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    Well week two has been quite crazy. I've been experiencing a lot of peeling especially on my chin and near my mouth. I've had 3 pimples pop up in the last week but I think its because I'm on my cycle. so far I haven't seen any major results. my forehead is much smoother and the little bumps on it went away but my cheeks are still bumpy and the hyperpigmentation all over my face is still there and hasn't improved. I've now added a sea salt toner to my regimen to see if any changes will occur. lets just hope ill see progress in the next few weeks.

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    After I oil pull I brush my teeth and then have a spoonful (teaspoon or tablespoon depends on which kinda spoon I grab ;) of Manuka Honey. Then I have my warm mug of water, ginger tea, dollop of coconut oil and some sole. For breakfast today I had some split pea ham soup (I cooked it on Friday so I had to eat the rest, I can't STAND wasting food!) and purple kale mixed into that. 
    ~Morning supplements after breakfast~
    3 PCOS diva,
    0.50mL vitamin D,
    2 probiotics,
    1 ashwagandha,
    2 spiru-blue,
    1 krill oil,
    1 COQ10,
    1 tulsi holy basil
    1 neem.

    I didn't take glutathione yesterday or today. 

    I brought goats kefir & berries, brazil nuts, oranges, bananas, chia pudding with kiwi, and lemon water for snacks. My smoothies were not sitting right with me. I think I would consume the "meal" too fast and it would just go right through me. And usually my bowels are pretty good so when something goes right through me I know, that's a no go.

    At night I have been taking colloidal silver in my water that I take with my evening supplements.

    So now I am working full time in the weekdays [main bitch] and part time on the weekends [side chick]. 40 hours M-F and 12 hours S-S. In total, I should be making about $2400/month. And for a 23 year old with no college education, that's pretty damn good.

    I took some photos of my *beautiful* face last night. I will upload them later.

    I need to take the time to wind down at night and read all of my favorite words of wisdom I have written down in a notebook. I did that last night and it helped. SIDE NOTE: I only smoke weed at night now, obviously I'm not going to go to work at the pet store high, so I smoke after work on the weekdays [about 6:30pm first hit] and after work on the weekends at about 7:30pm is my first hit.

    Back to work xoxoxo

    Omg I had so much fun after work swimming with the dogs and my dad. It was humid and hot today!

    evening supplements: 1 ashwagandha, 2 spiru blue, 1 krill oil, 1 probiotic.

    so starting today ( I have phased out glutathione) I will only be taking PCOS diva supplements in the morning.













  2. Acne Status: In the midst of my 3rd week I have been having a couple flare-ups on my face, particularly my forehead, and the back of my neck. I have asked my friends who have taken Accutane, and they said that their acne worsened in the first couple weeks of the treatment because your body is trying to push everything to the surface and get all the gunk out! It is a little frustrating, but I know I will see results hopefully by next month. Most of my acne in these flare-ups have been surfacing whiteheads with a few of the painful nodular acne that I am trying to get rid of. Many dermatology websites and articles have stated that it is very normal to experience breakouts in the first couple of weeks of the Accutane treatment.


    Overall Rating of Acne Severity: C-


    Face: D

    Back: C-

    Chest: B


    Side Effects: Entering the 3rd week, my entire face has had flakes of dead skin peeling off and my lips have been cracking because they have been so dry. I picked up some over-the-counter creams and vaseline that my dermatologist recommended and they have been making me feel much more comfortable. I have been using Aquaphor lip balm and face cream along with Cetaphil, and they seem to be doing the trick. My mood lately has not been great. I have a couple of “dips” in my days where I feel like I need to cry or scream into a pillow (I actually did scream into a pillow and it felt great afterwards). I also cried when we ran out of grapes in the fridge. Be aware that your doctor has prescribed Accutane because he or she believes that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects!!! Power through!!!


    Overall Ratings of Side Effect Severity: C


    Dryness: C

    Mood: C-

    Appetite: B


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    So I have been doing using my new skin regiment for a week now. I forgot to mention that I wash with Cetaphil’s Gentle Cleanser then apply the Epiduo and then wait about 5 minutes and apply moisturizer.

    As for any changes go my skin has not started to dry out much at all. Nothing the Cetaphil doesn’t help. I find this so weird because the first time I used this product I began to dry out after about 4 uses. I also haven’t experienced any burning or itching that others report.

