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    Are you using anything right now, or have you seen a derm...I think accutane would really help clear you up, it's not that scary a med and it's good for varying types of acne, it doesn't have to be severe could be moderate...or oral antibiotics temporarily combined with benzoyl peroxide....Definitely try these you could be clear in a matter of months! Good luck
    He's on accutane Chloe.

    Hope it works for you.
    my chin was about 2x as bad are yours is when I started accutane and it is still not fully clear yet. I am into my 5th month and my face isn't clear so it's not too uncommon. I'll pray for you, and best of luck.
    Do you know what dosage you are on? What has your doctor said about your condition?
    Im on 40 mg a day and weigh 155. i cant go to the derm anymore because my insurence ran out but luckily my mom works for a doctor and she has written the perscriptions for me and my mom gives me the monthly blood test
    hey man dont let the acne get you down---my acne was WAYYY worse after about 1 month of accutane it get terrrible- now I have very very very little active acne and have been without it for 2-3 weeks however the redness is the real killer right now even though i dont have any active acne and havent for a while my face looks ALOT worse than yours does! don't let it get you down bro
    Hope things improve for you. If you feel too self-conscious, I believe there are cosmetic camouflage things you can get, which is like a cream ("skin friendly") that matches the pigmentation of your skin, covering blotches.

    That's what I'm resorting to anyway... :P
    Well as I remember from my experience with accutane, back when I was thirteen (I'm nineteen now), this is as expected for three months into use. Normaly the dermatologist explains in lengthy detail that a patients acne condition will signifigantly worsen before it shows major improvement while undergoing accutane- in varying degrees depending on skin, oil condition, and your individual sensitivity. Are you on a six, eight, or ten month treatment regimen? What were your dosage instructions? (I took 2 pills, 100mg with food daily for 7 out of the prescribed eight months) Have you followed those instructions as given? Any overdosing? (taking an extra pill here or there?)

    You seem to have some extreme cracking of the lips, and some crusting at the corners too, right? Some inflammation is apparent, and some scabbing also. Are you using any chapstick, lip-moisturizer? (Blistex Complete-Moisture is very effective to counter that.) Have you been advised to apply light amounts of vaseline or a similiar moisturizer to counter-act excessive flaking as you peel? It helps some, and are you using any other acne medications? (OTC and other products are not normally supposed to be used during accutane treatment, and typically they advise avoiding the use of soap or rough cleaning of the face, my doc said that hot water and gentle pat drying is best, the less irritation of the skin the better.) Course, HOPEFULLY you aren't picking or popping, and if you are-- STOP. (I recall my dermatologist saying that if I needed to tie my hands behind my back, then he'd prescribe it.)

    Sometimes the full effects aren't achieved until a little time after completing the treatment, noticeable clearing occuring around m4-5 to nearly clear at m5-7 with some light peeling and subtle discoloration marks which fade almost completely 1-3 months after completion- depending on the individual and how well one followed the guidlines.

    I know it's a horrible, damn hellish treatment, and at first you think you were better off just living with the fuckin pimple farm. I couldn't even smile or laugh without my face hurting and slightly peeling-- even had splitting at the corners of my lips when I ate. That and going to Junior High everyday with little bastards calling me pizza face, or something just as flattering, was certainly stressing... nearly snapped at times.

    But after living through hell? It was goddamn amazing. I still had some moderate-medium scarring, but my face was clear, my complexion brilliant, and I didn't see another pimple till 4-5 years after. You'll eventually still have to maintain, light cleansing, and it varies when that occurs with each person.

    Hope I helped some.. in anycase, best wishes, and good luck.

    Keep on truckin.
    Was Accutane worth it?