not nearly as much any more, and I do still feel the odd cyst try to pop up under my skin a few times a week, but they never make it to the surface and often are taken care of overnight by the Treatment.

    Currently I am not using the treatment in the morning due to a lot of burning but plan to begin doing so when my next shipment arrives (Any day now!)

    The photos I have attached are from my very first evening using the Regimen. I take a new photo every week to see my own progress and can't wait to one day soon attach a photo of my skin completely clear!

  5. A little over a week in! I am getting less pimples and have scaring left. People say with doxy (now I'm on 150mg) that it takes 2 weeks to start seeing results. 




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  6. Just an update :)

    side effects: The past week my journey has been fine, scalp is less itchy now and doesn't bother me really.

    Body has started peeling on my arms so I need to moisturise them every day. Lips are dry but not un-manageable. 

    I had very slight back pain (bottom left) which was eased by a deep tissue massage. So I feel maybe the pain is typical muscle aches from the gym. 

    I've gained 2 kg in 3 weeks BUT I started weightlifting again so this could be why, and plus I lost a ton of weight before starting accutane due to stress, so this doesnt bother me. Also my exercise and recovery time is not affected.

    Mentally though I feel different, like restless and a bit impulsive. I feel great tbh but definitely have more energy and feel like I need to move.

    current acne: I have like 5 active spots on my full face but many red marks and clogged pores around my jaw and edge of cheeks. Inner cheeks, nose and forhead are pretty good. 

    Left shoulder is AMAZING, like 3 tiny red raised bumps on it, right shoulder has 3 active pimples, one cropped up within a night ha!

    Next week, the 31st,  I get bumped upto 50mg. 

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    I saw my  old blog entries on this website. I am not sure if I am sad reading them, or I just don't care. Acne  is  the last straw  to whoever has/had self-esteem issues. It does scar you, it does hurt you in many ways yet so many do not get it. Like the way people say that acne is not a big deal, or they say to wash your face when you are agonizing about it during your sleepless nights. I mean, they call a person who burned their face a bit or has a tiny war scar- ugly, or scarred ...yet acne seems to be this thing where you can get rid of it by "washing your face", like it is some  chocolate or icing  on your cheeks.
     It is tough to deal with criticism, looks and embarrassment and shitty advises of "wash your face", "don't touch your face", "what if you just left it alone". And there is this another voice, there is this voice that keeps telling you ," you are selfish-people are dying from cancer, war, hunger but here you are whining about your appearance". Well, this is what I got to say to that voice. Just because my problem seems less important, it does not mean it is. I am the one who decides if it is important or not. And frankly, there is always might be something worse to happen- it is life of poo after all. But never be scared or embarrassed to speak up about things that hurt you. There should be no other reasons, explanations for speaking up about  your pain. If It hurts,  you speak up!  Or  If someone you know is speaking up about hurting -  just listen. Listening is easy, and speaking up is brave. In this world everyone is different  and our problems are different. Make sure you are always heard, and make sure you listen to those who need you.

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    Current routine:
    40 mg/day Zenatane 
    Devita Facewash (very gentle)
    Cerave Moisturizer
    Clean&Clear Salicylic Acid
    Hydrocortizone cream if bleeding, which happens everyday

    About me:
    I am 20 years old and I've been suffering from acne since I was 11 years old. My acne became cystic around 14 and severely cystic around 17. I've tried everything (retin-a, doxycycline, minocycline, differin gel, birth control etc) At best, my acne would slightly clear for a month or so and then bam it becomes even worse than before. That was always the pattern. Why didn't I go on accutane earlier? Good question. I don't known why either but here's the story of my past 2 attempts:
    1) the first time (age 16) that I was able to set up an appointment with my dermatologist, who was reachable ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS -__-, my car ran over a nail on the freeway. Yes, a nail. So there goes another 3 months and by then, I had moved on to a different routine and forgot about accutane.
    2) the second time (age 18), I got to the point of finishing my first month of birth control with the iPledge program and taking my first blood test. Long story short, my new dermatologist said "oopsies, I forgot there was a 7 day window between x and y." That really threw my off because it was the day before my vacation so I had to reschedule after my vacation, which would mean I would have to start the iPledge program all over. At this point, I felt it was a sign from the gods that accutane was just not for me. 

