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    Before I start - I realized I made an entry titled "Eight Weeks" it was actually "Six Weeks" WHOOPS! Lol.

    I can't believe it has only been two months! I feel and see my skin improving with every passing week. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my skin recently and it has made me feel SO good. It's amazing to see how much of an impact having acne had on my overall self image. My skin was free of actual pimples until my last post. That cluster came from what I believe was five days of binge eating and drinking. And right now I have a pretty significant sized cyst on my face but just one compared to the 5 or 6 I used to get is not too bad. I have been slacking on my water intake which has affected me. I find myself getting a random headache that is only cured with a huge glass of water. My goal is to get back to drinking as much water as I did when I first started. I know most people report having spotty unpredictable periods but I think my birth control has kept me regular. I do notice much lighter periods though. As far as my actual skin care routine goes - I have completely switched it. I dropped the prescription topicals down to a once a week application. And I got rid of the CeraVe & Cetaphil. (I did keep the CeraVe nightcream because it feels really good after a long day in the sun and also does wonders on my elbows). I switched over to an all LUSH routine. I already use their tooth 'paste' tabs, lip scrub, lip balm, body wash, deodorant, dry shampoo and various body treatments so it was only a matter of time before I used their skincare too! I was concerned with the prices of these face goodies but since you only use a very small amount of most everything, it may not end up being too bad.

    In the morning all I do is splash some water on my face. Followed by a spritz of Eau Roma Water and a pea sized amount of Imperialis Moisturizer. The toner water gives my skin such an amazing feeling! If I am going make-up free I carry it in my bag and spritz it on through out the day.  The moisturizer is extremely soft and creamy. It has a little bit of a fragrance but it has not irritated my skin because they are naturally occurring, not chemically  created.

    At night, I use the UltraBland facial cleanser. IT IS AMAZING. It is kind of waxy and you actually put it on dry skin and massage in. It takes off my makeup better than any other facewash I have had and it's great because its all just one step. After, I spray on some toner water then moisturize. Once a week I (will) use their sea salt scrub. Today was my first time using it and it was pretty nice. The smell is amazing and the texture wasn't too rough.

    I included pictures and prices of the stuff I mentioned*. I have only been doing this for about a week and have already seen a pretty significant decrease in the red marks left behind by old pimples. I really hope this routine continues to work for me as I have kind of fallen in love with the products :)

    Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser - $29.95


    Eau Roma Water - $10.95

    Imperialis Moisturizer - $25.95

    * Ocean Salt Spray is a trial size the really nice lady at LUSH gave for me to test out before buying.


    Here is my progress pic:


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    This morning was same as usual. Coconut pulled. Lemon water. Fiber drink. You already know. I took 0.50ml of my vitamin D supplement, 3 pcos diva capsules, 1 krill oil, 1 probiotic, 2 spiru-blue's, and my organic india supplements: 1 liver kidney detox, 1 neem, and 1 holy basil. I snacked on some blueberries & I had some leftovers, beef liver (few pieces) and pan seared garlic shrimp. I had some beef bone broth and leftover cauliflower & broccoli and of course some avocado. Like a mini soup stew situation. That was all eaten in my tummy before 8am. At work, about 10:30am I had my chia pudding. At lunch time I had a whole cucumber (that's what she said) cut up and 4 small carrots. About 2pm I had some more beef liver(this time cold at work) and ketchup with more avocado. I don't fuck with microwaves anymore. And then I had my salad with spring mix, romaine, broccoli sprouts & homemade vinaigrette at about 3;50pm. I forgot to do this blog entry so I am quickly doing an entry and then I'm going on my walk around the lake. Taking my lunch break at 4:30pm like a boss. I need some fresh air and move my blood around. I can't wait to go home and smoke!

    Peace & love guys!

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    Nothing new to note today. 

    Very hot in Dublin at the moment, I go very dark in the sun so I'm getting a tan already, but I've been using suncream and wearing a cap to keep my face out of the sun even if my body is in it. 

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    -cetaphil gentle cleanser
    -clindamycin solution
    -benzoyl peroxide (1/6 of a finger)
    -myra e sunscreen

    -benzoyl peroxide(1/3 of a finger)
    -myra e moisturizer
    -aha 2/3 finger every other night

    ive only been breaking out with very small pimples that you have to scrutinize my face to see them. 
    -clindamycin w/ benzoyl peroxide is working wonderfully (apparently combining these two makes for a powerful one-two punch, searched scientific articles on this)
    -had to lessen benzoyl peroxide dosage bc my skin became SO DULL and rough at one point, aha wasnt helping
    -thinking on adding erythromycin to areas i usually break out with small spots

    will update u guys with pics and whether or not ive added erythromycin :)

