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  1. Two months on vegan diet,doxcycline,differin ......
    Differin break me out along throughout the healing process.It boost up the healing process but it also break up new .Never stop break out along two months.A few days ago,it break out a cluster of pimples on left cheek.Close comedon break out left cheek and chin.Right cheek still have a lot close comedons.They became more bumpy on the mid of september.It then flatten down after that.Not sure what happen.I bought something new -Caudalie grape water spray.It really good,it didn't irritate my face.I felt comfort with it.Blackhead became more and more.I success to pop out some blackhead .I will share it later.I pop out one close comedon today coz it became inflammatory acne.It had bother me for long time.As I said ,I recently just finished my tea tree blemish gel so I put on bp.It still burn my skin however I found that it left less reddish on my skin right now.Close comedons become soft and flatten now.Today I tried to pop other close comedon but not so easy.They actually can be pop out but you must press really hard.This will hurt your skin and left reddish and hyperpigmentation .I planned to buy a blackhead clip to try to pop out the dirty stuff.Blackhead can only be pressed when it a bit bumpy.The blackdot shoud be a bit inside .Then,you can pop it.Not sure why,blackhead increase in amount especially on right cheek,forehead and now it is around my nose.........I am a bit frighten .I guess I might bring forward my appointment with derm this month.I will ask her about the solution.I'm still thinking about should I buy blackhead clip?I pretty scared that those close comedons will change to blackhead.There are a lot blackhead which are flat on my face.Really want to remove them.Who wants to have a lot of black dot on their face?....Ugh... 

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    2 weeks after using differin, i had major breakouts in my forehead and cheeks. Some of the closed comedones are gone. Now, i have 6 papulopustules on my forehead. The good thing about this is they are usually gone within 3 to 4 days with no scarring, just hyperpigmentation which eventually goes away. I experience a little stinging sensation but only when i touch my face such us washing. No redness or dryness so far. Overall, my experience with my current regimen is tolerable. The breakouts are expected. I am sticking with differin since i have tried almost everything which either did nothing or just worsen my preexisting condition. I am not looking for a quick fix because i believe there is no such thing as that when it comes to acne. Despite what some youtuber claims. I am looking for treatment backed up with real science to restore the clear skin i once had (but failed to take care of). Hence, differin. So patience and more patience!

    Current regimen:
    1. Differin 0.1 in pm
    2. Spot treat with benzac in am
    3. Lifestyle change
    4. No picking
    5. Cetaphil face wash twice a day


  2. hotglue01
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    Since last time, my face has continued its purging. This time, it's the pesky blackheads on the left side of no-man's-land, with a little help from Mr. Period (misgendering periods is funny, lulz). I've also been eating poorly on and off, which is to say that I eat too many sweets, or I don't eat too regularly. This sounds strict, but I'm not on a diet to lose weight; I'm just interested in tracking connections between what I eat and what my skin looks like, and I don't seem to be doing a very good job of that! Ha! Maybe I'll start updating more frequently...

    Other than that, my face is looking pretty good. My complexion looks great-- it's just the few stray lesions I have, some of which are the new developments in no-man's-land and the bottom of my chin, and others -- the one on my left cheek, and above my left eyebrow -- are lingering. I also got a few SYMMETRICAL blackheads on my jawline along with my period. The connection is obvious, so I'll see if I can be a bit kinder to myself and stress out less around my period. Men, consider yourselves lucky: period zits tend to be big and painful, and last a while.

    Luckily, my skin seems to be clearing up much faster than it was during the summer. I've been sticking to my regimen of reduced BP day and night, Cerave, and jojoba before BP applications (with occasional additional drops of BP in the Cerave). I'm trying not to touch my face, but I notice that the places where I inadvertently touch it -- especially under the chin in the "fish hook area" and the rest of my chin, and mouth area, and also forehead -- seem to get more blackheads. My cheeks, except for the lingering stray from August, look really good. Last: my blackheads seem to be drying up and falling out  more than turning into giant boils, so that's encouraging!