    And in a slightly superstitious way, I think maybe it was better off that I didn't start back then. I've been obsessively picking my skin every night since age 12. I wanted with every fiber of my being to stop, but I can't explain it, I just couldn't. I wore layers of foundation every single day. I have a non-acne related jaw issue (TMJ) where my jaws are permanently dislocated from its socket due to lack of synovial fluid, which accutane being a drying drug would have aggravated  (I still have this condition, but I am at a point where I would rather have irritated jaws than irritated skin).
    For the past 3 months, I forced myself to wear less and less makeup. Now I wear a thin layer of primer and an even thinner layer of tinted moisturizer. Some daring days, I actually wear 0% makeup in front of all my friends. I weirdly feel more confident even though I know my skin looks awful, but there's something liberating about no longer hiding behind makeup and being 100% the flawed you.

    My acne is at its worst, especially since starting birth control and minocycline a month ago. Mino definitely gave me an initial breakout, which just blends in with the months-long breakout I've been having. I've since stopped the mino and am now on day 7 of accutane. So far very little symptoms. My body feels a bit dry when I get out of the shower and my lips are definitely a bit dry as well.

    The hardest part about accutane so far is that I feel my depression creeping back up. I was never officially diagnosed, nor have I ever saw a therapist, but I think it’s safe to say I was severely depressed from age 12 – 15 due to family issues. I am still deeply affected by these family issues, but I haven’t seen or talked to them much since I moved away for college. These past 5 years, I would occasionally get sad but I was mostly a happy person. And now, I am surrounded by blessings. I am grateful for everything. But somehow when the clock strikes, and I am alone in my room, I become extremely sad. This usually only happened around my period, but today I think I started hyperventilating and then crying, from looking at myself in the mirror. I know, it’s so superficial to freak out over red spots on flesh, but at that realization, I just hate myself more for feeling this way. I waste so much time obsessing over my acne, even though I’ve been making a conscious effort to stop caring. But it’s hard, it’s really hard.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.34.32 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.34.48 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.35.00 PM.png

  8. hey! i haven't used this site in a long time, mostly because i don't have use for a site about acne... considering i am completely free of it. i was worried my mild/moderate acne might return after a few months off accutane, but that hasn't happened in the least. i stopped taking it in April.
    My skin is free of any pimples and hyper pigmentation. my skin and lips stopped being extremely dry around a month after stopping and about 65% of my oiliness is back, but i don't mind it (very easy to deal with and not noticeable at all). i get approximately 2 tiny pimples a month that i hardly notice, because they go away on their own in less than a day. 
    it has been very nice enjoying the summer without any makeup on my skin. 
    my skin is very healthy looking and has moments where it looks like it glows! i only wash it with raw honey, use an oil free moisturizer every day after a shower and use witch hazel to spot treat the odd zit i get. i drink a lot of water, eat a healthy vegetarian diet and mostly avoid dairy (i am lactose intolerant anyway).  i think all of this helped accutane work so effectively for me.
    i love the skin that accutane has given me and highly recommend it to anyone who is unhappy with their skin. 

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    Hey y'all I have been consuming so many calories in the day that I've been waking up sluggish. This morning, it's almost 9:15am and I haven't eaten anything. I did my usual oil pull, drank 1.5 mason jars of ginger tea with sole, coconut oil, ACV, and the juice of a whole lemon and also a cup of burdock root tea leftover from last night. Once I get "hungry" I'll eat my avocado/banana cacoa mash with freeze dried acai & hemp seeds. And I'll take my morning vitamins because they work better when I eat them with some fat. I took my N-A-C, glutathione, and a digestive enzyme. And a tablespoon of manuka honey. OOPS, writing this I just realized I forgot to take my probiotics this morning. That's ok. I take them EVERY. DAY. I should be fine. 

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    So iv'e struggled with cystic acne for 3 years now. I'm currently 15 and my acne is not very severe but I have about two- four cystic acne's on my face constantly. I haven't tried prescriptions or pills because I am too hesitant to ask my parents. I currently have a bunch of acne products but none of them work that well and I hate wearing makeup to cover my acne. Everywhere i've read tells me to go see a derm and get a cortisone shot but they are pretty pricey and again i'm too hesitant to ask my parents. I haven't consulted a derm for that reason too. Iv'e tried everything and it is so frustrating when nothing works. If anyone has any suggestions for regular cystic acne creams that ACTUALLY WORK please leave them bellow :)

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    I have recently been drinking Dr Stuart's skin purify tea which is very cheap and can be bought from Holland and Barrett. I'm on day two and I think this is doing the trick from reaching deep inside the skin and purifying it, it's slowly turning all my closed comedones into red spots which means it's eventually going to go away And has cleared the root of the problem from under the skin. The baking soda was working however I realised that it wasn't fixing the root problem of the closed comedones so I'm going to see if this tea helps with the root cause of closed comedones from under the skin.