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    Wanted to give everyone out there some inspiration! here is a run down of my last month an a half

    Day 47? April 25

    Think this last week was the turning point. I only had 1 pimple above the my mostache line and one on the side of my chin. Both were very small. My face is continuing to heal, but I am worried I will have scars around my mouth when all is said and done. Honestly I have a feeling my acne will not come back as the medication kicked in so quickly, hopefully the next few months will be over kill. Also haven’t actually seen much progress on my blackheads, still lingering around


    Side Effects:

    Dry nose

    Bloody nose

    Dry lips

    Dry arms

    Face flushing

    Day 54?  May 2nd


    Things are still going well, I have three actives (2 very small ones and a largers one on my upper cheek)

    Other than that, things have een going really good. I am happy with the progress I have made thus far. I think this next month 2-3 will really clear me up, and hopefully by the end of this quarter I will be looking clear.  There is light at the end of the tunnel! I just got to hold on!


    Day 61? May 9th

    Have only 2 actives, one still from last week. I am really starting to gain my confidence back! Looking forward to this next month, I have high hopes. My back is almost completely clear as well!

    Lips are chapped to shit, other than that nothing major.  Sometimes I will have a stomach ach, and I will sometimes feel a little more out of it than usual

    2nd month complete! Were cruisin along now

    May 16th (Day 68?)

    So I just had my end of 2nd month appointment ( actualy 10th week)

    She says I am clearing up very well, and making great progress!  I decided to stay at the 60mg a day dosage for 1 more month because the medication is working! I am happy to be coasting for the next few months, and am optimistic I wil be very clear after this month.  I only had 1 new active pimple last week, and it was really small. One pimple has been lingering for the last 2 weeks but its hidden under my hair. 


    Side effects: I finally noticed it is very easy to get sunburned :(, so I am going to start wearing sunscreen more often. Also my lips have been getting thrashed, constanty peeing and dry.  Overall blood work looks fine, and I don’t seem to have any extreme side effects!  Hopefully things stay good!


    Red marks still there, but fading….slowly

    May 23 rd day  Day 78

    Well I only got one very small pimple last week!  I think I will stay relatively clear for the remainder of my time on accutane. At this point it is just a waiting game for my old acne marks to clear up. Luckily it is manageable at this point, and I don’t have to worry all that much about how I look.  I will be busy with school for the next 2-3 weeks so I hope to continue the clear up process before summer starts.


    Side effects: chapped lips, back beginning to get sore, easily sunburned :( bummer cause I am a surfer and outdoorsy person


    Side note: retin-A definatly made my acne worse when I was on it.  I am glad I tried to use it prior to Accutane, but god damn that stuff sort of wrecked me. Also it was annoying using it every night as directed. Much easier taking a pill twice a day


    May 30th Day 85

    Only one new pimple this past week, that never fully developed.  Still bummed on the PIH marks from past acne, and minor acne scars (very small, only noticeable under bright light and up close).  Looks like I will be consistently improving from now on, as I haven’t had a break out in nearly a month.  Stoked to be clear soon, and gain my confidence back again.  I feel liberated from this acne curse

    Side Effects:chapped lips,  dry skin,slow healing,

  5. Week 2: Going into week two my oil regulation has been perfected to a beautiful glow. Our natural oils are so skin loving and protective. I had lines like wrinkles around my eyes (I’m too young for that) from my skin being scrubbed so much it had become dehydrated. I had been using an exfoliation wash, then a cleanser, then baking soda. All good high quality products without nasty chemicals but completely excessive and unnecessary. This was part of the program my estheticians had put me on. They themselves use the same program and have beautiful, airbrushed looking skin but if they miss a day of not being able to do all the steps, or travel or do anything outside of a strict regiment they will get a breakout and I wanted to be free of that. I want skin that can care for itself regardless of circumstances.


    My acid mantle was scrubbed off multiple times a day, every day. I wish I had known about the acid mantle and pH a long time ago! So my oils are nourishing my skin. The wrinkle lines are gone and I carefully touched my face with my finger and it is so soft and supple! I was FOR SURE, FOR SURE that if I stopped washing my face I would break out like crazy. Yet to my absolute astonishment that did not happen at all. The phase of whiteheads is kind of wrapping up, definitely lessening. I think they were the superficial blemishes that were getting pushed out easily as my skin adjusted and was given time to do what it does. By the end of this week my face was so itchy and the hundreds, maybe thousands of plugs of varying sizes were coming out of my face. Some had just a tiny head poking out, some were half way out, some were all the way hanging out and I’m not sure how they were still attached to me. From what I’ve read some people had good results but went downhill after a couple weeks and I thought that may happen to me if I didn’t clean my face at this point. I felt the dead skin mask was not serving a useful purpose (as in being the wrapping paper you take off after a month to get your gift of a new beautiful face in a month – but you must wait a month). I felt I was at risk for getting clogged pores, trapped dirt and oil, infected follicles and so on at this point. But I was not going to wash before two full weeks b/c I wanted to give my skin time to adjust and know it was not going to get washed, toned, moisturized, etc. and allow the oils and acid mantle and good bacteria to accumulate again for the first time in years. I didn’t even want a natural face cleanser. I wanted minimal ingredients. From nature, not man made, that would give me antioxidants and have antibacterial properties. I decided on store brand organic, raw honey. I added brown sugar b/c I was in great need of gentle exfoliating at this point.


