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    You never have to be alone. Even if you think that there is not one soul who cares about you, I PROMISE you there is. I will prove that to you by letting myself be that one person who cares.

    This blog post is entirely dedicated to YOU and your questions. Comment a question or a comment, anything you would like to vent or say to me. I will do my best to answer your question, give you words of encouragement, or simply thank you for commenting and taking the time to read my blog.

    I know what it feels like to feel lonely and I don’t want anyone to have to deal with that for an extended period of time. Never give up. Keep on being positive. You are way better than you think you are.

    These can be questions or comments about your struggles with acne, or just simply your struggles in life. Let this blog post serve as a safe haven for you.

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    Last day of work before Thanksgiving break so I'm happy about that. At least no one has to look at me for the next four days. Yay.

    My face hurts so much. Smiling is such torture and even when I don't move my face, random spots sting for absolutely no reason at all. I've been using Cerave cream and lotion for moisturizing even though it wasn't in the list my doctor gave me that is advisable to use. My derm wants me to use the Cerave PM but I feel it isn't as moisturizing as I want to.

    Today marks day 17 of my Spironolactone use though I did skip two doses this weekend because I left my bottle at work. I really, really wish I had good news to say today but I don't. Oh well - I'm halfway through the 12 weeks of recommended time before I see improvement so I'm hoping it all works out by then.

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    Hello everyone my name is Emma, and I'm new here. Just started the regimen yesterday, I don't think this will work but I have heard so much about it I had to give it a try.... I have tried so many products before, I think I have tried everying, I really wants this to work, I can't stand looking at my face anymore.....I want to be a cabin crew for British Airways, but they will never hire my with acne all over my face, I'm just scared that I'll be like this my whole life.......

    I don't expect anyone to answer back, but if someone does it would be nice to now that it has worked for someone

    thanks enjoy your evening 

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    So, it snowed for the first time this past weekend. My apartment is crazy hot because I have no idea how to control the heaters. I also wake up feeling really thirsty and like my skin is hella dry.  I really wish I could control these heaters but they're automatic. -___- I just have my windows open all the time now. I can feel the moisture from outside. I know not even CeraVe will combat these damn heaters, and my humidifier is too small to take on such moisture sapping heaters. We'll see what this winter brings. Clear for the time being...

  3. Hello everyone!

    I thought I would post a quick update. As for side effects my lips have been getting dry, but with aquaphore they are manageable. My face is greasier than normal and I can tell that the clogged pores around the chin crease area are starting to appear bigger and look like little balls under the skin, if that makes sense. I think the skin is trying to push them towards the surface. The worst side effect is my back pain. I have been sitting a lot lately because of the amount of schoolwork that I have been doing this week, so I feel like my hips, knees, and lower back hurt more than normal. The lower back pain is on the left side and it is a sharp searing pain. I remember this same pain from when I was on the high school dance team and just associated it with an injury. Now I think it is the same pain cause from the accutane both times (I did a round of accutane in high school). I am not sure if its too early to start feeling the aches and pains though...

    Comment if you experience the same sharp back pain! Meanwhile, Wisconsin had its first snowfall so I am trying to combat the dry cold air with lots of cetaphil and coconut oil. 

    Lots of Love



  4. Good morning! Well.... good morning, good afternoon, or good evening based on where you are in the world and what time you read this...

    So, I don't have many new things to talk about this week because I started a new job and have been sooooooo flippin' busy trying to manager school, job, and health that I kept forgetting to keep up my own personal day-to-day acne diary. Y'all get the condensed version. But even with the job I've still been eating clean with the occasional junk meal. No, I'm not a health freak but I do believe in trying to stick to healthier things when you have the options. 

    I've been wearing a lot of make up over the past week for the new job and it doesn't really seem to be helping (as it has salicylic acid in it and supposed to help with acne) or making it worse though. Two little white heads popped up under my cheekbones and the areas around my forehead are still taking most of the hits for my face. Neck has had ZEEERRROOOO improvement, if it's not getting worse. 

    No clue what's happening with the ingrown nail situation. It was getting better after laying off the dosage but I've had to wear socks and close toed shoes for the past week and even longer with this cold weather around and they're becoming irritated (but not pustular or infected) again. Also, in the neighborhood of side effects, my shoulders, back, and neck have been BEYOND sore. It has been super easy to pull a muscle (?) if I turn my head too sharply or put my arms over my head when doing things such as washing or curling my hair and the pain lasts anywhere from 3 days to a week.

