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  • Day 43: Right side only breaking out
    Day 43: Right side only breaking out
    Glad the regimen is working well for you, I have the same problem, left cheek started to clear out but right cheek starting to get worse. :( but hopefully in time itll clear out too :) can I ask wh...
  • Update (several months later)
    Update (several months later)
    Wow you could be an ad for Dans regimen!! Your skin looks amazing! I remember checking out your pics when you were going through the early weeks of the regimen, hoping that there would be light at...
  • 4/4
    @SoulCandy Thanks so much, you have no idea how much that means to me. Definitely am way more self-conscious about my scarring and discoloration even though my acne is minimal now. Feedback li...
  • 4/4
    the acne and scars definitely do not detract from your physical beauty, that's for sure
  • image
    Please see your doctor or dermatologist. That is not how acne typically looks. I really think you need to see a medical professional as that does not look like right. It almost looks like a staph i...