    I turned the shower head on cool, only stuck my face in for about five seconds then went to the sink. I got a bag of soft cotton balls. I wet them with cool water from the sink and GENTLY exfoliated my skin. I used sooo many cotton balls lol but needed to get all the skin off and minimize cross contaminating. They worked beautifully. I will continue to use cotton balls, not my fingers and definitely not a washcloth or anything else. That’s too hard on skin. Plus I feel they really lift dirt and old oil. Doing this I knocked off lots of whitehead heads and caused some bleeding. So periodically I would stick my face in the shower again and then go back to exfoliating with cotton balls. When I was finished I gently massaged by face with the honey and sugar and left it on for about ten minutes then took a lovely, much welcomed shower. Got out lightly patted my face dry with a clean wash cloth and WOW!!! My skin was BEAUTIFUL!!! It had the most beautiful natural skin tone, calm and peaceful looking, my pores disappeared, aside from the purging pimples there were not any bumps on my face. I was GLOWING LIKE AN ANGEL!!! I saw the PIH was started to scab and lift off the way very old paint on a wall does. I believe this was a combination of no products, irritation, restored acid mantle, the sugar and honey scrub. Of course, my skin still has a way to go towards complete freedom and healing so I will continue the modified caveman, but my face was beautiful and healthy looking….naturally….. and I’m thrilled it was without the help of doctors, estheticians, manufactured products, and me lol

  6. No real changes in my face or in my side effects, this morning I woke up looking like i'd been in a fight, my lips were so dry they had split completely and had blood all over them :( 
    However, I hadn't thought that my mental health had changed at all but talking with the one friend that knows about the medication I realise that maybe it has affected me. I haven't been depressed but I have certainly been more emotional than usual, I have blown up at my boss (who luckily has known me for years and likes me so just brushed it off and laughed at me) and a week ago I had a row with my son (who's 15 and able to start a row with an empty room at the moment) but I cried non stop afterwards for about two hours and just could not stop. With hindsight maybe it is down to the meds, though I still count myself as lucky that my side effects although not nice are manageable .

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    GloTherapeutics Daily Polishing Cleanser (Salicylic Acid) - 2x

    GloTherapeutics Anti-Blemish Treament (BP) - 2x
    Dermalogica Active Moist (moisturizer) - 2x
    Innate Skin Clear Vitamin Pack 

    Face is doing well and is, for the most part, clear. I have a tiny pimple on my forehead (which is covered by bangs, yay!) and nose. I have a pimple on my chin, and there's one from last week that still hasn't gone away but seems smaller. And that's it. I still have marks from before but they are getting lighter every day. 

    Skin is still flaky. I'm hoping switching to 2.5% BP helps that. I may not use the DKR facewash or might only use it once a day. I think the salicylic acid facewash is helping me. My doctor friend told me you need to use both s. acid and BP because they do 2 different things. For now, it's working.
  7. I had a little squeeze today even though I know I shouldn't have. I could not bear the lump on my chin any longer. It feels better now and I know I am really risking it (scarring) according to a lot I have read online but I just can't leave it. I did notice that when I do have a squeeze there is still loads of oil coming out of my skin, which I am not happy about, and it did put a downer on me. Surly that should have significantly dried out by now?

    I coloured my hair which I do red and have done three times on Roaccutane and had no problems with. I use an ammonia free colour so it's gentle. I really wouldn't recommend anyone paint a peroxide on their scalp during treatment, that could be nasty. What I noticed is my hair is coming out quite a lot. I have had it before due to low Ferritin (iron stores) levels and my Ferritin is low now and I am on iron supplements from my GP for it. I think a mix of the tablets and the low Ferritin are causing the loss, not one or the other. I will say though if I hadn't seen this before with myself I would be panicking and shocked as it does look like loads when I wash my hair. Luckily my hair is thick.
    My hair is very dry so I am caking it in Argan oil before I dry it and it feels amazing after it is dry. Normally any more that three drops of the oil and my hair would be so greasy I would have to re-wash it but now it takes around 10 drops spread through my hair for it to look normal and not dry!