    I forgot to take my zenatane one day this week, yesterday, and I might just double up today because a) I missed it and b) I know I can handle 80mg a day. 

    So, yeah! That's my not so interesting week and I hope everyone enjoys their day!

  5. Diet:
    I'm doing alright with my diet, although I went a little over my calories today. I'm still vegetarian, of course, and have completely removed dairy from the equation. Just eggs in the morning.

    I chose snow peas and hummus over a whole bag of popcorn so I'm really pleased about that.

    Today I ate:
    -English Muffin
    -Scrambled eggs


    -Veggie straws

    -Starbucks soy chai latte (oops...this was a slip-up, but I went to get my hair trimmed-- it's a pixie, so I do that a lot-- and starbucks was RIGHT there, and my boyfriend wanted Bad excuses)

    -Snow peas

    Today was an off-day for the gym, which is okay because I needed it after getting some stressful/bad news earlier.

    As for the zit that I decided to pick at yesterday...It came to a head by the end of the day today (HALLELUJAH) and I popped it, easily. Hardly any pressure at all needed. So, that was a good thing. After I messed with it last night, I put on some Origins Skin Renew sample that I had (it ended up making my neck red and itchy..) and then some aloe mask that I have. I think this helped because usually my under-the-skin zits don't come to a head easily at all. 

    Now I have a sephora fiber mask on my face-- Honey and something. It's for moisturizing and soothing because the Origins stuff made my skin tight.

    Here's a cute picture!


  6.  November 17 2015 

    The picture on my profile was from last winter. I was using Marcelle's Ultra Gentle Cleansing gel, but you know what made it that clear and even? Avene's High Protection sunscreen...before they changed the formula and removed the zinc. Now it's all titanium dioxide and I don't dig it.

    I've had some struggles with my late 30's skin. Due in part to food allergies and hormones.

    For the record I have combination/dry skin with large open pores, Mediterranean heritage.

    I've been using dove soap for a while now, my skin will not tolerate anything else. For moisturizer I use Cetaphil Daily Moisturizing lotion.

    The sunscreen I use now is Skin & Lab Fre C PA++++ and sometimes Pond's UV powder over that. I have melasma and I must be diligent. 

    To recap my routine as of November 2015:

    AM:  Dove Sensitive bar

              Cetaphil Lotion


    PM: Dove Sensitive bar 

    Alternating nights: Chica Y Chico Beta Salic 2.0 OR 10 % Vit C serum 

    When using the serum I will use Cetaphil moisturizing lotion.


    I am going to stick to this routine for the next month and see what happens.


  7. So I beieve tomorrow will be week the start of week 16 of using Differin.

    I just want to say that I HATE my skin right now. I am very stressed with uni work currently though so I don't think that helps. 

    Last month I took the morning after pill, which I'm not exactly proud of. I seriously noticed my skin deteriorate a lot the following weeks after that. Thing is... things started clearing up well like last week I felt okay with my skin it wasn't 'too bad'.

     But this week it's just shit. I started swimming again more often than normal and I wonder if that's playing a part. So I'm going to stop the swimming atm which kinda sucks :/


    Still using differin roughly every second evening but I did go about 3 or 4 evenings of not taking it. I keep thinking about trying retin A? Would that seriously affect me in a negative way do you think? Like will it make me purge again etc? And make things worse?

    I'm waiting till week 20 and then going back to the docs. Still want to try accutane but we'll see.



  8. So I'm into my third week and before this, I hadn't noticed any huge changes in my skin besides it getting extremely oily, and I actually thought it was looking a little better. But I always knew the initial breakout would come and now it's here. I have huuuge pimples on each side of my cheeks, jawline, and chin. I was never one to get blackheads but now I have a ton on/around my nose, upper lip, and chin. The texture of my face feels terrible, really bumpy almost like sandpaper. That's definitely an overstatement but I'm not really sure how else to describe it. My lips are also really starting to peel but I was expecting that.

    Today, my mom looked at my skin and goes "wow you're really starting to break out." Ummm HELLO you think that I don't notice?! It's literally all I see when I look at myself and I spend forever analyzing my skin in the mirror. I think it's probably her way of showing encouragement like "oh look it's definitely starting to work" but pointing everything out is not helping at all.