    Unfortunately I have noticed that my skin is getting worse. I have 6 active painful zits and I can see some more coming to the surface. I was very surprised by this breakout, I am not sure if this is part of the initial breakout or just a regular breakout that I am over exaggerating. All I know is that is has led to a few tears but I am trying to stay positive because I know nothing comes easy and hopefully the end is worth the temporary pain! J

    Please leave a comment if you have experienced something similarto  this or want to tell your Epiduo story!
  3. Today is Day Seven of my 25% TCA Peel.

    My forehead, temples, and the bridge of my nose are the only areas that have not fully peeled yet.

    To help expedite the healing process, I am doing the following:

    1) applying cool compresses of white vinegar water (one tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water) to my face three times a day 

    2) applying tea bags twice a day to my entire face (the tannic acid is supposed to help with burns)

    3)  applying hydrocortisone at least three times a day.  My cheeks and chin look pretty normal now.  Just slightly pink, but nothing that looks out-of-the-ordinary.

    The good is this:  I can begin to see areas where the skin is getting ready to peel.  So, I am hopeful that the healing process will continue as normal.

    I think that my forehead is not healing as quickly this time because I may have applied too much acid and applied it a bit unevenly.

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    Alright so... I'm in 7th grade and I've had actual acne since I was in 4th grade. I'm pretty sure I even had some pimples on my forehead and stuff when I was in 3rd grade. It really lowers my self esteem and self confidence, and though most people don't make comments about it, I know they're thinking rude things. It's just hard to deal with it because I haven't met anyone else with acne like mine. As of now I don't really have as bad acne as I did before, but I still get quite a few pimples. Right now, I have a lot of acne scars on both of my cheeks, which I guess are slowly fading, but still... It makes my face look even worse. I figured out that I only got pimples when I ate a lot of junk foods, but ever since I started to eat in moderation, my acne has improved a lot. But the problem is, I let the whole acne thing get to me. I spend some of my free time looking up cures for acne or acne scars, and  I don't want to be so obsessed with it, but I also really want to get rid of it. Anyway, if you have any suggestions on how to completely fade acne scars, please share them with me. Thanks!

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    Hello all, 

    Don't feel like there are a lot of updates for you all. My skin looks great, but the side effects have stayed the same. My dry skin is pretty under control. I put lotion on twice a day, and sunscreen before driving to work and before driving home (my drive is long and I don't want to get burned.) I gently exfoliate every day once in the morning and once at night with a sonic silicon brush. I feel this is much gentler than a clarisonic brush and it's done a great job of reducing the amount of dead skin/flakes on my face without irritating. Still using hemp oil to create a moisture barrier and lotion on top of that. Helps to keep my skin moisturized for longer than just using lotion. No blemishes besides one of two that were SO tiny you could hardly see them, so that's awesome! 
    The one thing I have noticed is my joints... my hips and knees hurt so bad. I feel like I'm 90 years old... I'm 22 and in great shape. I've taken a hiatus from running because the pain is so bad and have just been doing yoga and barre3 to help loosen the joints and help the pain without too much impact. However, I am worried as I have some races coming up and really should be training. Hopefully this is just a side effect of the accutane and will stop after I'm done, because this is ridiculous. 
    That's basically it! Dermatologist said I should only need to be on it for 5 months, not 6. Haven't needed a blood test either since the first two showed no changes in my liver, so that's good!

    For everyone on this, best of luck! 

  5. So, I have completed a week on 60mg and thankfully, the side effects have not deviated much from when I was on 30mg!

    To summarise:

    • Lips have become a lot more dry / peely / corners of mouth are cracking but am going cray cray applying aquaphor all day lol
    • Hands have become very dry - I have dry skin on hands anyway but this is just making it worse - peely skin :(
    • No new aches or pains
    • Toilet problem (previous post) is getting better

    MY SKIN:
    • A lot better than the first month but a long way to go yet
    • The initial breakout has calmed down - the cysts are all gone (for good I hope)
    • Still breaking out every day - small spots on forehead, cheek, chin area and around the jawline but nothing like the first month
    • My fiance / sister / best friend have all commented on how my skin looks less aggravated than in the first month so that is very encouraging to hear - hope it stays this way and I am over the worst
    • Still a lot of scarring from the pre and current accutane breakouts but I am not overly concerned about that at the moment

    Cannot believe it has been 7 weeks already! I'd love to say time has flown but that would be a big fat lie lol.. Have felt each and every day of it because of the nasty initial breakout I had but things can only get better so looking forward to how the next week goes.