    My lips are still dry of course and I have noticed where it has split badly twice in different places, I do have scars there now. I'm just keeping insanely applying lip balm and moisturisers like a woman possessed!

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    So I've attached a picture depicting how flat my outer cheeks look after using isotrex for around a month and a half now. My forehead, t zone and chin are all bumpy still however. But my skin IS improving. 

    I've been using nip fab glycolic cleanser for a few weeks too, which is fabulous and apparently good for closed comedones as it contains just 2% glycolic acid. 

    However - I always see improvements around this time of year. My thoughts are either this is due to the weather change, as temperatures have been around 15 degrees on average recently compared with under 10 degrees when my acne was the worst in winter. But then again, this may be because I usually stop using topicals at the end of summer when I am feeling tanned and my scars and acne are made less visible by a good bronzing! So I gradually get spottier over winter, then pick up a new medication around january when I am so depressed and acne covered, and it gets better in a couple of months. 

    Really not sure but just something to think about, I hate living with a constant experiment on my skin but this year I will continue using isotrex if i keep seeing improvements. In that way i can say i control my acne and the weather does not. 


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    Hi everyone!

    I just made a profile and decided to start a blog about my acne. I think it'll be a good way to reflect on what I'm going through and track my progress. I haven't decided yet if I'll put pictures up of my skin, maybe in a few weeks when (hopefully) I've improved a little bit. I'll start with a description of me and my skin, but I'll put it in the blog description as well for any newcomers once the blog has gotten longer. 

    I'm 20 years old, female. I go to school at a small college in Hartford Connecticut, but don't live in Connecticut. The history of my skin is pretty simple. Throughout puberty it was just your average teenage skin, actually better than average I think. I always had a few pimples here and there, but no big flare ups and it was nothing I really worried about. My senior year of high school I went on a birth control pill and took that until about 9 months ago, and I think that made my skin even better. My skin used to be on the drier side, and I'm pale and burn easily. However, about three months ago in March, I saw gradual changes occurring on my face. I was getting more pimples, slowly but surely, and my skin became rough and bumpy, with lots of tiny comedones on my chin and cheeks. My face also got a lot more greasy. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong because I hadn't changed anything in my skin routine. I thought I could manage it on my own so I got a salicylic acid treatment to use at night and started using my benzoyl peroxide (which I used as a spot treatment before) all over my face every day. I also started using a harsh Neutrogena acne scrub which I think only made things worse. I thought the best thing for my skin would be to let it breathe as much as possible, so I'd wash my face right after class and then reapply makeup before any night activities, then wash again later. I think all the washing and reapplying makeup only made it worse.

    By the week before my final exams, I was a mess. I wasn't going out anymore or even spending time with my friends, and I didn't want to go to soccer or class. I sat in my room and cried most of the time, and sleeping was all that made me feel better. I had also stopped eating a lot of foods because I found research online showing that high glycemic foods can trigger acne, and my dining halls don't have tons of options so I was really restricted. I was afraid that anything I ate would break me out even further. I lost 17 pounds in under a month which was a lot for me, and was overall just downright miserable. Thankfully before I hit rock bottom, school was over and I could go home. My mom realized how much of an emotional toll my acne was taking on me and really has helped me get back on my feet. Now that I feel a lot better I'm ready to tackle acne and hopefully kick its ass. 

    Anyway, sob story aside, I'll take you through everything that I'm doing to clear up my skin. First, as a mentioned, my diet. I cut out sugars (besides fruit), caffeine, all processed foods, dairy, red meat and white flour. My diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables, chicken, turkey, fish, nuts, seeds, and lots of water and green tea. I've also started taking several supplements that various sources have touted as skin healing: niacinamide, zinc, selenium, fermented cod liver oil, and a probiotic. I went to two different dermatologists because I really wanted a second opinion, the first wasn't very understanding or willing to listen to my many questions. He put me on tretinoin gel 0.01% and 100 mg minocycline daily. The second dermatologist was really great, she bumped me up to 0.025% tretinoin gel and added a clindamycin phosphate lotion to use in the mornings. I also scheduled an "acne peel" for about a week from now at that derm office, so we'll see how that goes. I also was prescribed Loryna, the generic version of the birth control pill Yaz. I think that my acne was due to coming off the pill many months ago, but the effects were so slow that I didn't see them till March. I can't start that until I get my period, which should be in the next few days. 

    Last, I've made some lifestyle changes like sleeping way more, exercising more, and just stressing out less. I'm really hopeful that everything I've been doing will clear my skin up over the summer. 

