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  • Before and After (6 Weeks)
    Before and After (6 Weeks)
    Hi @billystroke, no I'm not using an SPF although I know I probably should. I didn't want to divert from the Regimen at all.
  • Accutane
    Amazing results, congratulations. U look beautiful :-)
  • 3 isolaz day 23
    3 isolaz day 23
    I did the same shit with isolaz and extractions and it fucked my face so bad....never do it again now im left with severe acne and scarring and on Accutane hoping it will fix it ...fuck isolaz
  • front of nose.
    front of nose.
    Thank you, I'll look into it. Sometimes I simply get too embarrassed.
  • 3 isolaz day 23
    3 isolaz day 23
    You should seriously consider taking accutane or something thats going to deal with your active acne as opposed to doing lasers, which wont do anything for it