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&this is my favorite picture of all time.
Because it makes me look like i have flawless skin.
I <3 contrast.

Other pictures from the album

    I don't see any acne what so ever. You are a very pretty girl. :(
    I'm sure you've seen my pics.. You're acne is really mild, find a good regimen, stick with it and you should be 100% clear and beaming within less then a month.
    Look at you, you lil cutie patootie!

    Yeah, I kinda felt the same way you did once I joined this board about year and a half ago... I've had my series of breakouts between then and now but I've managed to stay pretty clear thanks to minocycline. If i were you, I wouldn't worry about anythinh... you're a very pretty girl. :(
    is it your forhead your worried about? we all put ourselves under microscopes no one else does, unless you HAVE acne and notice everypore on everyones face because they think they are noticing yours and you realize how jealous of their skin you are. Your practically flawless, and Im only saying practically because you are HERE for a REASON, and I cant see your face real close. But man, your pretty damn clear.

    "I thought I had very bad acne until i saw some other pictures of other people on here... It kind of boosted up my self confidence a little... "
    You sound a little vain too me. I've seen dogs with more acne than you! Except that one on your nose!! lol
    You look very pretty. What do you use?
    dang girl ur pretty how old r u im 16
    Gorgeous :D :D