    Here is my current skin routine:

    AM:  Wash with 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. Apply toner, wait to dry, then apply clindamycin (This has been acting as a moisturizer during the day). Apply sunscreen (for acne prone, sensitive skin) if need be.
    PM: Wash with gentle Kiehls cleanser. Apply toner, then apply hemp seed oil as moisturizer. Wait 30 minutes, then apply tretinoin gel. 

    I have been on the minocycline for 3 weeks and the tretinoin gel for about 2.  So far I haven’t noticed any huge differences. There has been no extreme purging, but I do think my skin looks worse now because all my acne scars accumulated over the past few months look more red and irritated. I still get active breakouts, a couple pimples a day. However, one positive change I’ve noticed is that my skin is feeling smoother. I used to cringe every time I touched or washed my face because I felt so many tiny bumps. Now the bumps feel smaller although they don’t look much better yet. I’m taking this as a good sign. I’m very nervous of the tretinoin purge that I may experience, especially because I switched from 0.01% to 0.025% gel two days ago, so even though I’ve been using the 0.01% for two weeks, I feel like the purging with 0.025% will be worse if it does happen. I have many clogged pores so it makes sense to me that my purging period might be bad.


    Well, that’s everything. Please comment if you have any advice, encouragement, anything! I’ll be updating weekly on my progress (or not progress I purge, gah). Wish me luck J

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    Well, here we go again.  The cycle begins again and I have had an eczema flare all over.  It's calmed down since this morning but it's still very much there.  New bumps came up (at least 12 micro ones that are red) and I have some cystic action going on on chin.  Feeling like crap BUT still hanging  around my family.  What's the point of hiding in my room all day?  I feel as if i've wasted the last 8 plus months for nothing.  Reaching out to this community for some support.  As far as pharmaceuticals are concerned, i have done it all and frankly, i am over it.  I am considering starting from scratch again with a nutritionist as my eating , while healthy, could use some work (less calories , more nutritionally dense stuff, less meat, etc).  Right now, i'm off all supplements but i am on oral meds (spiro, oracea) and elidel for eczema.  Still having a green smoothie everyday and I am so bored with drinking those things.  Varied recipes too.

    I have limited money too now that i am buying a home and recently had to replace my car that was totaled in an accident.

    I have tried  many of  the nutritional advice give on this bored and i'm convinced that the issue is not what is being suggested but moreso, my body.

    Anyway, just wanted to share and update as I know some of you have been following my process since the very beginning.

    Thanks for all the support.  It helps to know that this awesome website is a judgement free zone.

    Peace and Love

  10. Hello to anyone who reads this blog!

    Just wanted to let anyone know (who is curious about accutane and what happens afterwards) that my skin is still clear, and I finished my last dose a little over a month ago. I have continued to use cetaphil moisturizing cream tub for sensitive, dry skin, and a gentle face wash by cetaphil or cerave, too. I have gotten one pimple every now and then but just a drop of epiduo does the trick! (epiduo is also prescribed by dermatologist).
    I wasn't sure if my skin was going to go back to being super oily so I wasn't sure if I should switch back to oily-skin products, but continuing with the gentle, sensitive dry-skin stuff has been just fine. I did stop liquid makeup tho, and went back to my powder, just cause it goes on not as thick. The dry lips and dry skin went away about 2-3 weeks after my last dose, I can kiss now!! lol. I can lick my lips, and they're not ridiculously dry! Granted, my skin is still a little drier than it was previously, in that I'm not nearly as oily as I used to be. I went swimming for the first time in a LONG time, because I used to have to wear makeup all the time, and it felt so freeing. Like a curse was lifted.

    Like all satisfied accutane users, my only biggest regret is not taking it sooner. My life has seriously changed, I have the most confidence than I have ever had in about a decade. And I hope the results continue for the rest of my life, haha. No other long-lasting side effects, that I can tell (joint pain went away, never had noticeable hair loss, not as irritable/tired, etc).

    If you have any questions let me know!

  11. I forgot to mention I have noticed these tiny little pimples appearing over my body. I have no idea what this is.. The first one is in my arm fold, the second just appeared today under my breast and I have a few on my neck. :'( is this a staph infection? Folliculitis? 





  12. Ok, so I know I kinda forgot to post my progress so far with my treatment, but anyway...

    So it's nearing the end of Day 23 on accutane, and I'm having mixed feelings about my progress so far. I think my acne has improved in terms of bumpiness on my face - even where my acne is (on the cheeks, chin and forehead) there aren't really any bumps - but the redness of each zit is still there, making it a little difficult to cover up. Now, the dryness, hmm...well, I'm really happy that now when I wake up in the morning, my face doesn't feel oily (and overall not too dry at this point) like it used to, and for some reason my skin feels softer - maybe it's the gentle Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser?? Also, my skin hasn't really started peeling yet except for a teensy bit only in the last few days on my chin, and my lips are chapped but manageable thanks to Blistex! :)

    However, I've now got this weird dry, bumpy rash on the backs of both of my hands, and no matter how much I moisturise it doesn't seem to be going away. Did anyone else have this problem??? Another bad thing is that the sides of my nose are really dry and same thing as the hands with no improvement despite constant moisturising. :( Ok, last bad thing then I'll stop complaining: the blackheads on my nose and like on the sides of my nose are getting worse, but I've been told by my dermatologist not to use scrubs and face masks while on accutane. Is this normal and will it go away? Can i do anything to make them less noticeable in the meantime?? Ugh, I can't wait for this to be over! The past 3 weeks have gone by so slowly...probably cause I've been counting the days, lol.

