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    Please see your doctor or dermatologist. That is not how acne typically looks. I really think you need to see a medical professional as that does not look like right. It almost looks like a staph i...
  • week 4
    week 4
    Dont give up just stick to it. Im on my week 1 and im breaking out. My friend who used this for 4 years said it gets worst at first and will see results 3-4 months. Heads up girl. We got this! just...
  • week 4.
    week 4.
    Are you also taking care of your diet?  Avoid dairy, and change the case of you pillow at leat every 2 days.    Avoid dairy at all and never let anything touch your face. O...
  • Update (several months later)
    Update (several months later)
    you're stunning! Glad the regimen worked for you :) Thank you! It was a tough road but I made it :P
  • 3 weeks after subcision
    3 weeks after subcision
    Thanks, yeah that's what everybody tells me but I'm so damn obsessed with my skin it's hard to stop thinking about it. Well I still have enough money for 1-2 more subcisions so we'll see