    My chest: I got frustrated and made an appointment with a doctor  (which is easy on a college campus! Yay, student health!), who actually seemed to know what he was talking about re: BP and skin care. He agreed that it was some kind of follicular infection, and prescribed generic Differin. I actually went on Japanese  Differin several years ago during my initial war with cystic acne and folliculitis and it did a lot to help inflammation and generally stop things from getting full-blown. I'm finding the same to be true now-- my chest is definitely a lot more calm, and there are no new lesions except where I choose to dig at those tempting sebum plugs. To anyone reading this thing: DO NOT PICK YOUR SKIN, EVER!!! It never works... a lesson I seem to have to learn repeatedly. Anyway, my chest is clearing up, which is good and frankly one less thing to worry about. I'll try to maintain this after I'm done the course of Differin. 

    In general, things are OK. I'll upuload pics some day soon to more clearly track my progress. It's all about that headspace of progress... if I'm not thinking about it, then I lose track of the goal and have to start over. I'm excited about what's to come! 

  3. So yesterday I had my dermatology appointment for month 2! I was so excited to get there and get my dose upped as I have had no side effects whatsoever! My dermatologist told me the way to show it is doing its job is to see how much dryness you get in your lips and skin, and as I was getting nothing I was sooo ready to get my dose increased. 

    When I got there I forgot I had to do a urine sample for a pregnancy test and had just gone to the toilet like 5 minutes before my appointment so I couldn't get a DROP out!! I had to wait 20 minutes and down a litre of water in order to get some sort of movement haha! 

    She said that she can't see many active spots on my face right now which is true i only have about 2 tiny ones but i expressed my concern over no dryness. I was SURE she was going to up my dose to 40mg but she has only bumped me up to 30mg. I am really disappointed as I feel like 30mg isn't going to do much either if I have felt NOTHING on 20!

    Once again I can't really complain because my skin is under control which is great but I just want to reep the benefits of roaccutane now that I am on it! 

    I would love to hear from people on 30mg and how they are getting along on this dose. Also people that were on 20 and are now on 30!!

  4. well, hey guys! Its been like a year ever since ive been on here. 

    :D If yall dont know me. My name is alina. i've been on here for around 3 years already. i found through my sister. she recommended it to me sometime. i dont really remember how. I've used The Regimen religiously for 6months, following directions precisely, 3 years ago. YES!! It did clear my acne. But because i started eating super unhealthy and my skin was so dependent on the product, i broke out again. and again. and again.  Times and times again. I knew that it was going to do it. I used the regimen, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, directly on zits. It helped, after a while though. It didnt. Which i was expecting. 
    Long story short. i went back to trying everything. Somethings helped, some didnt. i didnt want to depend on a product(s). My best option was, nothing. I let my skin heal on its own. Guess what!?! it worked. 
    Now, im here back again. I have started using a product just to keep my skin looking healthy and acne free. Its not the regimen. 
    Its called curology. No, i am not sponsored by them. 
    This product does require you to use it every night, but i prefer to use it when im not lazy to actaully put it on. Roughly, 2x a week. 
    They prescribe you, for your skin type and your acne history. i would check it out!!
    I still break out. I still will. But i dont worry about it. Thanks to the vegan diet and using one product 2x a week.

    Anyway, im on YOUTUBE!
    I've been wanting to start doing YouTube for so long and finally gotten around to do it. I would love it if you could go and support me.
    My channel is called b.wms
    Stands for: beautywithinmyself

    i'll  see you around :D 

  5. With the incredibly high levels of toxins in the air and all the pollution that’s finding its way into our lives, it’s inevitable we’ll, from time to time, suffer some sort of skin damage, no matter how great genetics we’ve got. Luckily, there’s a way to prevent it, and if not prevent it – then successfully treat it.

    Not to add fuel to fire, we’d never suggest chemically processed beauty products; that would be like advertising cheeseburgers for weight loss – ridiculous and inefficient. Instead, we’re lovers of all-natural products, even more so – those DYI home remedies you can enjoy making yourself.  The only thing you should keep in mind is that all your products are natural, organic skin care products, meaning they are not treated with any chemicals that could harm the skin.

