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Day 1 (Cheeks)

Day 1 (Cheeks)

My Cheeks

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    You're such a cutie pie! I'm sorry about the limited supplies.. that really has to be frustrating I mean bad skin is hard enough as is but then you can't even get the right stuff?!? Bah.

    I think you should look at Caleban's photoalbum he has whiteheads/bumps kind-of like yours. He hasn't updated in a while but I PMed him a few days ago, and he said he would soon.
    Thats cool your from the caribbean, I wish I lived there.
    Yeh its cool doen here....the crime sucks though.....cant even walk into town with my ipod because i might get stabbed lololol......but other than that its cool i love it u should visit
    loffe thats insane man lol sorry you made me laugh real hard.