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Left side. CLaering up good, after that major breakout i had, just when i started treatment. You can still see that mark on my nose, after the big cyst, but its fading good.
I have some dark marks under my mouth, a bit of small acne, and some wounds from another Hockey acccident. DOH!

I'm happy, another year and i think i'll be clear! Posted Image

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    Yeah man those red marks will be gone very shortly...
    You have very good quality skin so your acne isnt very noticeable and its not something that stands out.
    i actually wish my skin was like that... I want my red marks to go away... pleaseeeee
    ur lucky have to do this :P when i use my make up its so bad... my mom paid for me to get proactive but with everything going on i dont have time to do it.... if u got ne ideas please e-mail me with sm answers... [email protected]