    Hope my fellow accutaners are doing well and making progress :) 
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    So I'm dong OK I suppose. I fucking picked again. It's been harder to stop than I imagined it would be. I like to think I have good self- control. I became a vegetarian when I was 13, I pulled myself out of my alcoholism that I've had since I was 14, I overcame my OCD on my own when I was 10(officially diagnosed later on), but I can't stop picking. It's very frustrating. I'm starting to think my picking is actually a manifestation of my OCD, because it is quite obsessive and senseless in nature. I don't get whiteheads, I get nodules and cysts, so there's no way anything good will come from picking. Yet, I still do it.  My skin has been going through some drastic ups and downs lately, and it's really taking a toll on me. I recently cut out gluten, soy, and nightshades from my diet; all of which I used to eat A LOT of. I'm really hoping this will bring about some change. I already don't eat cheese, and meat, so it's getting harder to come up with interesting, and tasty meals. But, if I get clear skin as a result, it is a very small price to pay. Aside from my chin, the rest of my skin is very clear. My color has started to come back(I'm naturally yellow/olive, but since my acne came back my face has been very pink). I know that my acne is hormonal, so I'm very glad that I have the chance to talk to an endocrinologist about it soon. I'm also interested in getting a food allergy test done. It kind of feels like I'm shooting in the dark here, so it would be nice to have something of substance to go off of. Who should I speak to about that? My family doctor? I'm willing to bet I have a few food allergies as I'm allergic to several medicines. I REALLY don't wan't to go back on Accutane, but my skin is getting bad. I'm still drinking my matcha green tea, and applying manuka honey daily. I suspect that I'm currently experiencing an IB from the Manuka Honey, but I'm not sure how long it's supposed to last. It's not that I can't take the breakouts, I just want to know that I'm on the right path and that it will all be worth it in the end. I'm hopeful that the Manuka is just pulling out all the gunk from my pores, and that soon I will have clear skin. I'm afraid to stop the Manuka, because for all I know, I could be one week away from clear skin again. In other news, I'm really happy that husband is coming home soon. I've been having a really hard time lately, between the breakouts and my new Epilepsy medicine(which causes me to feel lethargic, and dizzy all of the time). It's nice having someone who supports you no matter what, so I'm thankful for that. 

  7. Well, that's Accutane and my relationship over....hopefully for good! I was supposed to do one more month so a bit worried that my accumalative dose has not been enough but I had no choice in the matter as the pills combined with my hectic lifestyle and job have pushed me to the brink of complete exhaustion which apparently the derm could see as soon as they saw me. (though i'll take dark circles over cystic acne any day!).
    The hospital hasn't discharged me yet which is good, I need to go back for a follow up in three months. I have been told that one to two months after stopping the course I could have a flare up ( a bit like the IB but not as bad) and given Epiduo. 
    All in all taking Accutane has been the best thing I ever did, my skin is so much clearer, I can look people in the eye and not spending an hour in the mornings trying to mop up my face then another hour trying to cover it with make up is bliss!
    For anyone thinking about taking the plunge into Accutane yes it's side effects are horrid but the really severe ones are very rare and I cannot recommend using this site enough...I've been able to keep an eye on my body, my mind and talking to people who are going through the same things physically and emotionally has given me such a sense of support so thank you guys and good luck to everyone going through the curse that is acne!
    This won't be my last entry as i'm sure that i'm not the only one who is just as concerned with post accutane treatment so will update in a month or so!

  8. I got lazy and forgot to ưwrite the journey but still here are my skin after 2 month ... Well almost


    It kinda slow for someone who use the regimen but because I PICKED MY SKIN ALOT..... ( trying to fix that ) so its hard for my skin to heal... . its begin to break out and that is a goood signal i think !!!
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    So today marks two weeks of using Epiduo again. The first week of it was absolute hell. My acne just about doubled and my skin was painful and itchy all the time. I didn't get discouraged though, because I know that Epiduo is rough on your skin at first. This week, my skin is getting used to the medication so I'm no longer feeling dry and itchy, and I'm starting to see some improvement! (I'll post pictures tomorrow). I'm starting to gain some of my confidence back. Before this breakout, I was doing a lot of modeling and I started turning down shoots and runway events because I just felt so ugly! I'm glad theres a site like this where other people can talk about their experience with acne and support each other. I don't know anybody with acne as bad as mine and it's nice to see that I'm not alone in this- and that there is hope!

