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This is day 14 of using the Murad products. I do not feel good right now, I went to the doctor's yesterday to get an ultrasound done on my throat, and they also took some of my blood. The reason why is because I am tired all the time, I am eating non stop, I'm cold, and I have no energy, plus having acne doesn't help. When I went to the doctor's my blood pressure was 80 over 60. So I'm not smiling, because right now I just don't feel good.

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    I hope you feel better :)

    I hope you feel better :dance:

    Thanks Mike, I hope that the doctor's know what's wrong with me. And I am hopeful that these products are going to work. :)
    i love the eyes. and i dont like the murad sytem at all. the only thing i love is that face wash i think its probably one of the best on the market. instead using that toner which feels sticky and like glue i say use it only on the spots. esecially if you picked a spot apply that toner stuff on the area. it will help heal it much better. so cleanse, wait apply murad lotion mixed with aloe vera fruit of the eart gel, and then use the toner and spot treat certain s\areas. this the best way. and in the morning when you got to go out. clense and just apply the lotion mixed with aloe vera gel, no toner. it will just freel nasty. and oh yeah forgot girls wear makeup so put that on, with sunscreen if you can. look nice and i must say you look hella good without makeup, very healthy. good luck
    Thank you for replying. I am purchasing directly through the Murad website, but I'm not purchasing the whole kit, because you get more for your money if your purchase the products separately. I will consider what you said, and although I love ebay, I've never boughten (sp) anything from it. My skin is still going through the purging process, but it supposed to do that, and my one side (my left) is totally clear, just some scars. And I don't feel any bumps underneath my skin on the left side. My right side is still bumpy underneath, but my time will come. I have tons of blackheads (the apples of my cheeks, my nose, and my forehead), but they are disappearing slowly. And once the blackheads come out, the Murad products keep them from coming back- that part is amazing. Once again, thank you for replying, I enjoy to hear from people. Plus its nice to get encouragement. :)