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  • year 1
    year 1
    Wow so clear!
  • PostRestylane-day5
    heck yeah what is that a type of filler?
  • Pre-accutane
    Best of luck man your a good looking bloke I know its tough but carry on going being outgoing forget the haters your going get there. 
  • Can anyone help me?
    Can anyone help me?
    Awww, sorry this is frustrating you. First off, let me say your skin is so much better. Continue with the regimen. It takes time and patience. I have neither lol.... How long have you been on the r...
  • hyperpigmentation / acne marks. Any solution please?
    hyperpigmentation / acne marks. Any solution please?
    I'm having a similar problem! :( I'm hoping mine fade with some time, but I've had mine for months and almost a year now... I feel like time isn't doing anything...