    I'm really hoping that this breakout doesn't last much longer than a few weeks, mostly because I don't want excessive scarring associated with it. I've always been one to reschedule dates and such if I'm having a bad skin week, but now looking back, my skin was never in the condition it is now. I have a couple dates coming up and I will most definitely be flaking on them if my skin continues to look this way.

    I'm trying to keep my head up cause everyone says it's worth it in the end but I just want to fast-forward these next few months!!

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    The Worries
         I am writing this to log my life after taking Accutane and the gradual return of acne on my body and the side effects that I am living with. After I stopped my course in September of 2015, I was nearly clear of all acne. Two months later, it is making a gradual return. It is not on my back at all right now, aside from one on the side of my chest, but, for the most part, it is red lumps on my chest. I'm extremely worried that it is going to make a vengeful return, but I am doing what I can to stop that. They are painful, one is right underneath of my nipple and it hurts like a bitch. I did begin dating someone shortly after my Accutane course was up and he has been a big help in getting my self-esteem back up. I have confided into him that I think it is coming back and he just tells me that he has never cared about what my skin looks like and that it doesn't matter. That's helpful, but I still need to take care of it. I cannot live a life of secretly hating myself for something that I cannot help. 
    The Side Effects After
         There are only a few side effects that I know for a fact stem from the Accutane. For one, my eyes are SO sensitive. I hate being in bright rooms and I prefer my rooms to be dark. It hurts to wake up in the morning and shower since my eyes haven't had time to get accustomed to the light. I usually shower in the dark or leave the hall light on with my door open so it's a dimmer light shining in. Secondly, my lips. My lips are still feeling the effects of Accutane and I don't think that is going to go away. I feel like they have been ruined and I will have to apply lip balm every day for the rest of my life. Something else I've noticed (and kind of don't want to talk about) is my irregular bowel movements and excessive diarrhea. I know, gross topic, but I really feel like the Accutane has messed with the insides of my body. I frequently get diarrhea now, something that was never problematic in the past, and now my bowel movements are so irregular. Sometimes I feel like I have to go ALL DAY. It's frustrating, and something I never felt before. For the final thing, I feel like it has messed with my brain. I get super depressed easily now, and I feel like I'm an angrier person after taking Accutane. Now, I don't know if this is because of the tane, but I do have to say I didn't feel like this before. With all of these side effects I am feeling, I would still recommend Accutane to somebody. It did clear up my cystic acne on my back and I've never felt better. I just need to work out the rest of my body acne.
    Thank you to anyone who reads any of my blog posts. I try my best to keep adding to them since I have realized that not many people suffer from the type of acne that I have. Please message me for any questions or comments, or if you feel the need to talk to someone who can relate to having body acne. 
  9. i don't have much to update, other than the fact my skin has been doing nothing besides clearing up! it's looking great! in the past while, i've been feeling way more comfortable in my skin than i have in months. 

  10. Latest Entry

    The blogs are getting few and far between but I am forever present on this website.
    I'm still using my same routine of benzoyl peroxide in the morning and differin at night. 
    And guys... I am still clear. Like scary clear. Even after 2 courses of roaccutane I wasn't this clear so please please please don't give up just because accutane hasn't worked for you!

  11. Latest Entry

    So I made an appointment with a dermatologist today! A friend recommended Dermatology Associated of Oak Ridge so I called today and have a consultation on the 30th. Even though my gyno prescribed Spiro to me, I think a professional will be able to look at my skin and give me some more advise. I'm super excited and hoping that I like the PA I'm seeing. Fingers crossed! 

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    So my freshman year of college I decided after years of having persistent acne I was going to go on accutane. It honestly was not as bad as i expected. I have had CONSTANT chest acne for years. To the point that I had not worn a shirt that showed my chest in about two years. After a month of accutane my chest was completely clear, I had no initial break out on my face, and I had no serious side effects. I even drank alcohol pretty regularly on it and nothing bad ever happened to me. But the last month of my treatment I started to break out, and my chest slowly started getting clogged pores and I just knew that I was going to break out once i was off.

    As I expected about two months after being off, my chest broke out like crazy. My face went back to being insanely oily, and my forehead broke out in tiny little pimples. Just this past week I got my first few real pimples since being off accutane. I am extremely angry that I am going to have to do another round. I have an appointment in December with ym derm to get the ball rolling again. Im doing this so i can compare this round to my last round, and here is to hoping that it goes by as smoothly as my first round did.