    Anyway, thanks guys (even if no one is actually reading this, I'm still gonna pretend there is. I know, I'm delusional. :) ),
    I'll post again soon!

    Fran xxx

    P.S. I'm sorry I don't think I'll be able to post pictures of myself on this blog cause I'm just not comfortable showing my bare face on the internet, but I can assure you that my acne is pretty bad (not the worst but still bad - I mean, it is severe after all). 

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    Only a few new breakouts, but they go away within the next 24 hours or so. A lot more peeling. I find that no matter how much moisturizer I use, my skin is still super dry and doesn't produce much oil. 

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    6 weeks on retin-a and clindamycin regimen.. Not working :/ keep breaking out next to my nose and cheek area. The wether is getting warmer and I have to hide inside the house since sun exposure is not recommended on this medicatio. This better be worth it because boy am I getting depressed from sitting in...

  14. Today marks my 11th day on Claravis 30mg twice a day. It also marks the fourth day in my period and my skin is basically undergoing anarchy. I have spots down my cheeks, on my chin, on my jawline, and between my eyebrows. Alongside the spots is pretty significant dryness. I have work tonight and am dreading going. I will post a picture. To be fair, my skin is not much worse than my skin normally is on my period, but the dryness and redness are not making it look very pretty. I also noticed that, with the dryness, my makeup is doing a terrible job of covering my skin.
    Symptoms: Dryness of pimples, dryness of nose, dryness of lips, dryness of skin, headache, nausea, increased appetite (period), fatigue 
    Diet: About one liter of water so far, two cups of coffee, chicken fajitas with corn tortillas, a few spoonfuls of Ben and Jerrys "The Tonight Dough" ice-cream (sorry not sorry)
    Products: Neutrogena Deep Moisture face lotion, Cetaphil daily cleanser, Clarins spot concealer, Clarins powder foundation, Clarins bronzer, Josie Marin highlighting powder





  15. Today is not a good day for my skin I had a major breakout Tuesday morning and of course today I decided to mess with it and of course knowing I shouldn't I still did. And now it's a mess. I thought I was done with my cystic acne but I guess not yet.image.jpeg

  16. As evidenced in my last post, I’ve smeared a lot of crap on my face. But, what do I use now? And do I like it?




    1. I wake up, pissed off because I haven’t figured out a way to safely inject coffee into my blood stream.
    2. Shuffle to bathroom. Shuffle to closet. Shuffle to dresser. Forget what I was doing. Groan.
    3. Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.


    • Okay, so let’s be honest. I bought the knockoff Wal-Mart Equate Skin Cleanser and I honestly am not too thrilled with it. It’s too thin and watery. While cleansers shouldn’t produce a ton of foam or have 10,000 scented scrub beads, I think this cleanser is too simple for my taste. Alas, I am cheap as hell and will use it until it runs out, at which I will replace it with something else.


    4. Apply CeraVe AM Moisturizer.


    •  This is a brand new product that has been added this week. It has some great “features”—including the all important SPF and also niacinamide to reduce redness. Before, I was applying the PM version (despite its name, perfectly acceptable for AM as well.) I will say the AM has that sunscreen smell, but it doesn’t particularly bother me. The thing that I’m not sold on just yet is its consistency. I find it very thick, hard to spread, and I’m not sure how great it’s doing at moisturizing. But I need a sunscreen to protect my red marks from getting darker, so if anything I might just combine this with some plain Cetaphil moisturizer I already have.


    5. Maybe put a dab of benzoyl peroxide or clindamyacin gel on any doozy of a zit and let everything dry before applying makeup.



    1. Realize it’s way past my bedtime.

    2. Curse self for staying up late as I always do.

    3. Wash face (usually in shower) with same Cetaphil cleanser from morning routine.
    4. Dry face and apply CeraVe PM. 


    • Love this product. It’s smooth, it’s creamy…wait, am I describing ice cream or a face moisturizer? My bad. But really, I love the texture of this and it does a great job. At first, I was a bit worried that it wasn’t as great as I was  expecting because it doesn’t make your face look or feel like an oil slick, but I now realize that’s a good thing. I think adding this product is a big help in the reduction of redness I see in my scars/pigmentation issues.


