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Tues, Nov 22, 05

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Sometimes when I'm stressed I feel tension in my skin.

I'm feeling stressed right now. I've been getting little sleep and my mind has been wondering. It's hard to focus.

I get off of bactrim in a week to which I'm glad. I was on it for 3 weeks, two pills a day and then to a single pill. Then I plan on doing a liver/colon flush. I've got to stop with the fast food. Still, much respects to Bactrim (Apo-Sulfatrim DS), it has spared me much grief.

Now comes the hard part: seeing how my skin reacts with no more antibiotics. It's all a delicate balancing act and it's easy to fall.

Here's an update:

Still sticking with the same routine. Vitamin and probiotics in the morning with Dans BP gel, bactrim pill and Differen at night.

I'm working out 2-3 times a week and playing hockey weekly.

Take care,


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My Battle With Acne

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OMG your really clear..

I'm really happy for you.

when did you started the tane.

the same as me?

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