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Skin how it is now

Skin how it is now

My skin how it is now. You can't tell much from the picture because flash hides everything, but I have nothing to complain about now..Still using microderm. And have broken out a little bit on the forehead but you probably can't see it.

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    Wow you look Great! I mean, your skin is super and you are TOTALLY hot!!!
    mmm mmm mmm

    Now that is a treat for a guy's eyes. What an attractive woman. I don't think those lips could be any more kissable and your skin from the photo looks great! :)

    Is she like not the most good looking person you've just about ever seen?
    another beatiful women on the threads. i bet you can tell a guy jump up and down all night and day. barking like a dog and i bet they will do it.

    i bet you can tell a guy jump up and down all night and day. barking like a dog and i bet they will do it.

    Oh, I'm sure you are right. Its a fact of human nature. We'll do just about anything for a beautiful person. Anyway we're supposed to be talking about acne here. :) Your acne has improved a lot from your previous pics. You must be pleased. Well done!

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    beautiful gal..u actually look similiar to Angelina Jolie..everyone says that on this site, even to me lol..but i don't and u really do..or is it catherine zeta jones? but u look like u and very nice skin and features. u have changed a lot from that "worst" photo to now...congratulations..:)
    Man I don't think I've ever got so many compliments in my life...Haha. It's overwhelming! So, Thanks. :) Anyway, it's taken me 5 years to get where I am now, and it's all because of the trusty BP.
    wow, how old are u now ?? u look totally different from when ur in high school (i meant it improved a lot)

    And man, you are a beautiful mix !!!!!
    I'm 21 now. So that picture of my bad acne was when I was 15. Went on so many treatments, like minocycline, over the counter stuff....but never accutane, was too scared. haha. But I'm doing ok now with BP, it keeps me clear though I get the occasional breakout.
    You look like Angelina Jolie in this picture. :)
    wow, you are really beautiful. gorgeous features. someone mentioned angelina jolie and also you're half asian, you are so a HOT ASIAN ANGELINA JOLIE lookalike. sorry for the enthusiasm, i love half asians because i think they are beautiful. my fiance's asian and i'm caucasian, hope our kids look like you, hehe.

    btw, beautiful skin!!