    5. Apply benzoyl peroxide gel and let dry completely before going night-night.


    • Man, this stuff sucks and is awesome at the same time. I was using free samples of EpiDuo for a while and for some reason, that didn’t dry out my skin like straight up BP does. At least, I think that’s what my current issue is. My BP is only 2.5% but it has dried out my face the past couple of nights.


    Uhhhh, I don’t know. Can I phone a friend? The cysts continue to stay at bay which I am very happy about. The CeraVe PM and BP have helped the redness in my post inflammatory marks. I only have two lumps on my face that just appeared yesterday that are deep and might be potential cystic acne. I hope it’s not caused by the addition of my CeraVe AM moisturizer, but I suppose I will keep an eye on them and use it as a judgment of how my skin is. If they go away quickly then I guess that’s a good thing! I just have to resist the urge to pick and poke them :( 

    Around my mouth and near my chin is very dry and flaky. I don’t know why to be honest, but when I applied the CeraVe AM moisturizer for the first time the other day, my face lit up bright red and near my eyes was stinging. Has been happening for the past three days, so I have held off on using the BP. I hope that goes away once my skin has adjusted.

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    Hello hello hello!
    I just started my 3rd month of accutane about a week and a half ago now. Now, I will say I have had a couple breakouts here and there... but I think it's my fault not the medicines. I went on a trip and wasn't as consistent about taking it and may have drank a bit more than I usually do (whoops). Other than that, my skin looks fantastic! It is a bit red from being so dry, but I think it's kinda a nice change from my usual overly white skin and is nothing I can't fix with some tinted moisturizer. 
    At my last appointment, they told me I won't need to get my blood drawn next time because my liver isn't showing any signs of being affected from the medication, so yay! This could be due to my lifestyle, genetics, or just the fact that my doc picked a good level of mg and won't be changing my dose any time soon. She said usually when people start on a certain dose and then change to a lower or higher dose, they tend to have more issues/breakouts/etc. So that's something to keep in mind if you plan on using accutane. 
    As for the sun, I have been pretty good so far about using sunscreen. I have a long commute and put it on before I drive both ways... I know that sounds silly, but I did notice one day when I hadn't, that my skin looked a little burned. Especially on this drug,  even slight sun damage can really harm your skin, and my mom had skin cancer... so I will stick with my current habits. 
    My skin routine has stayed the same as in my previous posts. I think it's working rather well... so far a little dry and flaky, but not near as horrible as I thought it would be. Had a little bit of eczema on my arms, but used some cortisone and extra lotion for a few days and that helped. 

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    Skipped a day because skin was pretty much the same. I noticed that I don't have any huge pimples on my cheeks anymore but i do have a lot of those flesh colored bumps and small whiteheads all over. My forehead still has those 4 huge pimples on it though ugh. I wish there was a magical way for them to be gone by Thursday because it's my cousins graduation. Oh well, one can pray and hope lol

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    Because this is, you probably know already what this post is all about.

    I’ve been lurking in this site for a year now and it helped me quite a lot to understand my condition. And it also made me realize that I’m not alone in this battle.

    I am Asian (just so you know) and I’ve been struggling with acne since when I was 15 and I have on and off relationship with acne. I’ve been battling it for 6 years now. I never really talked about how my acne made me feel and how it affects my life to anyone, not even my parents. Well, I tried to once but they shrugged it off saying that I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it because, well, it’s just “acne”. It’ll go away. Somehow. Someday. But it didn’t.

    In retrospect, I wasn’t really the type who cares about how they look. I never really paid attention to my appearance. That was when I had a clear face. My first pimple was during my junior year, it was a large, cystic, puss-filled helluva pimple on my nose and I remembered one of my classmate saying it was “gross” and that I should pop it and all. But I still did not pay attention to it because it’s just one pimple anyway. But that ”single” pimple turned into “many” pimples when I reached senior year. Mostly on my nose and cheeks. That was that time where my self-esteem dropped from low to nothing. I couldn’t even look people in the eyes because I’m so embarrassed. So my mom decided to consult a dermatologist. He injected and popped my pimple and it was really painful. But I couldn’t careless, I wanted to be bumps-free. Haha. He said that the cause of my acne is genetic because my father used to have it when he was young. He prescribed me tretinoin and clindamycin toner and some expensive soap and I used it religiously. And voila! My pimples were gone. I finally had clear skin for a year till my graduation so I got lazy taking care of my skin because I thought it was gone forever. And boy I couldn’t be any wrong.

