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I Pick Like A Fiend.

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Posted 20 November 2011 - 10:01 PM

and let me tell you. it works for me. it's crazy, i've gotten so good at it. even with the deep red ones that you're not supposed to touch. i wash my hands thoroughly every single time. and, of course, whiteheads are easy...but with the deep inflammatory ones, if you look in a magnified mirror, you can almost always see the one pore in which all that bacteria lies. so i clean a needle with alcohol and prick right into the pore (NOT deep! you don't want to even risk introducing bacteria into your bloodstream by pricking too deeply. theoretically, that could kill you.). once you have that exit way, i wrap 2-4 layers of tissue onto each index finger and push from the sides. it almost ALWAYS works. NEVER try to squeeze a pimple blindly without creating some sort of opening. i'm 100% sure that will NEVER turn out better. and you don't want to do it the exact same day that type of pimple pops up, though, because it's barely noticeable that day anyway...it's not even worth it and you probably won't get anything out of it that day. basically, when i get inflammatory pimples, they just get bigger and bigger anyway, so i just get rid of them. i did this to one big, deep, red one three days ago. the area was so inflamed before i did it that while it didn't ruin the texture of my skin (it was very deep), it actually made my cheek look chubbier that it actually is. anyway, the area scabbed and peeled off today, leaving that area as good as new. so yeah...if you do it right, it works! but if you get the kind of acne that goes away by itself, don't do it. my pimples don't go away. they just get bigger and bigger, leaving a hard tender spot on my face, so for me, waiting is NOT WORTH IT. it's so funny. i started getting acne during my second year of college. for years i didn't know how to handle it. now it's 6 years later and, although my face isn't completely clear, i'm a total pro at "picking"!

also, i quit dairy about 9 months ago, and it looks like that's where the bulk of my acne was coming from. dairy allergy! i always ignored the dairy allergy posts on this forum, because i thought, "nah, that's not me." but yup, it is. if you haven't tried quitting dairy and you've tried everything else, TRY IT. for a good two months. if you're allergic, the change will be like magic. but you really have to go out of your way to avoid milk and anything cream-based. always check ingredients.

anyway, that's my weird story.

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Posted 21 November 2011 - 03:49 AM

pics or it didn't happen. picking isn't good yo, but you sound pretty pro at it. how you get so good?

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