    Here are some our favorite natural ways to heal damaged skin and love its afterglow:

    Green Tea Mask

    There’s probably no home remedy that doesn’t have a link to green tea. This amazing plant has proven beneficial in so many ways that we’re close to referring to it as the “holy green”. Thanks to people’s newfound awareness regarding its numerous health benefits, green tea’s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds and we can’t help but love it.

    Aside from being considered an exceptional diuretic that aids in weight loss, green tea is also an excellent ingredient for natural face masks. Green tea works perfectly as a skin toner, protects the skin from sun damage, helps reduce puffy eyes and under eye circles, prevents fine lines and wrinkles and contains antioxidants. Further, it helps with acne scars.

    THE MASK: Green tea, baking soda, and honey

    This mask requires the following:

    1 tbsp. baking soda
    1 tbsp. green tea
    1 tbsp. honey

    Prior to adding the honey, mix the green tea and baking soda. Whip it all together and spread it evenly on your face. Add a few drops of water if you feel the mixture is too sticky.

    The baking soda will detoxify your skin, remove dead skin cells and dirt built-up; the honey will moisturize, rejuvenate, and tighten your skin.

    green tea collage.jpg

    Benefits of Tamanu Oils

    For the past couple of years, oils have been the main talk in beauty world and for a reason.

    Naturally obtained oils agree with all skin types, from oily to extremely dry ones, making the skin healthy and radiant.

    Tamanu oil does a great job treating damaged skin, soothing irritated and sunburned skin and it is very efficient, fast. Most importantly, it can put a stop to pain. Believe it or not, going to sleep for just one night with tamanu applied can repair the skin cells altogether!

    Calendula oil is one other great oil famous for its healing properties as it heals the burns and calms the rashes.


    Healing Foods

    Cucumber is the veggie you want to have around when you want to treat the skin that suffered some kind of damage. Cool and soothing, a cucumber cut into slices (after having been put in the fridge to cool even more) and applied onto the skin directly has an amazing effect. Honey is a great ally in soothing irritated and sensitive skin. Further, with proper application of honey, the skin cell repair is encouraged.

    Other healing foods to look into are celery, collard greens, eggplant, garlic, ginger root, grasses (wheat and barley), green beans, green lettuces, heart of palm, kale and mushrooms. If you are not sure whether you're allergic to some food, some specialists recommend using panthenol creams and gels.

    Coconut Repair Mask

    Naturally antibacterial, moisturizing, antifungal and, according to research, great for atopic dermatitis, coconut masks have become the choice of many women, especially used as nighttime face moisturizer. Further, coconut gives shine, soothes dry skin and can act as a highlighter, too.

    THE MASK: Coconut, lemon juice, honey

    Get the best mix by using:

    1 tbsp. coconut oil
    2 tbsp. honey
    1 tbsp. lemon juice

    Mix your coconut oil and raw honey together until you have a sticky texture. The honey and coconut oil will actually warm up and soften on your face, even though they may seem thick at first. Be prepared for a few drips, though. Keep the mask on for about 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    coconut oil face.jpg


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    I took better photos of my acne today. I think yesterday's photos don't do justice... It is terrible. I am very depressed about my skin. It's hard to think about anything else. My thoughts are 95% about my skin... All day... All night... Everyday. Why does everyone in Los Angles have the clearest skin in the world??? 



  6. Week 4
    Switching minocycline dosing to once a day (100mg) dosing at night.
    Still taking alongside vitamin C (250mg) to prevent discolouration of gums and any scar tissue.
    This will help to avoid calcium and vitamin A a little bit more.
    Taking a probiotic (100 billion) along with yogurt with lunch.

    Reflux was noted intermittently, nothing too serious.
    Skin around my nose has changed back to normal.
    Faint tinnitus seems to be present intermittently at night.

    This is my final week of minocycline, I can say that for me it wasn't very effective.
    I always had concerns with it being an anti-biotic and in turn resistance would eventually take over.
    Personally, I am glad to be moving on to Roaccutane - not for a few weeks yet.
  7. So after my first 4 weeks i got my new prescription, 60mg per day (was 40 before). 
    My face is ok, I still get some zits on my chin and bumps on my forehead but definitely nothing compared to a month ago. 
    I'm very dry, Aquaphore and the best Avene moisturizing cream I could find is working wonders though. I'm red very easily. 

    Also I got a misadventure with tea tree oil that I applied as usual on a pimple forming on my jawline. I put a drop on a cotton and applied for maybe 1mn30. Result: I got myself a chemical burn, it was awful; the skin just went away under my finger when i washed my face the next morning. Accutane really really weakens the skin and it's the first time i've realized how much. So yeah no more tea tree oil. 

    For the good news: my back is better. I can put sport tops that shows the shoulder blades again, as i only got a few marks left on them. The middle on my back is still bad though but gosh i'm already so relieved. 

    Other side effects: nose bleed today, randomly at work. I'll try to drink more. 


  8. I am on my 7 month towards the middle of the 7th month I Beilve, I had a terrible experience at the blood test... last month. The lady who toke my blood hit a nerve in my arm and it was instant pain and I could feel that she did something wrong. For the next week and still even now weeks later I feel the right pain in my arm. The first week I had to wear I sling the pain was so bad. But back to my skin, it broke out more then it has in a while last week I was alittle shocked, and then on Friday night I felt a cystic pimple forming on my cheek and of course when I woke up Saturday it was nice as big. I did lots of hot Compress and it seemed to have done wonders, in  very short time. I have an urge to pop every pimple I feel but with accutane my skin takes so long to heal the red marks from popping take so long to go away and I found waiting it out I really worth it despite my urge to squeeze it. I thought  was done with the cystic acne so I'm very surprised I see this but who knows! Keep on pushing if u just started, it will work 

  9. Homer1125
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    It is my 20th day on the water regimen. And my skin is improving every day. My skin gets flaky at times but thats the least of my worries. Oil production seems to decrease by little. There is a bump on my forehead but it's not that major. Nothing else to talk thats it.

  10. So I just finished my second week of Mononessa. I'd say that my chin and cheeks feel better - much less bumpy, but they do not look better at all. They are all covered with red marks. I mean really, really red in a well-lit room. Thank goodness my room never gets any direct sunlight, otherwise I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror during the day anymore. My face still looks depressing though, I guess partly because some of those cysts had just started to subside. 

    I added benzoyl peroxide to my arsenal. Last Tuesday I accidentally clicked on the review section on the homepage. I saw those amazing transformations as the result of using benzoyl peroxide. I spent hours doing research online (which I am good at, since I am a chemistry student getting ready for grad school), and all the information I learned online made chemical sense to me. I even drew the reaction mechanism down to rationalize the effects that the regimen rendered. It all makes sense. I ordered the BP treatment but it has not arrived yet, which killed me a little. I wanted to start so badly, knowing that the sooner I start the sooner I can probably get clear skin. After doing more research, I decided to use PanOxyl 4% face wash as a buffer, now that I cannot start the regimen yet. 

    I bought PanOxyl 4 yesterday. Used it for the first time last night. I was really scared after I washed it off of my face, because so many people online complained about the excessive drying effect caused by BP. However, my face did not get burned. It was a bit dry, but I put on a moisturizing mask and everything was alright. I just used it to wash my face again. Accordingly to most people who gave positive comments about the product, it took about two weeks for them to see the change. I will continue to use BP along with Mononessa. I think I will hold onto the treatment for two weeks and just use the face wash and see how it goes. If the face wash alone can help me, I will stick to it. If this does not work well for me, I will start the regimen immediately. I am just glad that so many people have tried BP and given so many positive reviews - this really boosted my hope. 

    I have very light skin tone - even for an Asian girl. The downside is that any blemish on my face would look extremely obvious. However, thinking about the bright side, I know that my skin will look gorgeous once my horrible hormonal acne clears up. A month ago I thought that I would never be able to have beautiful skin again this life. However, right now I do believe that if start killing the bacteria under my skin and controlling my hormones, there is still a chance for me to feel beautiful again. 