  9. Let me tell you, the ingredients are scary. TEA is the first ingredient and that is bad stuff

    So I am returning it. Sorry, $42 CAD for a ball of soap the sze of a golfball with a pH of 8 or higher and TEA as the main ingredient  is  not worth it.  I will continue with the ASAP 365 Silver gel, and collodial silver as a "toner" but as far as cleanser goes... back to Dove

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    I took my first pill today (40mg) and let me tell you, I was freaking out. The package has all of the warnings on it as well as DO NOT GET PREGNANT all over it. And the pills were so hard to remove from the packaging. I was thinking "Wow, I am having a little bit of regret right now. What if all of these terrible side effects happen to me!" But I feel fine so far. I had a headache before I took it and now it seems to be getting worse, but as ironic as it is, I don't like taking medicine.
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    So I'm gunna keep this simple. I went through months of high stress, I suffer with anxiety and my moods were terrible. I could tell my hormonal birth control just wasn't for me anymore, and I made the choice to come off it totally. I knew I would break out, and I did as you can see. The worst part was the very angry, painful cystic acne on my neck and jawline. I know that my stress and anxiety also made my skin worse for a time.

    But now as I had thought, my skin has calmed down after coming off the fake hormones. I am not using any acne creams, treatments etc besides the occasional Sudocreme. In the past I have been on everything (including Accutane) I have an appointment with an Endocrinologist in a few months as I might have PCOS (slightly not full blown, a scan showed some cysts on my right ovary) so I will be hopefully looking into understanding my hormones even more if I can. To help keep my acne under control but also just to be healthy overall. 

    My skin has definitely improved, and I can honestly say this is down to coming off all hormonal birth control, and reducing my stress levels. I'm not stress free, but my general anxiety is definitely better than it was and I know that has had a positive effect.

    During this time I have used: 
    Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash
    Body Shop Aloe Toner
    Body Shop Calming Aloe Moisturiser 

    In the past week I have started using L'Occitane Ultra Sensitive Facial Soap and
    it's wonderful. Rich and leaves my skin clean but moisturised which I think is helping the healing
    process even more.

    I also took a B vitamin complex for a few weeks daily, Magnesium Oil every other night again for a few weeks. I stopped taking any 
    of these supplements about 3 weeks ago when I had a bad cold. I'll probably start using my magnesium again soon every night, 
    and take the B vitamins every other day. 

    Will keep updating and hopefully my skin will continue to heal. My advice to all you ladies... unless you need them for a medical reason GET OFF THOSE PILLS.
    They will not do you any good in the long run. My pill was not only making my acne worse, but my moods and my anxiety too. When I came off the pill I went through a week of hell... but seems now my body is starting to do its think again and I'm so happy I'm choosing a more natural route. 

    I haven't even started up my exercise routine yet... I feel when I get that in too I will see even more improvement in my hormone balance! 

    I came off my pill on March 8th, the first set of photos was taken a month after that. 

    Wish me luck!
    (First set of photos taken 24th April)





    (second set of photos taken June 20th, only 2 months after the first set of photos, and 3 months since stopping my pills)





    As you can see, the main improvement is with the cystic acne on my neck and jaw. I have hardly any big lumpy cycts now and scaring is slowly fading.

    I'll be interested to see how things have (hopefully) improved after another two - three months.


  10. Latest Entry

    Hey gang,

    I haven’t updated in a bit and I feel it’s overdue.



    I had a dermatologist visit a few weeks ago. My doctor said she definitely notices the change that spiro has had on my acne, but she still wants me to know that Accutane is her #1 recommendation. I told her I know, but I still don’t want it. Maybe I’m being stubborn, but I feel that I would rather live with acne then have potential long-lasting health issues from the side effects.


    Anywho, my blood work came back normal, so she felt it was safe to up my prescription. I now take 100mg of spiro twice a day. She did warn me that this is the highest dose she can give (which I wouldn’t want anything more anyways) and that if I become dizzy, nauseous, etc. I need to call her.

    I won’t lie, I was dizzy for the first week of upping the meds, but I felt this way when I started spiro the first time so I knew to give it time. I seem to have adjusted perfectly fine, but will probably call the office in a month or so to see if they want me to have my potassium levels checked.


    I’ve been a bit obsessed with perfecting my skin care routine lately. It helps me focus on being hopeful knowing that I’m using quality products! I’ve found a great support group over on Reddit called Skin Care Addiction. There are lots of knowledgeable people over there and in the least, it’s a great place to vent.

    I’ve realized I’m not using enough of the CeraVe AM in the morning for the SPF to be effective (and to be honest, it’s expensive so using the recommended amount would kill my wallet), so I purchased Banana Boat Kids to add to my morning routine. It’s fragrance and alcohol free, so let’s hope it doesn’t anger my face.

