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Day 77 Left

Day 77 Left

I think that I've gotten worse through the regimen. If you look at my pictures from day one I didn't have near as many red marks. I guess I'm not really sure what to think.

Other pictures from the album

    I think you should start a thread in the CSR section, and see what other people think. It seems like you should be past the purging stage but other more experienced regimen users might have better insight.

    Uhm, I forget the user name but there was a regimen user on here who had a photoalbum, and she was allergic to BP so her skin actually got worse. She went to the doctor found out she was allergic, and so she switched to SA and from her album she seemed to clear up.

    I will try to find the album for you but I would start a thread, and try to get more feedback.

    And hey, either way you're very pretty (: