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    I feel like I'm beyond low right now. I feel shattered, alone, lost and indifferent. I hate my life right now. I actually despise it. I'm just writing. I'm not crying for sympathy or help as such.. or maybe I am. I just don't know. 

    I hate my face. I hate feeling my face, it feels rough and bumpy etc. It feels horrid. I just want to feel pretty and for me that's having clearer skin.

    My doctor has prescribed me an antibiotic  - erythromycin tablets - and a new cream.  I am dubious about the antibiotics tbh. I don't know whether to take them or not with fear of messing up my gut.  The cream is Skinoren  (20% azelaic acid ) again I don't know if I should use this.

    I see my derm in July and I'm thinking about asking him to try the stronger differin gel? Or retin a 0.025 %? I don't know guys.

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    Day 7 of the following regimen:
    GloTherapeutics Daily Polishing Cleanser (Salicylic Acid) - 2x
    GloTherapeutics Anti-Blemish Treament (BP) - 2x
    Dermalogica Active Moist (moisturizer) - 2x
    Innate Skin Clear Vitamin Pack (only 2nd day of this)

    My face is pretty clear. I have some red marks where I had pimples but they're getting lighter every day. I have one pimple from earlier this week (very side of face) that's just kinda hanging out. It's flat but there's stuff under the skin and there's a mark where it is. I guess there's nothing I can do about that one--just have to wait for it to decide what it's doing. Other than that, my face is VERY improved after just a week. 

    My skin has been very dry and make up has been frustrating to wear, but it seems like it's getting better. Worried about how dry this makes my skin, but I think I might switch from my GloTherapeutics 5% BP product to's 2.5% BP when that arrives (~June 6). Once everything clears, I'm thinking about reducing the use of BP and adding GloTherapeutics Renew Serum to my regimen, but  maybe I shouldn't mess with my regimen too much. I welcome any thoughts anyone has on this!
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    Summer glow Manuka honey &colloidal silver face cream

    I could not sleep last night. My insomnia habits are directly linked to watching tv/being on my phone/being on the laptop at night. Right now, I just can't help it. I am hungry for information and want to research everything that relates to what I'm going through.

    I got up at about 7:55am and went pee. Thank goodness I remembered about the basal body temperature. I just did that for ten minutes under my right arm pit and it looks like I'm right on track at 98.5 degrees. I'll be checking that every morning from now on to see what's up.

    As for my face really matters what I am putting into my body as opposed to what I am putting on top of my body, topical treatments have never relieved me of any sort of skin condition I have gone through.

    But, I have been using the cream I had to link at the top of this blog entry (I'm on my cell phone. It's the morning. Don't Jude me.) and then a few drops of colloidal silver from this brand Colloidal silver straight onto my problem areas. So I like to put the cream on my eyelid eczema and on my cheek bones/sides of my cheeks (which I don't seem to get acne on) and a dash on my forehead for those wrinkles girllll and whatever is in my finger tips will be mixed with the colloidal silver and on top my problem areas.

    it is now 8:30am. I should get up, scrape my tongue and coconut pull while my water is getting warm for my lemon drink.

    My #1 thing I want to do this weekend is go out to the farm and pick my own blueberries!!! They open at 9am but let's be real I'll be there at about 11am. We gotta drop off my sisters car at the dealer to get an oil change at 10am. Usually it's just me and my dad that go pick he blueberries but oh my lord the more the merrier! There is usually  tons of Asian (visitors? Tourists?) that bring the whole family and come out with probably 20 pounds of blueberries. I'm scared of the traffic for Memorial Day everyone is probably going to the beach. Not me! I've got a pool and tons of yard work I want to get done this weekend! Not to mention I didn't get around to composting last weekend so it's mess I've got to take care of.

    Anyway, good morning from foggy California! 


  3. The dryness on my nose has gone, in fact, most of my dryness has gone but I don't feel oily like I used to. The flaky skin has stopped. My eyes feel dry when I wake up but a few drops of eye drops and they are fine for the day. My skin has got progressively worse over the time I have been on Roaccutane so far. The majority of spots/pimples are the huge painful cysts that come from deep down under the skin. There has been a reduction on the closed comedones and clogged pores, I do spent quite a but of time squeezing them out though. So far I can't see that there is any scarring from the squeezing but the red angry spots leave a red mark and I notice both take ages to heal.

    On the mental heath side so far my moods have been OK. I haven't noticed any worsening of depression or anxiety, just your average upset mood from the state of the face in the mirror, but even then I wasn't as upset as I used to get. Maybe it's because now I have hope it will get better soon.

    The pain in my liver area hasn't been back nor has the hot/burning face sensation. I do feel like I have put on weight but that could be from a number of unrelated things. The Eczema/Dermatitis on my hands it much better from using the Aveeno cream, practically gone completely.

    For now I am just plodding along hoping for some kind of improvement soon. And a dose increase at my next Derm appointment on the 19th of July.

  4. Ok, so I know I kinda forgot to post my progress so far with my treatment, but anyway...

    So it's nearing the end of Day 23 on accutane, and I'm having mixed feelings about my progress so far. I think my acne has improved in terms of bumpiness on my face - even where my acne is (on the cheeks, chin and forehead) there aren't really any bumps - but the redness of each zit is still there, making it a little difficult to cover up. Now, the dryness, hmm...well, I'm really happy that now when I wake up in the morning, my face doesn't feel oily (and overall not too dry at this point) like it used to, and for some reason my skin feels softer - maybe it's the gentle Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser?? Also, my skin hasn't really started peeling yet except for a teensy bit only in the last few days on my chin, and my lips are chapped but manageable thanks to Blistex! :)

    However, I've now got this weird dry, bumpy rash on the backs of both of my hands, and no matter how much I moisturise it doesn't seem to be going away. Did anyone else have this problem??? Another bad thing is that the sides of my nose are really dry and same thing as the hands with no improvement despite constant moisturising. :( Ok, last bad thing then I'll stop complaining: the blackheads on my nose and like on the sides of my nose are getting worse, but I've been told by my dermatologist not to use scrubs and face masks while on accutane. Is this normal and will it go away? Can i do anything to make them less noticeable in the meantime?? Ugh, I can't wait for this to be over! The past 3 weeks have gone by so slowly...probably cause I've been counting the days, lol.

    Anyway, thanks guys (even if no one is actually reading this, I'm still gonna pretend there is. I know, I'm delusional. :) ),
    I'll post again soon!

    Fran xxx

    P.S. I'm sorry I don't think I'll be able to post pictures of myself on this blog cause I'm just not comfortable showing my bare face on the internet, but I can assure you that my acne is pretty bad (not the worst but still bad - I mean, it is severe after all). 

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    Only a few new breakouts, but they go away within the next 24 hours or so. A lot more peeling. I find that no matter how much moisturizer I use, my skin is still super dry and doesn't produce much oil. 

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    I put make up on today for the first time in a few days and I'm really happy with how my skin looks underneath :) 

    It kind of just looks like I'm somebody who has had a breakout! 
    No dryness either! I get a little on my cheek and eyelids the odd time, but nothing that moisturiser won't fix

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    6 weeks on retin-a and clindamycin regimen.. Not working :/ keep breaking out next to my nose and cheek area. The wether is getting warmer and I have to hide inside the house since sun exposure is not recommended on this medicatio. This better be worth it because boy am I getting depressed from sitting in...

  7. Today marks my 11th day on Claravis 30mg twice a day. It also marks the fourth day in my period and my skin is basically undergoing anarchy. I have spots down my cheeks, on my chin, on my jawline, and between my eyebrows. Alongside the spots is pretty significant dryness. I have work tonight and am dreading going. I will post a picture. To be fair, my skin is not much worse than my skin normally is on my period, but the dryness and redness are not making it look very pretty. I also noticed that, with the dryness, my makeup is doing a terrible job of covering my skin.
    Symptoms: Dryness of pimples, dryness of nose, dryness of lips, dryness of skin, headache, nausea, increased appetite (period), fatigue 
    Diet: About one liter of water so far, two cups of coffee, chicken fajitas with corn tortillas, a few spoonfuls of Ben and Jerrys "The Tonight Dough" ice-cream (sorry not sorry)
    Products: Neutrogena Deep Moisture face lotion, Cetaphil daily cleanser, Clarins spot concealer, Clarins powder foundation, Clarins bronzer, Josie Marin highlighting powder





  8. Today is not a good day for my skin I had a major breakout Tuesday morning and of course today I decided to mess with it and of course knowing I shouldn't I still did. And now it's a mess. I thought I was done with my cystic acne but I guess not yet.image.jpeg

  9. As evidenced in my last post, I’ve smeared a lot of crap on my face. But, what do I use now? And do I like it?




    1. I wake up, pissed off because I haven’t figured out a way to safely inject coffee into my blood stream.
    2. Shuffle to bathroom. Shuffle to closet. Shuffle to dresser. Forget what I was doing. Groan.
    3. Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.


    • Okay, so let’s be honest. I bought the knockoff Wal-Mart Equate Skin Cleanser and I honestly am not too thrilled with it. It’s too thin and watery. While cleansers shouldn’t produce a ton of foam or have 10,000 scented scrub beads, I think this cleanser is too simple for my taste. Alas, I am cheap as hell and will use it until it runs out, at which I will replace it with something else.


    4. Apply CeraVe AM Moisturizer.


    •  This is a brand new product that has been added this week. It has some great “features”—including the all important SPF and also niacinamide to reduce redness. Before, I was applying the PM version (despite its name, perfectly acceptable for AM as well.) I will say the AM has that sunscreen smell, but it doesn’t particularly bother me. The thing that I’m not sold on just yet is its consistency. I find it very thick, hard to spread, and I’m not sure how great it’s doing at moisturizing. But I need a sunscreen to protect my red marks from getting darker, so if anything I might just combine this with some plain Cetaphil moisturizer I already have.


    5. Maybe put a dab of benzoyl peroxide or clindamyacin gel on any doozy of a zit and let everything dry before applying makeup.



    1. Realize it’s way past my bedtime.

    2. Curse self for staying up late as I always do.

    3. Wash face (usually in shower) with same Cetaphil cleanser from morning routine.
    4. Dry face and apply CeraVe PM. 


    • Love this product. It’s smooth, it’s creamy…wait, am I describing ice cream or a face moisturizer? My bad. But really, I love the texture of this and it does a great job. At first, I was a bit worried that it wasn’t as great as I was  expecting because it doesn’t make your face look or feel like an oil slick, but I now realize that’s a good thing. I think adding this product is a big help in the reduction of redness I see in my scars/pigmentation issues.


    5. Apply benzoyl peroxide gel and let dry completely before going night-night.


    • Man, this stuff sucks and is awesome at the same time. I was using free samples of EpiDuo for a while and for some reason, that didn’t dry out my skin like straight up BP does. At least, I think that’s what my current issue is. My BP is only 2.5% but it has dried out my face the past couple of nights.


    Uhhhh, I don’t know. Can I phone a friend? The cysts continue to stay at bay which I am very happy about. The CeraVe PM and BP have helped the redness in my post inflammatory marks. I only have two lumps on my face that just appeared yesterday that are deep and might be potential cystic acne. I hope it’s not caused by the addition of my CeraVe AM moisturizer, but I suppose I will keep an eye on them and use it as a judgment of how my skin is. If they go away quickly then I guess that’s a good thing! I just have to resist the urge to pick and poke them :( 

    Around my mouth and near my chin is very dry and flaky. I don’t know why to be honest, but when I applied the CeraVe AM moisturizer for the first time the other day, my face lit up bright red and near my eyes was stinging. Has been happening for the past three days, so I have held off on using the BP. I hope that goes away once my skin has adjusted.

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    Hello hello hello!
    I just started my 3rd month of accutane about a week and a half ago now. Now, I will say I have had a couple breakouts here and there... but I think it's my fault not the medicines. I went on a trip and wasn't as consistent about taking it and may have drank a bit more than I usually do (whoops). Other than that, my skin looks fantastic! It is a bit red from being so dry, but I think it's kinda a nice change from my usual overly white skin and is nothing I can't fix with some tinted moisturizer. 
    At my last appointment, they told me I won't need to get my blood drawn next time because my liver isn't showing any signs of being affected from the medication, so yay! This could be due to my lifestyle, genetics, or just the fact that my doc picked a good level of mg and won't be changing my dose any time soon. She said usually when people start on a certain dose and then change to a lower or higher dose, they tend to have more issues/breakouts/etc. So that's something to keep in mind if you plan on using accutane. 
    As for the sun, I have been pretty good so far about using sunscreen. I have a long commute and put it on before I drive both ways... I know that sounds silly, but I did notice one day when I hadn't, that my skin looked a little burned. Especially on this drug,  even slight sun damage can really harm your skin, and my mom had skin cancer... so I will stick with my current habits. 
    My skin routine has stayed the same as in my previous posts. I think it's working rather well... so far a little dry and flaky, but not near as horrible as I thought it would be. Had a little bit of eczema on my arms, but used some cortisone and extra lotion for a few days and that helped. 

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    So on Thursday I will have been applying isotrex for 6 weeks. 

    Firstly, I've had a couple of compliments like 'Your skins looking good!' this week, as we all know this is bitter sweet, an acne sufferer can never accept that compliment. In my head i just think 'does it really though? would you be happy with this skin? do you see anyone else around here with a face that looks dirty?', as ungrateful and self absorbed that is. Anyway, I can say my skin is looking a lot better than last week, one of my cheeks has no inflamed acne just a few spots flattening from last week. The patch where acne was the worst on the other cheek looks better too, although the same little spots seem to keep resurfacing. 

    I have 3 whiteheads on my chin that won't be squeezed, so not sure what to do about them. Also my forehead bumps appear to have flattened a little bit but I'm not sure if this is just how it seems with the actual physical gel on top of them. So the verdict is, think I'm seeing improvements but don't want to speak to soon. 

    Also been putting the gel on my back, the areas i can reach are significantly awful so I'm concluding this is because my back is so spotty the purging is still continuing. 

    My favourite thing about this gel so far is that it seems to reduce a spot in size over night! But it also is likely to reappear the next week, so not sure about that.

    I haven't had any extortionate dryness with isotrex, but in the last few days the burn after i put it on is awful!! For a couple of seconds my face throbs and stings, but then this completely goes. 

    Will keep updating!!! 

  12. I have been on a healthy eating kick since about January and have lost about 30lbs since then. That being said, I was on a mini vacation this last Thurs-Monday and I was NOT good at all lol.. between eating JUNK and drinking a lot of alcohol my body freaked out. Not only did I run into stomach issues but my chin broke out too. It affected me more than I thought it would! I had these five huuuuge cyst/nodules on my face in the MIDDLE of a bachelorette weekend. And of course I was picking at them and loading them with product to no avail. It was one of those things you had to leave alone and let it do it's thing. It killed my confidence. Luckily I already had a derm apt for yesterday to check on my progress with Spiro. The new doctor I found and loved actually left the practice so they set me up with one of their PAs and she is so awesome! She asked me about my chin and suggested some Cortisone shots to just tame this breakout and move on. I had never gotten them before and was worried about pain and cost but it turns out my insurance covered it (something about the way it is billed.. I don't know the specifics). The pain wasn't bad either. And, I am very happy with the results. Here are some pics.

    This was right before she injected me. For some odd reason my phone makes it look less intense than what it really was.

    This was a few hours after


    And this was this morning.. Not bad!


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    Skipped a day because skin was pretty much the same. I noticed that I don't have any huge pimples on my cheeks anymore but i do have a lot of those flesh colored bumps and small whiteheads all over. My forehead still has those 4 huge pimples on it though ugh. I wish there was a magical way for them to be gone by Thursday because it's my cousins graduation. Oh well, one can pray and hope lol

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    Because this is, you probably know already what this post is all about.

    I’ve been lurking in this site for a year now and it helped me quite a lot to understand my condition. And it also made me realize that I’m not alone in this battle.

    I am Asian (just so you know) and I’ve been struggling with acne since when I was 15 and I have on and off relationship with acne. I’ve been battling it for 6 years now. I never really talked about how my acne made me feel and how it affects my life to anyone, not even my parents. Well, I tried to once but they shrugged it off saying that I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it because, well, it’s just “acne”. It’ll go away. Somehow. Someday. But it didn’t.

    In retrospect, I wasn’t really the type who cares about how they look. I never really paid attention to my appearance. That was when I had a clear face. My first pimple was during my junior year, it was a large, cystic, puss-filled helluva pimple on my nose and I remembered one of my classmate saying it was “gross” and that I should pop it and all. But I still did not pay attention to it because it’s just one pimple anyway. But that ”single” pimple turned into “many” pimples when I reached senior year. Mostly on my nose and cheeks. That was that time where my self-esteem dropped from low to nothing. I couldn’t even look people in the eyes because I’m so embarrassed. So my mom decided to consult a dermatologist. He injected and popped my pimple and it was really painful. But I couldn’t careless, I wanted to be bumps-free. Haha. He said that the cause of my acne is genetic because my father used to have it when he was young. He prescribed me tretinoin and clindamycin toner and some expensive soap and I used it religiously. And voila! My pimples were gone. I finally had clear skin for a year till my graduation so I got lazy taking care of my skin because I thought it was gone forever. And boy I couldn’t be any wrong.

    Just when I thought I’m free from all this acne-hellish experience, it visited again and it came back with a vengeance. It was before I entered college and it was worse than my first break out. This one was the “all-over-your-face” kind that you’d rather be headless than be seen like that. I remember having my ID picture taken and I looked like a zombie with a rotting face. Hell, zombies in walking dead looked better than me. No kidding.

    I went back to my dermatologist and he prescribed me the same medication. I actually thought it would help me again but it made my already acne-infested face worse. It made my face red and my pimple worse. So I stopped using anything. I stopped caring and clung to this hope that “this, too, shall pass”. Like my parents always told me when I try to complain to them. I endured all the remarks people told me on my face about being gross and ugly. Good thing I had some good friends who didn’t judge me. But I can still remember how low I felt during those times. I always cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t bring myself to look in the mirror because all I see was how monstrous acne made me looked. It affected me so much that I couldn’t even bring myself to attend classes anymore. I cut classes and stayed at home. My parents didn’t know about it because I knew that if I tell them they wouldn’t understand how much courage it takes to expose yourself to everyone looking like that and spend your whole day being judged by everyone. Because everyone thinks they are entitled to treat anyone with flaws like shitbags. And I ran out of courage. I couldn’t last a day without one person or two calling me “ugly”. I felt inferior. I felt alone.

    Acne affected not only my grades and social life but destroyed my confidence entirely. I used to have tiny spot of self-esteem and acne was like a bomb that destroyed what’s left of it. But it gave me a different perspective about life; about everything, actually. I learned that your appearance will affect how people will treat you. You may think I’m just saying this because I’m a ugly-bitter hag but trust me, that’s the ugly truth. And I learned it the hard way.

    It was during my second year of college that I was able to just accept my fate and just live with this acne. I was able to ignore every ridicule from my surroundings and live my pathetic life. Haha. I only treat my acne with toothpaste and some lemon juice. It didn’t do much but that’s all I’ve got. And I got traumatized by my money-hungry dermatologist with his expensive treatments that no longer worked for me. My face was red and bumpy and cyst-filled all over during those times. I wish I had pictures to show you how worse I looked but I had phobia with cameras back then hahaha. I used to have short hair back then and a classmate of mine always called me “snowhite with pimples”.

    Then my cousin from Australia introduced me to proactive. She came to Philippines for a short vacation and was horrified with my face when she saw me, adding my very nice brother’s remark that “there’s no help for her”. Well I’m pretty much numb already so I didn’t care that much. She told me that she suffered from acne herself and gave gave me her set of proactive. And I used it because wth I have nothing to lose anyway. And like some kind of miracle it worked for me. Except from occasional few pimples and acne marks, my face, for the first time in years, looked okay. I used it routinely until summer of my second year. During that time I was completely clear of acne with just few acne marks left. I wanted to get rid of the marks so I searched online and I found a very cheap product that has Hydroquinone-Tretinoin combination called “rdl baby face”. By using the right amount, it worked wonders for my skin. My friends, classmates and mostly everyone around me noticed how my face improved and compliment me. It was the best feeling.

    I was in my 3rd year of college then and I had clear skin. I started really taking good care of my skin. I felt normal. People started treating me normal. I gained a lot of friends. Some people even called me pretty. But I didn’t feel that way. Acne had left me emotionally scarred.

    After a year of clear-faced life, my acne came back. again. My topical medication stopped working. No surprise there, though. My acne loved me so much it couldn’t afford to leave me forever. Hahaha.

    This time, it wasn’t that worse. I just suffered from moderate acne. Probably because I was in so much stress with academic stuff and I had my internship. Too much stress plus no sleep. A perfect recipe to make a  pizza-face. Lol. I research more to try to understand my acne. I used neutregena, Clearasil and a bunch of other facial cleanser, to no avail. I muster some courage and convinced my mom to bring me to another dermatologist and she prescribed me antibiotics and erythromycin gel. It didn’t do anything. I was back to zero. I remember looking at my pictures when I had clear skin and cry. I was depressed, stressed and had low confidence again.

    Then I stumbled upon this website and I learned about benzoyl peroxide. The same bp in proactive that cleared my face once. So I followed the regime and I was able to maintain my acne since then. I still have few pimples on my face and a few breakouts but all in all it wasn’t that worse compared to before. My acne is a persistent type. But I became an expert with this kind of thing I can pass as my own dermatologist.

    I decided to make my first ever blog because I want to document everything from now on. And if I ever manage to find a regime or a permanent cure for acne, I’ll post it here to be of help to others having the same problem as mine.

    And yeah I figured my first entry is too long but this is my first blog about acne and I want to be as detailed as I can about what I’ve been through.

    It’s been a hell of a bumpy road for me. No pun intened.


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    I currently have a ginormous cyst on my chin. -_-
    I look like a witch.

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    What do you say or do when people point out a big cyst or pimple..advice?

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    So I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed doxycycline. I have been taking it for 1 month and while there is improvement, I am still getting cysts. I cannot take it anymore! I don't understand why I am still getting cysts, and was wondering how many months it takes for the cysts to stop coming? Anyone who has taken doxy, I would love to hear your experience with it!

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    This is my update after completing my first week on the regimen. Before starting the first week I had about 4-5 cystic acne pimples along my jaw on the right side of my face, and the left side was relatively clear. I had a few small blemishes on my forehead also. The first day, my skin felt very dry and itchy. When I woke up for day two, I could see my pimples flaking up as if they were literally being dried up. This gave me a lot of of hope, and by day 3, the majority of my acne pimples except for my cystic acne had reduced in size. On day 4, I got another outbreak, with most of the acne being cystic in nature. I was very disappointed because they were huge on my face, but on day 7, most of the outbreak had also subdued. I'm now on the third day of the second week. Week 2 update to come soon. 

