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  • 1431539551861 275262431
    1431539551861 275262431
    Hey and awwe thank you :) so sweet! God where to start?? I'm still doing the regimen - I think I always will! But now take clearzine tablets which have given me amazing skin (most of the time) plus...
  • 1431539551861 275262431
    1431539551861 275262431
    You're so beautiful, hope this all works for you! Good luck. I wanted to ask, does acne.org regimen help get rid of 'rough/dotty' skin? Like you know sometimes when you have tiny pimples, it makes...
  • Week 1
    Week 1
    You're so pretty!! All the best <3 
  • Lside
    Hang in there! It WILL get better
  • week 3
    week 3
    I really hope this would work. Im so positive about it.. thanks..ill keep u all posted