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  • Photo On 4 10 15 At 11.06 PM
    Photo On 4 10 15 At 11.06 PM
    I've only eaten the store bought sourdough bread, but bread is still bread to me, just like rice is still rice. I like jams and jelly still, as well as occasional butter, but the more I leave out b...
  • heres some scars.
    heres some scars.
    Really co2?.I am sorry:/ did the doctor go too deep or its just the laser in general? Was it fractional or ablative co2? Deep fx or ultrapulse? I was really interested in doing co2 but that is not...
  • How I looked before all this....
    How I looked before all this....
    Hi, Were there any changes in scarring or indentations? Was it fractional or fully ablative? Do you recall the name? I.e. deep fx? Ultrapulse?
  • Now
    Yours looks amazing! I just started Proactiv, which was recommended by my dermatologist. He said if that doesn't work, he will but me on 140mg of Accutane!
  • zh54g4hg.JPG
    I can see a little difference, my chin is so similar to yours! It's almost identical.