  13. Back at the derm's today. Saw the nice consultant rather than my usual one today (not that my usual one is horrid - just more 'mechanical' rather than caring).
    I wasn't entirely honest about how exhausted I am and the extent of my bruises.. I just didn't want them to say I had to stop or anything and my blood tests are all fine so guessing it's nothing serious and it's nothing that I can't cope with, I just seem to stay awake in the evenings!
    I did have a lovely talk with a young girl who seems to be there every time I go. It was good to talk to someone who is going through the same treatment and has the same insecurities etc, she is the first person I have ever talked to about it other than on here!

  14. I dont want to meet anyone because im so embarrassing. 
    My face is completely terrible.its look like sunburn but even worst. 
    The acne is still there and dont have any far improvement .
    I try so hard to stay positive but Im losing my patient :( 

  15. Day 8
    Aches and pains have subsided. Break out on forehead and cheeks - but I know and accept this needs to happen. 3 cysts have formed on my chin around the area where there was one sitting there for months. Quite painful and just not very nice to feel.

    Day 9
    Breakout continuing - noticing a few new blackheads pop up around nose area. Also noting that a lot of whiteheads are forming. Still finding that my skin is not drying up? Still very oily and so am wondering how long it takes for the accutane to properly kick in.

    Day 10
    Am feeling quite down about the breakout today. It seems that each morning I wake up to a few more new spots. I saw my reflection in the my car window today in the sun and it was not a nice feeling! Am trying to let the initial breakout dampen my spirits - this is part of the process and shall pass.. Keep reminding myself this can only get better. Noticed small dry skin on the edges of my mouth before I went to bed - wiped these away and skin was generally okay after that.

    Day 11
    Breakout is continuing - noticing that the spots are leaving behind red marks. In terms of my skin generally, have noticed that its starting to feel a little scaly however still oily. Odd! My lips are not overly dry but I am keeping them well moisturised with shea butter which seems to be doing the trick for now. Joints are very achey today but I am putting that down to a 5km run I did yesterday - hope the pain subsides soon!

    Day 12
    The spots seem less inflamed and red today - I am hoping they have peaked and will now die down. It looks a lot worse than it is because there are small spots on my forehead, cheeks, chin and jawline. My lips are starting to feel more dry today, not peeling yet but just dry so I am applying plenty of shea butter. Something I noticed today was that I last washed my hair 3 days ago yet my hair is not greasy! Normally it would be greasy by the third day but no, my hair looks as though I washed it yesterday. Hurray - looks like we are on to our first plus point re: accutane!!!! :)

  16. Hello guys, 

    Sorry for the super late blog! I am happy announce that I am on my last week of accutane! My course was 4months and I am so close to the finish line. My skin has been amazing with only a little bit of redness on my acne scars. The side effects I am experiencing are redness on my face, dry skin on face, arms and legs, feeling a little moody, and a bit of hair loss (this is minor, it could be tied with my change in diet).
    I am so happy with the results. Seven more days, just seven more days!!! then I can celebrate with a drink!
    I will blog again after I am finished accutane :)

    Thanks for reading and good luck with your accutane course! 


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    Dosage: 30mg, once a day: 1 pill 20mg, 1 pill 10mg.
    Symptoms: I have been experiencing rather uncomfortable muscle pain in my legs, stomach, back and arms. It is a sort of achey feeling that I have even at rest. I believe it is also related to my recent exercise (running) but it is much more intense than usual.
    No dryness as of now, but some sadness, and very brief headaches.

    Skin: Initial breakout? I have three new pimples on my face, very red and painful: cheek, chin and forehead. I see no 'positive change' to my skin as of now, as is expected! Derm said that although people get improvement in the first month, it's not unusual to have to wait until the third.
    Thoughts: I'm really happy to receive the treatment. I feel very tired of my acne, I hate my face and cannot show my shoulders/chest in public as I am too embarrassed. I have hopes for this treatment...

    - Sophie