  12. Latest Entry

    Ugh when will it end? Still breaking out. I have the same ones that I started with on my chin that feel like they're taking centuries to heal and go away, I got 3 on the side of my cheek, and 3 that were small bumps become big on my forehead, and then there's one under my freaking left eye that is ridiculous. It has so much pressure and just feels like a big lump of water. I can see it! It's like obsuring my vision hahaha it looks like I got punched in my eye to be honest. I'm sure it doesn't actually look as bad as it feels but the placement is just ridiculous and it's really big. I can't stop popping either! I'm serious after today I'm not gonna mess with them anymore except for using a wash cloth in the shower to lightly exfoliate all the dry skin off so I can wear makeup and not feel as much of a mess. I'm praying for the day when my face is clear. Dear goodness I hope it comes. Also my throat randomly got really sore in a matter of a few hours. Kind of weird.

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    The clear up game is real. Haven't had any new big breakouts for a week now, just small whiteheads here and there. Red marks are slowly going away, but my face definitely looks more presentable now.

  13. I enjoyed making my "every acne treatment video" but it was painful to see the ways I harmed my skin by believing anyone on the internet saying "this is a miracle cure" when really it was just an awful idea. This was the one treatment I didn't include in that video:  

    I figured this one deserved it's own video because of how silly it was! Who knows, maybe this really has worked for some people but it did nothing for me but embarrass me! Also, check the description of the video - I found a great article on why this treatment may sound helpful but actually isn't. 

  14. When i got into grade 9, my skin started to become oily and i got many pimples on my forehead, thinking this was a passing thing i didn't really think much of it, until they started multiplying and staying for weeks and months! I decided that I would go back to my skin routine before my acne started, which was simply washing every night with water and wiping with a face washer. To be honest, this did not make my skin worse nor better over the course of the weeks i was doing this. I decided i would try the simple supermarket Clearsil etc. This did nothing to my skin whatsoever!

    After about 15 more hopeless products tried i decided benzyl peroxide would do something. I was really at my wits end with oily skin and low-self esteem.I used the benzac 5% cream and the foaming face wash, did nothing except make my face dry for 2 hours after washing then an oil slick throuought the day. I read that it ages your skin 10 years in the course of a year, so I stopped using it and had nowhere to go now.

    My Mom bought me home some testers which a sales-woman at Aesop had prescribed for my Mom to give to me after her explaining the state my skin was in. It included the Amazing Face Cleanser, Anti-Blemish Chamomile Concerntrate Masque, Oil-Free Facial Hydrating Serum and a Lactic Acid facial scrub. These worked wonders on my face so my Mo  returned to buy me the full-sized bottles. I wash every morning with the Aesop range and every night with just a splash of water, and my face has never looked better! It glows too which really adds to the clear complexion I have achieved too.

    I use the Cleanser in between days of a masque and scrub. Monday cleanser, tuedsay cleanser and masque, wednesday cleanser, thurdsay scrub, friday cleanser etc. and moisturising every time i use a product in the morning. the masque is amazing and feels like I am rubbing chocolate mousse onto my face, and only has to sit for 10 minutes! The scrub leaves my sin feeling baby soft and they all smell amazing! I love the 4 products I have from Aesop, i now have 95% clear skin and love it!

    I 100% reccommend it for anyone. Comment below for additional information. :) 

  15. image.thumb.jpeg.64989544805065c41148c70Im on the sugar pills of Month 4 and halfway till my 2nd month of spiro. The weather isnt deadly hot now so Idk if its because of that or the spiro but I really havent been as oily. All my pimples are still just on my chin and got two in each side of smiling lines this month. A few things have changed:

    ive started beauty school where my teacher has got me doing "high frequency" treatment with this device. Im on day 4 and havent had any huge cysts, just small ones. Idk if its from that or because of my menstral cycle or the products im using or what. I have the largest cyst ive ever had that my teacher has been using a salicylic peel just on that spot. Its gone down but its also been a long time. It for sure peeled the shit out of it though haha.

    A few weeks ago I also started using a new toner (the tea tree one from body shop) that my skin doesnt react to so thats nice. Also an Aha from Old Henrikson and their vit c serum and face wash. My skin seems to not have a reaction to it, which is rare so im going to stick with it.

