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    IMG 1848
    It really does look incredible! Great job, you must be so happy with these results! :) :)
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    I also have had a urine infection for over a year. Antibiotics and urals havnt worked. I could possible also have diabetes
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    Im on tramadol and aurorix a anti depressent. They start out like normal lumps and sores. I pick them and they auromatocally begin to do this. I have compulsive picking dosorder and that dosnt hel...
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    I am so grateful that you came back to share your results! So often you get posts of people looking for answers or talking about treatments they have booked or have started, but they either don't c...
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    That looks incredibly painful Rixstar, however I have seen similar experiences from others. What medications are you on for this, if any? When and how did this all arise? It doesn't look at all lik...