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    You are so beautiful aw<3
  • Seven Wees on Accutane
    Seven Wees on Accutane
    It's supposed to say weeks, but I can't figure out how to edit it!
  • FULL
    You skin looks AMAZING! Congrats on finding something that works for you!!
  • friend who has cystic acne
    friend who has cystic acne
    I agree with "Twosteps". However, I personally think that the main culprit is genetics. I used to have acne that looked really similar to that and the reason why for me was genetics. He needs to ge...
  • Everyday is a new painful one
    Everyday is a new painful one
    When my skin gets really bad I have to take keflex to get rid of the pain. It works really well. It is an antibiotic specifically for skin infection. Usually within 1-3 days I see great improvement...

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