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  • 2 days after picking
    2 days after picking
    It seriously doesn't look that bad considering you pick at it. The texture of your skin looks smooth so there isn't any like major damage. Mabye stress makes you pick more.Talk to a doctor for some...
  • home made treatments probably dont work
    home made treatments probably dont work
    Those scars, and acne that forms there are mostly from hair products in you hair where it touches, am I right?
  • 1431539551861 275262431
    1431539551861 275262431
    Hey and awwe thank you :) so sweet! God where to start?? I'm still doing the regimen - I think I always will! But now take clearzine tablets which have given me amazing skin (most of the time) plus...
  • 1431539551861 275262431
    1431539551861 275262431
    You're so beautiful, hope this all works for you! Good luck. I wanted to ask, does acne.org regimen help get rid of 'rough/dotty' skin? Like you know sometimes when you have tiny pimples, it makes...
  • Week 1
    Week 1
    You're so pretty!! All the best <3