    Just when I thought I’m free from all this acne-hellish experience, it visited again and it came back with a vengeance. It was before I entered college and it was worse than my first break out. This one was the “all-over-your-face” kind that you’d rather be headless than be seen like that. I remember having my ID picture taken and I looked like a zombie with a rotting face. Hell, zombies in walking dead looked better than me. No kidding.

    I went back to my dermatologist and he prescribed me the same medication. I actually thought it would help me again but it made my already acne-infested face worse. It made my face red and my pimple worse. So I stopped using anything. I stopped caring and clung to this hope that “this, too, shall pass”. Like my parents always told me when I try to complain to them. I endured all the remarks people told me on my face about being gross and ugly. Good thing I had some good friends who didn’t judge me. But I can still remember how low I felt during those times. I always cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t bring myself to look in the mirror because all I see was how monstrous acne made me looked. It affected me so much that I couldn’t even bring myself to attend classes anymore. I cut classes and stayed at home. My parents didn’t know about it because I knew that if I tell them they wouldn’t understand how much courage it takes to expose yourself to everyone looking like that and spend your whole day being judged by everyone. Because everyone thinks they are entitled to treat anyone with flaws like shitbags. And I ran out of courage. I couldn’t last a day without one person or two calling me “ugly”. I felt inferior. I felt alone.

    Acne affected not only my grades and social life but destroyed my confidence entirely. I used to have tiny spot of self-esteem and acne was like a bomb that destroyed what’s left of it. But it gave me a different perspective about life; about everything, actually. I learned that your appearance will affect how people will treat you. You may think I’m just saying this because I’m a ugly-bitter hag but trust me, that’s the ugly truth. And I learned it the hard way.

    It was during my second year of college that I was able to just accept my fate and just live with this acne. I was able to ignore every ridicule from my surroundings and live my pathetic life. Haha. I only treat my acne with toothpaste and some lemon juice. It didn’t do much but that’s all I’ve got. And I got traumatized by my money-hungry dermatologist with his expensive treatments that no longer worked for me. My face was red and bumpy and cyst-filled all over during those times. I wish I had pictures to show you how worse I looked but I had phobia with cameras back then hahaha. I used to have short hair back then and a classmate of mine always called me “snowhite with pimples”.

    Then my cousin from Australia introduced me to proactive. She came to Philippines for a short vacation and was horrified with my face when she saw me, adding my very nice brother’s remark that “there’s no help for her”. Well I’m pretty much numb already so I didn’t care that much. She told me that she suffered from acne herself and gave gave me her set of proactive. And I used it because wth I have nothing to lose anyway. And like some kind of miracle it worked for me. Except from occasional few pimples and acne marks, my face, for the first time in years, looked okay. I used it routinely until summer of my second year. During that time I was completely clear of acne with just few acne marks left. I wanted to get rid of the marks so I searched online and I found a very cheap product that has Hydroquinone-Tretinoin combination called “rdl baby face”. By using the right amount, it worked wonders for my skin. My friends, classmates and mostly everyone around me noticed how my face improved and compliment me. It was the best feeling.

    I was in my 3rd year of college then and I had clear skin. I started really taking good care of my skin. I felt normal. People started treating me normal. I gained a lot of friends. Some people even called me pretty. But I didn’t feel that way. Acne had left me emotionally scarred.

    After a year of clear-faced life, my acne came back. again. My topical medication stopped working. No surprise there, though. My acne loved me so much it couldn’t afford to leave me forever. Hahaha.

    This time, it wasn’t that worse. I just suffered from moderate acne. Probably because I was in so much stress with academic stuff and I had my internship. Too much stress plus no sleep. A perfect recipe to make a  pizza-face. Lol. I research more to try to understand my acne. I used neutregena, Clearasil and a bunch of other facial cleanser, to no avail. I muster some courage and convinced my mom to bring me to another dermatologist and she prescribed me antibiotics and erythromycin gel. It didn’t do anything. I was back to zero. I remember looking at my pictures when I had clear skin and cry. I was depressed, stressed and had low confidence again.

    Then I stumbled upon this website and I learned about benzoyl peroxide. The same bp in proactive that cleared my face once. So I followed the regime and I was able to maintain my acne since then. I still have few pimples on my face and a few breakouts but all in all it wasn’t that worse compared to before. My acne is a persistent type. But I became an expert with this kind of thing I can pass as my own dermatologist.

    I decided to make my first ever blog because I want to document everything from now on. And if I ever manage to find a regime or a permanent cure for acne, I’ll post it here to be of help to others having the same problem as mine.

    And yeah I figured my first entry is too long but this is my first blog about acne and I want to be as detailed as I can about what I’ve been through.

    It’s been a hell of a bumpy road for me. No pun intened.


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    I currently have a ginormous cyst on my chin. -_-
    I look like a witch.