    Anyway, I will keep trying. Will certainly keep updating my blog. If you are reading this and with acne, here's a virtual hug for you. Let's fight together. 

  11. getschwifty
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    I'm breaking out all of a sudden - I currently have two cysts on my left cheek, one on my right cheek and the one on my chin is still there. I realized, almost too late, that I've been using dirty brushes (I haven't washed them in more than two months!) for my blush and bronzer! I think I'm going to not use them for a while just to give my skin some semblance of rest. I'd rather have clear skin than look okay-ish with make up.

  12. My skin currently is still pretty stable. I haven't been obsessed too much with my skin, meaning I don't have whole lot of bad acne going on that depressed me. Just want to make a note that I am searching for good sunscreen.  Now I am testing out Heliocare XF gel cream spf 50. It's the most transparent sunscreen I have ever used. There is no white cast at all that would make my eyebrows look white. And this one doesn't sting my eyes. Even though it's very sticky after application but it's light feeling, not oily and filmy. I definitely need a good powder after foundation or otherwise my eyeliner will transfer due to hooded lids. I was using Mac blotting powder but I found out it's not helping me at all. At beginning I thought it's the sunscreen being too sticky. Then I used bare minerals mineral veil, it completely changed my life. It really helped keeping my face matte. My eyeliner lasted whole day and did not budge. Then I looked for pressed powder to touch up on the go, I found Rimmel stay matte powder. It performed really well on my oily skin with sticky sunscreen as well. 

    Skin current status 
    No active acne
    Foundation easily evens out my skin (I was using estee Lauder double wear light. I almost finished it and am currently testing out Armani lasting silk)

    Heliocare XF spf 50
    Apply safflower oil to my body to wait for sunscreen dry down 
    Foundation (was using estee Lauder double wear light. Am using/testing Armani lasting silk)
    Concealer (under eye Maybelline face Laura Mercier)
    Powder (bare minerals mineral veil, Rimmel stay matte, am testing kryolan anti shine)

    Safflower oil
    Tissue off
    Clinique toner 2
    Tretinoin 0.025 (if peeling too bad I will skip)

    Fish oil

  13. Hey guys! Figured you all deserved an update.

    So I go back to the hospital on the 31st of this month to get my blood levels checked again (they do it every 8 weeks here) I'm hoping to ask to get bumped upto 60mg.

    side effects: okay so obviously this month I got bumped upto 50mg, and I will say that I have noticed a difference in terms of dryness. My lips are seriously dry and peel a ton, I wake up often having bit my lips during the night and they are bloody.

    My face is MUCH more dry this month, more so that I need to moisturise through the day sometimes. 

    I have noticed I am getting cuts from the slightest things like for example if I scratch my face or bang into something. My body is much more itchy this month, everywhere, and I find I have scratch marks from where I have scratched. 

    Definitely been an increase in joint pain this month, my back feels rather stiff amf generally just sore.. it isnt debilitating though and I am still working out twice a week with regular 5 to 8 mile walks per day. 

    Ive noticed a huge change in how thirsty I am... I am so bloody thirsty it is unreal! 

    I am actually feeling pretty lethargic tbh, moreso than last month anyway.. I find myself not feeling bothered to do anything, mentally I am still rather impulsive and apathetic. 

    skin update: things are good, really good. I still have some comedones and larger papules around my jaw area and perhaps 6 LITTLE comedones on my right cheek along with 1 papule and maybe 10 to 15 little comedones on my left! I started accutane with about easily 40 to 50 on each side of my face.

    I have 2 spots on my forehead and slight texture issues which I know will resolve.. its clear for the most part though. 

    I have NO spots or comedones on my chin at all or on my chest and back :D 

  14. 20 weeks on Accutane today.

