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Warning: These pics are scary. Damn this new camera's hidden ugly filters. Please have any small children leave the room. I am 41 and have had acne since I was about 13. [I still have it] After massive research, I decided to get injected with Restylane. I also had my nasolabial folds done (laugh lines) while I was at it - I guess I'm a bit vain. LOL (ouch)
Unfortunately, I posted them forwards so of course they ended up being backwards, so go to page 2 to see the before pics.
Total cost- Restylane: $450
digital camera: $150
improved self esteem: priceless.

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    congratulations on your success.
    i am happy for you also. anyway. Do u know "BOTOX" ? and how is the difference between your treatment and botox ?

    Botox is a drug made from botulinum toxin that temporarily deadens the nerves and relaxes facial muscles, which smoothes wrinkles. I really didn't consider that since I'm ok with the wrinkles in my forehead, which is where botox is mostly used. Restylane is a filler, and is sometimes used in conjunction with botox for forehead wrinkles. I don’t think they use botox anywhere under the eyes very much – Who wants to be expressionless? I mean, you couldn’t even cher a smile with your friends. :neutral:
    OH, Thanks for information about botox..sounds terrible !!!! :twisted:

    your hair style is cool!
    'Cher a smile'...

    lol, very good, you meant that pun right? :lol2: