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Right side CLOSE UP (Feb 26/06)

Right side CLOSE UP (Feb 26/06)

Right side, you cant see the scars as well in this picture but there are tons of red marks

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    let me correct you on this. red marks are not scars and will eventually heal and go away although it seems forever. just let time heal them.
    You are not acne scared. These are blemishes. They go away. DO NOT TOUCH THEM! Go see a dermatologist, drink lots of water and say your prayers. All of this works together. You are a very pretty young woman.
    those aren't scars or red marks, there still blemishes that will go away...i have those to, their still active
    your acne is very mild, lucky :(
    you're very pretty, and don't worry, it'll go away! :ohno:
    hm, you reminded me of kelly clarkson when i saw your pic :D you're a beautiful girl =)
    I've had outbreaks of cysts & nodules in the past myself before starting Dan's BP Regimen. I find chemical peels to be the easiest way to remove/lessen red marks and hyperpigmentation from acne (as well as from shaving, for men). You might be interested in this website: www.skinculture.com. The chemical peels they sell are "do-it-at-home" peels, so a physician is not required and the procedure is very private. I've done the 4000 peel 2x already, and they've also helped with my scars. Pretty amazing, actually. I would highly recommend trying one for yourself!

    Hope this helps. Good luck!