    • Acne Update - CLEAR. CLEAR. CLEAR. Been clear for the last 4 weeks!
    • Dryness - Usual dryness. Fellow accutaners - water is key! The more water you drink the less severe the side effects. I say that yet have been slacking myself lol...
    • Lips - Nothing our of the norm..
    • Toilet Problem - On and off... WATER IS KEY
    • Aches and Pains - Back aches here and there - WATER IS KEY
    • Tiredness - Much better now.

    Had my appointment 4 weeks ago and my cholesterol was slightly higher than the previous reading so I have prescribed some statins. Apart from that, my dermatologist was very happy with my progress and my appointment next week may potentially mark the end of my ACCUTANE JOURNEY ^_^

    Will update in a weeks time!
  15. Heyyy!
    Just another long overdue update from me. Id love to update more but half the time there's nothing to report and sometimes I feel when I use this website *too* much I become obsessed with my skin and I am trying to break that habit.
    Basically been 14 months since I started my last ditch effort - Differin. 
    I have made the decision to start cutting down on how much I use now. I never, ever used a 'pea sized' amount (bad - I know!) and recently I used a full 45mg tube in less than a month... Which is bloody ridiculous considering I am as clear as I feel is possible. So I think I am a wee bit dependant on it. Tonight marks my first night of cutting down. I used a pea and a half worth on my face and I am nervous as hell. Surely it won't break me out using less than I am now accustomed too?!
    Attached a couple of pics to show where I am at now. Had my first proper pimple in over a year a few weeks ago and as you can see the pigmentation is still there - yikes! I am also hoping the smaller dosage of Differin will decrease my tomato face!!!!



  16. My diet has been all over the place and it shows on my skin. It's probably the worst my skin has been in a while. My poor body is sick of all the back and forth with diet. When I am eating clean it shows up on my skin in the best way possible. Too much sugar and grains and crappy oils and it goes downhill pretty fast. I really need to get a grip on being more consistent rather than all or nothing. 

    I'm hoping to adopt a less restrictive approach to paleo based eating so that I can keep up with it better (rather than giving up and then going back to it). 

    I am still doing retin a micro .1% but only  once a week since it is summer (retin a makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so even though I wear sunscreen and hats I still get accidental exposure now and then so I don't want my skin to be too tender). I'll try to do twice a week once fall / winter sets in. 

    My plan for now is to base as much of my diet as possible on fruits and veggies, lean fish and meats, chia seeds, eggs, sweet potatoes, and some grains here and there (preferably sprouted and organic). I want to eat healthy and feed my skin the right nutrients but in a way that is possible for a lifetime.... not something that is so strict that I can only do it for a month until I quit and binge on snickers  >_<>_<:smileys_n_people_20:

    Anyways, I've obviously re-thinking a lot in terms of my diet and how I plan to continue and I feel like I'm really figuring out the direction I need to go. I am going to start changing some things up and documenting the changes and progress in my skin (and how I feel as well). Hopefully I will be able to inspire others to get healthy and also improve the health of their skin. 

    Hopefully soon I'll have a new video update but for now this is the most recent:

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    after returning from 18 months of traveling, my skin took a beating. acne progressively started to get worse while i was away. but it was barable as i spent little time looking in mirrors and was outside in the sun which helped keep it at bay.
    ive always battled with acne from the age of 13, to which i was put on dianette for 7 years ( all this time having perfectly clear skin, forgetting that i ever even had it) to stopping taking contraceptive all together at 21 years old.
    switching to topical antibiotic solutions, and tablets so it never really allowed it to become too out of hand.

    today im 27, and i havnt been on the contraceptive pill for 6 years, ive recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and have had ovarian cysts removed, 
     6 months ago i started using a specialised product called gernetic, it helped for sure starting with around 30 cysts on chin and neck ( my back still is covered)
    to having maybe only 3/4 active cysts on my face..... but i get SUCH bad comodones, and if i get the slight urge to squeeze them, no doubt it will turn into another great big cyst so i had to get my squeezing under control.