    While shopping for that, I also picked up some micellar water. I currently use essential oils to remove my makeup, but I wanted to see if the micellar water was easier/more effective at prewashing.

    I snagged a box of Stridex pads for my bacne. My derm kept mentioning putting benzoyl peroxide on my back, but I didn’t have the balls to say “Hey, doc, are you going to buy me a new wardrobe and bed set when that crap bleaches everything?”. I can mostly control the BP on my face from staining things, but smearing it all over my body seems like a recipe for orange-filled disaster.

    SIDENOTE: It’s kind of nice that my cystic acne is tame enough that I can actually begin to worry about other acne-plagued places.


    My cysts are still staying away (YAY!), my active pimples are reduced to maybe two or three at a time, and the pimples I do get either come to a head quickly or diminish within a week or so. Nothing is really lingering like it used it. I think my reduction in picking is also a factor in that.

    Unfortunately, my face is still riddled with small, red marks that I believe to be post inflammatory erythema (PIE). PIE is similar to and often referred to as post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH), but studies are starting to show that they are different issues and have to be treated as such. Google it—it’s super helpful info!

    For now, I’m hoping the niacinamide in my moisturizers and using lots of sunscreen will stop the marks from darkening. If they truly are PIE, the only thing that really “treats” them is time…and laser treatment that costs hundreds of dollars. Since my money tree has yet to bear any fruit, I am most likely going to add an AHA to my routine. It’s good for skin regeneration and is much more budget friendly.


    I’ll update if I notice any major changes in my face, especially once I start using the AHA. I should probably get to ordering that today! :)

  11. Apart from clothes, having attractive skin also allow you to look more beautiful and attractive. No matter, whether you are a girl or boy, everyone wants flawless clear skin but there are only few lucky people who have been blessed with clear skin. Are you one of those who have been fed up from pimple problems? Now you can say goodbye to these stressing pimples with the help of some beauty tips that assist you how to prevent from pimples and blackheads. These tips are not nightmare, it may take some time but once you added one of these tips into your daily routine then surely you can remove all the debris from your face. There is no doubt in this that these red monsters are really annoying that their permanent marks are really stressing for many people, especially for girls. 

    Let’s begin with these beauty tips that help you to avoid pimple and acne marks on your face:-

    1.Keep Your Face Clean

    Deep cleansing is one of the most important aspect of your routine skincare, that not only make your pores dirt free but also allow you to avoid having any skin infection.  Even if you are not having any pimple problem, then also washing your face twice a day helps in removing extra oil, dirt, dead skin cells from your face and make it more healthy.

    2. Avoid Touching Your Face With Dirty Hands

    Remember, always keep your hands away from your face as touching and rubbing your skin with dirty hands can elevate your pimples and also cause blackhead problems around your nose. Try to wash your face with mild face wash so that the glow can remain same.

    3. Eat Healthy Food

    Healthy eatings can allow you to feed your skin with sufficient nutrients and proteins that help your skin tissues to recover easily. Add fresh fruits, green vegetable, vitamin rich diet, omega 3 in your diet chart and slice down greasy or oily food from your eating plans.

    4. Watch Videos

    You can also browse popping blackheads video or gross pimple popping videos to learn more effective and easy methods that help you to prevent pimple problems. 

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    I visited my dermatologist to do TCA cross on Friday and paid $250.00 for my entire face. I don't think it was worth it though considering the physician's assistant did very few of my scars and didn't even touch any of my boxcar scars. Anyway, I won't be using tazorac until after the scabs fall off.

    I think I'm going to start doing crosses on my own or at least dermarolling in August. What do you guys think?
    photos immediately after the procedure.

    tca 2.jpg

    tca 3.jpg

  12. Zoe

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    1st week was good, my acne scars got less red but I got some other brake outs but they cleared up fast and my skin got very dry in the T zone and around my mouth but I'm happy with the 1st week!!!



  13. Day 98-106: I feel so much better! Still dry but my face is clearing up! I havent had a new pimple come in, the ones i had from the previous month are fading away. The cluster of 7-8 on my left cheek are almost all flat! 1 of them just started oozing one evening, just watching TV & i felt it! UGH! Of course all kinds of stuff came out...forever.... i really hope i dont have to deal with that ever again! I still have the one on my nose but its not really a pimple or a blackhead...not sure what it is but will ask the derm when i go back in a few weeks. I will see the actually dermatologist not just the CNP as she will be out for the holiday (4th of July). 