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    So it has been 5 days since my original post. I know it is still too early to really see a big difference, but I feel that my skin appears less oily throughout the day. I also think that my acne hasn't gotten any worse. I will say I had some new pimples come up, but they haven't been too painful or caused major swelling. Still frequently having to pee. 

  12. It's been a while. I don't really see any particular difference from the TCA cross that I've done two months ago aside from the treated skin looking...darker? I am excited to do microneedling during the winter though. I don't think I can do it in the summer just because it's too hot.

    Acne sucks and acne scarring sucks so much. As if acne itself was not enough of a suffering, acne scarring just makes everything so much worse than it already is. I hate being under direct light because that makes my scars so much more conspicuous. *sigh



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    It has been my 6th day using this pill. Well a few days back i had a couple of initial breakouts and today it got worst. I know it has only been 6 days but lts just stay posiitive alright. cheers !

  14. Continuing from the last post, after going to see the dermatologist, he immediately agreed that I should go on accutane. He gave me a prescription of 40mg of isotretinoin to take every other day. However, I just got my blood test done today and will be taking my first pill later this evening. The reason being that I was on a 2 week vacation and my parents thought taking the medicine on vacation might not be the smartest idea, since your skin is more sensitive to sunlight. So, from now on, I will be starting a weekly or monthly update on my skin, side effects, and the products I will be using. Keep in mind I am no where near an expert, and if anyone has any advice from me, I'd be more than happy to accept it. Stay tuned!

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    Okay, so, rough week, my face started to hurt and then just started peeling really bad. You can't wash your face or exfoliate at all or it will just keep peeling. I have dandruff now and I have never had dandruff in my life. I've had a good amount of break outs underneath my peeling also. Some very deep pimples, a lot of dried out white heads and black heads are falling out, but also a lot of plain old white heads popping up everywhere. It's not just my face that is peeling, it's my ears and everything. My lips are VERY chapped. Water is everything, you have to stay hydrated or it just really sucks. I use coconut oil on my face and scalp at night and during the day I either use purpose moisturizer or aveeno. I have coconut Chapstick from target, super hydrating. I'm posting two pictures, the first one is my first day on the meds and the second one is one week in. 



  16. For my current regimen -->

    Hi All!

    So it has been 2 weeks since i started the topical skin care regimen that the dermatologist recommended, so far so good. I was still having some huge break out especially on my chin! But it calms down and comes to head after a day or 2. it was mostly because of lack of sleep and bad eating habits. Recently, i slip off of my usual non dairy diet. i got so stressed out because of acne and you know, i eat the stress out. haha. Also, before, I always consume lots of greens in the morning. now, i got kind of lazy. But i'm planning to come back to that as I know that it will help my skin. As of now, I can say that I'm 50% clearer than Day1. not so much of a leap from last week, but it was ok, the breakouts are not as crazy. as of now, i just have like 5 or so active ones. its mostly on my chin -.- 

    During my last derma session, she prescribed me a pill. She said it will help control my breakout (despite the bad eating habits and lack of sleep). It was a Glutathione pill (500mg). yes! the one that can make your skin whiter and fairer! (err, many girls/guys on my country loves to get whiter skin). I was kind of hesitant to get it at first, but i bought it, since their products are pretty good. Before swallowing the first pill, i did my research (googling :P ) As many of us know, its an anti oxidant. its actually considered as the "master anti-oxidant". i can't explain everything, u can check here instead --> Bottomline, it is good for acne prone skin. So i gave it a try.  Recommendation to me was to take it once a day. I did, and man! it made me so gassy! hahahha. but to be honest, I'm still not sure if its really helping to control my breakout. I do see improvements, i just cant conclude yet if its because of the gluta or just my skin regimen working, or maybe both. I will still continue with it, I actually read/watched some testimonies about glutathione helping with acne and plus, adding some dose of anti oxidant won't hurt!