    when i was younger i would be super embarrassed, not leave the house. but now i try everything to avoid making it wose o make up where possible, drinking 3 liters of water a day i eat especially well. no Milk ( pumped with extra hormones) 

    regardless of doing everything you can , it still gets you down. (im a half glas full kinda girl, so i only let it get me down on my own)

    ive tried the lot, 3 different pills, topical ,oral antibiotics, new skin care regimes, specialized diets.

    so now.. ive given in and im back on Dianette.

    so far...
    week 1 - no improvement - face, hundreds of comodones forhead neck and chin - about 6 large cysts on upper back.

    week 2 - about 16 cysts on neck/ chin - definately looking alot worse, back has improved only have a couple of active cysts.comodone seem to have calmed down slightly, might be due to having the giant cysts drawing attention away from them. im hoping this is just the worse before it gets better stage. and once its cleared i can move onto yasmin and im not keep on the health risks of dianette, but im gonna power thorugh for now. im using clindamicin along side the dianette, as this has helped previously. its not made any change as of yet.

  17. One of those things that are rarely put in the same context is acne and wrinkles. In the majority of cases, acne start to emerge at the beginning of teenage days and usually leave us as we enter our twenties. However, it does happen that people start having acne issues once they begin their adult life, as well as later on. Naturally, all of them are surprised by this occurrence and puzzled by it not knowing what to do. If you’re one of those people, do not despair. Here is how to fight adult acne.


    What causes adult acne?

    One of the most important preconditions for fighting adult acnes is to find out what caused them in the first place. Variousresearch showed that, in the vast majority of cases, women are those that experience adult acne problems. The main reasonforthis is fluctuating hormone levels. It’s closely followed by stress (which is another trigger of changes in hormone levels) and genetics. Those whohave a family history of acne problems are more prone to eventually experiencingthem. Knowing the cause significantly aids infighting the consequences.


    Stress relief

    Stress can havea tremendous negative effect on the body and mind alike.It often triggers a hormonal imbalance for people, especially women, who have never experienced it before.This results in a causal connection that is often hard to resolve. Still, it’s manageable, as long as a person is persistent and has a strong will and desire to do so. Regular exercise, spending as much as possible time outside, quality sleep and a balanced diet are the key to success. Given the fact that we’re exposed to stress on a daily basis, expecting it to go away overnight would be futile. It will take time but the result will be clearly visible.



    Daily skin care

    Although some dermatologists may argue that skin hygiene has littleto do with acne, the results of improved and constant skin care will be promptly noticeable. Follow these guidelines: Don’t wash your face more than two times a day, use a gentle cleanser combined with warm or cool water and using your hands or a gentle washcloth for about 30 seconds per wash. Finally, do not rub your skin to dry it,pat it instead.



    Adult acne cosmetic treatment products

    With a skin thoroughly and regularly cleaned, thefoundation for the maximum positive effects of adult acne cosmetic treatment products is perfectly laid. There’s a great diversity of products for adult acne available. Retinoid creams, sulfur based products and clay masks are just some of the most effective ones. Consulting your dermatologist before choosing a particular one or make a change is very important since not all of the products are universally applicable. For example, Benzoyl peroxide based products tend to dry out the skin and should be used only occasionally. 


    face creams.jpg


    As it can be concluded from the paragraphs above, putting hormones under control is one of the most effective ways of fighting acne. Birth control pills proved to be very successful, just as some antibiotics are. Aldactone, primarily used for high blood pressure treatment is another efficient remedy. However, if your dermatologist prescribes it, you will need to be patient in order to notice the first results. It usually takes up around three months for Aldactone to kick in.



    If you’re one of those adults that experience acne problems, don’t despair. As you can see, there’s a number of ways to fight it. Be patient, always consult your dermatologist about all the steps you take and you will eventually put the issue under control.


  18. Sept 17th

    Day 190?

