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  • Day 31
    Day 31
    Excited to see the month 2-3 results. The first 6 weeks are the hardest! You're well on your way to recovery (:
  • Me as is 1/13/15
    Me as is 1/13/15
    You have gorgeous eyes I am so jealous and I don't think your skin looks bad
  • Right side of face
    Right side of face
    I just wanted to mention that I took localized pictures of my skin because these are the only areas affected by comedones. I don't generally develop them anywhere else on my skin.
  • PicsArt 1421294583558
    PicsArt 1421294583558
    Wow, skin is looking good!! :)
  • Photo On 1 14 15 At 12.13 AM
    Photo On 1 14 15 At 12.13 AM
    Hey, has your skin improved since you started? Did your derm say how long it might take till you stop breaking out? I've been on tretinoin for just over 6 weeks.hey jj, my skin has definitely impro...