    My face is pretty clear now in terms of active breakout, but its still reddish due to scarring. Also, underneath bumps are mostly gone now, I'm just having it along my jaw and chin (again). Biggest success as of now is my forehed! haha. its like 90% clear now, no scarring there as well :D  I will continue to update here for progress. thanks, and hope this helps! 

  17. Ok, so I haven't posted in a while as nothing much has been going on. I have kind of lost track of the days and weeks but I am in month 5 now and would say up until now I had no real noticeable improvement. I woke up the other morning and it seemed overnight things have significantly got better. My forehead is amazing seriously. The red marks I have have faded slightly and my skin seems smoother in general. Still some stubborn bits on my jawline and I had a bigish spot on my cheek that is just healing as you can see in the pic. I have noticed my lips are more painful when they split and my skin on my face feels drier than it has done in places. I know this med is very unpredictable but hopefully this is the beginning of seeing results!


  18. Acne and pimples are one of the most annoying thing that not only embarrass you but also cause huge pain. Most of the girls have to go through with this pesky condition and few people have to constantly battle with this problem. Due to over usage of chemical based creams and lotions these pimples get worse as they treat pimples but also damage your skin badly. So what should you to for pimple treatment? Well, there are number sites have been developed and allows you to watch number of pimple popping videos for easy yet simple pimple popping treatments. By watching these videos you can simply learn how to deal with these pimples and get rid of them with bearing much pain. These portals come up with the best natural home remedies to treat the cause of pimples, acne, blackheads or whiteheads without causing any harm to your sensitive skin.

    Here are few best natural home remedies that allow you to treat your pimple with leaving any acne mark:-

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    ●Honey Pack:- Message you acne, pimple,and blackheads with honey as it has great acne fighting property that help you to erase all the germs from your skin. Take it orally or apply it as a pack for 15 to 20 minutes to get rid of these pesky conditions. Being an effective natural antiseptic ingredient, honey can quickly treats acne.

    ●Baking Soda :- Mix baking soda and water in equal ration to create a fine paste and apply it on the acne. Baking soda is one of the fastest acne treatment ingredients that allows you to get rid of these painful red bumps with a less painful method.

    Aside using these natural ingredients you can watch popping cysts videos for popping big pimples more accurately. By watching these videos, you can learn a simple and easy pimple popping methods that will heal your pimple fast and minimize the risk of the scar.
  19. Nothing exciting to report, I honestly think my face looks the same. Had a few new breakouts (getting more on the left side of my face) and at this point I’ve accepted them, they don’t seem to stopping so that sucks. It is my first day of the upped dosage of the Spiro, that my last ditch effort before starting Accutane in a month. Looked in my bathroom mirror the other day with makeup on and it was bad. Acne is getting old and I am very frustrated these two medications are not helping me.

  20. Day 29

    • When I woke up my skin looked better than the night before (I had a major whitehead breakout on my chin on day 28)
    • I still had a few whiteheads on my chin but resisted popping
    • My skin was super dry and flaky this day. Not sure why. I applied a little extra moisturizer today.

    Day 30
    • Ill take a photo of my skin tomorrow morning and eventually post to show my before and after (1 month progress)
    • My skin is showing steady improvement everywhere except my chin. idk whats going on there but theres just whiteheads there every night that i have to put hydrocolloid bandaids on. They are drained when i wake up in the morning, but by the evening there are always more,
    • i MIGHT have forgotten to take my doxycycline today. Right before i went to bed i honestly couldnt remember if I had taken it that day

    Day 31
    • Same as yesterday. 
    • forehead and cheeks improving
    • chin looks a mess. lots of whiteheads that im trying to manage.

    Day 32
    • Forhead is arguably completely clear (little to no acne marks!!)
    • Cheeks completely clear besides plenty of old marks
    • better than day 31 but still struggling. Lots of redness and a few whiteheads that wont stay away
    • Ended up taking a picture of my skin. I will post soon (next week?)

    Day 33
    • No new whiteheads today! Yay!
    • Tons of new hyper pigmentation on my chin from this breakout :(

    Day 34-35 coming soon
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    My skin is breaking out on my face while on accutane! Not a lot, but it is still breaking out and clearing up less. It is also less dry and more oily. I'm worried the accutane is not working anymore. I went through quite a stressful time so that could be why I am breaking out, but I am still very unimpressed with how it is looking. Really praying.