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  • Back 02
    Back 02
    bacne will naturally heal themselves. btw sexy back!
  • 2014-07-10
    WOW! What improvement! You look great! Honestly, I know you probably feel that your skin was bad in the beginning but it definitely was not very bad in my opinion and definitely not as bad as I've...
  • Before Accutane
    Before Accutane
    keep up the good work  how much dosage are you on Thanks! I'm on 40mg. :)
  • 1 week of Regimen
    1 week of Regimen
    Whoa! That is awesome! :)
  • 7/24/2014
    The first word that came to mind when I saw your skin in this picture - compared to the first one - is calm. Your skin looks like it's doing way better and yes, the spots have lightened!