    After my period im switching to the non generic yaz to see if theres any change. Should i expect anything? Ive just heard zarah to cause breakouts in some even though technically they are the same, but ive been reading they have a different time release formula hence the difference for some. Any comments are welcome!
  16. Day 1-30 40mg
    Day 30-44 (now) 70mg.
    I have started to get back pain which i realy didnt think i'd get i am stiff and sore excerise is slightly harder especially toning exercises. Liveable though. Dry lips ongoing. 
    I can't believe i've been taking accutane for 44 days! That has flow.
    Regarding my skin, no breakouts. A few spots and pimples here and there clearest i've probaly seen it! Scars and small pimples are my main issue which blackheads on my chin.

  17. I am almost two months in, and I am having an absolute melt down. My skin is so much worse than it has ever been. After a week without too many new breakouts but deep flaking and constantly redness stinging and blotchiness I started doing coconut oil twice a day under my aloe vera and washing with sunflower oil instead of face wash or honey. I will say it helped with the blotchiness and peeling alot, and helped center myskin back to normal in terms of dryness. However, for the past couple of days I have had the worst clogged pores ever, and inflamed cyst like pimples EVERYWHERE on my face. I have never had so many pimples and clogged pores at once and in places I don't normally break out as much, my face, the upper parts of my forehead, my upper lip, and all of my pores look clogged even those that aren't actively red as pimples. 

    I'm not sure if its because I had my period (which does usually make me break out more but usually its whiteheads around my chin), the cerave (which may have caused the redness/peeling since it was new to my routine) or the coconut oil which I had dailed back a bit on prior, but I can't afford to have my skin look like this. My skin has not looked this bad for years, I'm not even sure it was this bad the last time I used retina 4 years ago. I look terrible, I have pimples everywhere and none of my old pimples totally heal. They heal incredibly slowly and leave behind long lasting dark red marks, and the rest of my skin looks dull and peely. My compulsive picking has gotten worse and my forehead looks like I have measels again.

    Its starting to have a HUGE affect on my self confidence. I used to be able to largely ignore the fact that my skin looked terrible, but now its been going on for so long and just getting worse that I no longer want to leave my house. Before I started retina I had breakouts, but I could cover them up and as a whole my skin was clear. Now my skin looks terrible all the time, with and without make up. I am not going to give up, I know it can take up to six months to see the full effects of retin a, but I will say if I were ever going to give up it would be now. My skin hurts, is broken out on every part of my face, is red and angry and flakey and scaby and pimply, and as I look back on pictures taken two months ago I wish I had never started using retin A at all. At this point though I can only move forward so might as well stick with it....

    Oh PS one thing I did find about the aloe vera: in the morning after I wash my face I will put on a thick moisterizer with sunscreen, let it soak in for 10 minutes, then put a layer of aloe vera on top as a primer for my foundaiton. The aloe will make skin look less flakey under liquid foundaiton if applied carefully, but if you accidentally peel off part of the aloevera it peels off with the skin and can make flakes look worse.

  18. Latest Entry

    I was on vacation over the weekend and anticipated breaking out because it was hard to maintain my regular regimen. Luckily, I did not have a breakout. About 3 pimples did pop up in between my eyebrows, though. I never get acne there so that was a bit irritating. I had my 2 month check-up with my dermatologist today and he was NOT happy with how my face was looking. He actually told me that he doesn’t know what to do and isn’t sure if he can help me. (Super comforting, Doc) He decided to take me off Solodyn and put me on Bactrim for 2 months. I’m a little nervous to be taking it after I read reviews on it. Does anyone have any input about this antibiotic? Since my appointment, nothing has changed. I still am getting new pimples on my cheek and lower jawline, and they are leaving really ugly scars. I am trying really hard not to pick at them, but they are super flaky and itchy and so aggravating. I’m a little discouraged at this point.



  19. Latest Entry

    Loging in for the first time in 6 years. And surprise, I'm still dealing with acne. But after reading my old posts I know I'm dealing with a very different type of acne than I did back in high school. Quick run down - My skin did look great for my senior prom. Now in the grand scheme of things, prom really wasn't that big of a deal and neither was that first date. I finished out my Actutane treatment and suffered from some pretty gnarly side effects that I won't ever willingly revisit. I continued taking BCP (Yasmin/Ocella) and had FLAWLESS skin for 3-4 years, which took me through college without any significant skin woes. It gave me a taste of what it's like to be "normal". To be able to wake up and not think twice about your skin, or makeup, or interacting with people. Glory be unto the cosmic wonder that gave me those years. After a while though I started experiencing some hormonal acne flare ups (but they were minimal, mild at worst) so we added Spironolactone to the mix (25 mg 2x per day). That seemed to help for a while, but eventually I decided to up that another 25 mg per day and did well with that for a while.

