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  • 8/30/14
    I absolutely LOVE my progress! My chin, nose, and lower cheeks were my problem areas ... no longer. I switched the brand of baby shampoo I use for my cleanser (CVS to Johnson) and baby lotion for m...
  • week 2
    week 2
    Im thinking about adding in atralin a few times a week. I stopped using it after 15 weeks and I am kicking myself for not sticking with it. It definitely helped and my skin was about 80% clear. Th...
  • left side skin process
    left side skin process
    Beautiful progress!!
  • Skin on Spiro
    Skin on Spiro
    Bye Bye cysts!!!!! My derm should be upping my dose to 100 mgs of Spiro once a day in October but I think I will ask to stay on only the 50 mgs. I already take other meds for some health conditions...
  • Skin on Spiro
    Skin on Spiro
    I wish I had before pics, I was a cystic mess! Thank you Spiro!!!!