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  • Scars?
    Check this out:http://www.realself.com/review/world-fraxel-laser-orange-peel-texture-help-please-read She had a similar problem to you I think, not sure if you did laser also or not.
  • Skin on Spiro
    Skin on Spiro
    I have no more acne and haven't had any cysts after the 6th month on Spiro 50 mg once a day. Spiro has worked miracles for me acne!!!!!!! I stopped using Retin-A about 3 months ago and haven't had...
  • 20140822 154348
    20140822 154348
    Pics don't do it justice but it seriously is soo bad right now. Bumpy everywhere.
  • IMG 9756
    IMG 9756
    This was definitely a low point for me and was when I made the decision to fix my acne. The googling began... and that's when I found acne.org.
  • Two weeks on the regimen
    Two weeks on the regimen
    Great results after only 2 weeks! This is encouraging!