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  • Photo On 4 10 15 At 11.06 PM
    Photo On 4 10 15 At 11.06 PM
    Congratulations on coming so far!  I'm surprised you are still breaking out in cysts with sweets after healing for so long.  You know, I ate a hole pack of cookies from Lunds  5 mont...
  • IMG 1848
    IMG 1848
    Thankyou! I think subcision was the biggest step for progress (cutting the bands beneath), but I think dermarolling actually helped the most for me. But without subcision first, I don't think derma...
  • IMG 1846
    IMG 1846
    Did the needling myself. Got the dermaroller/stamp/single needles at owndoc :)
  • 2 months post-accutane
    2 months post-accutane
    your skin is healing so nicely. i also experienced pretty mild acne on my cheeks. i have some scarring and also hyper-pigmentation. however, i'm about 3 months post accutane and noticing small brea...
  • One year post-accutane
    One year post-accutane
    Wow.  You look beautiful.  I hope the side effects weren't too bad.