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Oct 11th 2005

Oct 11th 2005

I take 2 grams of VitC a day, and two Saw Palmetto(one at breakfast, one at dinner) and wash my face twice a day with 5% BP wash.

The saw palmetto actually reduces a certain hormone when in its natural form (not when in berry lipid form), which in turns reduces oil production.

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    Saw palmetto? What's that? Btw your skin looks awesome. :(
    Saw Palmetto is a herb, typically used to help prostate problems. http://en.wikipedia....ki/Saw_Palmetto will probably explain it better than I :(

    If anyone does try it, try to get the kind with lower amounts of fatty acids, otherwise it's not as potent.

    You skin doesn't even look bad. It actually looks clear in this picture. =)