    I wanted to make a post today, to give people inspiration and insight into Accutane journey.  I will try my best to do a few post Accutane entries as well

    Took my last pill today….6 months flew by

     I am pleased to say I am nearly 100% clear  (only very very small pimple here and there, need be inches away from mirror to see). My acne really vanished by 2nd and half month on the medication. Today I am just left with some minor PIH and  slight uneven tone

    Never experienced an IB and side effects have been super manageable

    Side Effects: chapped lips, small dry skin patch under nose, sleep more than  usual (roughly 8 – 10 hours a night), facial redness/flushing, photosensitivity, unable to get tan (face way whiter than my body), nose bleed

    Facial Redness: my face will get really flushed and red after I exercise and especially if I am in the sun. I hope it wears off soon, I am looking to lose my photosensitivity so I can get tan again. Right now I am very white, unusual for me as I am a surfer in live in Southern California. I am going to ask the doctor if it could be rosacea, hoping its not.

    All in all, I would take Accutane again. I have regained most of my teenage confidence and feel like the person I used to.   My friendships and relationship have gotten much stronger in last few months since I have come back to myself. I really have struggled with my acne for the last year, and felt like I have lost precious time in my young life. At points in the last year I was to embarrassed to play sports with my roommates during daytime and feared surfing (something I Love) because I thought it would cause a breakout. That being said, I  have learned to be more compassionate, and grateful for the small things in life (a clear face for one!).  In the end, acne has taught me a lot about myself and though it was a shitty phase in my life, it has made me a stronger person.


    Short Anecdote about self-confidence and acne:

    Around my 4th month on accutane I was in Australia doing a research program. At that point I wasn’t getting acne but I still felt like my skin was really blotchy and unattractive.  Anyway I sacked up and hit on this absolute babe.  We talked for a while and meet up later, where things progressed. 


    My point is, we all judge our skin harder than others and pick out flaws no one else would see or care about.  Even when I thought my skin was still shitty, I was seen as attractive to a girl who was for sure a 9 or 10.  Hope that shows everyone not be so critical and self conscious about their skin.  Get out there and be yourself, good things are bound to happen; but only if you make an effort.


    Another thought:

    Something to keep in mind!   Lot of people have taken Accutane. One of my roomates had taken it, and I would have never expected it!  His skin is absolutely flawless. Just because your skin is “bad” right now,  doesn’t mean it cant/won’t look flawless soon enough!


    1st month- 40mg



    4th -80mg



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    Recent Entries

    This is my first blog post, how exciting. I wish it was on something more exciting than my dreadful skin.

    To introduce myself my name is Morgan and I just turned the big 20 years old, I am here - like most, because I am unhappy with the current condition of my skin. I know that there are other people out there that have far worse skin than me and that my acne is on the more mild side, but that doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to feel like shit, because that's exactly how I feel. I want to be confident and feel comfortable leaving my house without makeup. 

    Here's to new things. 



  19. MAY                                               JUNE                                             JULY                                               AUGUST                                       SEPTEMBER

    MAY                                               JUNE                                             JULY                                               AUGUST                                       SEPTEMBER

    MAY                                                                                                                                                                                                      SEPTEMBER
  20. Ive had this cystic pimple on my nose for about 9 days and im about to move into my college dorm.  I dont want everyone to see my nose so I went to get a cortisone shot.  I seen a lot of people say it was painless. However mine was very painful. Also we I got home it tripled in size.  As of right now it shrunk a little but still bigger than before. Is this normal? Any advice or intel would help.  Please give dead honest responses. Thanks 

  21. So, I've finally hit the 1 week mark for the regimen! I swear time goes by so slow while being on this lol
    Well, I didn't notice much change from yesterday obviously since it's been a day from my last update.
    My scars are lightening, but still very much there.
    I learned today that I used the benzoyl peroxide completely wrong for my first week. The directions online say to apply once a day for the first week, but I've been doing twice a day... whoops.  But, I do think that would explain why my face was swelling up so much the first 3 days or so. But I may just change up the dosages that I use at night, and in the morning. I'll probably go heavier at night, and lighter in the morning! 
    I've been able to wear makeup still, and yes my skin is pretty flaky but just mainly around my chin area. I haven't put any BP on my nose or forehead because I don't ever break out in these places, but I think I might just start doing it anyways to help even out my skin tone more... If anyone else has a similar experience with that please comment!