    Skip ahead a few months and you'll catch up to me, sitting here a little lost. About 6 months back I started having more breakouts than usual and attributed it to stress and a move and hard water and just about everything else. But each month the breakouts were getting worse and worse. Finally, after putting a filter on every single faucet in my house I realized that the breakouts were cyclical, but in the most un conventional way. Instead of breaking out the week before and the week of my period I was CLEARING UP the week of my period and hating life every other week. And the blemishes were weird! Lots of little tiny whiteheads across my forehead, in my eyebrows, on my eye lids (!!!), and over the bridge of my nose. And second surprise, I couldn't keep my fingers off of them. It was no good. I even had a friend say "You're right, it is getting worse by the hour" after hearing me vent about having multiple new zits pop up every day and every night. Now, I know I have it easy comparatively, but I cant hide out 3 weeks of the month! 

    So I quit the BCP cold turkey. Mid-pack. I was done putting something in to my body if the one week I wasn't taking it I was clearing up. And guess what? I CLEARED UP. For 1 month.....

    And now I'm here. Having a more mild version of that wired breakout. But now I have NO idea where I'm at in my cycle ( I haven't had a period in 6 weeks...) And I have no idea if / when there will be relief. So I'm a little lost. I don't really want to get back on BCP without seeing what my body acclimates to (they say it takes 3 months, yeah?), and if I do start taking it again I think I'm going to request the non-generic ($$$$$$). I DON'T want antibiotics. I DON'T want prescription topicals that are going to take my mild breakout to full blown, meltdown, cry myself to sleep initial breakout only to then go through the same thing when it stops working in a few months.

    Despite my overwhelming urges to go to the Dermatologist and beg for anything that will fix this immediately, I am going to stick to my guns. I'm going all natural. Well, with the exception of Spironolactone (Hey, a girls got to have a safety net). So no BCP for at least 2 more months. No crazy blue light treatment. No peels. But what about Apple Cider Vinegar? I have read every ACV review on the internet and I think I want to believe. I mean, I'm willing to give it a shot. For at least 1 month. I think. My plan is to drink 2-4 tsp ACV per day and to use a 3:1 diluted ACV toner after washing my face morning and night. Potentially increasing the dilution if I react well to the toner. Worst case, I smell like a salad and look like a pizza. Best case, I take control of this Adult Acne thing. 

    So bottoms up all you 20-somethings. Confidence tastes terrible. 

  20. Hey everyone! 

    While I was sitting in the office at my now full-time job, I came across an article on buzzfeed that reminded me how bad my acne used to be and how soul-crushing it was for my self-esteem. Now, I've graduated with a bachelor's degree in english, a master's in journalism and at 23, have a very happy life (despite a few breakouts here and there). 

    I haven't logged on to this site in YEARS, but I wanted to share another update, post-accutane about how my life has gone since then. So, here's me over the last few years! Yes, I do have makeup on in these pictures because these are of me livin' life, not worried about my skin.  

    If you look at the pictures close enough, I still DO get pesky chin zits, but with healthy eating habits and exercise, it's under control. With accutane, I thought I would never get another zit again, but that's not true. I've had stressful, deadline-packed months in college that wreaked havoc on my skin, and that special time of the month is still a surprise for my face. I still have scars on my cheeks from the cystic acne I had, and some pock and red marks scattered on my skin, but oh, the power of makeup these days in incredible. 

    I go back and forth between using an acne cleanser and a mild cleanser. As I've gotten older, It seems that the more "acne" products I use on my skin, the worse it gets. Curious, huh? I love Purity from Philosophy and Burt's Bees has a great tomato toner that I love. 

    I've said this before and I'll say it again: IT GETS BETTER. SO MUCH BETTER. Acne doesn't have to affect your goals in life. I was a depressed, sad and lonely teenager -- or at least I thought I was. It's strange how getting older (and I know I'm not old!) has changed my perspective on my teenage years. Reading my old blog posts makes me sad. I wish I could go back and hug the sixteen-year-old me and show her how she's going to turn out. 

    I'm here if anyone has any questions about my time on accutane or how life has been since! 

    All the best. xoxox

    My most recent photo. October 2015. 

    January 2015. 

    March 2014.

    April 2014.

    And for a reminder, this was me at 16.