    I have noticed these little bumps on my face the last couple of months, not a pimple more like a blackhead but not... as the Accutane dosage has increased, i notice these things just fall off my face, they dont hurt. Thinking they are a white/black head morph that is getting pushed out of my very weird! Another thing i'll ask about at next appointment.

    I survived the heat wave we had but just barely! Accutane thinning your skin is no joke! Had a birthday BBQ to go to and its was 102 degrees!! YUCK!
    I religiously put on my 100 SPF sunblock & did just short bursts outside - told people at the party i was on meds that made me sensitive to the sun (didnt know all the peeps there & really didnt feel like i had to tell my whole story) - i felt everytime i popped outside my skin burning! I tan easily but Accutane makes me tan very very very easily. I probably be safe from a sunburn with SPF100 but i think i'd get super dark, super fast.

    Nose is dry but Vaseline is saving my life - lips feel wind burnt all the time without my Bite Agave Lip Mask on - i know the dryness is intense when my other super awesome lip stuff doenst work

    Did notice some knee pain, i have a wack knee but now its both knees and i really notice it when i'm going up stairs - i think its the meds not my wack knee. Some IBP & i'm ok. First time getting the joint pain so far on this journey & in the 4th month - i can live with it.

    No mood changes or anything.

    But my self confidence is so much better this month than compared to last month as the last of my acne is fading away - i can deal with the fading red spots with some makeup. Not having the cystic hurtful acne that would actually change the structure of face makes me almost cry....

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    I don't think I'll be posting much more on this site. It has no benefit for me, and I keep coming across too many blogs that I really disagree with and find it so hard not to comment on.. 

    I don't see any benefits in the network on it. I get that it can be supportive for some people but personally, it's doing nothing.

    I might post some update pictures when I feel I'd like to but for now, I'll probably be very quiet! 

  15. Andy!!

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    Hey everyone it's Andy! And for my first blog I wanted to share my acne miracle and cure (in my case at least) so I have been struggling with acne for 4-5 years or so and I have tried everything and I mean everything to get rid of it and I have finally found it!.... It's.... GOAT MILK SOAP AND... APPLE CODER VINEGAR!! Yup that's all. And how I discovered this amazing thing, I was out with friends and we came across this little shop in my town (no name) and she spelled homemade goods like soaps and scrubs and foods, so In the soap section she had a bunch of goat milk soaps fresh from her farm, and she had so many of different smells and look. Sandalwood vanilla, spearmint Rosemary, almond, etc. and it was all natural from olive oil and coconut oil, it even had bits of the almond or Rosemary etc. so I picked out the almond one and started using it for my fave cause I hade given up with all my previous attempts with acne and I thought well it can't make it worse, so I used that wth a 1:1 acv and water toner and in less than a week my acne was gone and my marks were  disappearing and it was a miracle! So I do not know if this will work for you! But if you want goat milk soap go to and they sell good goat milk soap, *i am not responsible for any actions you take, do this at your own risk*

  16. Latest Entry

    It has been one week since I started my medication. I am prescribed 30mg once a day for 2 weeks, and then twice a day after. 

    So far so good. Nothing is drying out as of yet. As directed, I apply a quarter size of aquaphor on my face before bed (feels so gross) and I apply it on my lips as often as possible. I hope that by keeping my skin hydrated from the start, I'll never have to experience the drying side effects. 

    I have noticed that I am a lot more tired throughout the day. I am not sure if this is due to the medicine or not. 

    I have tried super hard not to pick my skin. I caught myself doing it a few times and I've notice that there is no inflammation afterwards. My skin also has some sort of glow it normally doesn't have and it definitely is not as oily as it use to be. My make up actually stays put. 
    No new pimples. 

    The double pictures show the improvement from 3 months ago on antibiotics and topical ointment only. The single pictures are where I am at now. 




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    I have a very very bad breakout by using kefir mask.I never really had acne before and suddenly my right and left cheeks are full of acne...I'm so desperate :(
    1. my first week using regimen my face are red, dry, itchy, and my acne won't go away
    2. my second week using regimen is start to get acne still forming :( but not as many as before..whiteheads and blackheads are over my cheeks
    3. my third week is  PMS week :( three new acne on my left cheeks, 2 new acne on my right cheeks, and 3 acne on my forehead....i can't even tell that my face is getting still red...acne and scars still lingering on my cheeks :(

    still felling desperate......:( will this regimen works for me? I really really hope so.........